Another Cannabis review this time I will be reviewing another pollen (I have already reviewed Moroccan Pollen.) Today I have Cheesecake EGYPTIAN HASH. It looks almost identical and it tastes very similar to Moroccan pollen (which I was also a big fan of but I’m a fan of most Cannabis.) Like the Moroccan Pollen it also has NO hot rocks (hot ash dropping and burning through clothes and furniture.)

Do NOT get it confused with the cheap and nasty “hash” that we get from the streets, I don’t know what that shit is but it definitely is not real hash.

Cheesecake Egyptian hash is a lovely tasting smoke, almost cool on the throat and surprisingly potent. When I had finished I felt like I’d just had a strong skunk, the effects included hunger, relaxation, NO paranoia and it does not make you overly tired and dysfunctional.

I have not smoked any nice pollen since I went to Amsterdam in about 2001 until this year, this year I have smoked quality pollens on numerous occasions thank God for Dream Market and Silk Road.

Cheesecake Egyptian hash is in my opinion even BETTER than the Moroccan Hash that I smoked a few months ago. I found it tastier and stronger than the Morrocan Pollen. I would definitely highly recommend this and AMAZINGLY it can be found on Dream Market for £5 a gram!

Cheesecake Egyptian hash scores 8.3

Best so far…

G13 HAZE 9.4

Super Silver Haze 9.1


Super Lemon Haze 8.5

Critical Kush 8.4

Cheesecake Egyptian hash 8.3

Lemon Sour Diesel 8.2

The Ultimate 8.2

California Orange 8.1

Afghan Kush 8.1

Moroccan Pollen Hash 8.1

Amnesia Haze 7.9

White Widow 7.7

Jack Herer  7.5