Over the last week I have noticed my video view counts going up and down on YouTube! How does a video get less views than it had twenty minutes earlier? Obvious answer is manipulation of viewing figures on YouTube by the greedy, parasitic, corporate giant Google. Today I hit 25150 subscribers, or at least I thought I did because upon refreshing the page I lost four subs (it fell to 25146!) I believe that Google are manipulating all stats for numerous reasons.

Those reasons are money low view counts mean less money they pay on adverts but where do these views go? I personally believe they add views to Vevo, I mean how else do boring talentless corporate guided shit like Justin Bieber and Adele get over one billion views?

Control Google pretty much chose what becomes a “success” they hide “controversial and political videos” away from mass consumption as well as promoting and making easily accessible mainstream SHIT made by their corporate sponsors.

So that’s corporate tax evasion, lobbying, covering up information from the masses, selling information on the masses, ripping off non corporate YouTube partners, biased media coverage, promoting absolute junk, filling YouTube with irritating ads, ripping people off on Google Adsense, Adword and Blogger and Google fucking plus. No wonder we hate Google.

My most affected videos are now FREE TO DOWNLOAD on my website, fuck Google, FUCK THE SYSTEM!



In my opinion (and I followed the election fairly intensely on the internet and the T.V) propaganda and fear was a large part of the reason Labour lost, but Ed Miliband made huge mistakes. Ed Miliband is now spoken about like he was some left wing, weak leader despite the fact that at the start of the campaign he was not much more to the left than the Conservatives. As the campaign went on he started to move to the left probably in order to win votes with the anti Tory majority, but the anti Tory majority still remember Tony Blair and his oil wars, they do not look at Labour as the left wing saviors of the people instead they look at Labour as the Red Tories. “You can not win when you are as left wing as Miliband” so called political experts are claiming, they are wrong and in a way this election has proved them wrong, how?

The Scottish National Party taken nearly every seat in Scotland and they were at least at the start of the campaign much more to the left than Labour, but the Scottish National Party have an advantage, people in Scotland trust them and obviously feel represented by them. After the war in Iraq, the bank bail out and the Labour parties failure to represent “the left wing or the poor” in the past, the masses in England still feel that Labour are not a real alternative to the Conservatives. I am not saying they are exactly the same but when in power Labour were not that different. Labour also turned a blind eye to corporate tax evasion and made deals with news corporation. Having said that I still cannot believe the Tories won, which got me reading and it turns out that 1992 election was very similar, a “late surge of Tory support undetected by the polls” led to a Conservative majority as Wikipedia describes;

 United Kingdom general election, 1992


Almost every poll leading up to polling day predicted either a hung parliament, with Labour the largest party or a small Labour majority of around 19 to 23. Polls on the last few days before the country voted predicted a very slim Labour majority.

With opinion polls at the end of the campaign showing Labour and the Conservatives neck and neck, the actual election result was a surprise to many in the media and in polling organisations. The apparent failure of the opinion polls to come close to predicting the actual result led to an inquiry by the Market Research Society. Following the election, most opinion polling companies changed their methodology in the belief that a ‘Shy Tory Factor‘ affected the polling.

THE 2015 ISRAELI ELECTION also saw right winged Likud party win after a “late surge in support”

Opposition leader Isaac Herzog concedes election after prime minister recovers from low poll numbers in runup to vote to lead his Likud party to 30 seats in Knesset

Israeli Likud Party supporters react to the exit polls while they wait for the announcement of the first official results of Israel’s parliamentary elections.

Israeli prime minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s rightwing Likud party has scored a dramatic election victory, surging past its main rival – the centre-left Zionist Union – to win the most seats in the Knesset.

A series of exit polls released at the close of voting on Tuesday night had suggested the Zionist Union and its leader, Isaac Herzog, were neck and neck with Netanyahu.

But by Wednesday morning official results had stretched to a decisive five-seat lead for Likud, making it almost certain that Netanyahu would serve a third consecutive term as prime minister.

Herzog said he had spoken with Netanyahu to congratulate him on his election victory. “A few minutes ago I spoke with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and congratulated him on his achievement and wished him luck,” Herzog told reporters.

