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Google enforce GOVERNMENT SHUT DOWN IN return for low tax bills and government grants.

Looking at Ed Heath, the evil sick and twisted Conservative Party,

Google support and protect paedophiles. Sergey Brin Supports and protects paedophile rapists. Larry Page Supports and protects Paedophile rapists. Eric Schmidt, Mark Zuckerberg, the BBC, News Corporation, NSPCC, Supports and protects Paedophile rapists.

Google oppress and silence abused victims of elitist Paedophiles rings to protect rich individuals.

Google shut down Conservative opposition

Google protect rapists and paedphiles for money. KILL GOOGLE.

Third time uploaded due to the fact Google protect CONSERVATIVE PAEDOS in the British government

Britain’s Paedophile ELITE… EXPOSED. 2018 Documentary by WOLVOMAN80


Google are refusing to pay me for this, I have already uploaded once but removed it due to the fact Google refuse to inform my subs of a new upload and hide it all to protect Britain’s Paedophile ELITE

Brand new shocking documentary looking at elitist Satanic Paedophile rings within the British government, media and establishment.

Starring Jimmy Savile, Margret Thatcher, Cyril Smith, Edward Heath, Leon Brittan, Lord Mountbatten, Queen Elizabeth II, Theresa May, David Cameron, Nick Clegg and many more.

Jeremy Corbyn is a Communist spy with IRA connections that wants an asteroid to wipe out humanity.

The mainstream media is nothing but a celebrity gossip and hype machine. They spend most of their time printing either fake news or non-news. Sometimes however hidden among all the celebrity gossip and bullshit they do report politics. Unfortunately their methods of reporting politics is to defend the Conservative government and attack all opposition to the Conservative government (the vast majority of the people.)

Jeremy Corbyn is opposition and unlike Tony Blair, Jeremy Corbyn at least appears to be genuine opposition as opposed to being the same thing re-branded as Tony Blair was.  The list of accusations made against Jeremy Corbyn is beginning to get ridiculous and look very silly. He has been accused of antisemitism, aiding terrorists, spying for Communists and even crushing a rabbit with a pogo stick.

Its pathetic, politically motivated attacks and lies from the pro internet censorship mainstream media. They’re silencing conservative opposition on social media and spreading this kind of bullshit at the same time. They’re calling social media users extremists and racists when they are a Party of extremists, racist peadophiles.

Why don’t they dig dirt on Theresa May? Because Theresa is a puppet. Just imagine what they media would find on Theresa May if they were to bother looking for something on her.

Losing police files, aiding in the cover up of the MPs peadophile scandal, war mongering, murder, extortion, benefit sanction deaths are to name but a few.

This is not journalism its politically and financially motivated propaganda and lies mixed with hate racism and extremism. Its designed break up people that all essentially want the same thing. Better living standards, education, peace and freedom.

The corporate media are not interested in such things instead they are promote wars, bank bailouts and austerity. The misguided, stupid, uneducated and fast asleep still believe this kind of bullshit, its a bit disturbing really.

Theresa May wants new legislation to deal with the online abuse of politicians.

Poor Theresa May, poor Conservatives, poor politicians. Theresa May and many politicians are now fed up of being “abused” by people on social media. So much so that Theresa May is now desperate to sort the problem out once and for all with new legislation. Theresa May like David Cameron before her has already made it clear that she hates the internet, social media and freedom of speech in general. Her plans of a government controlled internet as spoke about before her FAILED general election were border lining psychopathic.

What Theresa May and the Conservative party fail to recognize is the mainstream media is just as abusive as people on social media and the abusive ignorance of many of our politicians is causing poverty, homelessness and desperation.

Surely a benefit sanction is a form of abuse especially when the people being sanctioned are already poor in some cases ill and literally are left without enough money to eat or pay rent. Most of the time the abuse comes as a direct consequence to MPs abusing power its called democracy.

The government love democracy when people are silent unfortunately (for the government) the internet has given people a voice. The mainstream media has exposed itself as being nothing but a mouthpiece and many people have taken to social media to express their hatred of the government. Many politicians have received abuse online but so have many celebrities, pop stars, youtubers and ordinary people. The fact Theresa May believes the political elite are the only ones that need protecting from online abuse shows her ignorance and exposes paranoia and fear in her.

She is weak. The internet is scaring her. They have lost the argument so now they wish to censor the argument (even more than what they already do.)

The abuse she suffers from is a retaliation for the hatred and coldness she has shown, it comes from the people the Conservatives attack. Like the riots between the 6th and 11th of August 2011, this is people venting their frustrations and like the government did with the rioters (using ridiculously harsh prison punishments) the government are now looking for a way to scare people in to submission, fear is their weapon of choice.

