How have I survived for three months without no money at all and moved house at the same time?

In mid February HMRC stopped my claim for working tax credits stopping all my payments but allowing me to appeal so I did, I moved house half way through the process which obviously starts the process back at the beginning. I was than advised to see the Jobcentre about starting a claim for Universal credit just in case my working tax credit appeal is lost..So I do. My claim started on the 5th May today is the 13th June and I am still to receive a payment from Universal Credit or Working Tax Credit.

How have I survived? I spent every penny my business made through revenue it the matter of a few weeks. I am fortunate enough to have a good family that helped me through people have bought me shopping and borrowed me money. The Jobcentre informed me on Friday that my payment would come through early this week today is Tuesday still nothing. I genuinely wonder how people that are not as fortunate as me are coping with these harsh benefit cuts.

To us those that demand me to “get a job” explain this to me; What difference does it make if they were to give out one thousand a week to claimants? Nothing because money is not even real! Your wages go up with it! Because only then are you are not a slave if the threat of financial worry and surviving are the only reasons you work then you are a slave. So the “I’m a slave you should be a slave” mentality does not help anybody.

Another thing these people should consider is; if I struggle for benefits and go through a process that begins to feel like I am trying to get blood out of a stone then you will suffer the same treatment if you ever lose your job.

The governments new benefits Universal credit is a bad idea that forces people in to shit temporary jobs with not much of a future if any “experience” the Jobcentre will say but “I spent seven months working at Tesco on a zero hour contract” is not the sort of experience that most well paid or even mid range job offerings are interested in.

People have to spot pointing fingers at benefits claimants both white, British and immigrants and look at what is actually happening. Money is not a force of nature or an actual living requirement. The reason it is hard to find a well paid job and work your way out of poverty is because if it was easy we would all be doing it. Unfortunately most of us are struggling through working or not and paying some rich landlords mortgage for them at the same time.


First YouTube employ censorship and remove many of my videos and mute others, they even remove views FFS. Than Facebook stop allowing me to post to their buy and sell websites to help sell my DVDs. Than YouTube decide that many of my videos are not “advertiser friendly and remove ads, even videos that are monetized are not showing ads therefore leading to no payment leaving me with no money. Now HMRC (Her Majesties Revenue and Customs) have been refusing to pay me working Tax Credit for months, leaving me with no money for even food and heating (I borrowed some from family members and spent all the money my website and YouTube channel has made this year and I have literally not enough money to eat!)

To me this feels personal but after reading loads of complaints online about the DWP I am beginning to think this is simply how they operate. Our MPs have been known and exposed of claiming £80 for a breakfasts, thousands for a Duck house and gardeners as well as second homes, traveling and even chartable donations and events!

But what happens when we attempt to make a claim for Job Seekers Allowance, Housing benefits, Working Tax Credit and Child Tax credit? We are presented with hoards of mind numbing paper work (45 page document just for housing benefits!,) we are subjected to attending their meetings and obeying their demands. They make the procedure time consuming, awkward (they don’t even allow emails for documents,) irritating and degrading.

People give advice the advice I hate the most is “go to the Citizens Advice Bureau” in my experience of the Citizens Advice Bureau, they’re useless. They will help fill in forms for people that struggle to read and write and that is about it. When I had a bank charging me £300 per week in Bank Charges a few years ago the advised me to be more careful with my money!! Thanks for the advice but its hard to “be more careful with my money when my just bank is costing me £300 per week.”

The truth is when they are messing about with peoples money like this they are in some cases ruining lives. They hide behind smiles, jokes, insults and propaganda but our government are fascists! They are war mongering, thieving, exploitative terrorists.

I have a plan on how to deal with them! I believe my blogs and then featured blog looking into Britain’s paedophile MPs has started this attack on me (as well as my blogs on the HMRC) blogs can be read @CLICK HERE TO READ  maybe I can use my blogs to make them repay me…

I am now going to continue my research and blogs on Britain’s paedophile elite!! I stopped it and had no intention of going back to it until I seen how much they hate it. I am going to aim to get a new blog out every other day going deeper and deeper in to it until I receive a payment and a back dated payment from the HMRC! If I run out of information (probably could do another 20 short blogs on it) I will make a documentary about it for my YouTube channel. Starting tomorrow. I would also like to thank all my donaters (all one them) and ask for you to consider a donation to help fund future blogs and videos..


To Theresa May, the British government, HM Revenue and Customs and Google.

