Lyrics video, Mankind’s Cancer and In the crowd you stand like sheep. WOLVOMAN80

  FUCK YOUTUBE and FUCK ILLUMINATI GOOGLE ARE TRYING TO HIDE THE TRUTH AND SPREAD THE LIES…. Stop them from destroying YouTube dislike EVERYTHING CORPORATE Lyrics video, Mankind’s Cancer, In the crowd you stand like sheep. WOLVOMAN80 ANTI ILLUMINATI RAP / POETRY 2016. Two Tracks…

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The Internet was once a place of fast flowing information, the information used to race from nation to nation, in front of the face of many in the population social media was a place full political conversation, our government were disgraced and a victim of infiltration. YouTubers were exposing their […]


AND MORE AND MORE AND MORE AND MORE. Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana or Princess Charlotte of Cambridge is only three days old yet she has already spent more time on our news and in our papers than the average person will ever get. The day she was born the news channels […]