Is Theresa Many the WORST prime minister that Great Britain has ever had?

Theresa May is the 54th prime minister of the United Kingdom her reign has been a shambles in her own words a coalition of chaos! A one billion pound deal paid for out of public money to the DUP is the only reason she is in power. The Conservatives are cutting tax credits and benefits literally to fund this ridiculous one billion pound deal. Where is the fucking outrage?

Theresa May has insulted the intelligence of the British voters and tax payers and continues to extort the working and lower classes (most of whom would not have voted for her) just to fund her fascist dictatorship-like ideology.

Labour MP Lisa Nandy revealed in parliament the embarrassing inconsistencies between Prime Minister Theresa May and Home Secretary Amber Rudd over documents being hidden from the inquiry into allegations of child abuse by MP Cyril Smith.

“The Home Secretary told me that some papers would be withheld from the Cyrill Smith inquiry for national security reasons,” Nandy told the House of Commons, yet she added: “this week the Prime Minister has written to me to say we are clear that the work of the security services will not prevent information being shared with other such inquiries.”

– And she challenged Amber Rudd to confirm “for the survivors of Cyril Smith who have waited for decades” for justice – whether papers on historic allegations of child abuse against Smith will be withheld from inquiries for reasons of national security.

The Conservative government of the UK spend more time trying to cover up their own embarrassing, sick, twisted and psychopathic actions than they spend governing the country. They’re obsessed with Internet censorship she even recently accused Facebook of providing a platform for extremist. She warned social media sites could become “known as the terrorists’ platform or the first choice for paedophiles.” What I find ironic about this is her party is providing a platform for extremists and  known as the terrorists’ party and the first choice for (elitist) paedophiles! Britain’s Paedophile ELITE…EXPOSED @

I’m not overly educated in the history of the UK’s prime ministers and I dislike Theresa May’s politics in fact I think she is psychotic! But the same could be argued for Tony Blair, Winston Churchill, Edward Heath and Margret Thatcher. So of the 12 British Prime ministers the UK has had in the reign of Queen Elizabeth II at least five are possible psychopaths.

So Theresa May is probably not the worst prime minister the country has ever had or even had in the reign of the Queen! That is not is not much of a compliment though its like saying Michael Swango is not as bad as a doctor as Harald Shipman or John Bodkin Adams.


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We live in a celebrity culture and we worship celebrity vultures and corporate whores to me its torture. I think it’s time to begin a slaughter.

Slaughter Adele to feed the hungry and weak, serve in stew with potatoes and leek, fry her up like bubble and squeak, that fat whore will feed the poor for weeks.

Slaughter the Royals and the political elite, make Buckingham palace a place for the homeless to sleep, don’t get offended you stupid sheep compared to funding the Royals this shit would be cheap move Harry and William to Benefit Street.

Slaughter Hollywood and Walt Disney, HBO and MTV, CNN and the BBC, News Corporation and Sony.

Slaughter the famous and the rich slaughter Theresa May the evil bitch kill her now and kill quick before she kills more foreign kids.
She’s a corporate whore always after more what the fuck do they need all this money for? It’s for murder and war and nuclear weapons and all so that with the push of a button they can destroy us all.

She is fucking sick a puppet to the rich an ugly and shameless hypocrite. She is guided by money she’s a gloried junkie and I would not fuck with your tiny dick!

You’re right I’m sick as I explained before this I was bought up with Jim’ll fix it.

So what do expect? Why should I respect people like this sick and twisted and people that overlook and protect rapists?

I don’t think I should, I don’t think I could they’re still protected by Google and Facebook. They lied to you they hide what’s true and promote the lies the mainstream spew.

But you don’t give a fuck and you don’t want to look so instead you follow your fake friends on Facebook. If I like your pic will you please like this fuck that I don’t give two squirts of spunk or piss.

I like real shit you like corporate bullshit that’s why Ed Sheeran gets to number one with his tune perfect. Fuck that specie ginger freak the man’s a fuckin leech with more money than my whole fucking street.
And for what? for being a corporate bitch aimed at the stupid and the thick that can’t even see how fucked up this world is.

Now he has his MBE just like Prince Charles mate Jimmy it always fucking seems to me the only people that get MBEs are people that fuck little kiddies.
Oh shit have I said too much? Do I look like I give a fuck? Google will remove ads from this vid because they’re paid to hide this shit.