He said his leftist Zionist Union party would continue to be an alternative to Netanyahu’s rightwing Likud.

Netanyahu will still have to assemble a coalition government but his seat count means he will be in a far more commanding position as he seeks partners.

A van containing more than 200,000 ballot papers destined for polls in East Sussex has been stolen. The papers had been printed in London and were being taken to two constituencies – Hastings and Rye and Eastbourne – ahead of voting in the general election on 7 May. Metropolitan Police officers alerted both Hastings and Eastbourne councils about the theft in London overnight. Officers found nothing to suggest the van was targeted for its contents. Police told the local authorities they believed it was a coincidence the stolen van contained ballot papers. The theft is still being investigated.

The ballot papers had been printed in London and were heading for Hastings and Rye and Eastbourne – ahead of voting in the general election on 7 May. Police said it was believed the van was parked in Longbridge Road, Dagenham, at about 19:30. The theft was discovered at about 06:25.

Labour had been expected to win in Hastings and RyeHastings & Rye – Lord Ashcroft Polls. In Hastings and Rye, the Conservative candidate Amber Rudd surprisingly won with 22,686 votes with Sarah Owen, Labour’s candidate, receiving 17,890 votes.
Sounds dodgy.

The Independent reporting the news with no bias whatsoever!

Ukip supporters are convinced Nigel Farage’s defeat is a conspiracy

Less than 48 hours after its leader conceded defeat, Ukip supporters have taken to Twitter to vent their frustration at their failure to capture the South Thanet seat – by declaring it was all a set-up.

Angry kippers have used the hashtag #Thanetrigged to accuse the establishment of all sorts of electoral shenanigans to get Nigel Farage out – citing the unusually long time for the votes to be counted and their success in the local elections as evidence.

Farage lost by 2,812 votes to the Conservative candidate Craig Macinklay despite the party gaining a 13 per cent vote share across the country.

But despite this failure Ukip gained overall control of Thanet council in the local election results on Friday – its first in the country.

They have jumped on a tweet sent by Spectator columnist Isabel Hardman tweeted at 12:30am on election night that Farage may have lost, six hours before the votes were counted, as “proof” the result was a foregone conclusion.

Demanding to know why ballot papers were allegedly “missing” for seven hours, Ukip voters vowed to expose the conspiracy and called for a by-election on social media.

This prompted a brilliant response from Twitter users, including Hardman herself:

The conspiracy comes despite claims from the man himself that he had lost the poll.

Speaking to Kent Online on Friday he said: “I knew the result yesterday [Thursday]. I could see the wards in Broadstairs were 80% turnouts and people queuing to vote. I spoke to people and they were saying ‘look Nigel, we love you but we can’t have Nicola Sturgeon running the country.’”

But who knows? Maybe they were just Conservative hired shills disguised as Thanet voters.

The truth is out there.


Concerns over ballot rigging after last-minute flood of postal votes

A last-minute deluge of postal votes allegedly sparked concerns about ballot rigging at Milton Keynes Council.

Instead of the anticipated four or five ballot boxes, 18 brimming boxes containing more than 4,600 votes turned up at the council offices yesterday.

Today election organisers insisted nothing seemed amiss – and blamed postal delays caused by the bank holiday.

 They are, however, awaiting with interest to see how many more posted votes arrive before the 10pm deadline today, say sources.
The Wednesday deluge was so unexpected that an email was sent to council staff asking for help in counting the votes. Many volunteers worked well into the night.

A source said: “There was certainly concern and suspicion at one stage. This was more than four times the expected number of papers arriving in one day, and it did not fit in with previous trends.”

Other sources claim helpers were told to check all papers meticulously by hand to check they were genuine.

Other signs of postal vote fraud could include larger than expected numbers of papers returned from one ward or constituency.

Scrap postal votes or elections will be fixed, says judge who warns ballot-rigging is now a ‘probability’ in parts of Britain

  • Judge Richard Marvey, who presides over electoral fraud, made warning
  • He said introducing ‘on demand’ postal voting did not boost turnout
  • But it has opened the electoral system to fraud on ‘an industrial scale’

Fresh voting fraud in scandal-hit borough of Tower Hamlets

Postal ballot papers for Thursday’s general election have been sent out to a block of flats in Tower Hamlets which has been a building site for months

A new outbreak of voting fraud is underway this week in the London borough whose elected mayor was dismissed by a High Court judge for corruption and vote-rigging.

