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Black Mamba in Wolverhampton | Drugs Map of Britain

A landmark series exploring the drugs of choice in different parts of the UK. From Mamba in Wolverhampton to Heroin in Manchester, this series lifts the lid on the narcotic landscape of Britain today. In the first of this series, we explore a legal high ‘epidemic’ in Wolverhampton. Following 27 year old Liam over three months in his battle to quit the synthetic cannabinoid “Black Mamba”. Legal Highs are set to be outlawed by the British government in April. The ban comes as a response to the increasing use of synthetic drugs across the streets of Britain. If you’ve been affected by any of the issues raised in this programme and live in the UK, these organisations may be able to offer help and support.



I moved from poverty stricken Wolverhampton to lovely posh Church Stretton. I hated it!

I was born around Wolverhampton and Wolverhampton has always had high levels of homeless people and poverty in general. After spending over thirty years of my life witnessing many homeless people and poverty it starts to become and feel normal. I than moved to a place called Church Stretton and this came as a culture shock to me!

From poverty stricken (for the most part) Wolverhampton to a posh upper class place like Church Stretton.  Lonely Planet guide branded Wolverhampton the fifth worst city on the globe.

It even ranked alongside poverty-stricken slums in El Salvador and Ghana and saw off ‘competition’ from Chennai in India.

Church Stretton on the other hand is a lovely place a place of natural beauty and obscene wealth. A huge difference in lifestyles and wealth yet only about 40 miles apart.

I was angered by the ignorance of the people in Church Stretton as they protested, fought and won the right to keep their swimming baths and library open. These people voted for the cuts (Church Stretton is under Ludlow constituency which is a Conservative safe seat)  but they don’t want the cuts for Church Stretton just the cities.

I began to HATE Church Stretton, the youth are spoiled beyond belief and live in luxury unlike so many young people in Wolverhampton. They live in High Rise flats and high crime and poverty areas as their parents struggle to pay rent which is some rich bastards mortgage on a property that the owner would never want to live in himself..

But to the people of Wolves and other cities I say this; Fuck these ignorant parasites in rural England they got the money but no sense. Their sheltered lives make them ignorant to point of stupid and they don’t even see it.

They are racist, small minded, fools that have no idea how bad the cites are.

It always comes down to this question for me; What kind of Conservative voter are you? A selfish one or a stupid one Church Stretton is full of selfish ones.


Some people I know accuse me being a hater, I am sometimes accused of being a traitor sometimes my views don’t win me no fans but guess what I don’t give damn.

Your accusing me of hate and your probably right I hate the wars they make us fight, the corporate whores we should unite against it all but you’re alright.

I really don’t give a fuck if you fuckin hate me Fuck you because just lately I hate you to you spoiled selfish pricks and pissing you off is how I get my kicks.

People like you make me sick, shallow, narcissistic and so selfish. Your life revolves around your phone and Netflix you hate anything that contradicts what you think you know but you don’t know shit.

You hate Islam and immigration despite the fact you live in a nation that profits from war and exploitation.

You ignore extreme poverty it’s your fuckin ignorance bothers me, you happily submit to authority, despite the fact they are turning the world an atrocity.

I guess you’re alright you got all that you need, but image having children that you cannot even feed all you can do is sit and cry watch them grow weaker and fuckin die.

We steel from this people to satisfy, corporate greed but you turn a blind eye even worse you actually rely on this shit to live your lie.

Don’t attack people that have nothing, that’s what bully’s do, that’s why I attack people like you, it makes me laugh is how you react like you think that you don’t deserve that.

Yes you do you fucking pricks; you attack the poor I attack the rich if you don’t like it then I guess that’s tough shit because you can’t do anything about it.

You claim that hard work will get you through; you’re fucking stupid if you think that’s true, the people that works the hardest usually have the least while born rich pricks have their daily feast.

One side of the world the children can’t even eat the other side they’re all fuckin obese, eating McDonalds and lots of treats, sugar and chemical filled colourful sweets.