Tax breaks for corporate puppets and snakes back handers and secret handshakes, war, fascism and a police state. I’m still waiting for the world to wake and burn this freaks at the stakes, hurry the fuck up for fuck sake it will soon to be too fucking late and when they’re burning in the fiery lake only then will they see they made a mistake.

Simon Dudley hates the homeless and loves the parasitic super rich.

The Evening Standard (a pro Conservative government mouth piece) reported yesterday that Theresa May has distanced herself from a Tory council leader who called for rough sleepers to be cleared from Windsor before the Royal Wedding.

The Prime Minister said she disagreed with comments made by Simon Dudley, who said beggars may show the town in a “sadly unfavourable light” when Prince Harry marries American actress Meghan Markle in May.

He has been slammed for his tweets that said some rough sleepers had made a “commercial life choice praying (sic) on residents and tourists”.

In a letter to police, Mr Dudley also complained about “aggressive begging and intimidation”, and “bags and detritus” on the streets.

Full Story @

I have news for the clueless Simon Dudley; The aggressiveness of begging from the homeless population is NOTHING compared to the extortion and obscene greed and aggressiveness used by the HMRC!

There would not be so many homeless people if the government was doing its job properly. And fuck the Royal wedding, fuck Prince Harry the Royal Family in general and the Conservative government. Stupid comments like this surely just expose how out of touch the British government has become.

A real politician with any sense of loyalty towards taxpayers and the nation they govern would not be “exposing” the aggression used by the homeless instead they would be exposing the aggression used by the government as they put people in prison for failure to pay council tax (a completely unfair and extortionate tax.)

Instead of considering removing the homeless out of sight the government should be suggesting things like removing ALL public funding of the Royal Wedding and Royal Family in general. Simon Dudley you are a ignorant psychopathic prick so STFU and do the country a favour. In other words FUCK OFF. Who gives a fuck about a these two parasites and their wedding anyway?

This man has no soul.


The Conservatives acknowledge there is a problem and they are looking into it!

I was watching Theresa May being interviewed by Andrew Marr yesterday on BBC’s YouTube channel. Andrew Marr (in my opinion) is not a great interviewer I would rather let Jeremy Paxman (when on form) have a go at her myself. I think Andrew Marr and anybody that works for the mainstream media are highly restricted in what they can say but despite these restrictions Theresa May still come out of the interview looking clueless and giving NOT ONE straight answer.

The amount of times she “acknowledges” there is a problem and claims to be looking at it is ridiculous. I know there is a problem as well and I just spent nearly 29 minutes looking at it. I was looking at it as it evaded giving any real answers or commitments to anything other than the fact students will be £30 a month better off!

The interview was a bit tame as Andrew Marr could and should have asked much more pressing questions. Ask her about her husband profiting from G4S as she fights to increase their powers. Ask her about the government covering up Edward Heath, Leon Brittan, Cyril Smith, Jimmy Savile (who was put in charge of Broodmoor by the Conservatives don’t forget) and an endless list of other rich and powerful members of the UK’s political elite. She would probably acknowledge there is a problem and look at it. Ask her about benefit sanctions, corporate tax evasion and government corruption and greed. Ask how Boris Johnson insists that £140000 per year is not enough to live on but people on benefits and low paid jobs are expected to live on less than £10000 per year (WITHOUT EXPENSES PAID.) Ask her why politicians are allowed spare houses when ordinary people are not allowed spare bedrooms.  Ask her how this kind of hypocrisy managed to take over a full political party, the media and the United Kingdom.

After you have finished asking her these questions poke her in both eyes at the same time, kick her shin and slap her hard while explaining to her that she is running a illegitimate, corrupt shower of shit of a government. Explain to her that her policies are old fashioned, short sighted and weak. And then take her to the deepest hole in the ground and throw her in it.

This woman is a liar, a Warmonger and a psychopath. She has no compassion or regard for the destruction that her and her Party have upon the poorest people in our nation. She is a banker’s and corporate puppet with no mind or ideas of her own.

She is so quick to attack labour and their ideas but she brings nothing to the table herself.


Britain is a country of extortion, forced labour, forced poverty and rich parasites.

“Great” Britain is a joke, a joke that stopped being funny along time ago, its a piss take! About nine months ago I was on Working Tax credits, I was receiving payments of working tax credit every week and receiving small payments from Google Adsense, Amazon, Create Space plus I was selling DVDs at local markets (an idea that led to me being harassed by the police in Birmingham, despite the fact I printed the law out from a government website which proved I was allowed “as the creator” of the video to sell with NO permission anyway I want including markets and door to door.)

The HMRC decided I was not earning enough to continue to claim self employment benefits (despite no cap being mentioned on their website and to the bafflement of Jobcentre staff.)