Postal ballot papers for Thursday’s general election have been sent out to a block of flats in Tower Hamlets which has been a building site for months, council records seen by the Telegraph confirm.

The property – owned by Tower Hamlets council – is completely boarded up, surrounded by hoardings and without any sign of habitation.However, letters can still be delivered there. None of the people who supposedly applied for the votes lives at the property and at least one is dead.





This video (If Anti-Vaccine Parents Rode The Magic School Bus) and (even more so) the comments to this video are ridiculous, it tries to be funny but the video actually lies or the makers have not researched the subject well enough to comment on vaccines, the video claims “vaccines have no Mercury” the NHS (National Health Service the largest distributors of vaccines in the UK) tell us on their website; Thiomersal is a preservative which contains small amounts of mercury. It’s used to prevent the growth of bacteria or fungi in the vaccine. High doses of mercury can be toxic to the brain and other organs. However, no harmful effects have been linked with the level of thiomersal used in such small amounts in vaccines. Although there have been concerns in the past that thiomersal-containing vaccines can cause autism, there is no scientific evidence that this is the case.

What this idiotic, ill researched video and some of the ridiculous ignorant comments fail to point out is Mercury is just a small part of the problem as this list of ingredients taken from Wikipedia shows. If after reading the ingredients you still think vaccines are safe knock yourselves out and let them inject your kids but don’t try to force people into vaccines with propaganda, lies, misinformation and name calling without proper research its irresponsible even for a low budget, sometimes funny sometimes shit YouTube channel.

I have watched and like a few videos by CollegeHumor and I love political satire, I love taking the piss in general but always keep it real, this is BULLSHIT.

A few idiotic comments.

Mastercrazybird 2 days ago said

Anti-vaccine parents are fucking idiots. That’s all I’m gonna say. One time, I met one who said that they found out that vaccines cause autism. When I asked them where their source was, she said “DO YOU HAVE PROOF?!” Fucking assholes.
I say; do you have proof they are not? Fucking asshole.
Without vaccines we would all probley be dead right now
I say; We existed for tens of thousands of years without vaccines, mobile phone and T.V!
+Hazel Turner The problem is that infants and people with certain allergies can’t get the vaccine, and is therefore at risk of being infected. This is normally not a issue as long as at least 95% of the population is vaccinated. Measles are very contagious and there are several instances of a major outbreak and deaths when people get sceptical and don’t vaccinate. So you’re not a asshole, but you do put other people at risk.
 I say; There always seems to be a problem that people interfering in other peoples lives a business can solve, but nothing ever gets solved.


I vaccinated my child and the reaction to vaccine which included a swollen leg, temperature and two weeks of crying and sleepless nights and research including listening to parents of children that died or has serous side effects from vaccines convinced me not to let them do it again and flu vaccine? If flu vaccines are so FUCKING GOOD then why are so many people still get the FUCKING FLU?

The current death rate in England and Wales is running about one-third higher than its normal rate for this time of year, official statistics show. In the two weeks ending on 23 January 2015, 28,000 people died, the Office for National Statistics figures show. Over the previous five years, the average number of deaths for the same period stood at about 21,000, despite flu vaccines being more widely distributed!

