Its been a while since I have done any Cannabis reviews. Unfortunately I have been busy working until the World come to a stand still due to the Coronavirus. This is a perfect time to review new strains of high quality Cannabis from an High Quality Vender. I recommend LondonCaviar to anybody that likes a smoke.

The first weed I have to try today is Turnpike Lane and it is grown by LondonCaviar. I roll a nice big fat spliff to allow the taste to hit me.

Turnpike Lane has a deep taste, it tastes strong and hits me almost instantly. It tickles the throat nicely and tastes smooth. I love this kind of weed, its covered in crystals and almost dust in to dust when rubbed together with yours fingers.

If you like a deep and strong skunk that makes it easy relax than you will love this. Definitely one of my new favourite strains, very strong, I am so relaxed right now, I have spent an hour writing this and still have three quarters of a spliff waiting to be smoked.

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