Without NO warning they stop all my benefits and leave me with just the money I was earning on-line to live on. I appeal against their decision that I am not entitled to working tax credit (because their own website shows that I “could be” entitled to working tax credits, as shown above) a process they tell me will only take two weeks.

Meanwhile I receive NO benefits. I have by now spent all of the money that I had managed to save before the HMRC’s massacre of my business and I am forced to live from family handouts. I have been FORCED to claim Universal Credit and I am still waiting for a payment as I have lived about six weeks waiting for an appeal that was only going to take two weeks with nothing. The delay came because of a change of address, I’m not sure why me moving house could or would delay an appeal this way but it did.

After about sixteen weeks with no money at all and an appeal still in progress and a loan of three hundred and eight pound sent to me (three hundred went to my rent) I finally receive a payment of £566 from universal credit again three hundred for rent.

To receive this money I have to be actively looking for work 35 hour a week! FORCED LABOUR. If I don’t obey their instructions I could receive a benefit sanction and have literally no money. No eating, electric, no gas and eventually no home.

I am surviving on £266 a month and have been for about five months. Today I wake up only to see a letter this letter is demanding the intimidate payment of £742 pound council tax.

They claim they have been trying to contact me but I have been ignoring them! How dare I ignore them?

Under my desk I have a pile of paper work. You would think I was a corporation with thousands of employees. Court documents, tax information, benefit forms, business receipts and information, letters from HMRC, DWP, UC and fuck knows who else. Just to exist in this hell hole the government are creating requires hours and hours of paper work and tons of money.

I have a message for the HMRC, DWP, UC, the government, Theresa May, the Royal’s, Boris Johnson in fact all Tories, Shropshire Council, Wolverhampton Council, the court which finally decided last week (about six months after I started the appeal) I am not entitled to self employment benefit, Jobcentre and who else it concerns; FUCK OFF PARASITES.

Have you ever noticed the more the establishment do to control us the more they lose control?

God works in mysterious ways of that there is no doubt unlike governments their way of working is as predictable the sun’s movement. They will do what is profitable and what suits and benefits themselves and their puppet masters. They are control freaks and right now they must be feeling pretty frustrated because I believe they are in about as much control as Richard Hammond driving an expensive car at 300 mile per hour! Over the last twenty or thirty years the government have made so many moves in an attempt to control us as a people yet they have less control now then ever.

It was beginning to get to a stage where they could have easily have known you’re friends, you’re family, how much money you have, what you watch and do online, on TV and all other sorts. But I believe things seem to be changing and a better future could potentially be in sight. The only problem is I would not count on the establishment letting go easily but right now every move they make seems to explode in their scaly reptilian faces.

The Internet started this fall YouTube and Facebook book began to spread it which prompted the government to begin a war on freedom of speech and expression particularly on social media and YouTube and it was beginning to get to a stage where they had nearly full control of the Internet. They were winning comfortable.

Unfortunately for them the people that want freedom are smarter then the people that want to control us are and they always seem to find a way to annoy. We could be now moving towards a decentralized Internet, decentralization of the Internet will be bigger than just Steemit given a few years.

Cryptocurrency means that for the first time in hundreds of years they could even be potentially losing control of money. What is even worse as far as the establishment are concerned is they are losing control of our minds. Recently elections have exposed people do not take as much notice of the corporate media as they used to. In fact the corporate media seem to be the kiss of death for a politician at the moment. They backed Hilary Clinton in the USA that was a disaster and Theresa May in the UK she had a disaster that has since got even worse as she does deals with the DUP to stay in power.

Oh the irony she spends years attacking extremists and terrorists sympathizers now she is forced to do a deal with the who are DUP sometimes (and by sometimes I mean regularly) accused of being extremists and terrorist sympathizers. This comes after arguing that voting for her would prevent a coalition of chaos.

It seems to me that every step they take to silence us or control us prompts us to move in a different direction that just makes us stronger and themselves weaker its pretty comical really.

Concerns that a statue of Lady Thatcher may be vandalized should not stop it going ahead said Theresa May.

When asked about reports that the statue had effectively been blocked over concerns about vandalism, Mrs May told the BBC: “I understand there are a number of issues that have been raised around the statue. What I’m very clear about is there should be no suggestion that the threat of vandalism should stop a statue of Margaret Thatcher from being put up.”

I actually agree with Theresa May for a change. In fact I believe they should locate a statue of Lady Thatcher in EVERY city center in the UK . When I went to Amsterdam they had urinals in the open street maybe the Theresa May should consider making these statues in to smartly designed posh urinals. That way when we need a piss we can piss on Lady Thatcher. In fact they should do it with all Conservative politicians. They could design a series of clever and funny poses like the catching piss in their mouths and shit.

