Why is it Politicians and members of the establishment can do what they want, say what they want and kill who they want but we the British people are expected to STFU? I’m no fan of Tommy Robinson but this is about freedom.

Snopes so called “fact check tells us”

English far-right activist Tommy Robinson was given a 13-month prison sentence on 25 May 2018, following a Facebook Live video he broadcast from outside a trial of several men accused of a range of child sexual abuse offenses.

The sentence prompted a wave of outrage and protests (mostly, but not entirely, among various factions of the far right) and claims that Robinson’s rights to free speech were being violated in the interests of political correctness; Robinson stated in the video that many of the defendants were Muslim.

On 28 May 2018, the “alternative medicine” and conspiracy theory site claimed that Robinson had been silenced without due process in order to “protect Muslim pedophiles” because “the UK government is run by criminal pedophiles who rely on Muslim pedo networks to provide a steady supply of nine and ten-year-old little girls and boys.” Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones described the episode as “historic” and his Infowars web site called the arrest of Robinson “the beginning of the end for free speech in Europe.”

These claims are based on a wild misunderstanding of a very basic principle in the legal system of England and Wales, and of other parts of the U.K. Far from being a “historic” violation of due process, Robinson was jailed because a court judged he had breached the terms of an existing suspended sentence for contempt of court by violating a set of reporting restrictions often placed on the news media and others in the United Kingdom in order to protect the due process rights of defendants and prevent the collapse of trials, something that could jeopardize the conviction of potentially guilty and dangerous individuals.

The “media blackout” on the child sexual abuse trial referred to by was not designed to “protect Muslim pedophiles,” but rather to protect the integrity of the child sexual abuse trial itself, prevent a costly re-trial, and avoid witnesses having to go through the trauma of testifying in court again.

Reporting restrictions such as those imposed in the child sexual abuse case in question are temporary, meaning that the news media can reveal previously-censored details after the trial has concluded. So Robinson was not jailed for engaging in journalism, or for merely reporting on alleged criminality. He was jailed for violating a court order, breaching the terms of an existing suspended sentence, and potentially risking the collapse of an ongoing trial.

Snopes carry on going in to the background click here to read

What a load of bullshit. The “media blackout” on the child sexual abuse trial referred to by was not designed to “protect Muslim pedophiles,” but rather to protect the integrity of the child sexual abuse trial itself they said.

Do Snopes think we are children? There is a blatant media blackout when it comes to protecting paedophile rapists in the UK (not just Muslim paedophiles.) And this black out has nothing to do with anything other than protecting the establishment. More on media black and powerful protected paedophiles can be read here

I recently made a video called Britain’s paedophile elite here is the link

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I have been saying it since at least 2010 the UK is run by psychopathic, fascist, paedophiles. REVOLUTION NOW and POWER TO THE PEOPLE. #FREETOMMYROBINSON even if he is a dickhead. Lock up the corrupt politicians.

‘You’re a bigoted lunatic’: Piers Morgan blasts ex-EDL leader Tommy Robinson… Piers Morgan is a PAID HYPOCRITE

The Finsbury Park terror attack has lead to a search for somebody to blame and in Tommy Robinson they have found their man to blame. I am not saying I agree with Tommy Robinson but take note of how the actions of one single disturbed person somehow gets twisted and in to a debate concerning freedom of speech. In my opinion Tommy Robinson is wrong about Islam and Muslims or at least a lot of what he criticizes about Islam and Muslims would still be true if you change the words Muslim and Islam to people and religion.    

Piers Morgan needs to get from that high hoarse he rides upon some of the things that he said to Tommy Robinson was just a deliberate attempt of belittling a simple minded idiot and blaming him for something he had nothing to do with. I am not a Tommy Robinson or EDL fan and I challenge anybody to not look at the holy books (the Bible has some very controversial content as well) look at the history if you want to see who the aggressor is in the Middle East.

‘Piers Morgan said “Show some damn respect for people’s religious beliefs. ‘You’re sounding like a complete lunatic. You’re sounding like a bigoted lunatic. You’re stirring up hatred.’  ‘You are stirring up hatred, you are abusing people’s religion, you’re abusing their faith and you’re being a complete disgrace.”

Them words from a man that has worked for Rupurt Mordoch since 1994 from the age of 29 when he was appointed editor of the News of the World by Rupert Murdoch, which made him the youngest editor of a British national newspaper in more than half a century.

To me what Piers Morgan is trying to do is obvious and scripted, he is attempting to pass the blame to Tommy Robinson and EDL and away from the mainstream media and people like Rupurt Mordoch for “stirring up hatred.”

Tommy Robinson is a hate filled fool that fails to see the real problem with the world and is now apart of the problem but he is entitled to have is opinion and people are entitled to listen. But to blame him when the British media are portraying immigrants as rats in political cartoons and is read by millions everyday is blatant scapegoating.

Why don’t Piers Morgan question the mainstream media? Because Piers Morgan works for the mainstream media.

Unfortunately this kind of racism and hatred towards Muslims is not confined to small groups of right winged extremists, it’s everywhere! And most of it is not caused by individuals like Tommy Robinson (who most of us would not even know existed unless the media bought it to our attention.) It is actually caused by the hatred the mainstream media print on a daily basis.

Tommy Robinson said the mosque had a history of creating ‘radical jihadists’ and was guilty of ‘promoting hate and segregation’. The irony in seeing somebody tweet that. Tommy Robinson you have a history preaching radical racism and you are guilty of promoting hate and segregation but his reach is much smaller than the mainstream medias reach. In fact I would even say Tommy Robinson is a product of the mainstream media created by them and made well known by them.