Its not often that Dennis gets to be on the BBC……. I do not own the content of this video, it is uploaded for educational Purposes, reference and for those of us who Love Denn. Come join us on facebook for regular Dennis updates.…

found this footage from 1994. Its a little bit out of sync pics and film wise but its clear and easy to hear, it is hysterical!!!!!!!!! a must see!!! if you love Dennis please join my fan page for him on facebook… and if ya not keen on the torys my anti tory page……… Ive got quite a few Dennis vids if you search my page!! Im quite the fan!

Just found this wonderful clip of Dennis Skinner telling a great story and giving his opinions, right at the end of a timed debate…….. Its brilliant, Dennis at his finest. I am posting this video for educational purposes and reference only. I do not own the content.But I’m sure Dennis wouldn’t mind me posting it!!. ((( as with all my videos, I do not have likes/dislikes, and i check comments, Anything rude or arrogant will not be posted, so save yourself and your fingers the bother of typing any nastiness. Thanks for watching!