The problem is and the problem is not….

Many people in the United Kingdom seem confused. They seem confused about what is going on and they seem confused who should be held responsible for things like tax extortion, the huge rise in poverty and homelessness and the cost of living.

Many people are so confused about this they somehow have managed to come to the conclusion that the problem is the poorer classes. They call them things like lazy, scroungers and scum! The poorer classes, benefit claimants and even the sick are regularly accused of costing too much to look after. Because of the cost of looking after these people the Conservative government have decided that Benefit Sanctions should be distributed on a national scale to all that do not obey their demands. These sanctions actually cost BOTH the benefit claimants that are sanctioned money as well as the government (tax payers money of course) who actually lose over £100 million per years to employ these sanctions! To hand out a sanction the government have to pay to monitor claimants, hardship payments plus the cost of appeals, staff and so on.

They have also decided that the NHS is too expensive to fund properly as they push for privatization of the NHS.

I hate to burst your bubble (if this is the way that you think) but the cost of looking after the poor is not the problem! The problem is the cost of looking after the rich!

Facebook pay a £5000 tax bill for a whole year despite making billions and being one of the richest companies in the world. Thats why Facebook can afford to take over things like Whats app, Instagram and the Oculus rift BECAUSE THEY PAY NO TAX. Facebook are far from the only offenders of this scam and corporate greed in fact they’re all the same.

Royal Weddings, Nuclear weapon programs, wars in the Middle East, corporate and super rich tax evasion, MPs high wages and expenses all cost a fortune but only benefit a very small amount of rich people, governments and huge businesses.

How can people blame the poorer and working classes? They are the people working their asses off (for not a lot) and the people from the poorer classes that do not work their asses off don’t have shit! Its surely time to begin to ignore rich people and the media and TV that they own and just open your eyes.


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A few days ago I wrote a blog called “DON’T BOTHER SUBBING TO MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL” I write this blog because I am being informed by multiple people that YouTube are not allowing them to sub to my channel. What a ridiculous bunch of petty control freaks the establishment are, not worthy of ruling shit.

Usually I get a fair few comments daily yesterday however I had none at all! I didn’t really think much of it until today when I uploaded a new video. After half an hour I come back to check the view count (first day view counts are slower now than the days I had 5000 subs) I notice their are four comments in the comment section. Two of these comments are me asking people to share the video and explaining YouTube censorship of my video but the other two are nowhere to be seen. I check to see if they had been marked as spam and still no sign.

Google must have decided that I am no longer allowed to read comments written on my videos! PRICKS!