I know some people might believe that this would be a complete waste of money but I believe it would be good for the morale of the country and morale and happiness is more important than money.

THE SUN will not quit in their attacks on the people and freedom

The British people (particularly the youth) recently have proved to the world, government and media that the majority of us know the score when it comes to the British media. This fact does not stop the (desperate sounding) News Corporation owners of the Sun, the Times, Sky, Fox and many other mainstream media outlets from attempting to strike more fear and doubt in to the people. NOTE anything written in brackets is my reply to the fear mongering the Sun put out.


As Corbynistas descend on London for Day of Rage, they’re not remotely ready for the revolution they want

Delusional Labour supporters assume their economic privileges are the natural order — and Jeremy Corbyn will merely iron out the flaws. (Economic privileges? I think most people just want somewhere comfortable to sleep and food, it is not the fault of the people that bureaucracy and money has made even the most basic living requirement expensive and complexed.)

DO Jeremy Corbyn’s fans truly understand what he represents — and what they would be voting to destroy? (I voted Corbyn to try and help destroy Corporate greed, the aristocracy and the little paradise the rich are living in while too many go without homes, food and water.)

Labour’s new young middle-class supporters have grown up in an era that takes capitalism for granted. (Takes capitalism for granted? I think its the opposite capitalism takes our youth for granted and offers them low paid zero hour contracts and even no benefits at all in some cases.)

Now, far fewer than half believe this system which has lifted billions out of poverty in the last 25 years is even a force for good. (This system has lifted billions out of poverty? It seems to have also put billions in to extreme poverty)

They assume the economic privileges they enjoy every day are the natural order — and Corbyn will merely iron out its flaws. It is utterly delusional. (Utterly delusional? Coming from the Newspaper that was telling us Theresa May was going to win the biggest majority since Thatcher.)

Corbyn and his aides want a different system: the hardcore socialism which has reduced once-rich Venezuela to starvation and helped condemn Greece to mass unemployment and poverty. (Has socialism really done that? Or have economic extortionate attacks from Corporations and even governments caused it?)

Today, Corbynistas descend on London for a “Day of Rage”, an iPhone in one hand, a £3 coffee in the other and zero regard for the hard-pressed police having to cope with them. (They could have bought the iPhone second hand and the iPhone itself is not just a product of capitalism but more so product of human intelligence and advancements. Still shit though just buy a phone without an apple logo on it.)

If they ever read anything beyond their Facebook feeds they would know where socialism always leads: food shortages, destitution and early graves. (Again coming from an organization that supports benefit cuts, sanction, austerity and terrorism)

They are not remotely ready for the revolution they are willing on. (We are not ready for the end of corporate greed and exploitation?)

Capitalism is not perfect, just the best system of wealth-creation mankind has yet invented. (The best for whom?)

But the Tories were wrong to assume it had prevailed for ever. (I think they mean the Tories and media)

Incredibly, as Philip Hammond says, they have to win the argument all over again. (They won they argument in Syria their bombs made it hard to disagree with them)

SHE has taken a lot of flak, some of it deserved, but Theresa May will strike the right tone today with her Queen’s Speech.

“Humility” after her election own-goal and “resolve”, in the face of our many troubles, are exactly the two qualities she now needs as long as she’s in power.

It is also crucial her backbenchers understand what is at stake if they fail to back the Government’s two-year plan in full and support one of the opposition’s wrecking amendments instead.

A few rebellions and the game could be up. It could mean a second election, which Jeremy Corbyn could win.

The DUP seem to grasp that. Aside from anything, they appear determined to keep IRA supporters out of power.

Let’s hope Tory rebels are too. If they open the door to a Marxist regime they will never be forgiven.

Public serpents

IS there any less credible MP than a Labour “moderate” suddenly backing Corbyn?

They know all his failings. They don’t agree with his manifesto’s Brexit stance.

They know his plans are economic suicide. They know who would be worst hit by mass unemployment and runaway inflation.

But they want those voters to make him Prime Minister anyway.

Not for the good of Britain — but to give them, personally, a sniff of power.

No wonder the public dislikes politicians.



The Conservatives lost this election and should not even be in power!

I know what you are thinking I’m deluded Conservatives won the most seats so they won the election. But what should be considered above seats is actual votes and if democracy was to prevail Britain would now be moving towards being a socialist state as opposed to a Capitalist state. Why? Look at the vote numbers below.

