The Ultimate is one of Dutch Passions heaviest yielding varieties meaning growers like this one. It is an evenly balanced hybrid (50% indica/50% sativa) strain. It smells little earthy and very fruity, I am not usually a fan of the fruity tasting cannabis strains (though they do taste nice) because they tend to lack strength sometimes.

The first thing I notice upon sparking it up is it tastes and smells very fruity and sweet. It is a very nice tasting strain but unlike like some sweet tasting strains The Ultimate has a bit of strength to it as well. The effects of the Ultimate is uplifting, happiness and no paranoia at all it does not like you tired (unlike the White Widow I reviewed earlier.)

At first I was not sure about the Ultimate but after a week it had grown on me for its nice taste and relaxing but uplifting effects and in the end I missed not having any left. It definitely is not the strongest or most intense strain that I have ever smoked but it is very nice and I would defiantly buy it again despite the pretty high price of it. This is a social one. If you were to hand this out in a room half full with angry EDL nutters and the other full of Islamic fundamentalists they would be friends within haf an hour, you cannot be angry when you smoke the Ultimate.

The Ultimate scores 8.2