The most ridiculous government health warning ever?

The image above shows a man that is obviously very upset (I think, maybe he is just a tired nudist too warm to put a blanket on.) The warning reads smoking increases the chance of impotence! So apparently he is upset because he cannot get a stiffy, what a pathetic attempt of scaring people out of money in tobacco taxes by the government. They should have just gone all out and put a picture of his wife next to him getting fucked by a six packed Italian stud, somebody needs to tell this man about Viagra before he kills himself.

Or maybe he is pissed off because he has no Viagra left or he lost them, maybe its a subtle product placement being used in government health warnings.

I would like to see similar warnings on more products like an obese person crying because he can’t see his dick as he stands naked in front of a mirror surrounded be piles of corporate junk wrappings holding a McDonalds bag in one hand and a bottle of Coke in the other.

Have you seen the warning about children inhaling smoke? The man is literally blowing smoke straight in to his child’s face! I ask myself how they took that picture, they must have got a man to blow smoke in a child’s face, so they blow smoke in children’s faces to tell us not to smoke around our kids! Are they going to put an image of a child sucking a car exhaust at petrol pumping in stations around the UK? Your cars are polluting the air and probably causing more disease more than our cigarettes do gooders.

If tobacco companies are forced to live by these regulations to sell their products I think sweet companies should also be forced to go plain packaged just like the tobacco companies are. How many kids would even notice these chemical filled, brain scrambling, cancer causing products if they did not have cartoon animals and shit on them?

Corporations better look out from now on, the British government are on them so if they are going to sell dangerous products that have been linked to cancer, headaches, dizziness and dumbness they had better make sure you sell them to kids.

Some researchers have suggested that high doses of aspartame may be associated with problems ranging from dizziness and subtle brain changes to mental retardation. In 1981, an FDA statistician stated that the brain tumor data on aspartame was so “worrisome” that he could not recommend approval of NutraSweet

           Typical government story they spend millions trying to make smoking less appealing and accidentally create the coolest cigarette packet ever!


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