General Election 2017 results


318 Net change in seats-13 Votes13,669,883 Vote Share42.4 Net change in seats+5.5


262 Net change in seats+30 Votes12,878,460 Vote Share40.0 Net change in seats+9.5

Scottish National Party

35 Net change in seats-21 Votes977,569 Vote Share3.0 Net change in seats-1.7

Liberal Democrat

12 Net change in seats+4 Votes2,371,910 Vote Share7.4 Net change in seats-0.5

Democratic Unionist Party

10 Net change in seats+2 Votes292,316 Vote Share0.9 Net change in seats+0.3

Sinn Fein

7 Net change in seats+3 Votes238,915 Vote Share0.7 Net change in seats+0.2

Plaid Cymru

4 Net change in seats+1 Votes164,466 Vote Share0.5 Net change in seats-0.1

Green Party

1 Net change in seats0 Votes525,435 Vote Share1.6 Net change in seats-2.1


0 Net change in seats-1 Votes594,068 Vote Share1.8 Net change in seats-10.8

Social Democratic & Labour Party

0 Net change in seats-3 Votes95,419 Vote Share0.3 Net change in seats0.0

Ulster Unionist Party

0 Net change in seats-2 Votes83,280 Vote Share0.3 Net change in seats-0.1

Alliance Party

0 Net change in seats0 Votes64,553 Vote Share0.2 Net change in seats0.0

National Health Action

0 Net change in seats0 Votes16,119 Vote Share0.1 Net change in seats0.0

The Yorkshire Party

0 Net change in seats0 Votes20,958 Vote Share0.1 Net change in seats0.0

British National Party

0 Net change in seats0 Votes4,642 Vote Share0.0 Net change in seats0.0

Christian Peoples Alliance

0 Net change in seats0 Votes5,869 Vote Share0.0 Net change in seats0.0

English Democrats

0 Net change in seats0 Votes1,913 Vote Share0.0 Net change in seats0.0

Monster Raving Loony Party

0 Net change in seats0 Votes3,890 Vote Share0.0 Net change in seats0.0

Pirate Party

0 Net change in seats0 Votes2,321 Vote Share0.0 Net change in seats0.0

Social Democratic Party

0 Net change in seats0 Votes469 Vote Share0.0 Net change in seats0.0

Women’s Equality Party

0 Net change in seats0 Votes3,580 Vote Share0.0 Net change in seats0.0

Workers Revolutionary Party

0 Net change in seats0 Votes771 Vote Share0.0 Net change in seats0.0


1 Net change in seats0 Votes186,675 Vote Share0.6 Net change in seats+0.3

Turnout and Electorate





So nearly 47 million were eligible to vote but only 13,669,883 voted Conservatives. Labour won 12,878,460 and the Liberal Democrats won 2,371,910, a further 525,435 voted Green Party and 164,466 voted Welsh party Plaid Cymru and then 95,419 voted Social Democratic & Labour Party what do all these parties have in common? They are left wing and this has not even considered the SNP who also claim to be anti austerity and very anti Conservative. Even if we add UKIP and the Democratic Unionist Party’s numbers to the Conservatives we still do not even get close to their opposition. 15,251,155 voted parties that have policies much more in line with socialism than they do capitalism. And if we add the SNP’s vote on to that figure (as they do claim to be anti austerity and anti Conservative) which was 977,569 votes we end up with 16,228,724 anti Conservative votes. 
That is why the Conservatives lost this election and are no longer (never was in opinion) a legitimate government.

Has the Labour Party been hijacked by the “loony left?”

I was watching Ann Widdecombe on the BBC the other day as she described Jeremy Corbyn as a “political lunatic!”

As an MP, Widdecombe was known for opposing the legality of abortion, her opposition to various issues of LGBT equality such as an equal age of consent and the repeal of Section 28, her support for the re-introduction of the death penalty, the retention of blasphemy laws and her opposition to fox hunting. I am not saying that she is a political lunatic because I believe everybody should be entitled to their own opinion and I agree with her on abortion and fox hunting. Her views on the death penalty and equal age of consent is pretty controversial in fact some might describe it as lunacy.

Calling people lunatics based on political decisions and ideas is not really acceptable unless that person/organization has employed those political ideas and the ideas led to destruction, like the Conservative Party the Anne Widdecombe used to represent.

And in 1996, Widdecombe herself as prisons minister, defended the Government’s policy to shackle pregnant prisoners with handcuffs and chains when in hospital receiving ante-natal care. Widdecombe told the Commons the restrictions were needed to prevent prisoners from escaping. “Some MPs may like to think that a pregnant woman would not or could not escape. Unfortunately this is not true. The fact is that hospitals are not secure places in which to keep prisoners, and since 1990, 20 women have escaped from hospitals”.

