I can’t wait for the World Cup!

That might sound funny coming from somebody that is NOT a football fan anymore (the only sport I follow is boxing) but I have my reasons for being excited about World Cup 2018. I can’t wait to see the overpaid, overrated, under skilled and under worked England football team embarrass themselves again.

I watched them in the European Cup (last year) with a couple of deluded England fans. They seemed to get very offended and upset as I jumped for joy as Russia scored a last minute equalizer against England (they don’t talk to me any more in the words of Kurt Cobain Oh well, Whatever, Never mind.) I sat bored as fuck and watched them beat Wales and draw to Slovakia.

But that was followed by one of my favourite football matches EVER! The “mighty” three lions get knocked out of the competition against Iceland!

Why do I have such of a problem with the England Football team? Because it is completely against my nature to support a bunch of spoiled millionaire brats even if they are from the same country I’m from! Some people may claim that I am jealous of the talent that these people possess and the wealth it generates for them. I’m not jealous to be able to control a football is a talent, it would be a completely useless talent but the nations and worlds obsession with football has made it a talent that pays much better than most.

I was once a passionate England fan, I watched and supported them in 1990 in some of my earliest memories. I was devastated when they failed to qualify in 1994 and gutted when they outplayed Argentina and had a goal disallowed in 1998. They played pretty well in Japan 2002 and in Germany 2006 they were way to reliant on a injured Wayne Rooney (who failed to match performances that he gave before that world cup again.)

By 2010 I was starting to recognize the problem with the world (not just the England football team.) I did not give a fuck when Germany humiliated them in that competition and from then on my support for England has turned in to support for whoever they are playing against!



Recently Sepp Blatter has been exposed as greedy and corrupt! The British and American media began a full blown attack of the “corrupt” FIFA president. Allegations of backhanders and financial mismanagement are much of the reason that Sepp Blatter has been the victim of such media attacks, at least that is what we are led to believe. What is the real reason they want Sepp Blatter out? To be fair corruption, backhanders, financial mismanagement and greed does not seem to bother the media when its them or the British government doing it so why are they so concerned with the greed and corruption Sepp Blatter? It is probably because they feel more money could be made if they had some puppet they could control as FIFA president, Sepp Blatter may be greedy and corrupt but he has kept the World Cup free to watch and I doubt he is as greedy as our election rigging, money controlled government or as corrupt as the propaganda printing, warmongering mainstream media.

The media know how to play people and now much of the British public are outraged and angry about this “corruption” the corrupt media have brought to light. It was reported that Sepp Blatter was even investigated by the FBI! Are the FBI going to act on all corruption in all sport now? Boxing, baseball, cricket, horse racing, formula one, athletics all full of corruption! The FBI must be so busy with corruption in sport it makes me wonder how do they make time to actually seek criminals, terrorists and drug barons? I wonder if the FBI have ever bothered to investigate the allegations of corruption made against David Cameron? He has been involved in multiple scandals and cover ups, allegations of arms dealing, secret deals with the media and lobbyists and over claiming on his expenses, surely worth a look for the FBI.

How can the British media and public claim Sepp Blatter’s corruption should cost him his job when we have the government we have? A government that is responsible for war crimes, arms dealing, election rigging, oil wars and exploitation. How can the corrupt propaganda printing, tax evading mainstream media be outraged by Sepp Blatter, News Corporation agreed to propagate the Conservatives in return for them being allowed to take over BSKYB, I am sure that Sepp Blatter is not guilty of corruption anywhere near the scale of Rupurt Murdoch and the government he propagates.

If we do not like Sepp Blatter all we have to do is stop watching football and the decisions and the greed of Sepp Blatter has pretty much no impact on our lives, unfortunately the same is not true of our government, their corruption and greed impacts us all on a daily basis and not watching politics does not change shit.