Boxing prophet and legend Emanuel Steward talks about Tyson Fury, Austria, 20th June 2012

Back in 2012 when Wladimir Klitschko was preparing to fight Tony Thompson, Emanuel Steward was asked for his thoughts on Tyson Fury. What he predicted 3-years ago is remarkable. Steward saw the potential in Tyson Fury and questioned the mental strengths of Robert Helenius and David Price who was unbeaten […]

Boxing Champ Tyson Fury Reveals Zionist Control Of Media

Video description taken from YouTube “Who runs Hollywood? C’mon”… World Heavyweight Boxing Champion, Tyson Fury, openly talked about a Zionist hand behind modern decadence and their undeniable control over media. Over the years, Fury has attracted the ire of said media for holding what they consider to be “controversial views […]

Tyson Fury is without doubt one of the greatest heavyweights!

I love boxing, I hate casual boxing fans! Tyson Fury is a victim of ignorance of the sport. All these so called boxing fans come out with comments like “he’s boring,” “he’s shit” all that shit have no idea what they are talking about. Tyson Fury is probably the most […]

Tyson Fury vs Anthony Joshua, the Media, the rich and the brainwashed I have always been a huge fan of boxing this video is just a quick observation of what I believe is happening. He is probably the most hated man in boxing (other than leech promoters that everyone knows are WANKERS) his next fight is against the world KNOCK THEM […]