Brian Harvey

Let me make this clear. I do not hate David. He was one of the people to awaken me, but i have questions, serious questions with regards to Bill Maloney, and his supposed bringing down of Icke. Why did i get no support for telling him all about it, or was he in it ?. I would also like to know if Bill did speak to BRIAN GERRISH regarding David, and Andrew Ash. I know it’s all lies, but why do it in the first place, and why did David do NOTHING ABOUT BILL ??? THAT WAS SERIOUS VIDEO EVIDENCE OF BILL TRYING TO TAKE HIM DOWN, WHICH I STOPPED, OR WAS DAVID IN ON A PLAN TO HELP IAN PUDDICK, BILL MALONEY, & CHRIS FAY DISCREDIT ME FOR IAN’S FRIENDS AT NEWS INTERNATIONAL. Which is it ??????? So EXCUSE ME IF I TAKE THE PISS, COS THEY ALL HAVE. ANSWERS ON A POSTCARD PLEASE!!!!!

I love Icke but this is Genius. Well done Brian Harvey.