Play the SYSTEM.

The system is destructive to many and has plunged billions in to a life of poverty and slavery. National debts are used as threats and are pretty questionable to say the least. I always ask who do we owe the money too? What would happen if we did not pay? Would food suddenly stop growing or water stop flowing? The answers are we owe it to banks (which are private businesses) and nothing would change if the debt was not paid. The only threat that comes from not paying national debts is the actions of the greedy, powerful elites that want the debt in place.

And its not even like the elites actually want the debt paid because National debt and deficits are not created to be paid they are created to control people. Why and how else could governments and corporations force the masses in to taking jobs that do not even take away the need for benefit pay outs and top ups? Yet corporations and billionaires carry on getting richer and richer.

The system is playing us it is extorting us and cunningly blinding us with the science of finances and markets.

On rare occasions the system benefits us. It gives us certain rights, these rights exist because people have in the past fought and died for them. If you are fortunate enough to be in a situation where the system benefits you or owes you take it without guilt.

This system has been rigged to suit the very rich and greedy. Tax havens, loopholes, and lobbying laws makes it easy for them to live excessive lives that come with at the cost of others. When the system suits the rich it literally makes and saves them billions when it suits us we are lucky to get a few thousand. To be annoyed at somebody claiming small amounts of welfare when corporate giants make billions is shortsighted, small minded and used as a weapon against welfare and benefit pay outs. Its like have a pet mouse and a pet pig but moaning at the amount the mouse eats.

Quit your jobs and stop claiming so much benefits.

I don’t work (unless you count blogging as work which I was claiming working tax credits for before HMRC stopped all my working tax credit claims leaving me with nothing other than the money I had made from YouTube over the last year.)

They forced me in to claiming the new universal credit which involved me having to attend the Jobcentre EVERYDAY for a month.

When they stopped my benefits they left me without a single payment of anything for over three months. I have written multiple blogs about it in the past and even uploaded videos on to YouTube and Live Leak about the issue. Some people demand “stop scrounging and get a fucking job” well this blog is for you.

Unemployment benefit only actually costs the tax payer 2.4 billion pound per year! That may sound a lot until we consider that working tax and child tax benefits cost 29 billion pound and Housing benefit 26 billion.

So statistically we “lazy lay abouts” actually cost less to look after than you do! And despite the fact that you work all the hours under the sun you are still forced to claim benefits and therefore no better nor no more independent than people claiming unemployment benefit!

So quit your jobs you scrounging parasites and do the honorable thing. Claim unemployment and scrounge a little less.



I am tired of people interfering in my life! Sometimes the interference comes with good will and people that care, most the time it comes from people that are just simply pissed off with their own lives.

Some people (especially middle class wannabe bottom feeders that run around like bitches for rich people) talk shit like “he doesn’t work, he sits at home all day smoking weed doing fuck all and MY taxes are paying him to do it.”

Thats right so get back to work please!

The world and country is counting on you to do what is right, you self righteous PRICKS.

I claim working tax credit £50 a week and I can’t get that until April (because they over paid me and financially punish me for living with my family.)

I got news for people that believe and get annoyed that their hard earned taxes are being spent on benefits, the NHS and looking after the sick, poor and disabled; only a small fraction of your taxes is spent on benefits, the NHS and looking after the sick, poor and disabled! So chill out and STFU.

Much more of the taxes you pay is actually being spent on Wars, compensating for corporate and upper class tax evasion, MPs wages and expenses, the monarchy, vaccines, spying on the British public, the police (that spend most their time harassing weed smokers and protecting people like Jimmy Savile) and many pointless schemes and rip offs.

One person said “if Google aren’t paying you (they owe me over 50000 USD and still refuse to pay) surely you should just get a different job!” But should I? My main channel has received millions of views and my website gets thousands of hits daily so I am still reaching people, there is more to life than money and surely quitting is what I am supposed to do! Thats why Google are ripping us off because they hope we will quit, I am not going to censor myself and shut up so I do not plan on giving up what I love to do, for now.

Work is a choice, you are free to quit your job at anytime that you want, if not shut up and get back to work some rich people have some peanuts for you and some shit to clean up.


I wake up today only to discover I have no working tax credit paid in to my bank! I had no warning the payment would be stopped it just stopped. When I phone the office to find out why I am informed that my ex (who I still live with) earned more than estimated and therefore I lose all my working tax credit.

It is all complicated, gobbledygook but somehow I would be about £70 per week better off if I leave my family and that does not even include the extra housing benefit I could claim!

When we work in Britain we are literally punished for it, if a couple are working and claiming together earn £1000 per month, we lose housing benefit about £400 per month, we lose and now pay council tax about £140 per month, one may lose working tax credit (like me) £360 per month. We also lose other benefits like free school dinners £120 per month (based on 3 kids.)

If I move out and separate my claim and leave my kids somehow we could both end up better off! WTF.

So whats the point in working?

I’m not saying a single person should have benefits cut because how the fuck they manage to live on as little as £60 per week plus housing benefit is also amazing but to financially punish people for working and living with their family seems silly.