Vaccine Culture media Excipients
Adenovirus vaccine Dulbecco’s Modified Eagle Medium, human diploid fibroblast cell culture (WI-38) Acetone, alcohol, anhydrous lactose, castor oil, cellulose acetate phthalate, dextrose, D-fructose, D-mannose, FD&C Yellow #6 aluminum lake dye, fetal bovine serum, human serum albumin, magnesium stearate, micro crystalline cellulose, plasdone C, polacrilin potassium, potassium phosphate, sodium bicarbonate, sucrose
Anthrax vaccine(BioThrax) Puziss-Wright medium 1095, synthetic or semisynthetic Aluminum hydroxide, amino acids, benzethonium chloride, formaldehyde, inorganic salts and sugars, vitamins
BCG (Bacillus Calmette-Guérin) (Tice) Synthetic or semisynthetic Asparagine, citric acid, lactose, glycerin, iron ammonium citrate, magnesium sulfate, potassium phosphate
DTaP (Daptacel) Cohen-Wheeler or Stainer-Scholte media, synthetic or semisynthetic Aluminum phosphate, formaldehyde, glutaraldehyde, 2-phenoxyethanol
DTaP (Infanrix) Cohen-Wheeler or Stainer-Scholte media, Lathan medium derived from bovine casein, Linggoud-Fenton medium derived from bovine extract, synthetic or semisynthetic Aluminum hydroxide, bovine extract, formaldehyde, glutaraldhyde, polysorbate 80
DTaP (Tripedia) Cohen-Wheeler or Stainer-Scholte media, synthetic or semisynthetic Aluminum potassium sulfate, ammonium sulfate, bovine extract, formaldehyde, gelatin, peptone, polysorbate 80, sodium phosphate, thimerosal[2]
DTaP/Hib (TriHIBit) Synthetic or semisynthetic Aluminum potassium sulfate, ammonium sulfate, bovine extract, formaldehyde or formalin, gelatin, polysorbate 80, sucrose, thimerosal[2]
DTaP-IPV (Kinrix) Vero (monkey kidney) cell culture, synthetic or semisynthetic Aluminum hydroxide, calf serum, formaldehyde, glutaraldehyde, lactalbumin hydrolysate, neomycin sulfate, polymyxin B, polysorbate 80
DTaP-HepB-IPV (Pediarix) Bovine protein, Lathan medium derived from bovine casein, Linggoud-Fenton medium derived from bovine extract, Vero (monkey kidney) cell culture, synthetic or semisynthetic Aluminum hydroxide, aluminum phosphate, calf serum, lactalbumin hydrolysate, formaldehyde, glutaraldhyde, neomycin sulfate, polymyxin B, polysorbate 80, yeast protein
DtaP-IPV/Hib (Pentacel) Synthetic or semisynthetic Aluminum phosphate, bovine serum albumin, formaldehyde, glutaraldhyde, MRC-5 cellular protein, neomycin, polymyxin B sulfate, polysorbate 80, 2-phenoxyethanol
DT (diphtheria vaccine plustetanus vaccine) (Sanofi) Synthetic or semisynthetic Aluminum potassium sulfate, bovine extract, formaldehyde, thimerosal (multi-dose) or thimerosal[2] (single-dose)
DT (Massachusetts) Synthetic or semisynthetic Aluminum hydroxide, formaldehyde or formalin
Hib vaccine(ACTHib) Synthetic or semisynthetic Ammonium sulfate, formaldehyde, sucrose
Hib (PedvaxHib) Synthetic or semisynthetic Aluminum hydroxyphosphate sulfate
Hib/Hep B (Comvax) Synthetic or semisynthetic, yeast or yeast extract Amorphous aluminum hydroxyphosphate sulfate, amino acids, dextrose, formaldehyde, hemin chloride, mineral salts, nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide, potassium aluminum sulfate, sodium borate, soy peptone, yeast protein
Hepatitis A vaccine(Havrix) Human diploid tissue culture (MRC-5) Aluminum hydroxide, amino acid supplement, formalin, MRC-5 cellular protein, neomycin sulfate, phosphate buffers, polsorbate 20
Hepatitis A vaccine (Vaqta) Human diploid tissue culture (MRC-5) Amorphous aluminum hydroxyphosphate sulfate, bovine albumin or serum, formaldehyde, MRC-5 cellular protein, sodium borate
Hepatitis B vaccine(Engerix-B) Yeast or yeast extract Aluminum hydroxide, phosphate buffers, yeast protein
