I was going to vote Labour but after speaking to some of their supporters I don’t know if I should!

I was once politically ignorant and unaware. I did not vote in 96 when Tony Blair was Labour leader due to my age but if I could I would have. It was the aftermath of 911 and the war on Afghanistan and Iraq that I believed proved to be Tony Blair’s downfall and the downfall of the Labour Party. I (along with much of the British population at the time) did not believe war in Iraq was necessary but war is what we got. In fact we did not get war we got a one sided bombardment of a country and its people.

I said I would never vote Labour but after years of a Conservative government I did! I voted Miliband despite not really liking him much, the lesser evil and all that baloney.

I was happy and surprised when Corbyn took over and I always felt he would be stopped quickly. I was wrong he is still leader and for that I’m glad but I might not even bother voting him after all! Why?

I was recently on a Facebook group that calls itself  We Support Jeremy Corbyn. I shared a blog explaining why I believe Tommy Robinson should be freed, I explain that I am no fan of Tommy Robinson but I do value freedom. I am then accused of being racist! I retaliate with the NOT personal insult of “DICK” I am then told by admin to remove the word or I will be blocked.

My argument for freeing Tommy Robinson is simple. The information he offered was TRUE . The people he accused of being peadophiles were paedophiles. They were found guilty and not imprisoned. I recognize that the information was not legally obtained and distributed but the corporate owned mainstream media is also not always fully complicit with the law. The Leveson inquiry seems to have been forgotten by those demanding Robinson should not be freed. Not to even mention the fact that a rapist should be sent to prison and journalist, political activist locked up for talking? Harsh.

That made me racist according to one person on facebook…Do you know what irritates me the most about this comment, the real racist far right often accuse the left of calling names when in disagreement (the far right are the worst for this shit btw) when people like this accuse people of being racists just because of a disagreement it proves them right and brings the left down to the same level.

I then stated that this country always protect paedophiles of any religion, he asks for proof. I send him a blog I wrote all back up by mainstream media plus more links from many mainstream outlets. The admin of the page then calls me a conspiracy theorist and then deletes my posts.

If this is the side of freedom we are fucked.


REASONS to vote Conservative..

Here is a list of reasons that people should run to the polling booths  and vote Conservatives on the 8th June 2017…

The most obvious reason to vote Conservatives is…… you’re rich… If you’re loaded and do not wish to contribute a fair percentage of tax than the Conservatives is the political party for you.

Another obvious reason you may wish to consider voting for the Conservative is you own a huge business or corporation, the Conservatives and previous Labour governments have kept the cost of corporation tax down very low while extorting the working classes, don’t let Jeremy Corbyn force you in to paying your staff a fair wage and a fair tax rate.

Other reasons range massively maybe you own or control a huge paedophile ring? The Conservatives have been actively working against the police and victims day after day to stop these businesses from being exposed! Maybe you hate Foxes, the poor, Immigrants and love war if so vote Conservatives we are the party for.

Maybe you’re stupid and not capable of Independent or critical thinking? If thats the case read the mainstream medias propaganda and do what they tell you to do, which is…VOTE CONSERVATIVE!

But the best reason of all that may make you want to reconsider your vote is maybe you just hate people, maybe you want to see people oppressed, degraded, enslaved and skint. Maybe you want to see more wars, murder for profit, corruption and pure ignorance maybe you just want to piss people off, if so VOTE CONSERVATIVES and don’t forget to tell a friend.


Snap general election in the UK.

Today Theresa May stunned Westminster by demanding a snap general election on 8 June that she hopes will turn her party’s clear lead in the opinion polls into a healthy parliamentary majority and secure her vision for Brexit, which seems to be to turn the UK into a tax free zone for corporations and carry on extorting the working classes and ignoring the poor.

I believe that this election is a perfect opportunity for the British people to rid our nation of these corporate puppet parasites but lets be honest it will probably not happen. Not because Theresa May has better policies or ideas than Jeremy Corbyn but because Theresa has millionaire lobbyists and the mainstream media to help her. Not only that she and her party also relies on and implies harsh censorship on anybody that does not support her!

On her Easter Sunday speech to the nation she claimed that Britain should use Christian values to function as a country, I agree with her but obviously do not believe her. Real Christian values is based around the beliefs of Jesus Christ and Jesus Christ told us to help the poor yet the Conservatives actually spend most of their time extorting the poor and feeding the rich.

I would love to see Jeremy Corbyn win this election because I believe he is the real deal but I understand he has a huge fight on his hands. He is fighting against the pro Conservative British media, Aristocrats and the rich in general as well as Great British Ignorance and snobbishness. His supporters are censored and silenced so how can anybody claim that is election will be fair anyway?

