For millions of people around the world so called “black markets” has saved money, offered a better product and saved the hassle of relying on street dealers. I have been smoking weed since I was about 14 and I have used all three methods (street, Dream Market and Silk Road) to purchase weed all three have their advantages.  Which do I prefer?

The Screenshot below is Silk Road and the one above is Dream Market, they are both easy to use and they both offer lots of choice much cheaper than you are likely to pick it up from the street. You may have to wait a few days though because you have to rely on the postal system to bring it. It seems very unlikely that your package will be stopped by the Royal Mail (though I did lose one once, that the Royal Mail informed me was destroyed in Chester!)

In my experience the vendors have been brilliant if they need to reship most do without complaints (which is good of them because it is hard/impossible to prove that you did not receive the product.)

Street deals come with one HUGE advantage it is ultra unlikely that when performing a street deal a postman is going to intercept the deal and keep the product for himself. My postman has taken a few (vendors have reshipped one would only do a 50% reship!) This promoted me to complain to the Royal Mail since my complaint my letters and post seem to get through.

I prefer the layout of Dream Market, both sites can be slow and both sites (especially Silk Road lately) are down regularly.


The street dealer is probably the quickest way to get weed but they can be inconsistent and they are usually limited to what they can get their hands on. The street dealer also usually offers no refund service if you are dissatisfied. Vendors on Silk Road and Dream Market have to worry about their rating as a vendor and therefore they do not want to upset people.

Despite these ratings problems do emerge sometimes and dodgy vendors get through…

I have had problems on both Dream Market and Silk Road.. Dream Market sorted the problems out instantly (a few hours) refunded my Bitcoin, I have been VERY impressed with their customer service. Silk Road not so much… They ignore you and seem reluctant to help..

Thats why DREAM MARKET WINS for my money..


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