Some pricks that I know accuse me of being an arrogant dick, walking around thinking I’m perfect, like I think that I am better than you, it’s not true in fact that’s exactly what you do!

You think you’re more important than the rest of the world just because you’re white, I don’t think that in fact I fight for the rights for everybody and for a better life black, brown, yellow or fuckin white.

You calling me arrogant what were you expecting? My arrogance is just your arrogance you don’t like it when it’s reflecting back in your face your arrogance is affecting people all over the place, so grow up and stop fucking objecting.

I recently moved to a Conservative constituency, now I know why you’re all asleep, it’s not like this in the city rich kids are given schemes and even fuckin charity.

In Birmingham there are kids that sleep in the cold dark city streets, they are not helped but they’re harassed by police, these are the people that need charity.

So fuck young farmers and their corporate partners, you might be middle class but city kids are sharper more real and smarter, it’s the kids from the council estates that tend to grow and make Britain great these rich racist pricks fucking shit bricks when faced with the city and the council estates that the system creates.  

These rich white kids talk complete racist shit go to Heath Town in Wolves and fuckin say it, you wouldn’t say shit and if you fucking did you would end up on floor annihilated.

Thanks for the love and blessings I have received, I gained more support than I would have ever believed thank you again you don’t how much it means.

What the fuck has become of this nation, we now have whole generation sitting at home all alone spending all day on their smart phone.

And too many women are drunk ass bitches only interested in themselves and chasing riches.

They can look hot and very cute but most are just programmed prostitutes, it might be insulting but it’s true remember you can be insulted and wrong to.

I blame schools and the entertainment industry; they’re creating fools fuckin deliberately, I don’t hate women in fact it’s the opposite but what I do hate is a spoiled self-obsessed bitch.

What do we expect look at their role models disgusting sluts with no fuckin morals tell your kids to kill their idols, kill em all let’s start a cull.

Miley Cyrus, Beyoncé, Nicki Minaj, Rhianna, Kim Kardashian, Jessie Jay, Lady Gaga, Madonna, Jennifer Lawrence, Jennifer Lopez, Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez they’re all satanic whores overpaid prostitutes it’s the truth I mean no disrespect.

Not good role models for your kids, acting like sluts in music vids, YouTube don’t fucking censor this in fact they help promote the shit, that just because they want you stupid, they take your mind and pollute it people used to argue with this shit but nowadays in can’t be disputed.

To the stupid it may seem like I hate everyone and everything but what they can’t see is all this shit is part of the same thing.

It’s all Brain washing mind control with just fuckin one goal, to help the devil to take your soul down in to his hellhole.

We live the age of men in tight jeans they look like bitches copying what they’re seeing on TV you look obscene walking around looking like a drag queen, I can’t face this shit without being lean so for fuck sake pass me some green. 

Most men don’t give a fuck about anything except for their favourite football team.

Fuck football and all other sport, I don’t give a fuck what team you support, it blinds you and distorts what’s important and they extort.

Fuck bitches because most are fucking whores sexual transmitted diseases, genital warts, a life time of paying for child support; she ends up loaded while you’re going short.

Fuck working and drinking your life away for some rich thieves for them to pay a minimal wage when they spend most their time on holiday.

 Fuck fashion, wake up stay fit shape up, fuck tax don’t pay up our government are fucking corrupt so fuck them play up, riot and shake up the world break up the system that spills blood fuck them they can’t stop us I feel like we can’t be touched because Yeshua watches over us so put up your hood and fight the power, destroy and devour all they have created with our brain power and watch the demons fuckin cower as we approach judgment hour.  


On Friday 23rd September the express and star (a government and corporate propaganda tool based in the West Midlands) printed this typical ignorant bullshit headline and story.


Shoppers told: Don’t give cash to beggars and help the homeless

Shoppers are being told not to give to beggars in Wolverhampton, under a scheme designed to stamp out nuisance begging but help the homeless at the same time.

beggers-1Wolves captain Danny Batth with some supporters of the new scheme (Silly over paid puppets that know nothing of poverty.)

