When the weird and strange become the norm.

It is a funny, strange world that we live in. I think the world has been normalized to most through the education system, media and just the fact that the weird becomes normal when we live through it everyday of our lives. If we were born in to a tribe of cannibals cannibalism would be a normal part of our lives but it does not mean it is actually normal or acceptable, it just means that our minds have been programmed to accept it as normal. A lot of things that are now considered to be normal would have been considered to be strange and alien to us as little as ten or twenty years ago.

For example it is now perfectly “acceptable” and “normal” for kids as young as ten (or even younger) to be on social media sharing pictures of themselves with the world. The trouble is (call me old fashioned if you will) its not normal its fucking disturbing actually (at least to me it is.)

It makes me ask what could be considered “normal” in another ten or twenty years time? As technology and the world moves towards virtual reality are we going to forget about actual reality? We shouldn’t because what happens in the virtual world of the internet can still have a huge impact on people in the actual real world and real reality.

In the days of the Victorians it was considered to be perfectly “normal” to hold on to the dead for months or years sometimes and even put them in to poses for photographs. Obviously this was mainly due to the high cost and rarity of having photographs taken at the time and peoples desperation to have something to remember their loved ones by but it is still very strange, scary, disturbing and dark to our modern day society. But ask yourself this; Is it anymore strange, disturbing and dark then children crying out for attention on Facebook? Is it any more strange, scary, disturbing and dark then clothing companies (like Primark) adding pad to make it look like young girls have breasts? I don’t believe it is. Why?

Because the Victorians were mourning their loses by doing this, this was done out of sadness and desperation not simply an attempt of gaining attention.


Virtual porn??? Things are about to get weird…



The world is a scary place and the scariest thing about the world is people, people freak me the fuck out!

People are panicky, unloyal, selfish, easily manipulated, followers and narcissistic, this has probably always been the case so I do not blame this generation for what they are and even worse what we are becoming. I blame their surroundings, society, the education system and many other factors.

What I find most concerning is how quickly strange things can be normalized in society. Whats worse is we do not see these changes with our friends but usual with the generation or a couple of generations after us.

Before there was Internet porn there was DVD and VHS, before that magazines, before that art. Each of these progressions has made porn more common, more accessible and therefore more popular.

What worries me is the next step, virtual porn! What happens if virtual porn becomes as popular or maybe even more popular (due to the extra realism) than Internet porn?

I fear and dread the day that live virtual porn shows become popular, I fear its only a matter of time. The day that parents do not walk in and catch their teenagers starring at smack-heads slamming their meat against each other on disgusting porno websites or find out they have been sharing nude pictures and videos on social media sites but the day that you walk in the room only to witness somebody getting it on with the fresh air or even worse some disgusting “virtual porn” doll (to add realism) will be a new low in humanity.

If this shit gets popular I’m leaving the planet or at least civilization, unless we create some law that stats; if you catch somebody using this you have the legal right the cut off their dicks or stamp their foreheads in permanent ink with the words “disgusting whore”  to heal them of this would be illness.

When we question or criticize these “progressions” in technology we are easily dismissed as old fashioned this time however I believe the argument is valid.