2nd time uploaded. STUCK ON ZERO VIEWS! Psychopathic YouTube HATE this video


Why do YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Reddit protect psychopaths, war criminals and rapists? PART 2

Second time uploaded STUCK ON ZERO VIEWS!

Why do YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Reddit protect psychopaths, war criminals and rapists? PART 1

The answer is MONEY


A decentralized Internet is nothing new!

Recently there has been a lot of talk about a new decentralized Internet. A Internet where greedy, freedom hating corporations have less or preferably no control or influence at all. For all the talk the decentralization of the internet is moving slowly. Facebook, Google and Amazon for example still have much too much control and power. Facebook and Google feel no way in hiding controversial content. Criticism of governments and their policies is regularly hidden from the masses. They don’t always remove the material they simply make it much less accessible. I honestly believe that most people still have NO idea just how manipulated the information we read on the internet is. Facebook, Google, Reddit, Twitter they’re all highly censored.

This censorship is NOT about protecting people its about protecting governments, the establishment and corporations. Back in the year 2000 the internet was different. It may not have been easy to watch a video but information online was not manipulated because corporations like Facebook and Google were not as powerful and influential as they are now.

The new decentralization of the internet is the most progressive step backwards I have ever seen! I guess sometimes and step backwards is a step forward.

I believe (and hope) that the decentralization of the internet could kill or at least seriously damage the obscenely greedy corporations that have damaged the Internet in recent years. Surely when Facebook censor their own users they must be losing users and putting people off. The censorship is blatant and the decentralization of the Internet has come about mainly because people recognize what is going on.

So fuck Google Larry Page, Sergey Brin, Eric Schmidt and Mark Zuckerberg and FUCK the deep state they work for and protect and power to the people.


Reddit vs Steemit vs Facebook vs Twitter vs Google Plus

OK first get rid of Google plus and twitter because they are useless. Twitter is highly censored and seems to focus and promote too much celebrity bullshit and Google Plus and the worst website I have ever seen or heard of. Google plus is so bad that just its existence has worsened other sites (YouTube,) its so bad that people like me (YouTube users) were FORCED to use and accept it because Google knew the only way they could gather an audience for Google Plus was by sucking the blood out of YouTube (YouTube was not even their idea or creation.)

So now we are left with Steemit, Facebook and Reddit. Steemit is good in a lot of ways but I have noticed it seems to suffer from a small pool of readers. If I post a link on Reddit or Facebook it can bring thousands of people to my site. Steemit seems to lack the ability to do this it may bring 20 or 30 visitors but thats about it. It could get better as time goes on but right now the only thing good about Steemit is it pays cryptocurrency for your posts.

Now we are left with Facebook and Reddit. Facebook should be the most useful one of them all because it has the most users but heavy censorship has ruined it. It does still have its uses and is very hit and miss. If I post everyday or even every week my posts can still reach thousands of people. Facebook have also locked me out of two accounts and made its self as useless as possible.

Reddit seems to me to be the most effective way of sharing yours blogs! It is far from perfect though and still censored. Its overly strict on new accounts I only signed up a week ago and because of this I am flagged for spam when I post despite a capta solving when posting and signing up. The reason I did not sign up earlier is because I was told it was censored and useless which it is. But it is a little less useless than the rest of them and at least Reddit tell you that they are removing your content instead of simply hiding it.


YouTube is NOT for You and Me anymore!

Gone of the day that YouTube was for real people talking about real issues. Google have decided we can use YouTube to watch clips from shit mainstream chat shows or compilations of people falling over, kittens being cute and dogs being stupid or shit corporate music videos but we can not use YouTube to voice any kind of opinion anymore. I really do not like the way YouTube is heading and I am not the only one. Thousands of loyal Youtubers everywhere are facing the same problem, I have watched over hundred videos of people explaining their problems with YouTube. So how do we stop Google from completely destroying YouTube? We need an alternative, something like Steemit that specializes in videos but right now there does not seem to be an alternative.