I believe it is up to the poor to vote because if the poor do turn out in numbers and vote for the people who really represent them Corbyn would win by a landslide. Unfortunately the poor do not tend to vote so no matter how fair and balanced Jeremy Corbyn’s ideas are he is still up against it.

The middle classes and the upper classes are not going to vote for fairer taxes because fairer taxes would end up costing them money so its up to the poorer classes to vote for fairer taxes.

America voted Donald Trump to the surprise of nearly everybody unfortunately he seems to be another puppet to corporations and Israel, Corbyn has made it clear he is ANTI Israel and ANTI corporate greed as well as anti Saudi Arabia, therefore I believe he should be given a chance to change the direction of our nation for the better and his policies are (at least on paper) much closer to real Christian values than Theresa May’s. She oppressed the truth about Britain’s paedophile elite, she is another pro Royalist, pro Aristocratic puppet so without trying to sound overly biased (like the mainstream media are) I say VOTE CORBYN before we end up with another Margret Thatcher in power.


Every time time we read mainstream media on Jeremy Corbyn we read one sided biased propaganda that makes huge effort to convince the reader that Jeremy Corbyn is not a serious politician. Labour in meltdown due to the fact Jeremy Corbyn told the truth or stood up for what he believed in, instead standing up for what we the corporate media what you to believe. Today for example the Evening Standard asks the question; How did the Labour Party become the nasty party for women? Who writes this shit? Just because Labour has a male leader does not mean its anti female, the Evening Standard is as usual talking complete rubbish!  The truth is the Conservatives do stand up for women unfortunately for most women they only stand up for rich women.

As usual the mainstream media are desperately trying and failing to finish off Jeremy Corbyn. The thing is about Labour is they have a choice and that choice is either give the people in the United Kingdom a real choice by being different to the Conservatives or do what the Blairites and anti-Corbynites want and just be a slightly less nasty version of the Tories.

Angela Eagle failed to mount a serious threat to Jeremy Corbyn because her policies were weak and unsure and much the same of failed Labour governments in the past. She also has the character and personality of a dead gerbil. Look at Theresa May’s swarmy arrogant face as she speaks to the Labour Backbenchers, if they like her and her ideas and policies so much they should do the country a huge favour and join her and her oppressive, freedom hating corporate backed government.

These Blairites and anti-Corbynites claim Jeremy Corbyn is destroying the Labour Party yet Theresa May is smiling at you because its not Jeremy Corbyn Destroying the Labour Party, its Neo Conservative wanna be corporate puppets that are destroying the Labour Party. Surely its time for Labour to move away from the corporate backed ideas of the war criminal Tony Blair and move towards something that offers the people of Britain a genuine choice.

If Owen Smith beats Jeremy Corbyn to the Labour leadership the next general election will be Blue Conservatives vs Red Conservatives again.


Below is a list of the 66 warmongering Labour MPs that have voted against public opinion and in favour of David Cameron’s proposed attacks on Syria. Whatever follows is down to these people!






I am shocked that a son of Tony Benn would vote in favour of the war.














How YOU can vote tactically to keep out Red Ed: Constituency by constituency guide to the 50 key seats that will help keep Labour out of Number 10

  • Guide to the 50 key constituency seats revealed with tactical switches unveiled for those wanting to stop Labour
  • Most key seats listed are situated in the north of England and the Midlands as voters prepare to take to the polls
  • 29 seats where Tories have improved chance if getting Ukip sympathisers and 12 where Tories can help Lib Dems

Tomorrow, voters go to the polls in the closest election for four decades.

Labour’s collapse in Scotland means Ed Miliband will almost certainly miss out on the 323 seats needed for a majority.

For millions, the nightmare is a minority Labour administration propped up by the SNP — which is demanding a £148billion debt binge to pay for more spending and welfare.

Here, JAMES SLACK and IAN DRURY detail the 50 seats in which tactical voting could prevent a Labour/SNP alliance having enough to run Britain — and keep Red Ed out of No. 10. 

Scroll down for video 

In all the seats outside Scotland, they are constituencies in which Labour is either first or second and desperately needs to win. Crucial to the success of tactical voting is reuniting the conservative Right. 

There are 29 seats where the Tories have a vastly improved chance of success if they can win the support of Ukip sympathisers.

There are also two Labour seats in the North of England where Cameron’s party cannot realistically win — but Ukip can, so Tory sympathisers should vote for Nigel Farage’s party.

