Introducing the real WINSTON CHURCHILL – WOLVOMAN80

Sir Winston Leonard Spencer-Churchill is considered by many to be among the greatest Britain’s that ever lived. In fact a poll by the BBC in 2002 listed Winston Churchill as the Greatest Britain to have ever lived. He was Prime Minister of the United Kingdom from 1940 to 1945 and […]

Introducing the real WINSTON CHURCHILL – WOLVOMAN80

Looking at Winston Churchill’s war crimes, Zionist connections, Royal Blood, family history, World War 2, Boer War, Bengal famine, Indian famine, genocide, mass murder. Also looking at Jack the Ripper, Prince Eddy, King Edward the 7th and more Free Download @  

Is Theresa Many the WORST prime minister that Great Britain has ever had?

Theresa May is the 54th prime minister of the United Kingdom her reign has been a shambles in her own words a coalition of chaos! A one billion pound deal paid for out of public money to the DUP is the only reason she is in power. The Conservatives are […]


I did not plan in writing more blogs on this subject unfortunately I believe that the blogs I did write have led to me being victimized by HMRC (Her majesties Revenue and Customs) and the DWP (Department of work and pensions) so The UK DATABASE describe their website like this; […]