So right now the only thing we can do is make as much noise as we can, don’t let them quietly shut your channel down and the oldest saying ever don’t put all your eggs in one basket.. In other words write blogs, create websites, look for alternative video players and save your videos some where so that you can re-upload them when you need to.

Also troll, dislike or better still don’t watch the corporate shit that is taking over YouTube, its not like they are giving you anything good anyway…..Just the scraps.

Google are destroying peoples living and careers by doing this and also silencing people that are already very frustrated with the oppression of the system. It is not going to lead to anything good and they know it not to mention they are simply proving us right. You have no freedom! Just because a prisoner is happily singing in his cell does not mean he is free!  In fact they are no more or less free then the ones that are desperately trying to escape from the prison.

What I am saying is right now this censorship does not affect a large number of people because most people do not push the boundaries but if I’m not free and they aren’t free then guess what? Neither are you and neither are your children!

That’s why we should be very concerned with what is happening on the Internet at the moment fake news is just censorship of the truth while real news is just celebrity gossip and propaganda.



The corporate take over of the internet is leading to the internet being as biased, racist and oppressive as the mainstream media. The alternative media is being attacked, censored and effectively silenced as is opposition to the proposed attacks on Syria. Google, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are blatantly hiding and oppressing anyone that does not believe in violence and terrorism.

Actions like this expose the fact that corporations are pro war and anti freedom. I believe the corporate media along with corporations like Google, Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft and many others are doing more damage to our freedom and rights than any “oppressive government or organization” from the Middle East or anywhere else in the world. I believe the real enemy of freedom exists within our own “developed nations,” even worse they tell us the news and in most cases they tell us what to think.

Recently I uploaded Fuck the System 1 and 2 on to YouTube for the second time (the first time YouTube blocked the video worldwide and I lost an appeal, due the aggressive nature of my language when filling in the “required copyright information! I also received a copyright strike so that backfired big time!) Since uploading the video that criticizes Google, Larry Page, Mark Zuckerberg as well as many other people and aspects of society the number of hits my YouTube channel receives has plummeted! My videos are hard to find under common searches, they are hidden away into the deep dark depths of YouTube, away from mass consumption. In fact lately every time I upload a video to YouTube my views plummet for a couple of days the view count usually slowly raises again.

They do this because they disapprove of freedom and freedom of speech, they use Islam and “extremism” as a reason to take our rights and freedom but it is not Islam its the super rich, they claim they are doing it to protect us but it is obviously more about protecting themselves, protecting themselves from paying a fair tax rate! These internet corporations have no objection in oppressing political ideologies they happily and blatantly attack and censor anyone that does not think the way we are programmed to think, they do not care for the truth.

As well as censorship they also promote mainstream media’s propaganda, hate and racism by making it very accessible and easy to find while hiding political blogs written bloggers. The sad truth is Facebook (ATTACKED MY PAGE FACEBOOK POSTS FAILED TO REACH 20 OF MY OVER 4000 LIKES), YouTube, Google and Twitter are pro war, pro Zionism and anti human rights and if you decide to criticize or question our aggressive foreign policy they will simply silence you!

Another point I should make video views from Great Britain seem to have plummeted more than elsewhere.



There was a time that I had thousands of followers on Facebook, a post of mine would reach literally thousands if not tens of thousands of people and this allowed me to share and spread my videos freely, making Facebook an important tool for helping to spread my videos and message, I always had a problem with much of what Facebook was doing (tax evasion, political censorship and obscene greed) but for me Facebook was worth it due to the fact it helped introduce much of my audience. I used Facebook for four or five years in this time it allowed me to reach hundreds of thousands of people and gain thousands of followers from all over the world. Slowly but surely I began to notice my reach on Facebook was falling, it fell from tens of thousands to thousands, from thousands to hundreds and then from hundreds to sometimes struggling 20 people, from my perceptive what the fuck is the use in that? I tried Twitter but never really liked it or gained the same following as Facebook on it.

