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THIS CHANNEL IS BEING ATTACKED/OPPRESSED to help protect the establishment, corporations and corrupt governments that hate mankind

From Hell : Jack the Ripper by WOLVOMAN80 now on AMAZON PRIME UK.

Jack the Ripper caused horror in 19th century London England. The Serial Killer killed five prostitutes in a seemingly motiveless killing spree. Who was Jack the Ripper? Suspects are numerous and include Walter Sickert, the Royal Family, Joseph Merrick, Prince Albert Victor, Sir William Gull, Lord Randolph Churchill, JK Stephan, HH Holmes, James Maybrick and many others.




Pus and growth hormone filled milk and Anti Biotic filled meat from tortured animals – BRITISH FARMING IS A DISGRACE.

I am not a Vegetarian nor a Vegan, I have eaten meat my whole life but in recent years I have made a effort to at least cut down on the meat I eat. I now try to avoid beef, lamb, pork and other meats. I eat Chicken but eventually I want to stop eating that as well. Until recently I drank milk but after reading some of the facts I have been reading I would definitely happily do without milk as well.

Many people online claim (and have been ridiculed for it) that milk contains Pus! By pus I mean disgusting liquid that comes from infected, overworked udders. Are the claims true? Amazingly YES!!!

Farming laws allow for up to 20% white blood cells in your milk, many of these white blood cells ARE from infected overworked udders.

That is not all milk also contains feces as Cows diagnosed with Johne’s Disease have diarrhea, and heavy fecal shedding of bacteria. This bacteria becomes cultured in milk, and is not destroyed by pasteurization. Occasionally, the milk-borne bacteria will begin to grow in the human host, and the results are irritable bowel syndrome and Crohn’s Disease.

And more…. Milk also contains antibiotics and growth Hormones. The Dairy industry and British Farming in general seems to be forgetting Mad Cow Disease and the effects that had on the industry.

I believe the problem is (as usual) money and poor governing leading to weak regulations.

Like most industries the Farming industry tries to produce as much as they can for as little cost as possible thus raising profits by keeping wages and other expenses down. This leads to much animal cruelty, low quality meat and pus, shit and antibiotic filled milk enjoy.

Time to go Vegan?

Strange stories of Satanism, Reptilians, Demonic possession and the Occult (PART 4) – WOLVOMAN80

Satanic cults in the UK, Fred and Rosemary West, occultism, Jimmy Savile, Devil Worship


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Child Abuse and Cover up in the UK education system exposed by Kathleen Simpson

Having really enjoyed my work for the previous 5 years working with pupils in a Local Authority EBD (Emotional & Behavioural difficulties) School, I never would have imagined that morning what would later transpire and how it would change my life irreversibly.

I worked with pupils on a one to one basis to help them catch up, as many had either truanted, been excluded or had been unable to keep up in the classroom.

Just before it began, I felt as happy in my work as anyone could. Believing that I worked among honest, trustworthy and professional colleagues. Some I would have considered to be friends that I trusted.

I was soon to find out that this was far from the case.

I had noticed one boy, ….. had been out of class a lot. So when he came in to do his work with me I raised this with him. It went something like this..

Me: “What the heck are you doing being sent out of class, when we are working for you to catch up?”

Him: “I only get sent out of English”

Me: “English Matters!”

Him: “If I stay in English, I’ll be gay”

Me: “How will English make you gay?”

Him: “Mr ………. is a child molester, so I throw a chair as soon as I go in so I get sent out then he can’t touch me.

Me: “Do you want to tell me about it?”

Him: “He makes me, …. and …. sit at the back of the class on 3 separate desks, he sits on the chair next to us, pretends to look at our work and touches us under the desk”

Me: “Don’t worry, you’ve done the right thing. I do have to pass this on though”

I advised him to just finish his work, told him that I’d be back in a few moments because I had to inform the Child Protection Officer who was also the DH (Deputy Head). I reported this disclosure to DH who said he would inform H (Headteacher) and that H could go back to my work, which I did.

I had no sooner re-seated myself at my desk when H burst into the room, pointed at me and angrily directed me “You, My room. Now!” Following him to his room, I was thinking, Somehow he’d gotten the wromg end of the stick, that he thought the allegation was about me. So I was not too bothered at that point.

Into his room we go and I’m starting to explain “The allegation isn’t about me!” He pointed at me and spoke in a threatening tone “Shut up and forget about it if you value your job”  I was shocked beyond shocked. the ground had just disappeared. I tried reasoning that my contract of employment clearly stated that I must comply with the Child Protection Policy and ensure any disclosure is reported and recorded. He said “So you’re snowballing this and putting yourself outside of my team?” I told him I couldn’t just forget it, I needed it to be recorded. As I left work that day, I felt in an impossible position. I didn’t know quite what to do. It troubled me greatly throughout the whole night. I decided to take the day off (the day after the disclosure) I felt quite ill actually and called in sick. I took myself off to the UNISON office as I was a member of the union. I spoke to a man there who was very helpful, he advised me to write the account down, to give it to them, they would then stamp it with the union stamp and send it on so it could not be ignored. I did as he advised, thinking that the union involvement would help resolve all this. As I left the union office, the man I had been dealing with told me to keep him informed and to let him know should anything happen as a result of the letter.

