Who the fuck are Google? Why do they have such of a problem with what members of the general public are posting.. Why are they censoring information while not removing porn from their search engine results?

A child can access the most disgusting porn sites with NO SIGN IN, NO ID REQUEST, but adults are seeing their YouTube feeds manipulated and CENSORED.

Google should concentrate on their own in house problems instead of what creators create and what YouTube viewers choose to watch.

Andy Rubin who was dismissed for sexual harassment has also been rumored to be involved in Human Trafficking and bragged about owning women, what did Google do about this? They paid him a fortune.

Most people do not realize or understand who Google are and what they do.

Google are elitist peadophile supporters, if Google spent even close to as much time fighting against child pornography, human traffickers and other injustices as they do attacking activists, the world could be a better place.

Google pay a TINY amount of tax in the UK. They have spent the last 8 years trying to stop me and thousands of others speaking freely..

This seems to have fucked my stats up and now my YouTube are just gibberish that make no sense what so ever.

Look at the picture above? How does this make sense? How can one tiny part of the video get audience retention of 373%? Censorship on my channel is corrupted their stats.
This one is even better.

They remove views, likes and do whatever they can to protect peadophile rapists and the corrupt.