Question What do Amazon Prime, Liveleak, Google, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Steemit, and all corporate owned services have in common? Answer They ALL hide and censor information that exposes child sex traffickers and attackers. Why? Because Amazon Prime, Liveleak, Google, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Steemit is controlled by people that sympathize with […]

Look at this for censorship, manipulation and oppression by YouTube.

Somehow my new video has more likes on Steemit than views on YouTube! Again. Comments waiting for approval but YouTube will not allow me to approve them! Google are not offended by corporate animal cruelty but they are offended by people exposing corporate animal cruelty! Too much swearing to be […]

LIVELEAK a website that shows much graphic, horrific and sick material removes my videos!!

  Liveleak reject yet another WOLVOMAN80 video this time claiming/assuming I do not own the copyright to the video. They sent me this message. Messages From: System Nov-29-2016 09:37:37 Item ‘HATER – WOLVOMAN80’ deleted! One of our moderators has deleted item: HATER – WOLVOMAN80 Make sure to only upload files […]


Liveleak (a website that freely distributes horrific accidents, injuries and violence) has rejected my latest video, no explanation given however the terms and conditions “might” tell me why the video is rejected. The video is on YouTube but since uploading the video my view count has plummeted as it does […]