The next day I went into work, H took me into his office stating “This is not a punishment but you are not needed in that job anymore” He was smirking “You will just go wherever you are needed or photocopying” telling me that another member of staff would do my job from now on.  Bear in mind that I was the only person who held that position in the school.

What a difference a day makes. I now found myself going into a workplace where suddenly my friendly colleagues wouldn’t even look at me, let alone speak to me. I would be sent to a classroom to be told by the teacher “I don’t need you in here” emphasis being on the word ‘you’.

I also contacted Social Services (the pupil that had made the initial disclosure was in Local Authority care), the Police, who told me to leave it in the hands of the school and called the NSPCC, they also said to leave it in the hands of the school. I had applied to be a foster carer and had just completed the vetting process successfully. The process had involved interviewing my colleagues, line managers and employers. I was told I had received glowing references. Now, only weeks later H was claiming that I had an attitude problem, that I was hostile and aggressive with staff, pupils and parents. H stated he did not like my attitude. In fact H and DH took me into my room to tell me this, they later stated that this was a disciplinary.

My job had been taken from me, a job that I’d earned praise from OFSTED shortly beforehand. So I went back to the union after work to see the rep who was dealing with my case. Surprisingly I was told he didn’t work there any more, he had moved. The day before he had told me to go back to see him if anything happened but now he wasn’t there. I had a new union rep appointed who arranged a meeting in the council offices with a member of staff from the Department of Education. My doctor had declared me unfit for work due to work related stress due to the various symptoms I was suffering.

As I waited in the meeting room I overheard some talking outside the door, the LEA (Local Education Authority) representative was a woman whom I heard speaking quietly to the rep “We can’t sack her while she’s on the sick, you need to get her back to work” They came into the room and after the initial niceties the rep advised me to go back to work. I left the meeting and rang the GMB union desperate for advice, who kindly offered to take on the case. The GMB area rep arranged a meeting with H at the school.At this meeting one of the issues the rep attempted to resolve was that H had stated that I had been in school the day after the disclosure when an investigation had taken place. I had in fact taken that day off sick and visited UNISON. The rep and I were both shocked to hear H brazenly laugh as he told us “I am the boss of this school and the staff here will say whatever I tell them to say”

As we left the meeting the rep advised me to resign, this was a clear case of constructive dismissal he believed. I followed his advice and resigned. It was impossible to continue working there anyway. The list of things that my colleagues did to make my life unpleasant I will leave out to shorten this rather lengthy story. Colleagues who had appeared to be compassionate and caring people now telling me (in secret) that they had mortgages so they couldn’t do what I was doing, they didn’t want what was happening to me to happen to them. I did remind them that I was a single parent who also had a mortgage but that failed to sway them to tell the truth.

The GMB union appointed a solicitor to take the case to tribunal. The case took two days during which time I believed the case would be easily won. The contradictions were obvious, one example, DH was asked whether I had been in work the day after the disclosure. He said that I had. It was then pointed out to him that in his written statement he had stated that I had not been in work the day after the disclosure. He was asked why he had written that I had not been in work if he was now saying that I had, his reply was “Because I felt like it at the time”. These contradictions happened repeatedly throughout the two days hence I believed that justice would prevail. How wrong I was.

The verdict was that I had decided to leave.

Basically that I had tried to damage a colleague’s career and take a tidy sum with me. As we left the court the union rep, who had always been very supportive was astonished at the verdict saying “We should have had the press in there, they would have had field day”. I was advised to appeal but my application for an appeal was refused.

I had done nothing wrong, I was now jobless, could not pay my mortgage, could no longer afford a car. The prospect of getting another job after taking your employer to tribunal and losing is not good.

Worst of all, I fear I left a clear playing field, it was now obvious that no other staff member would speak up. The boy told me he wished he had never told me, because now they would get rid of me. Now I feared that none of the pupils would dare speak up again.

The story has been compacted because it is so long.

A whistleblower’s life is not a happy one. They do shoot the messenger.

Other points.

I believe the school closed for around 18 months afterwards for ‘refurb’. And that I have to date reported the disclosure 4 times  to the police. The last time was around 2 years ago and followed my repeated online reporting.  Two officers came and took a statement and nothing since.
There was also a strange ‘leaving’ of the teacher who preceded the teacher named by pupils.  She was a very professional older  Scottish woman who was really good with the kids, strict but fair.  She stopped coming in to work, when I asked if she was ill, she was rarely off work.  I was told never to mention her again as she wouldn’t be coming back.  I was told to empty her desk into a box and to put the box outside the main doors.  I wondered what the heck she could have done, I couldn’t imagine her doing anything wrong at all.  My stuff was put outside in a box outside also, and I wasn’t allowed through the doors either.
By Kathleen Simpson

Fuck the Tories, Fuck the Royals, Fuck the UK and Fuck you.

