Many people in Britain worry about the economy in fact many political analysts are claiming that Labour’s shocking defeat in the 2015 general election was caused by a huge lack of trust of the economy in Labour’s hands, although I believe the biased pro Conservative media spreading fear, Labour being undecided on what they stood for and who they wanted to represent and election rigging had much more to do with the “shocking win” than fear of Labour with the economy. Labour where blamed for the global crash and the bank bail out, the Tories could not have prevented a global crash and they supported the bank bail out and still stand opposed to regulation of banks despite the fact that unregulated banks led to the crash and the bail out in the first place. The media tell us “the economy is important” and warn us of “financial meltdowns” if things are done any differently and these warnings scare the shit out of middle class England.

But the financial world is strange and things are not always as they appear, a strong economy does not necessarily mean high living standards! In fact low living standards can be and are very beneficial to the economy! America and China are two of the worlds richest nations, yet China still execute thousands of people every year, living standards in some place in China are not what we should expect from the second biggest economy in the world. USA has the same problems, USA is the largest economy in the world yet living standards for millions of people are low.


The trouble with putting to much faith in the economy is; A small amount of rich people and businesses can bulk up an economy and make it look very strong, the masses are not required to have anything. So why do the masses care so much about the economy? The answer to that I believe comes down to media, when we are watching the news and reading newspapers the economy is presented as a hugely important factor in British politics, much more important than equality, tackling poverty and even the National Health Service.

The economy slaves us it gives huge businesses and rich people huge power over us, it also allows the government and Corporations to control what the masses do, in a nutshell the economy is meaningless to the average person! Equality, good living conditions, freedom and the National Health Service are far more important issues. To the upper classes however the economy is very important, a bad economy means they are not making as much as they would like or expect to make, but the economy is more than that to the government and business, the economy is used as a justification for austerity, benefit cuts, extortion, tax evasion and exploitation.

Child Labour is cheap it helps cut expenditure for big business and therefore benefits the economy!