According to the article only 19% of beggars are homeless the other 81 per cent were found to be begging were using profits made to buy drugs, alcohol or simply to fund their lifestyle.

The article insist we should give money to homeless charities instead of homeless people. The biased, hate filled Express and Star fail to mention how much of the money donated to charities go towards paying for the rich charity owners lifestyles and the Express and Star forget the NSPCC is great according Jimmy Savile.

I am disappointed and shocked that the editors believe it is OK to attack homeless people, beggars and the poor but remain silent when it comes to criticizing charities that profit from peoples willingness to help.

I ignore the media and I give money to homeless people if I believe they are genuine. I have a bigger distrust of corrupt charities and businesses than I do people. I have no trust whatsoever in greedy propaganda machines like the Express and Star that make profit printing corporate and government propaganda and lies, attacking the poor while at the same time completely ignoring the greedy actions of corporations and governments. Important local issues like poverty are hardly ever mentioned.

I read the Express and Star occasionally as there is not much choice in local media, one thing I have noticed about the Express and Star is they consistently attack the poorest people in the West Midlands. I have read them propagating bailiff companies, government agendas, police harassing drug users and the homeless. The Express and Star is just another pro Tory, pro austerity, pro business, anti people load of shit avoid it like the plague unless you are looking for mind numbing celebrity gossip and near fascist government propaganda in that case carry on reading this shit.








17 million views pays me less than $200! Videos removed based on false copyright claims, I dispute the claims, I win the dispute only for the claim to start again a few months later. They refuse to pay me on new videos, with no explanation given why they refusing to pay, I guess they are exercising they’re right of choosing what becomes a financial success and not! No video is safe, even if I made all of it myself (including music.) I believe it comes due to my anti Zionist, anti Racist, anti Israel views. Google seem so desperate to protect Israel that they are actually destroying our civil liberties and rights to do so.


Changing perceptions is a series of short documentary style videos that aim to change your perceptions of certain social issues and problems.

The first episode “No place to call home” captures the stories of five homeless people living in Wolverhampton. I decided to create this after speaking to a homeless individual, hearing their story and realising just how bad that it was.

If you would like to support local food banks, homeless shelters or local homeless people check out the following information for links and sites of organisations in Wolverhampton:…


I doubt they will ever read this but thank you to those who were interviewed, as without them this would not be possible!

Filmed & Edited by Luke Wilson
Music by:
Interviews by: Alex Mckenzie – check out his channel for inspirational & motivational videos (link soon).

Apex Visuals:

Short film about homelessness, filmed around Wolverhampton city centre. Produced, filmed and edited by Luke Colley. Music: Na Trì Peathraichean – Jennifer Margaret Barker, Butterfly – Sean Houston. Contains some strong language.



As I was walking through the high street of Church Stretton a few days ago I noticed a sign that pleaded “keep the library where it is,” apparently the local people of Church Stretton are in a dispute with their local government regarding the moving of Church Stretton library. Many people from and around Church Stretton are protesting about the plans, usually I would be right on board with keeping libraries open in this case however I say FUCK CHURCH STRETTON LIBRARY!

Why? Church Stretton is under the Ludlow constituency, Ludlow constituency is a safe Tory seat, they have won every election other than one since 1918! This obviously means that most people in Church Stretton voted for the cuts yet as soon as they think the cuts are going to a have slight impact on there lives they begin protesting and moaning! I come from Wolverhampton and lived three years in Fallings Park, Heath Town Library was closed years earlier (2006) as were many other poorer towns libraries in Britain. The people in Wolverhampton and many of these poorer, oppressed areas are voting against the cuts and against the Conservatives but still losing public services.

Heath Town Library closed in 2006. Many more nation wide were closed in 2012.

I would say libraries are more important for the poorer classes and therefore if towns and cities that are voting against the cuts lose their libraries and public services due to middle class, I’m alright Jacks vote than the middle class, I’m alright Jacks should also lose their libraries and STFU, after all you wanted and voted for the cuts!