I shared many posts with falling reach for a while, by this time a Facebook post of mine was reaching 12 people at a time despite the fact I had thousands of followers on Facebook. I know that many other pages were suffering from the same problems, political messages, videos, blogs and posts are being hidden away from people followers of these pages.

I could reach more people by writing political messages on my fucking forehead or shouting them out of my window than I can reach on Facebook, it made Facebook a useless tool, it literally is not worth the tiny amount of effort it takes to sign in to the site.

This censorship and oppression of the truth is being practiced on nearly all social media at the moment including YouTube and the pathetic GOOGLE PLUS. I would close my GOOGLE PLUS account but as far as I know you cannot actually close your Google plus account without closing your YouTube channel (although I once read that Google were planning on changing it.)




Truthers, Bloggers, Freethinkers, conspiracy theorists, non corporate backed video makers and even alternative musicians are being silenced by online corporations such as Facebook and Google. Media corporations have lost the faith of anybody that knows anything about the way the world actually works and this has led to a huge leap in non corporate, alternative media. The government and corporate media have pondered for many years in search of a plan to stop the spread of the alternative media, their answer seems to be a simple one!

Employ full blown censorship of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and many other popular social media sites, Stalin Style.

Google use copyright law as an excuse to remove videos, they ignore the fair use law, which reads;

Notwithstanding the provisions of sections 17 U.S.C. § 106 and 17 U.S.C. § 106A, the fair use of a copyrighted work, including such use by reproduction in copies or phonorecords or by any other means specified by that section, for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching (including multiple copies for classroom use), scholarship, or research, is not an infringement of copyright. In determining whether the use made of a work in any particular case is a fair use the factors to be considered shall include:

  1. the purpose and character of the use, including whether such use is of a commercial nature or is for nonprofit educational purposes;
  2. the nature of the copyrighted work;
  3. the amount and substantiality of the portion used in relation to the copyrighted work as a whole; and
  4. the effect of the use upon the potential market for or value of the copyrighted work.

The fact that a work is unpublished shall not itself bar a finding of fair use if such finding is made upon consideration of all the above factors.

Google have refused to pay anything to me based on false claims, I know I am not the only one as I have read and listened to many people with similar complaints. Is this part the plan to silence anybody that speaks against the establishment? Not paying bloggers and non corporate video makers along with censorship of social media is soon going to put an end to much of the alternative media, I believe that is probably part of the plan.



I know what most of you are thinking, yes it does make you a hypocrite but let me attempt to defend this “obscene hypocrisy” to you.

I make zero budget documentaries, I was surprised sometimes even amazed at the success of some of these videos and wanted a DVD release for some of them, I chose Amazon as the company to distribute my DVDs not because I liked Amazon but because Amazon is our only option! “Nonsense” I hear you shout but I have contacted at least 30 to 40 Distributors, Amazon Create Space really was other then a couple that did contact me back, my only option at the time.

Amazon is undeniable user friendly and efficient compared to alternatives, the very few alternative self publishing companies, at that time (I last released a DVD over three years ago) were complicated to use, requiring file types that I was not even aware existed and irritating to the point of unusable DVD front cover designer software. Since then I have began to sell downloads using Sellfy but the sales on Sellfy are slow compared to the sales on Amazon.

Obviously this is due to the fact that Amazon has a huge monopoly when it comes to online sales and some of that success is definitely due to the user friendliness of Amazon as a customer and a publisher. The second reason I chose Amazon is obvious, millions of potential customers use it! As a publisher I wish their was an alternative but if their is I am still to find it, I don’t make a lot of money from Amazon but its something and I have a family to feed. I have set out alternatives (all my videos are on YouTube for free and many torrent websites as well as Sellfy) for people that like me refuse to spend money with Amazon due to their tax evasion, exploitation, zero hour contracts, lobbying and their general greed but unfortunately not using Amazon to sell due to my dislike of Amazon would be like removing my YouTube videos (something YouTube does regularly) due to my dislike of YouTube, the only person that loses anything is me, Amazon and YouTube will not even Notice I have gone.