So Anne Widdecombe a woman that defended the Government’s policy to shackle pregnant prisoners with handcuffs and chains when in hospital receiving ante-natal care describes Jeremy Corbyn as a political lunatic!

Jeremy Corbyn has dedicated his life towards social equality, protesting and fighting against the establishment some people might call that “the loony left” I call it the good fight.

The reason I believe that Labour done so well in this election is things like while Jeremy Corbyn was fighting for peace and hope and threatening corporations with paying a fair wage and tax rate Theresa May was talking about bringing back fox hunting, regulating the Internet and threatening the elderly with things like the Dementia tax and winter fuel allowance cuts.

What (I believe) the problem is is our right winged media have become so right wing that ideas that are not really left wing but more central are now considered to be ideas of “the loony left” by the media. The media and politicians can call it left wing or the loony left but ideas like the NHS, social equality and a fairer distribution of wealth through a fairer tax system are popular ideas with the masses and not considered to be the loony left by everybody despite what the Daily Mail might say.

We live in a strange society in what people that fight for equality, war and poverty are called names like “lunatics, silly and the loony left” while those that fight for war, corruption and oppression are considered to be honourable and sensible.

Poor Theresa May…

When I was watching Theresa May give her speech and announcing that she will form a “government of certainty” with the Democratic Unionist Party I couldn’t help but feel a little bit sorry for her. She looked exhausted and devastated and not that pretend devastated that politicians are good at acting but genuinely devastated and drained.

And she is still talking about a “government of certainty” If I was Theresa May I would quit now, if she is not careful the future could be dark for Theresa May. I’m starting to vision fifteen years in the future Theresa May in a padded room at a lunatic asylum muttering to herself “strong and stable, strong and stable, strong and stable” and “government of certainty” “a strong and stable government of certainty” while sitting in her on own feces.

Before we feel too sorry for Theresa May we should consider what would have happened if she would have had a good result and won by the landslide that polls and media were predicting. Her smug face with a look that says “now, you’re mine” she would have started dementia tax, cut benefits and public services all to help even larger reductions in corporate tax and wars in the so called War on Terror would escalate even more than it has over the last seven years of the Conservatives being in power.

I found the interview with Theresa May directly after the election results funny but also a bit sad. She looks angry, sad and helpless all at the same time.

Theresa May vows to rip up human rights laws in fight against terrorism

Below is a short part of the story posted by The Evening Standard (the newspaper that has former Conservative MP and Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne.)

Theresa May has declared that she will tear up some human rights laws as she ramped up her rhetoric in the fight against terrorism.

The Prime Minister said she was looking at how to do make it easier to “deport foreign terrorist suspects back to their own countries”, adding that is if she is re-elected on Thursday “we will change laws so we can do it”.

She made the comments, which came after seven people were killed and dozens injured in a horrific terrorist attack in London Bridge, in one of her last speeches before the General Election campaign draws to a close.

Mrs May’s stance was criticised by her rivals, who said the issue was one of resources and once again pointed to cuts to police numbers during Mrs May’s time as Home Secretary from 2010 to 2016. Read more here

Theresa May’s and the Conservative Party’s language disturbs me “rip up human rights” for you, your children for everyone to fight terrorism? But doesn’t that just mean terrorism has won? Is she so shortsighted that she does not see or understand that or does she know that fear is her only card.

It concerns me the way she presents people losing their human rights and internet regulation as positive steps when they are not positive because they make us less free and the government more powerful.

The Daily Mail today reported

Labour’s apologists for terror: The Mail accuses Corbyn troika of befriending Britain’s enemies and scorning the institutions that keep us safe

Today, the Daily Mail accuses Jeremy Corbyn, John McDonnell and Diane Abbott — the troika who could run the next government — of being unashamed apologists for terror, who have devoted their lives to befriending the enemies of Britain while undermining the very institutions that keep us safe in our beds.

Let us be clear. We have no doubt that Mr Corbyn’s expressions of horror over the atrocities in Manchester and at London Bridge, and his sympathy for the victims and their families, were sincere.

But the ineluctable truth is that the Labour leader and his closest associates have spent their careers cosying up to those who hate our country, while pouring scorn on the police and security services and opposing anti-terror legislation over and over and over again.

Yes, Mr Corbyn has impressed some with his quiet composure under hostile questioning. But he personally has spent a political lifetime courting mass murderers in the Middle East, Ireland and elsewhere in the world, affronting his party and its decent traditional supporters, while voting on 56 occasions against measures aimed at containing the terrorist threat.

