PEOPLE THAT ARE DEPICTED OR WORSHIPED AS GODS. Many cultures believe that Gods or ancestors can posses certain people with the help of ritual, here are a few famous people that are said to be possessed by a ancient god or considered to be from a divine bloodline. Small clip taken from 2016 Documentary movie Dark Theory […]


WOLVOMAN80 BANNED FROM YOUTUBE (UPLOADING VIDEOS THAT ARE OVER 15 MINUTES) AND FACEBOOK (CLOSED ACCOUNT DUE TO BLATANT AND STRICT POLITICAL CENSORSHIP. YouTube are still refusing to pay WOLVOMAN80 for the 17 million views that my channel has now received. Thank you to the literally thousands of people that have […]

Facts on Gaddafi’s Libya.

  FULL DOCUMENTARY BELOW EPISODES 1 TO 5. Fuck the music industry, corporate greed, the education system, war on terror, David Cameron, Barrack Obama, Google, Youtube, Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, Theresa May’s attacks on human rights, News Corporation, Rupert Murdoch, Tesco, Walmart, Nike, Sony, Apple, slavery, and oil wars, cannabis laws, banks, […]