I know some people would find it hard to believe this but I am being attacked from multiple directions at the same time! I believe the content of my material is much the reason why. I have full blogs and recorded phone conversations that prove HM Revenue and Customs have been harassing me. I have uploaded and tiny portion of them to my YouTube channel I have many more. I have not received a single payment of working tax credit for about eight weeks. HM Revenue and Customs work at a ridiculously slow pace, I mean they send my a letter informing me that they are going to send me a letter FFS.

They also inform me that I am no longer entitled to claim working tax credit, despite a better off calculation, and their own website show that I am entitled to claim it.. As the screen shot below shows

Despite this they have refused to pay me anything for eight weeks! Why would they do this? I think the government do not wish to pay me for exposing their corruption, peadophile rings, mass murder, greed and general evilness. I was happily claiming working tax credit before I wrote a series of blogs called Britain’s Pizzagate? In these blogs I expose the fact that many of Britain’s leading MPs and political figures are regularly connected to peadophile rings by the media and the online community many of whom claim to be victims, it parallels what is happening and being covered up in the USA and many other places.

It seems the government have decided to use their services to victimize me and employ financially fascism on me, why? If I am lying or breaking the law by exercising freedom of speech arrest me for slander, if not than pay up, stop censoring me from my own subscribers and stop sulking.




When I first started making videos I was doing it as an hobby, something to do after the first real long break I had away from working on the building site. I never expected or planned to make a living from making videos. Until YouTube revealed that they owed me 14000 USD, I never received that money and copy-written music used in the background of my videos was their excuse to not pay up, this lead to me spending months making my own music which is what I use nowadays.

I know I should not have used copy-written music but I only used the same copy-written music as loads of channels were using (most of them received a payment even if SOME of the money did go towards the owners of the music) I received nothing. Since then much of my older videos have been either muted or taken down.

In the mean time I have the JobCentre (financial fascists) telling me that uploaded to YouTube while claiming Jobseekers allowance could result in me getting in to trouble with HM Revenue and Customs (other financial fascists and extortionists.)

I am advised by the JobCenter to start a business and instead of claiming £93 per week (claiming for 3 kids at the time) in Jobseekers allowance benefits claim £93 per week in working tax credits, so I do.

And for two years everything was fine, I claimed and got the money plus a little extra that my videos make in DVD sales and through low paying rip off services like Google Adsense.

I was recently forced to alter my claim due to splitting up with my ex (we split up months ago but we were again advised to claim falsely as a couple due to the fact we still shared an house, false information is OK when it suits them. And just because I have split up from my ex does not mean I want to split up from my kids.)

I am unexpectedly told that I need to show all my business information to make sure that I am eligible to claim working tax credit, I phone them up and explain my printer is completely out of ink, ordering the ink cost £30 and was going to take a few days to arrive and it takes HM Revenue and Customs upto 5 weeks to process a claim so I asked if I could possibly email the information to them. HM Revenue and Customs do not accept incoming emails! Why the fuck not? It is 2017 FFS, these go about business as if it 1918 I would have asked if I could send a pigeon but I ain’t got one.

The Working Tax Credit office inform me on the phone Thursday that if I do not receive a letter by Monday the limited amount of information I could send without printing should be enough for them. Saturday I receive the letter below, five days later than they said it would take. They refuse to let my claim continue maybe forcing me back on to Jobseekers allowance where I would be required to go to useless college courses just for the fuck of it and attend interviews whenever they whistle and still only get £53 per week. Obviously this could also mean I would have to stop uploading videos onto YouTube or at least not be able to monetize them.

I have DVDs for sale but Facebook have blocked me on multiple occasions and accounts from actually selling on Facebook so this also slows down my progress massively.

This is how the system is attempting to shut people up, they place obstacles in your way. A confusing tax system where they are giving you money one week and demanding money from you the next. Social media and Internet censorship, false view counts and refusal to pay what they said they owed, its all simply the systems way of oppressing and silencing us.


I wake up today only to discover I have no working tax credit paid in to my bank! I had no warning the payment would be stopped it just stopped. When I phone the office to find out why I am informed that my ex (who I still live with) earned more than estimated and therefore I lose all my working tax credit.

It is all complicated, gobbledygook but somehow I would be about £70 per week better off if I leave my family and that does not even include the extra housing benefit I could claim!

When we work in Britain we are literally punished for it, if a couple are working and claiming together earn £1000 per month, we lose housing benefit about £400 per month, we lose and now pay council tax about £140 per month, one may lose working tax credit (like me) £360 per month. We also lose other benefits like free school dinners £120 per month (based on 3 kids.)

If I move out and separate my claim and leave my kids somehow we could both end up better off! WTF.

So whats the point in working?

I’m not saying a single person should have benefits cut because how the fuck they manage to live on as little as £60 per week plus housing benefit is also amazing but to financially punish people for working and living with their family seems silly.