Bill Gates has a plan! He plans social distancing restrictions and even full blown lock downs in poor countries should not end until we have a fully vaccinated global population. This tax evading, sinister smirking fraud has been making a fortune from “charity and vaccinations” and now (if his plan is actually followed) he is going to make even more. A charity only has to donate 5% of income towards the cause, the insanely greedy Bill and Melinda Gates foundation usually donates this money to other businesses that research vaccines and are of course owned by Bill Gates.

According to Bill Gates “we don’t have a choice” I believe we ALWAYS have a choice and when Bill Gates says there is no choice he sounds familiar.

He sounds like a pressure salesman, desperate to make the sale, exploiting peoples fears, how much money does this man need? These billionaires that the media are portraying as heroes do not need to donate to charity just paying their taxes would cover that cost easily (about 8 times as much they would pay in tax than they do to their “cause.)

Unfortunately for this desperate old salesman people are seeing through him. NOBODY I have spoke to trusts this person. Instead of convincing people with a well thought out plan he is scaring people and most wish he would just FUCK OFF.