Hepatitis B vaccine (Recombivax) Yeast or yeast extract Amorphous aluminum hydroxyphosphate sulfate, amino acids, dextrose, formaldehyde, mineral salts, potassium aluminum sulfate, soy peptone, yeast protein
HepA/HepB vaccine (Twinrix) Human diploid tissue culture (MRC-5), yeast or yeast extract Aluminum hydroxide, aluminum phosphate, amino acids, formalin, MRC-5 cells, neomycin sulfate, phosphate buffers, polysorbate 20, yeast protein
Human papillomavirus(HPV) (Cervarix) Trichoplusia ni cells Aluminum hydroxide, amino acids, lipids, mineral salts, sodium dihydrogen phosphate dehydrate, type 16 viral protein L1, type 18 viral protein L1, vitamins
Human papillomavirus (HPV) (Gardasil) Yeast or yeast extract Amino acids, amorphous aluminum hydroxyphosphate sulfate, carbohydrates, L-histidine, mineral salts, polysorbate 80, sodium borate, vitamins, yeast protein
Influenza vaccine(Afluria) Chicken embryo Beta-propiolactone, calcium chloride, dibasic sodium phosphate, egg protein, monobasic potassium phosphate, monobasic sodium phosphate, neomycin sulfate, polymyxin B, potassium chloride, sodium taurodeoxychoalate, thimerosal (multi-dose vials only)
Influenza vaccine (Agriflu) ? Egg proteins, formaldehyde, polysorbate 80, cetyltrimethylammonium bromide, neomycin sulfate, kanamycin
Influenza vaccine (Fluarix) Chicken embryo Formaldehyde, octoxynol-10 (Triton X-100), α-tocopheryl hydrogen succinate, polysorbate 80 (Tween 80), hydrocortisone, gentamicin sulfate, ovalbumin, sodium deoxycholate, sucrose, phosphate buffer
Influenza vaccine (Flublok) ? Monobasic sodium phosphate, dibasic sodium phosphate, polysorbate 20, baculovirus and host cell proteins, baculovirus and cellular DNA, Triton X-100, lipids, vitamins, amino acids, mineral salts
Influenza vaccine (Flucelvax) ? Madin Darby Canine Kidney (MDCK) cell protein, MDCK cell DNA, polysorbate 80, cetyltrimethlyammonium bromide, β-propiolactone, phosphate buffer
Influenza vaccine (Flulaval) Chicken embryo Formaldehyde, á-tocopheryl hydrogen succinate, polysorbate 80, sodium deoxycholate, thimerosal, ovalbumin
Influenza vaccine (Fluvirin) Chicken embryo Beta-propiolactone, egg protein, neomycin, nonylphenol ethoxylate, polymyxin, thimerosal (multi-dose containers), thimerosal[2](single-dose syringes)
Influenza vaccine (Fluzone) Chicken embryo Egg protein, formaldehyde, gelatin (standard formulation only), octylphenol ethoxylate (Triton X-100),sodium phosphate, thimerosal (multi-dose containers only)
Influenza vaccine (FluMist) Chicken kidney cells, chicken embryo Arginine, dibasic potassium phosphate, egg protein, ethylene diamine tetraacetic acid, gentamicin sulfate, hydrolyzed porcinegelatin, monobasic potassium phosphate monosodium glutamate, sucrose
Japanese encephalitis vaccine(JE-Vax) Mouse brain culture Formaldehyde or formalin, gelatin, mouse serum protein, polysorbate 80, thimerosal
Japanese encephalitis vaccine (Ixiaro) Vero (monkey kidney) cell culture Aluminum hydroxide, bovine serum albumin, formaldehyde, protamine sulfate, sodium metabisulphite
Meningococcal vaccine (Menactra) Modified Mueller-Miller medium, Mueller Hinton agar, Watson Scherp medium Formaldehyde (Each 0.5 mL dose may contain residual amounts of formaldehyde of less than 2.66 µg (0.000532%), by calculation), phosphate buffers[3]
Meningococcal vaccine (Menomune) Watson Scherp media, Mueller Hinton agar Lactose, thimerosal (multi-dose vial only)
Meningococcal vaccine (Menveo) Franz complete medium Amino acids, formaldehyde, yeast extract