I am beginning to hate this country which is a shame because I have always loved the scenery of it. Britain is beautiful in places the countryside is spectacular, the history interesting as fuck, the mythology is ancient as it gets and almost forgotten (schools are only interested in Greek and Roman mythology.) I don’t even mind the weather in fact I love the rain so why do I feel this hate growing towards the beautiful place that we live?

I hate the extortion, the high, confusing and numerous taxes and the tax system in general is ridiculous. I hate the laws, the police and justice system, they do not work in fact they protect psychopaths, peadophiles and rapists.  The government are a joke EVERY decision they make is based on money the system feeds the rich and oppresses and extorts the poor. I hate the media they could not tell the truth if the truth was to walk in a room with a sign on its head saying I AM THE TRUTH and a truth stick and proceeded to beat them while shouting I AM THE TRUTH. All they do is propagate and tell people what they should think. Love the Monarchs, respect the rich, obey, conform fuck that.

Do you know what I hate the most though, the masses! Man they are stupid. We fall for every lie they print, we react to every bit of shit they stir and (some) even get upset when they are confronted with facts!

UK are war mongers that is a fact, they kill women, children and men (because men are important as well) abroad for money and then tell us its for good reason and even claim to attempting to free the people we attack! And we (the vast majority of us at least) believe them because the Sun said it was true. I don’t believe a word they say it takes a special kind of STUPID to continue to believe proven liars that are only interested in representing their corporate and rich masters. The reason we believe them is because we are distracted, we are too busy watching the TV, working for fuck all and acting like their little meat puppets.

Thats why I am going to finish this posts like this FUCK the Tories, Fuck the Royals, Fuck the UK and fuck the willing ignorant. Free Palestine, Syria, Iraq and Libya from the hypocritical fascists that claim to be helping them. If you don’t like this post FUCK YOU TOO. Offended? Good.


Legalize weed criminalize political corruption and corporate greed!

Is the UK about to take steps towards legalizing cannabis? According to the Daily Star (the Daily Star is not a good source to get news from its about as reliable and trustworthy as Pinocchio with a crack habit) health retailer Holland and Barrett is now selling medicinal cannabis oil in its stores across Britain and its “flying off the shelves!” Full Story https://www.dailystar.co.uk/news/latest-news/681833/Holland-Barrett-cannabis-product-oil-CBD-cannabidiol-UK-high-street-cure-Jacob-Hooy

There have been rumours that the British government are planning to legalize weed for months. On 1st October 2017 the independent reported “Britain is developing a weed café culture under the radar.” Fully Story @ http://www.independent.co.uk/news/business/indyventure/britain-is-developing-a-weed-caf-culture-under-the-radar-a7972591.html

If the British government are about to legalize weed; good, ITS ABOUT FUCKING TIME. In this world and time of child labour and trafficking, corporate exploitation and greed, political corruption, oil wars, poverty and mass murder for profit, tax evasion, vaccinations, ignorance and selfies to say smoking weed is illegal is ridiculous.

Legalize weed criminalize political corruption and corporate greed!

They’re fucking over another generation.


The average salary in the UK since 1952 seems to have risen drastically

Unfortunately house prices have risen much faster making it hard for the working and lower classes to get on to the property ladder.

Another huge leap in the cost of living from 2008 to 2013.

I could show many graphs and charts that demonstrate the same thing and the fact that the cost of an house in the UK in the 1950s was not much different to the average yearly wage but now houses cost about eight times the average yearly wage should disturb people. If this trend continues only a very small amount of people living in the UK will be able to afford to buy an house in the UK.

I would like to see the average wage bill without the top 1% of earners (I can’t find it online.) High earners like football players, bankers, politicians, actors and celebrities, lawyers, Judges and so on are bulking up the average wage rate massively. I would like to bet removing the top 5% would send the average wage down to something like £12000 to £15000 per year.

What the government is creating is a nation of people unable to afford their own home’s. This is making people more dependent on the government and therefore giving the government more power and influence over people’s lives. The government exploit this power by forcing people in to low paid jobs. How many people get a job to to “get the jobcentre of their backs?” too many.

We are not their slaves in fact they had supposed to be public servants yet the only people they serve anything decent to is corporations and the rich and it is always paid for by the working and poorer classes.

I feel sorry for this generation its hard for them to get a decent job and affording their own houses is simply not possible for too many and I believe that if people do not stand up and fight it will continue to get worse. The idea of progress and our children having better lives than we had is dying under this government and way of living. If this continues our children will end up much worse off than we are as the progression in the improvement of lifestyles seen in the UK since the 1950s, 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s will begin to reverse and change in to a deterioration of lifestyles.

