This week/month I have mainly been smoking California Orange an old school classic, dating back to at least 1980! The California Orange I have my hands on in dense and looks very well grown.  They call it California Orange so I was expecting a citrus taste and smell I didn’t really get that. Maybe the California Orange I have my hands on is a little matured. The smell of it reminds me of Black Cardamom!

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This California Orange does not have a strong smell even when smoking it does however have a nice taste. Very different to anything I have smoked recently and very nice. The effects include hunger, dry mouth, a little tiredness and relaxation and they creep upon you. Upon smoking it does not have an immediate effect in fact I was beginning to believe it was a weak strain until about twenty after I stopped smoking. Suddenly I find myself stoned, very stoned! It is uplifting and does not come with any paranoia.

California Orange Scores 8.1

Best so far…

G13 HAZE 9.4

Super Silver Haze 9.1


Super Lemon Haze 8.5

Critical Kush 8.4

Lemon Sour Diesel 8.2

The Ultimate 8.2

California Orange 8.1

Afghan Kush 8.1

Moroccan Pollen Hash 8.1

Amnesia Haze 7.9

White Widow 7.7

Jack Herer  7.5

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