The government cut sickness benefit, working tax credits and family tax credits affecting the poorest in the country, they cut out of work benefit and begin making young people work for benefit in workfare schemes again affecting the poorest in the country, they cut housing benefit, the NHS, public services. They raise tuition fees, as well as their own wages and use the media as a propaganda tool to fight unjustified wars around the world, but the only thing that pisses the people of Church Stretton off is the closure of their library!

Church Stretton is middle class for the most part, a lot (not all) of the people in and around Church Stretton are much more financially secure than many people in Wolverhampton’s surrounding towns yet the water at Church Stretton is capped at about £220 per year, this is shocking when we consider that in Wolverhampton and other cities water can cost as much as £500 per year even more on water meters!

General Election 2015: Ludlow
Party Candidate Votes % ±%
Conservative Philip Dunne 26,093 54.3 +1.5
UKIP David Kelly 7,164 14.9 +10.5
Liberal Democrat Charlotte Barnes 6,469 13.5 -19.3
Labour Simon Slater 5,902 12.3 +5.6
Green Janet Phillips 2,435 5.1 +4.1
Majority 18,929 39.4
Turnout 48,063 72.4
Conservative hold Swing -6.0

It seems to me most people in Church Stretton support the cuts until the cuts come to Church Stretton!

It is not like we don’t know what the Tories do!


I write many blogs moaning and complaining about the government and the parasitic corporations that control the government, today instead of bitching about our ridiculous government or ranting about the fact that Facebook have not even paid £5000 in UK tax this year or something just as ridiculous, I thought I would write about something that does not piss me off! JOHNNY SPICE in WOLVERHAMPTON City Center is my all time favourite place to eat!  Johnny Spice is an Indian Buffet and I love Indian food, prices range from a bargain £5.00 per head on a Saturday dinner to £9.50 per head on weekend evenings, it is cheaper than local buffets such as Cosmo and Ming Moon and although it does not the same choice as the other local buffets, I would say they food is better quality from Johnny Spice.

Johnny Spice gets a 5 star rating from me.

As well as an 4.5 rating on trip adviser.




A couple of weeks ago I was walking through Wolverhampton Market when I came across a sign that said “Please do not feed the pigeons, they are a nuisance.” As I walked closer I noticed that the sign was put there by Wolverhampton City Council. It made me think are pigeons a nuisance? Well Pigeons do not keep harassing me for money, unlike Wolverhampton City Council they regularly harass and threaten me for money. Pigeons do not invest hundreds of thousands of pounds of tax payers money on cars with cameras all over them and then employ other pigeons with tax payers money to spy on people, unlike Wolverhampton City Council. Pigeons do not waste thousands of pounds on bad investments and bonuses for themselves, Pigeons are not responsible for the poor schools, the lack of opportunity and neglected areas in Wolverhampton. Do pigeons send bailiffs to collect “debts” or send people to prison for not meeting their demands?

When you think about it pigeons may be a nuisance but they are not anywhere near as much as a nuisance as the government are. Only Lions, Bears or some kind of terrible plague could compete with the government on the “nuisance meter”




The Express and Star regularly exposes benefit fraudsters, they spy on local benefit claimants to make sure that these people are not lying to our government, if they catch them lying they expose them to the people in the West Midlands using by far the best selling newspaper in the West Midlands to do so!

I have a few questions for the Express and Star and it’s writers and editors, DO NOT NOT HAVE NOTHING BETTER TO DO WITH YOUR TIME? Why don’t the Express and Star expose the corruption in our government, corporations and media? The Express and Star is the best selling newspaper in the West Midlands yet the Express and Star is blatantly just another propaganda machine for the government, city of London and the local police. The newspaper works against local people, it attacks local people, ridicules local people and profits from local people.