Homeless Britain and Benefit sanctions

A High Cost to Pay, a report published in 2013 by the umbrella body Homeless Link, indicates that individuals who have experienced homelessness are being disproportionately affected by benefit sanctions.

The report shown

  • 31% of homeless people on Jobseekers Allowance (JSA) have been sanctioned, compared to just 3% of typical claimants
  • Nearly a third of services report homeless people being sanctioned while facing poor mental health, learning difficulties or substance misuse problems
  • The majority report clients being pushed into debt, food poverty and survival crime
  • Services report clients’ existing problems getting worse as a result of sanctions, with only a minority being motivated by sanctions to find employment 
  • The report calls for changes to the sanctions regime to take into account the issues homeless people are trying to overcome

Since this report was published in 2013 the problem of both homelessness and benefit sanctions has risen. As a customer of the Jobcentre I can honestly say the behavior of some of the staff is manipulative, forceful and sometimes just not called for. Some people have called me arrogant when I posted a video of a interview I recorded with a member of the Jobcentre’s staff. These people fail to understand the Jobcentre are only there to trick you out of your benefits and cause a sanction.

That’s why they keep updating the claimant commitment, that’s why you do not have a set time or day of the week anymore, they pick and choose making much more likely that people forget their appointments. That’s why they want to access your universal job-match accounts and that’s why they keep sending people to meaningless courses, appointments and the ultra useless jobfare’s they offer.

It seems to me the only jobs going is caring or low paid corporate slave work such as Amazon, McDonalds, Tesco and so on.

There are three reasons poverty and homelessness has risen and workers wages have not. 1. The benefit system 2. The tax evasion of the establishment and rich 3. The ridiculous high cost of living. All these things are caused by bad governing and government.

Sing Petition @ https://you.38degrees.org.uk/petitions/benefit-sanctions-must-be-stopped-without-exceptions-in-uk


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A couple of inches of FUCKING snow and the whole of Britain comes to a stand still!

No schools, no post, public transport fucked it makes you wonder what would happen if Britain faced a real crises. My council tax bill is over £400 per year (for a bedsit) with four apartments (each one has the same council tax rate.) Despite this HIGH council tax I have seen NOT ONE single gritter meaning that the roads are lethal especially the lesser used roads. What the fuck are we paying it for? They empty our bins (every fortnight) and provide street lights and thats about it.

Also take a minute to think about the homeless in this cold weather, they are still receiving no help, no support and now they have freezing temperatures to contend with as well. How many will freeze to death alone this Christmas? What the fuck is the point of the government? Who the fuck are they helping? Where the fuck are the taxes they thieve going? What the fuck are they doing?

The British government collect HUGE amounts of taxes weekly. VAT, Council tax, Income Tax, Tax on alcohol, fuel and tobacco but the money that they collect does not benefit anybody other than the government and the corporations (who pay not even close to a fair rate themselves.) If they did collect taxes from multinational corporations maybe they would have enough funding to sort out some of these problems.

The truth is the reason they do not grit the roads or help the homeless is simple they are too busy and spending too much money on allowing corporations (like Facebook, Amazon, Google, Tesco and so on) to avoid paying tax.

As far as the government are concerned corporations and the super rich are the only people worth helping the rest of us are just an inconvenience. So they will carry on helping the corporations and moving the homeless out of the consumers sight.


Buy Weed! Why I recommend Dream Market and a few trusted vendors.

Its no secret I smoke weed! I hope I don’t end up being arrested and left to rot in a jail cell because of this blog because it may be slightly incriminating! But if they are willing to throw me in to jail because I used to buy tiny amounts of weed on-line (3 grams usually and that would last me a week) after destroying my growing equipment then surely they could never deny being absolute fascist control freaks. For me this is about freedom and taking control from the insanely greed pharmaceutical corporations and establishment and handing it back to the people. And about weed! DUH.

I was recently arrested for growing weed and this led to my equipment and weed being taken from me and destroyed (which nearly led to the death of my lemon tree that also thrived in the same conditions but it survived!) I have only recently moved to where I live and I know very few people around here which made getting weed pretty difficult. Determined to find a way of getting weed without traveling back to my home city I discover Silk Road. I began to use Silk Road and I was satisfied until the recent hack because of the hack I moved to Dream Market.

When I started using Dream Market I was impressed with the cheapness and service it offered that was until my postman got wise and began tampering and not delivering my mail. This caused problems and without problems you do not really find out how good or trustworthy a service is because everything is great when its all running smoothly.

After losing one in the mail I informed the vendor that I purchased my weed from, I expected no reply he already had my Bitcoin and I did not get a reply until the next day. I was surprised when he offered to reship for free of charge. Whats more is I ordered some THC chocolate from a different vendor the order took a few days to come through so I assumed it was “lost” in the post and by lost in the post I mean in some happy postman’s gut. I informed the vendor and he also offered a reship if it did not show within the next couple of days! It showed so there was no need for him to do so but like the other vendor he already had my money and therefore he could have ignored me and my complaints but he also acted fairly and helpfully.

