Prince Andrew was not Jeffrey Epstein’s only friend!

On FEB 20, 2002 Epstein Flew from JFK to MRY (Monterey, CA) with the following people:

Jeffrey Epstein
SK – Sean Koo (appears elsewhere on flight logs)
Steven Pinker- the Department of Psychology at Harvard University
Nina & Tim Zagat – Zagat Restaurant & Business Reviews
Gerry & Kit Laybourne – Founders of Nickelodeon & Oxygen Media
David Rockwell-Founder of Rockwell Group; Imagination Playground pro-bono, a play space designed to encourage children to play together
Caroline Miller (NY) – Director of the Child Mind Institute
Michael Wolff – Author.
Daniel C. Dennett- Center for Cognitive Studies – Tufts University
Richard Dawkins– Author ” The God Delusion” and Prof. Oxford University
John Brockman- Publisher & Editor Non-Profit 501(c)(3) Edge
Katinka Matson -President of Brockman, Inc. and Co-Founder of Edge
Cindy Lopez – Minor(F) Mystery Minor posing w/ Clinton in hat
Kelly Bovino – The Story Project (Helping Runaways/ Actress /Model)
Richard Cook – At the time was Disney Chairman

Bill Gates (a suspected peadophile with links to known child sex trafficker Epstein) is part of an agenda to vaccinate much of the global population.

Why do Google insist on censoring Pizzagate, Pedogate and vital information that exposes Human and child sex traffickers.

Why are Amazon refusing to publish books and videos that expose FACTS?

On February 23, 2002 Epstein’s Jet flew out of Monterey, CA (MRY) for Van Nuys, CA (VNY) just outside Los Angeles. According to our source Silicon Valley entertainment was on the menu after they dropped off the Zagats.

The flight logs show that Jefferey Epstein, SK (Sean Koo?) Kelly Bovino, Nina & Tim Zagat along with 6 unnamed passengers were on board. According to our exclusive source who was 14 at the time the 6 unnamed passengers are listed below. Our source said she was waiting for the “guests to arrive” and told us other’s came with a Sony Pictures jet too for the “party”.

  • Cindy Lopez – Minor Female on flight manifests since 1996 Steven
  • Sarah Kellen – Epstein’s assistant
  • Jeff Bezos-Amazon
  • Sergey Brin- Google
  • Steve Riggio-Barnes and Noble
  • Nathan Myhrvold -Former Microsoft Executive