They write shit like  “A mother from Wolverhampton fraudulently claimed more than £14,000 in benefits over a three-year period.” The Express and Star are obviously outraged by these fraudsters ripping off the system and fair enough. But why are the Express and Star not outraged by corporate tax evasion or the greed of our MPs? Why does the Express and Star not attack the new Tesco superstore being built? Tesco provide dead end, work fair jobs they use child labour and they do not pay tax surely this outrages the writers at the Express and Star? No apparently it does not as the Express and Star have not spoke out about the planned Tesco superstore! Why? . The answer is simple, the Express and Star in another tool of the right winged elite.

Reading the bullshit and absolute one sided propaganda the scumbags at this so called newspaper prints offends and sickens me, I believe the time has come for the people in the West Midlands to boycott the Express and Star. The Express and Star should be speaking out about oppression, poverty and the huge lack of opportunity in the West Midlands, the newspapers should be questioning why police are arresting and harassing minor drug offenders not propagating the police’s agenda. The editors at the Express and Star should remember that we the local people of the West Midlands pay for them to do their jobs and the job of the Express and Star is to keep local people up to date with current affairs and events not to attack local people in order to benefit corporations, the government and the police.

It is a shame our corporate media and the masses do not scrutinize the tax evading, child labour using and propaganda printing corporations and mainstream media the same way as they scrutinize people claiming benefits after all corporate tax evasion costs the British tax payer more then all benefits combined.


Time to boycott the Express and Star?

The Express & Star is the biggest-selling regional evening newspaper in Great Britain. Founded in 1889, it is based in my hometown Wolverhampton, England, and it covers the West Midlands and Staffordshire, including the Black Country. The Express & Star is one of the few independent newspapers still operating in the UK, having been under the continuous ownership of the Graham family almost since its inception. It is owned by the Midland News Association (MNA), which also owns the Shropshire Star newspaper and many other newspapers in and around the West Midlands.

The Express and Star is a newspaper I can not stand to read, its full of propaganda like all mainstream media the Express and Star does a very good job in telling people what to think and a poor job of keeping people informed on local current events. In January 2012 the newspaper reported, Bailiffs recovered more than £30 million after councils sent them into homes and businesses in the West Midlands – visiting 100 people daily, it can be revealed, what the newspaper does not mention is the cruel intimidation tactics that these bailiffs use, where did they collect that money from? families, elderly people, and some of the poorest people in Great Britain.


Another example of the propaganda used by the Express and Star can be found on a Google search, if you search “benefit fraud Express and Star” Google shows 1,460,000 results, if you search “MPs expenses Express and Star” the Google search shows 124,000 results, over ten times as many reports on benefit fraud as on MPs expenses, despite the fact the cost of a case of benefit fraud could cost the tax payer hundreds a week and very rarely more than £10000 per year, where as the average cost of a single MP claiming tens of thousands per year for things like second homes, travelling costs, home maintenance, food, gardening and duck ponds on top of their £63000 per year salary is not reported as nowhere near as much .In 2007 – the last year for which figures are available – claims ranged from the lowest of £44,551 to the highest of £185,421. On average, each MP claimed £135,600.

Like all mainstream media the Express and Star also propagated the royal wedding, showing street celebrations and going on like the day and the royal family are important, I live in the West Midlands and most people I know did not and do not care one bit about the royal wedding, the royal baby or the royal family. I have not yet seen the Express and Star fight the NHS cuts and they report that Home Secretary Theresa May tells terrorists:You will not win, the wicked witch of Westminster wants our human rights, she uses terrorism as an excuse for this and the Express and Star propagate her agenda.

Surely the job of a local newspaper is to sometimes speak up for local people not to propagate government agendas and attack local people that are claiming benefits.





Recently Tesco and Sainsbury’s have confirmed that they will both be building a new superstore in Wolverhampton, meaning that Wolverhampton will have a Tesco superstore, a Sainsbury’s , a ASDA (Walmart), two Tesco Express’s all in the city center not to mention loads of other superstores scattered all around the outskirts and surrounding towns. Many people claim that this means that we have more choice, I do not agree I believe that these corporate superstores do not equal more choice in fact they have they exact opposite effect they equal NO CHOICE!
They all sell the same mass produced corporate brands and even worse is the fact that every city high street in Britain contains the same shops. Tesco, CO-OP, Morrison’s, Sainsbury’s, Aldi and Lidl show up in nearly every town and city.