These people are dismissed as “dodgy” drug dealers by our society but these people are just trying to make a living like the rest of us. They are also offering a good service and genuinely care about the service they offer which for my money makes them trusted vendors.



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Great Britain the nation in which you are free to do what you are told and nothing else.

I am sick of hearing fast asleep people talk of the freedoms and advantages that we have in the UK. A nation that believes in freedom and fairness they insist but is this true? That depends on who you are or more to the point how much money you have! Our free nation arrested me for growing weed and they destroyed hundreds of pounds worth of equipment that I invested in to it.

I have an addiction it is a fucking weakness unfortunately for me it is the wrong addiction and weakness. I could be an alcoholic and there would be no punishment implied by the the law. I am free to be a homosexual and free (in fact encouraged) to get a job. But I can’t grow a herb in my own house and for myself.

This is not freedom this is fascism and a dictatorship. Yeah you are free if you are happy to work your life away for minimum wage, pay your taxes and conform unfortunately that is where your freedom ends.

Freedom of speech on the Internet is dead as is the freedom to live your life undisturbed by the control freaks that some people call our government.. They harass, monitor and attack us daily and when we fight back we are dismissed as extremists.

I have come to the conclusion that we are free! Free to do what they tell us to do, free to read what they tell us to read, free to watch what they tell us to watch, free to say what they want us to say and free to believe what they tell us to believe.

Think of it like this; There are two prisoners in the same cell one wants to exercise, read his letters and read books. The other is happy sitting in his cell doing nothing all day everyday. They are not allowed to read and exercise or even step outside the cell. One is angry and realizes he has no freedom. The other is happy and might even deceive himself to believe he has freedom because he has the freedom to do what he is doing. But essentially he is still a prisoner with no freedom just an illusion of freedom. He could carry on happily for months even years but one day that happy and willing ignorant man is going to notice that he is just a prisoner with no freedom at all. When he decides he now wants his freedom or to do something different other than obeying his orders he is going to be in for a shock and now its too late.

Ignoring the freedoms being taken from other people will one day come back at hit people in the face when they realize that freedom has also been taken from themselves..

Mainstream media is carefully selected journalism.

Internet censorship has undoubtedly been stepped up this year as it has every year for at least the last ten years. They are slowly taking our freedom in the name of our security. Benjamin Franklin once said “Those who surrender freedom for security will not have, nor do they deserve, either one” and yet the attacks on our freedom continue.

The government claim to be at war with online extremism but who are they after? They’re after us. It’s the people of their own nations they are trying to silence not ISIS, ISIL, Islamic Fundamentalists or the Taliban. This war on “terrorism and extremism” is quickly being turned in to a war on peoples freedom.

Bloggers, Vloggers, YouTubers and political Facebook pages are being highly monitored and censored. In most cases the people being attacked are not extremists, terrorists or even that controversial they are just political aware.

Somebody has obviously decided that the Internet is no place for the truth in fact they would be much happier if you would just carry on reading the propaganda printed by the mainstream media instead, if you please.

I believe in freedom for the papers, I say let them do and print whatever they want, if they want to print government approved propaganda then so be it. I also believe in freedom for the people let them talk and be heard and let them tell the truth without being interrupted, censored, oppressed and attacked for it.

The government, Google and Facebook definitely do not respond well to criticism and seem to have a genuine hate for democracy and your freedoms. I would like to bet mainstream media faces not such oppression when they spread their government approved and backed hatred.

The mainstream media consists of carefully selected and conditioned people. They have to be conditioned to the point of believing the shit they print or even worse for just not caring.

The governments have lost the argument so bad that all they are left with is removing it. People like me that have spent years spreading this are now silenced, you will find us if you look but the mainstream will not anymore. But they can’t silence us all.

What has changed in Britain since the shock general election result?

A couple of months ago the people (especially the youth and the people in cities) of United Kingdom ignored the blatant propaganda that the mainstream media had been printing and voted socialist like parties and policies. Over 16 million people in the UK voted these kind of parties (Labour, Lib Dems, Green Party, Plaid Cymru, Socialist party and others) compared to about 14 and half million people that voted for the Conservatives or Conservative like parties (UKIP and the now famous Democratic Unionist party and others.)

I was please with the result because I believe it exposes the mass awaking that has been taking place in the UK in recent years. I do have a complaint however (if you read my shit you will know I will always find something to complain about.)

My complaint is this; What has changed since this shock result? The fascist British government are still handed out benefit sanctions left, right and center. The mainstream media are still printing their biased propaganda (I did’t expect that to change.)  The war on “terror” and by “terror” I mean freedom continues as does internet censorship on social media.

I know change takes time but I would have thought we would have begun to see a few changes by now. Is this democracy? I do not believe it is, it is still a corporate dictatorship.