I believe Amazon and companies like them should pay a fair wage to their workers as they should pay a fair amount of tax on their profit (50% for the least) they paid 0.5% last year. I believe as the customer its our responsibility to consider ethical issues before feeding the monster but as a seller you go where the people go, that just happens to be Amazon, you tell me the alternative?

Not using certain online services nowadays can led to not being heard at all and that is a big problem, what do you want us to do? Sit in silence in protest of corporate greed or use their own devices against them for as long as they allow us? Because I think YouTube, Facebook, Amazon, Twitter and many other online services and corporations do not care much for the truth, even if they do make money on it.



I have been making and sharing YouTube videos for over 5 years and blogging since 2012 in that time I have used nearly every social media website that I can think of to help spread my videos and blogs, Facebook, Twitter, Pin it, YouTube, Google plus, live leak and many others. Recently I have closed my Twitter and Facebook accounts due to high levels censorship that these businesses now enforce, I believe internet giant corporations that now have a huge monopoly on the web are now ALL censoring the internet of information and slowing the spread of certain subjects on social media and the internet.

The media try to present internet censorship as important for national security like internet censorship is being implied to protect the people, they claim they are protecting us from extremism and radicalization, corrupt former MPs like Tony Blair (a man whose extremism and loyalty to corrupt mass media corporations is responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands innocent Iraqi’s) is now telling us that our lack of trust for his masters is dangerous, is it as dangerous as carrying on letting “the establishment” do what ever they want? I doubt it.

Their are some truly shocking and disturbing images and videos that can be found on the internet (none more shocking or as disturbing as Nicki Minaj) and obviously SOMETIMES these images should be removed in order to protect the innocent (children especially,) but censorship of political ideas and philosophies is not to protect us from poison ideologies, radicalization and extremism, if anything it will be a huge step to enslaving us and protect the establishment.

Extremism is according to our government anyone that disagrees or see through our government/establishment, if we think David Cameron is a Zionist, Bankers, corporate, hierarchy puppet, does that make us an extremist? Yes it does even if it is true, our government is built on lies they do not care so much for the truth. Nowadays we are extremists for thinking imperialistic wars are a bad thing or for believing Jewish billionaires have an unfair monopoly of our media, banks, internet and businesses. If we believe Israel actions in Palestine are war crimes that the Israeli government should be held accountable for we are paranoid nutters yet if we believe Islam is dangerous or if we believe in the Islamification of Britain, we are good, that seems to be in line with they way they want us to think.

When Facebook, Google, YouTube, Twitter or any of the other shitty social media is searching for “extremist material” to hide or remove from their shitty websites, who decides if it is extremist and worthy of censorship or the truth? How do Social media websites decide on what we can and cannot say? There seems to be no guidelines set out or explained by anyone and at the moment they just remove/hide whatever they want when they want with very little or no regards for our rights.


Mark Zuckerberg

Makes billions by spying on people and helps protect corrupt rich people.




The unfair, unjustified and illegal censorship tactics being employed by Facebook are actually much of the reason that I have decided to make this website. Mainstream social media is under government and corporate control. And people like Mark Zuckerberberg, Larry Page and Sergey Brin are among the puppets/bitches being used to control and slow the spread of information. The Elite are obviously scared and panicking because we know what they are, they are weak. Some people say they control everything, that is B.S! The truth is they control everything that is fake, fake music, fake websites in what people post fake statuses, to fake friends. They control fake music, TV and fake puppet politicians, that have no power but they have money and the illusion of power.

That is why it will take more than a few ugly computers geeks to hide the truth, in fact nothing will hide the truth and there is no point in censoring what we already know.