Steemit is shit (my reach has dropped drastically since blogging about elitist paedophiles), Dtube remove all my videos and now I can’t upload new ones decentralized my ass.

  Is Steemit going to revolutionize free flowing information? Of coarse of not. Steemit may not be able to remove posts but along with Google they can hide them. I know many people on this highly censored platform (steemit) do not want to hear this but Steemit is NO different […]


I signed up to Steemit in August 2016 since then I believe Steemit has begun a censorship policy on certain material. Why do I believe this? Well my Steemit posts see a lot less interaction than ever before. A few months ago my posts were receiving many upvotes…….. Since that […]

YouTube caught removing views and subscribers from loyal channels! by charlie.wilson

This morning I watched a new video that came out on the HighImpactFlix channel, and it inspired little investigation of my own. In his video, he described YouTube removing views from his anti Hillary Clinton videos. This reminded me of their new policy. They spung this new policy without warning […]