High Streets in city centers all over Britain have the same shops selling the same mass produced, cheaply made shit at the same prices and the same restaurants serving the same shit food, the same pubs and hotels, Many people blamed the greedy parasitic corporations for this. Their greed is disgusting and their willingness to enslave and exploit people in the third world should be a good enough reason to avoid some of these huge multinational corporations but the masses still shop there that’s why you also have to blame the customer’s in Britain. When we look around the same shops selling the same mass produced, cheaply made shit at the same prices and the same restaurants serving the same shit food, we discover that people are all wearing the same clothes, shoes and reading the same newspapers. They go home and have the same furniture, the same curtains and listen to the same music, how does that equal more choice? To me that equals no choice, no individuality and they wonder why the high street is dying.

It is up to the customer to stop buying these products, Nike have child slaves in the world as do Tesco, Walmart, Arcadia Group, Apple and many others and it is up to YOU the customer to stop it. The problem is so massive that it is actually impossible not to fund child labour in some way. According to Unicef there are an estimated 246 million children are engaged in child labour. Nearly 70 per cent (171 million) of these children work in hazardous conditions – including working in mines, working with chemicals and pesticides in agriculture or with dangerous machinery.

Their is no easy answer on how to fight child labour but to boycott some of the worst offenders would be a good start, shop at local markets and buy local products, stop obsessing with the ridiculous fashion industry and remember those £120 Nike air’s were actually made by some poor exploited, financially enslaved child while Nike makes billions and you think Nike is cool? We may not be able to boycott child labour but we can boycott those that profit the most from it boycott the largest first.



When we are in school there is always one child that will answer the teacher back, misbehaves, disobeys and is a general pain in the ass. Teachers and schools in Great Britain and many other nations try different ideas on “reaching these kids.” Recently a school local to me has even been caught locking “naughty” children in cupboards for three hour periods, just for having the nerve to disobey or not pay 100% attention to their masters, a member of staff said the regime was brutal and threatening .

Up to 20 parents claim that their children were disciplined by being shut away in a stationery cupboard for periods of up to three hours at Woodthorne Primary School, Tettenhall, in 2012.

An investigation was launched by Wolverhampton City Council, but the investigation found no evidence of wrongdoing. Now a member of staff, who asked not to be named, has accused the authority of deliberately covering up the mistreatment of children which she said went on with the full blessing of senior leaders at the school.

How naughty does a child have to be to deserve being locked up in cupboards for as long as three hours? What would government run services like Social Services do if they were to discover parents locking their children up in cupboards for hours at a time? I am pretty sure that immediate action would be taken and that the children could even be taken from the guilty parents in order to “protect the children” from such cruel treatment. I wonder what action services like Social Services or other government run services will do to protect children from this. David Cameron claims that internet censorship is a step taken to “protect children” so what steps will be taken to protect the victims of Woodthorne Primary School? Theresa May has already ruled out a public inquiry to a comprehensive school not far away from Woodthorne Primary School, despite allegations of sexual abuse dating back to 1945 at Tettenhall College (Tettenhall College is actually an high school not a college like the name suggests.) Theresa May and the government obviously think that children do NOT need protecting from teachers and their failing school system.

We as parents usually tell our children things like “respect and listen to your teachers and elders” yet as parents we should be telling them to “respect people that actually earn our respect and show us respect.” Children at school are constantly monitored for “behavior disorders” and attacked, humiliated and ridiculed by staff for disobedience, nonconformity and even freethinking. As if that is not bad enough they are also attacked, humiliated and ridiculed by fellow pupils for not following trends, wearing the wrong branded clothes and standing out in general. No wonder Great Britain is a nation of sheep herded and controlled by Wolves, that is how we are programmed to be.