If the Tories do fall short of an overall majority, ensuring Lib Dem candidates beat Labour rivals increases the chances of Nick Clegg’s party having enough seats to form another Coalition with the Tories.

There are 12 seats where Tory voters can help the Liberal Democrats beat Labour. The Lib Dems can reciprocate by voting Tory in three Conservative/Labour marginals.

And there are four seats where Lib Dem and Ukip supporters could vote blue to defeat Labour . . .

Revealed: How Miliband could grab power even if he loses the election by winning fewer votes AND seats than Cameron

  • The party with the most MPs almost always forms the government
  • But the surge of the Scottish nationalists has turned this on its head
  • The SNP has vowed to work with Labour to ‘lock’ the Tories out of power
  • It means Cameron could finish first but not have enough MPs to stay on
  • Labour’s Andy Burnham this morning admitted the party would ‘do whatever it takes’ to get Mr Miliband into Downing Street
  • But the Chancellor George Osborne insisted the PM could stay in position even if the Coalition lost its majority on Thursday


Save our bacon

Don’t swallow his porkies and keep him OUT

TODAY The Sun exposes Ed Miliband’s lies and asks YOU to vote Tory to insure that his wreckless socialism does not put a halt to Britain’s recovery.

Unless you are in Scotland!



We in Great Britain often claim and truly believe that we have freedom, the belief or illusion of freedom is usually based on our right to vote. Yet what is the point in having the right to vote when the vast majority of us are completely uneducated when it comes to politics? School offer us NO political education whatsoever, obviously schools have a duty to educate children on politics without bias and propaganda which could be hard to achieve but they should at least inform children on what the Prime minister and other leading members of the government do for a living, which is mainly talk shit and spend money on their expenses but children should be taught it nevertheless. Children should also be taught about lobbying and corporate representation after all David Cameron does not have the logos of his corporate puppet masters written all over him, unlike Lionel Messi.

If people are politically educated correctly from a young age without bias or propaganda using the truth on politics, Britain would probably be much more likely to avoid right winged governments that promote police states, harassment, war on drugs, war for oil, political internet censorship, NHS cuts and austerity.

At the moment schools teach almost nothing about politics and I believe its deliberate, the politicians tell the public that their input is important, they tell us they actually want us to be involved in politics, yet the Conservative party have spent the last five years pushing for internet censorship, effectively silencing alternative media, bloggers and vloggers. What politicians mean is they want us to vote because a high turnout justifies their power but after that they would much rather us remain silent for five years until the next election when we get another vote.

I believe a true democracy should involve more voting on issues other than political parties (which use popular ideas as gimmicks). Major decisions like declaration of war should be put into the hands of the people; after all it’s the people who fight the war not the politicians. I believe governments should be allowed to suggest ideas but the final decision should be in the hands of the people. We are supposed to be living in the age of technology and information yet politics is stuck in the dark ages, with stereotypical, greedy, corrupt, fat cat politicians that would do anything for money and their fake public image: but do not care or even understand the importance of the NHS, a fair wage sickness benefit or anything other than corporate profit.

We go from Labour to Conservative to Labour and then back to Conservative and we wonder why nothing ever changes, ‘UKIP’ I hear the misguided mutter, unfortunately UKIP is not the answer they are playing on racism, UKIP are somewhere in the middle of Conservative and the British National Party, the British National Party actually seem to have lost all their votes to the much more dangerous UKIP according to the polls so far.

I believe people should be educated and encouraged to be involved in politics as much as possible from a young age maybe instead of teaching children as young as seven about sex they should be taught something about politics. Instead of this once every five years we choose what corporate spokesperson we want to elect and give the job of explaining and justifying corporate decisions to us.



 We are SORRY for the past.


We are SORRY for tuition fee lies.


Not for you for business, SORRY


Nick Clegg is SORRY for the NHS.


LIBERAL DEMOCRATS would like to say SORRY to the working class


LIBERAL DEMOCRATS would like to say SORRY for anything we may do in the future that may or may not piss you off.






Conservatives will carry on allowing huge businesses and bankers to do whatever they want, because it benefits the economy.


A Conservative government would carry on offering young, students with wealthy parents a chance of a fine education, poor people will be kept dumb as possible.


A Conservative pledge more money (again) this time we will, I promise.


Zero hours, Work for benefits, benefit cuts, cheap wages and tax loopholes businesses will love it.


Conservative will sweep aside politically correct shit like “human rights” criminals days are numbered unless the criminal wears a suit, criminal bankers must be forgiven.


Keeping Thatcherism alive.

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