The people in the United Kingdom voted the right way (in my opinion) but voting is obviously not enough. It is now up to the people of the United Kingdom to pressurize the British government in to employing the changes that people voted for or we might have well not bothered voting at all.

Step one is complete don’t forget step two, three, four etc etc. Carry on playing up roiting posting on your social media and NEVER let the Tories forget they lost this election and they are a completely illegitimate government that the people voted against. DESTROY THE FASCIST BASTARDS now when they are down or they will get up again and we will be back to step one again.

Are fathers important? If so shouldn’t their rights reflect their importance?

I have two children that I love more than I ever thought possible to love anybody but unfortunately it has been proven over and over again that me and their mother are not compatible. I think we was compatible when we meet but people do change. I am definitely NOT the same person she meet about 12 years ago and neither is she and even though these changes can be slight it can make a huge difference. We grown up in opposite directions we disagree on everything and that can make parenting very difficult. So many things could start an argument vaccinations, the education system and even things like what they eat and drink could begin an argument. I used to be accused of being awkward and just a pain in the ass for a lot of what I believed. I did not want my first child to have her first set of vaccinations, I obviously lost the argument and she is given the vaccine. It made her bad in fact she cried almost none stop for nearly two weeks which was enough to convince my partner at the time no more vaccinations.

So eventually and inevitable me and my partner split. I still get to see my children which is nice but I also get that sad empty feeling of sometimes going weeks without seeing them and handing them back knowing or at least believing that this time could be the last time.

My problem is with this “system” is it gives fathers no power. My ex keeps the (council) house, she keeps the kids, she gets paid child tax credits to help her with the kids and I get shit! Lucky for me I have cryptocurrency as back up some fathers do not.  How are they expecting to be there for their children when they recieve NO support whatsoever? I have always had a pretty low opinion of fathers that are not there for their children but I am also beginning to understand them!

Some genuinely do not give a fuck and that is their loss but some actually want to be there for their children but children cost money. Money should never be a deciding factor on a issue like this unfortunately it is and unfortunately it is usually the men that can’t afford it as the women will receive their payments men will get NOTHING unless the woman is decent enough to offer.

Unfortunately the system which is so quick to blame men for not being there for their children is not so quick to offer fathers a fair deal or even make it possible for them to be there in some cases.


Can you feel the hatred brewing?

There is a strange atmosphere in the UK at the moment, with the recent tower block fire and multiple “terror attacks.” Everybody is getting political, even on my (personal) Facebook account (Facebook closed my page that had thousands of followers that I used to use to promote my website with) I am seeing old friends that I have known since I was a kid have been political writing political messages and sharing political links. People being involved in politics is good in my opinion EVERYTHING should be decided by people as opposed to the current system we live in that allows money to dictate.

But I have to say some of my old friends disappoint me. They have been sucked in to this negative, racist mindset and false belief that Muslim people are our enemies. Even worse is the very same people also tend to believe that the political elite, aristocracy, media and hierarchies are our friends!

There has been a slow but mass awakening going on in the UK for years and a lot of people I know understand and know who the real enemy is (the political elite, aristocracy, media and hierarchies.) But equally as many people are that claim to be “awake” are still directing their anger and frustrations at Muslim’s, immigrants and even the poor. I do not understand the mentality and to be honest I don’t want too.

I see it like this; There are people in the world that own large businesses, media, castles, palaces, multiple houses, politicians and land the size of towns and cities. There are people that own their own house and live pretty comfortably but within reason. The rest of us live in something close to poverty or in some cases bad poverty many of these people are immigrants, Muslims and even white people.

To blame the man that doesn’t even own his house and in many cases can not even afford to pay rent on a property so they are forced to live in over populated properties with multiple people in each property to help make it affordable is the equivalent of blaming the Victorian children for the political terminal and tensions of the Victorian era.

I don’t believe that somebody that claims to be “awake” should be so full of hate towards people that contribute a lot and get paid a little whether they be Muslim, Black or White.

The whole mentality of attacking and extorting the poor is a strange, pointless one because the poor have very little to give. The elite on the other hand with their  large businesses, media, castles, palaces, multiple houses, politicians and land the size of towns and cities, they have plenty to give. There are now 134 billionaires in the UK, which has increased from 120 in last year’s list according to the Times.

The total wealth of the top 1,000 people on the list has increased by 14 per cent since last year (despite much poverty) according to the Rich List. It has risen by £83 billion to £658 billion.

Part of being “awake” and conscious is to recognize that the race war does not exist, the race war is used as a weapon for a much bigger war and the only real war the class war.


They call us the United Kingdom but we are not United.

They call us the United Kingdom but if this election has exposed one thing its the fact that the United Kingdom is not united.

