Its Saturday night and time to try Pineapple dream from a high quality vender called LondonCaviar. London Caviar can be contacted @ Wickr Me username; ldn247.

When on the bud Pineapple Dream literally smells like pineapple. Its a nice and dense bud, dried perfectly and its still a little sticky.

I roll a nice fat spliff to try it out. Upon my first hit I notice it has a sweet fruity taste, its really nice and pretty unique in taste. In my experience fruity strains are not usually as strong as some but this one is very strong and its almost cool on the throat.

Very relaxing and like all the best strains hits you instantly, ideal for chilling out with in front of the TV with, its a happy weed, no paranoia at all but junk food will be appealing. Once again it is as good as it gets.

LondonCaviar FULL MENU