MMR vaccine(MMR-II) Human diploid tissue culture (WI-38), Medium 199 Amino acids, fetal bovine serum, glutamate, hydrolyzed gelatin, neomycin, recombinant human serum albumin, sodium phosphate, sorbitol, sucrose, vitamins
MMRV vaccine(ProQuad) Human diploid tissue cultures (MRC-5, WI-38), Medium 199 Bovine calf serum, dibasic potassium phosphate, dibasic sodium phosphate, human albumin, human serum albumin, hydrolyzedgelatin, monobasic potassium phosphate, monosodium L-glutamate, MRC-5 cellular protein, neomycin, sodium bicarbonate, sorbitol, sucrose, potassium chloride
Pneumococcal vaccine(Pneumovax) Bovine protein Phenol
Pneumococcal vaccine (Prevnar) Soy peptone broth Aluminum phosphate, ammonium sulfate, casamino acid, polysorbate 80, succinate buffer, yeast
Polio vaccine (IPV – Ipol) Vero (monkey kidney) cell culture Calf serum protein, formaldehyde, neomycin, 2-phenoxyethanol, polymyxin B, streptomycin
Polio vaccine (IPV – Poliovax) Human diploid tissue culture (MRC-5) ?
Rabies vaccine(Imovax) Human diploid tissue culture (MRC-5) Albumin, MRC-5 cells, neomycin sulfate, phenol
Rabies vaccine (RabAvert) Rhesus fetal lung tissue culture, chicken embryo Amphotericin B, beta-propiolactone, chicken protein, chlortetracycline, human serum albumin, neomycin, ovalbumin, polygeline (processed bovine 14 gelatin), potassium glutamate
Rotavirus vaccine(RotaTeq) Vero (monkey kidney) cell culture fetal bovine serum, sodium citrate, sodium phosphate monobasic monohydrate, sodium hydroxide, sucrose, polysorbate 80
Rotavirus vaccine (Rotarix) Dulbecco’s Modified Eagle Medium (DMEM) Amino acids, calcium carbonate, dextran, sorbitol, sucrose, vitamins, xanthan
Td vaccine (Decavac) Mueller & Miller medium, synthetic or semisynthetic Aluminum potassium sulfate, bovine muscle tissue, formaldehyde, peptone, thimerosal[2]
Td vaccine (Mass) Modified Mueller’s media, synthetic or semisynthetic Aluminum phosphate, ammonium phosphate, bovine extracts, formaldehyde, thimerosal (some multi-dose vials)
Tdap vaccine (Adacel) Mueller’s growth medium, Mueller-Miller casamino acid medium(without beef heart infusion), synthetic or semisynthetic Aluminum phosphate, ammonium sulfate, formaldehyde, glutaraldehyde, 2-phenoxyethanol
Tdap vaccine (Boostrix) Fenton media with bovine casein, Lathan medium derived from bovine casein, Linggoud-Fenton medium derived from bovine extract, Stainer-Scholte liquid medium, synthetic or semisynthetic Aluminum hydroxide, bovine extract, formaldehyde, glutaraldehyde, polysorbate 80
Typhoid vaccine(inactivated – Typhim Vi) Synthetic or semisynthetic Disodium phosphate, monosodium phosphate, phenol, polydimethylsiloxane, hexadecyltrimethylammonium bromide
Typhoid vaccine (oral – Ty21a/Vivotif) Amino acids, ascorbic acid, casein, dextrose, galactose, lactose, sucrose, yeast extract
Vaccinia(ACAM2000) Vero (monkey kidney) cell culture Glycerin, human serum albumin, mannitol, neomycin, phenol, polymyxin B
Varicella vaccine(Varivax) Human diploid tissue cultures (MRC-5 and WI-38) Dibasic sodium phosphate, ethylenediamine tetraacetic acid sodium (EDTA), fetal bovine serum, gelatin, glutamate, monobasic potassium phosphate, monobasic sodium phosphate, monosodium L-glutamate, MRC-5 DNA and cellular protein, neomycin, phosphate, potassium chloride, sucrose
Yellow fever vaccine (YF-Vax) Chicken embryo Egg protein, gelatin, sorbitol
Zoster vaccine (Zostavax) Human diploid tissue cultures (MRC-5 and WI-38) Bovine calf serum, dibasic sodium phosphate, hydrolyzed porcine gelatin, monosodium L-glutamate, MRC-5 DNA and cellular protein, monobasic potassium phosphate, neomycin, potassium chloride, sucrose