This is a fact that has been obvious to me for many years the United Kingdom is suffering a huge lack of unity. We blame each other for our current living standards and lack of opportunity. Social media and this election expose how divided the United Kingdom has become. This election was the young vs the old, the cities vs the country, the rich vs the poor, corporations vs the people and the media vs the Internet and it turned out to be a rare victory (if we count votes) for the young, the cities the poor and the people.

This has led to angry reaction from some media and people that “worry” Britain is now going to be flooded by immigrants, I believe if our military leave their countries they would be less desperate to come over to Britain. These people are still reacting to the fear mongering and blatant propaganda, lies and the smear campaign the British media have been putting out over the last few months.

The media felt no way in using the terror attacks in Manchester and London as a way to stir up hate, fear and tension but it didn’t seem to work with the majority people but when Jeremy Corbyn mentioned Tory cuts after the Grenfell Tower disaster he is accused of using the tragedy to gain political support. The media can say what they want I heard far darker theories as to what may have happened from residents interviewed and then censored from TV.

One of these residents informed the BBC that they have been trying to move them out for years, in his own words he said “I wouldn’t even be surprised if it wasn’t a accident.”  The media make me laugh though some of the shit that they print but all of a sudden develop huge a sense of morales when they think they have a story. But they have no story and Jeremy Corby does have a point.

The media give us reason to hate and fight against each other and react so easily, they point their fingers at immigrants, welfare and now Jeremy Corbyn as people to blame and hate but this election has exposed the power of the media is dying and that can only be a good thing for they United Kingdom. Maybe upon the death of the media the people will unite against the common enemy the corporate controlled state.


Dad reveals son cut off his own penis while high on skunk!

Click here to listen to the full shocking interview!

Teenage rugby player cut off penis while high on skunk, says father who wants drug made Class A

A teenage rugby player cut off his own penis and stabbed his mother while high on skunk, his father has revealed, as he called for the drug to be reclassified.

The father, named only as Nick because he wants to remain anonymous as his son is rebuilding his life, is backing Lord Nicholas Monson’s campaign to have skunk reclassified from a class B to a class A drug and for the traditional weaker form of cannabis to be decriminalised.

Lord Monson launched his call following the suicide of his 21-year-old son Rupert, who was addicted to skunk.

Nick, speaking for the first time in an interview with Radio Five Live, said his son, a county rugby player, started smoking “weed” when he was around sixteen and a half before switching to skunk because of “boredom”.

That was the beginning of what Nick said his son would describe as “two and a half years of hell” which culminated in a psychotic episode.

His son went from a “very bright, bubbly lad” to a “waste of space”. The teenager became delusional and paranoid, including sleeping “with a tennis racket in his bed because he thought people were living in the walls”.

The first thing I think when I read this story is, this explains why so many people hate and fear cannabis. Absolute fear mongering propaganda and far from accurate. I doubt very much that skunk would make you cut your own penis off. I would like that know if this “anonymous source” was on any other drugs at the time.

The story of the skunk somehow causing somebody to cut off his own penis is not only story on Cannabis this week. I have noticed in recent years how the media try to present skunk as a much more dangerous drug than normal weed but as usual these claims are not scientifically backed up.

The Guardian decide a more sensible and believable approach in their attempts of demonizing Cannabis (again imparticularly skunk.)

I fear skunk has claimed our son – but his siblings come to the rescue

Our house is filled with tattooed and pierced twentysomethings. Guitars are propped against walls. There is loud piano-playing. But none of the children is living the rock’n’roll lifestyle. Megan is teetotal, preferring herbal tea to vodka, and when Lily isn’t at a gig, she likes an early night with a good book. They are all past their teenage rebellions, but close enough to remember the details, and that’s what I’m clinging to because I’m worried about Zac, our youngest.

We rarely get more than a grunt out of him. He has taken to leaving the house without telling me where he is going. Sometimes he stays out all night, depriving his father and me of sleep as we check our mobiles and worry. Zac’s behaviour is ringing alarm bells, so it is a relief to have three interpreters who still speak fluent “teenager”, one of them an ex-stoner. Zac reminds me of his older brother, Jake, when he began to smoke skunk, a drug that I hadn’t heard of before it transformed my smiling child into a red-eyed stranger scowling from under his hoodie.

By the time he was 16, Jake was virtually feral, running with a crowd of teenagers at night, disappearing into dark London parks, refusing to listen to me. I could cry, plead, shout, persuade. Nothing worked.

It wasn’t until Jake left school with no plan, becoming a bike courier, that he realised that he didn’t want this to be his life. He stopped smoking, retook his exams, went on to get a first-class degree and is now doing an MSc. He is the person he was supposed to be before he got derailed by a habit shared by so many of his contemporaries.

Jake sits me down and explains that skunk is about bonding over something dangerous, and that boys are more prone to smoking, especially outsiders, because the drug erases social anxiety, makes people confident and relaxed; all I can think is, of course that would appeal to Zac, why wouldn’t it?

With Jake I was unprepared for his insidious slide into being a stoner, not recognising the signs, such as his tendency to hide in his room and avoid all contact with his family. I mustn’t make that mistake twice.

