The gibberish above is a threat send from Michael Thomas to me! Michael Thomas thought he could simply ROB without me doing shit, haha wrong person this time matey. If you care so much and are sooo concerned about the welfare of “the children” you look after then pay up if not I will write a fair few more Michael Thomas Plastering blogs yet, I haven’t really gone in to detail much.

God bless the children but Michael Thomas is a liar and a thief all I am trying to do is collect money for a job that I done for him. RIDICULOUS.

Do you remember Mr Michael Thomas when I promised you that you will wish that you just paid? And then you asked “who do I think I are?” now you know. Next blog will contain a picture of your ugly wimpish face.

PS no police here yet.

He just sent me a message asking how much I want to stop doing this! I said the full payment plus 100 per day waiting starting from……. NOW.