Am I the only one that is sick of being ripped off? Recently I moved house there were two things that struck me about moving house, First thing was its stressful, Second thing was its expensive. I had to pay a £400 deposit, One month’s rent in advanced and pay extra for credits checks and things. The process would have been made slightly easier if the HMRC wasn’t attempting to shut me down, they have now paid me no Working Tax Credit for about 14 weeks and they move slowly when it comes to claiming money from them, they make the rules and then refuse to play by them.

After moving in I notice both the Gas and Electric meters are in debt! After spending £50 on Gas and Electric I end up with £12.50 electric and about £1.00 of gas! The company (Eon) sorted the gas out the following day but have still not sorted the electric out, therefore I have cleared somebody else’s debt. They give me code and told me to reset the key at a shop, the code did not work, the man serving me in the shop informs me they hardly ever work even worse their customer services keep people on hold for half an hour a time. My electric meter goes down so fast I can barely afford to have a bath, in fact I can’t afford it for some reason poor people pay their energy in advanced but are still forced to pay 3 or 4 times as much as somebody that is not on a meter. I have been forced to borrow over a thousand pound since the government stopped my Working Tax Credit payments in January and I have now spent all the money my business made.

I get desperate and start a housing benefit claim, I am subjected to filling in a 45 page document and told the claim could take weeks to process. I go to the Jobcenter to start a JSA claim I am told to apply for universal tax credit, I apply for universal tax credit and am told I am not eligible so I am booked for a Interview with the Jobcenter regarding a JSA (Job seekers allowance) I get to the Interview only to be informed that I can not claim Job seekers allowance and will have to claim universal credit! This obviously requires another interview at the same Jobcenter and they will phone or text me the time of the interview within the next couple of hours, nearly 12 hours later still no call or text!

So basically when these over paid parasites in government are deciding what my benefit should be called I am being forced to go weeks (14 weeks so far) without any money at all.

These are the problems that the people in government have never come across and this is why they do not understand real life.

Fast World.

We live in a fast world, a world of fast food, fast cars, fast money, fast women, fast deliveries, fast broadband, fast diet plans everything seems to be so fast. One thing that does not work so fast is the British government! I claim working tax credit and I have for about two years recently I have been forced to change my circumstances something I first attempted to do online but the fact that they do not have the necessary forms in PDF and downloadable form online and it would have taken “up to two weeks to come through by post” I was forced to phone them in hope of speeding up the process. When I called them I expected the switch to be quick and simple after all the change is not a massive change, I am still claiming working tax credit just as a single individual as a opposed to a couple (the way I was claiming before.)

I give all the necessary information like my earnings, my address, National Insurance number and so on and change the information quickly and swiftly. Just before the end of the conversation I am informed that the changes take up to five weeks to process during this time I will receive no payments of working tax credits!

I find this amazing considering all the forms for declaring tax to them are easily accessible online in PDF form and when we want too (or need to because nobody wants too) pay tax it is done with one simple click of a button and taken out the same day.

Isn’t that convenient for them, it takes them up to five weeks to pay us yet we can pay them in five minutes.

As a last resort I decide to apply for a emergency loan I go on to there website and answer all the questions that are asked, they ask how much I need and I request £300. After filling in the questionnaire I am informed that a decision takes up to ten working days, not very fast considering it’s an “emergency loan.”

I am 99% sure I will not get it anyway so the whole procedure is probably all a massive waste of time like our government.