Ed and I ask Zac outright if he is using skunk. He shrugs. “No.”

I’m not convinced, and when I am putting his T-shirts away, I have a quick look through his other drawers, remembering that that is how I first found the stash of grass in Jake’s room. There is nothing that shouldn’t be there, except a pale, gritty substance that I eventually work out is the calcium he dips wax worms in before he feeds them to his leopard gecko.

“He’s not smoking at home,” Jake says. “I’d know. We’d be able to smell it. And he doesn’t turn up for meals high.”

“What?” I stare at him aghast. “Did you?”

“Yeah,” he admits.

“How did we not know that?”

“I kept my head down to hide my eyes, and I never said anything.”

“Zac doesn’t say anything!” I wail – getting back to the original problem.

Jake shrugs. “It’s different. He’s never talked much.”

Both girls remember Jake’s lost years, too. Megan points out that, in contrast, Zac’s grades are holding up OK. He is not failing at school. He is even doing some revision. He can be found with his textbooks at breakfast, dropping bits of porridge on the pages while he eats. “And if we do discover that he has a skunk problem,” Jake says, “you stop any cash. No money at all. That way he has nothing to buy it with.”

“But he doesn’t, Mum,” Lily says.

“We’ll tell you if we think he’s smoking,” Megan says. “We’re on his case.”

I sit with my head in my hands, all those awful memories coming back: Jake punching a hole in the wall, screaming at me to leave him alone, gaming in a darkened room for hours. “I failed you, didn’t I?” I ask Jake. “I had no idea how to help.”

“How could you have known?” he says kindly. “You did your best, Mum.”

I do blame myself though, for those years when my elder son took the wrong turn and let his future slip through his fingers. We were lucky that he was able to turn it around. I can’t let the same thing happen to my younger son. But it’s different now, I remind myself, it’s not just me and Ed parenting Zac, it’s the whole village.



I love weed! It’s my favourite “drug” in the world, I don’t even see it as a drug and I believe it has health benefits. Cannabis is a hangover free miracle drug as for as I am concerned but despite cannabis being loved and used daily by many people it is also hated and viewed as dangerous by many others. Many people have a strange perceptive of Cannabis but where does this perception come from? I believe cannabis could be too good for its own good better and safer than anything a pharmaceutical business can conjure up so they fear the competition it brings. A pharmaceutical corporation is still a corporation their primary goal is to make money by creating profitable products if a corporation does want to oppress certain drugs that could be threat to their profit lobbying gives them a chance of doing it.

I am quite surprised Britain has not legalized cannabis yet because the potential for them to tax it and make huge amounts of money from it is undoubtedly there. You could argue that everybody would simply grow but growing takes huge amounts of time and effort plus a large electric bill so their will always be a good demand for Cannabis for medicinal and recreational use.

There has been calls for the legalisation of the cultivation, sale and use of cannabis in recent years but the government have ignored demands and smokers, growers, buyers and sellers are still victimized by the police and face unfair treatment as well as a potential prison sentence.

In 2011, the Global Commission on Drug Policy backed by Richard Branson and Judi Dench called for a review. The Home Office response on behalf of the Prime Minister was: “We have no intention of liberalising our drugs laws. Drugs (sic) are illegal because they are harmful — they destroy lives and cause untold misery to families and communities.”

In 2012, a panel of MPs, as well as deputy prime-minister Nick Clegg, recommended that drug policy be reformed, as the current policy does not adequately deal with the problem. David Cameron rejected the idea, conflicting with comments he made in 2005 while competing for Conservative Party Leadership.

In 2015, James Richard Owen, an economics student at Aberystwyth University, started a petition on the UK Government’s official petitions website calling for the legalisation of the cultivation, sale and use of cannabis; As of 28 September 2015 it had gathered 218,995 signatures, far in excess of the 100,000 needed for it to be considered for debate in Parliament. Parliament debated this petition on the 12th October 2015.

In March 2016, the Liberal Democrats became the first major political party in the UK to support the legalisation of cannabis.

This is about freedom of choice in my opinion a government should have no right in being involved in such trivia bullshit and people should definitely not be in prison for ANY offense that involves Cannabis or any other drug unless people are forcing the drugs on to other people or selling to kids.

When the government say “they (drugs) destroy lives and cause untold misery to families and communities” they are right but in most cases the government make it that way. How fathers have ended up in prison over a petty drug crime? Drug addicts should be helped not punished if punishing people that take drugs “to protect people from drugs” worked there would be no drug addicts.

By punishing drug users and therefore addicts the government are not only not helping people that need help but they are attacking people that in some cases need help.

But as usual instead of solving the problem or working around it (because not all drug use is a problem) the government decide to create a larger problem and the media create misconceptions and too many people fall for the false information they tell us. These people than somehow in their mind justify imposing their will on to everybody with a “my addiction is better than your addiction”mentality