Meanwhile, his closest ally, the Marxist shadow chancellor John McDonnell, has called for MI5 and armed police to be abolished, while saying that the IRA murderers of men, women, children, British servicemen and police officers should be ‘honoured’.

If the Conservative do win this election his article (and many others published by most the the mainstream media) published by the Daily Mail (sometimes called Hate Mail or Daily Fail) show that the Conservatives, British media and Theresa May have been reduced to blatant propaganda, biasedness, censorship and fear and hate mongering racist bullshit to win this election (if they do win which most polls are predicting they will.)


Latest Polls are suggesting that Theresa May despite her disastrous campaign and the Conservative Party are going to win by a landslide! I have to say I find it amazing that somebody that openly hates freedom as much as Theresa May does is a scary thought. Lets hope the polls are wrong because another five years of Conservative government is not something that I like to think about. I’m a realist and I am aware that Labour winning an election is not going to help me or make anything better instantly as if by magic but a Prime Minister that uses internet censorship as a selling point and is eager to “step up” the war on terror, that is backed by all the corporate media is a scary thought to me.

I genuinely do not like or trust Theresa May I honestly think she is psychotic and dangerous to her own people as well as foreigners. To all these people that are going to use their vote the way the media have told them to use their and vote Conservatives despite the Dementia Tax, Internet censorship, her hate for freedom and free speech and her war mongering mentality, what comes after is on them.

I admit Labour is an unknown and Tony Blair gave everybody the idea that there was no real difference between Conservatives and Labour because there was no real difference Corbyn appears to be different. But is he? If he is not voted in and not given a chance we will never know. If he is voted in and he turns out to be another red Tory Blairite, war mongering corporate whore the internet will annihilate him because he campaigned the way he did.

Theresa May’s campaigned horribly refusing to take part in the TV debates is disgraceful and should be enough to put anybody off voting for her. Her views on censorship and internet regulation are Stalin like and as usual its the poor, working classes and middle classes that she extorts while the corporations are left to carry on not paying taxes, employing people on zero hour contracts and to pay lame wages.

For me a vote for Theresa May is a vote for incompetence, propaganda, censorship and war. The media and the Conservatives have shamefully used the London and Manchester attacks as a way to put hate and fear into people while telling us stories like “a win for Corbyn is a win for terrorists” they are the terrorists and they are about to win by a landslide! Lets hope not.


News Corporation go straight after Jeremy Corbyn again..

Sky news reports….

Jeremy Corbyn is making a controversial return to election campaigning after the Manchester bomb attack with a speech blaming UK foreign policy for terrorism at home.

The Labour leader claims the so-called “war on terror” is not working and is promising a government led by him would change foreign policy so it fights rather than fuels terrorism.

But by choosing to talk about terrorism and linking it to UK support for wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria he is certain to be accused by opponents of exploiting the Manchester atrocity.

Mr Corbyn has taken a calculated decision to resume Labour’s campaign not by returning to Theresa May’s social care u-turn or other domestic policies, but by speaking out on the sensitive issue of the Manchester Arena suicide bomb.

His opposition to UK involvement in overseas conflicts goes back decades and has put him at odds not just with Conservatives, but also many in his own party.

He was one of the leading opponents of the Iraq war and since becoming Labour leader has attacked UK intervention in Syria and suggested during this election campaign that he would refuse a NATO request for more troops. Read more

“A calculated decision?” This is News Corporation talking, owners of the Sun who hours after the attack printed a story that claim Jeremy Corbyn has blood on his hands due to his relations with the IRA, in fact they could him “IRA fan boys” at one stage and demanded Facebook do more to silence voters.

Sky news also reported

PM to urge action over online extremist content after Manchester attack

The Tory leader argues tech firms like Facebook, Google and Twitter are not doing enough to remove harmful material from the web.

Theresa May is to call on world leaders to step up pressure on internet companies to rid the web of extremist material in the wake of the Manchester terrorist attack.

The Prime Minister will tell the G7 group of leading industrial nations that the threat from Islamic State is evolving from the battlefield to the internet, as she accuses tech companies of not doing enough to remove harmful online material.

Mrs May will say that internet giants – the likes of Facebook, Google, Twitter – have a social responsibility to do more to remove harmful content from their websites, including videos promoting hate, violence and terrorist activity. Read more here

Sky news do not accuse Theresa May of a calculated decision to use this terror attack to take our civil liberties, why does Theresa May have such a problem with Social media? Who is the material harmful to? Me? You? Or her and her rich puppet masters?

These people are simply exercising their right to freedom of speech and freedom of expression. To have a Prime Minister that so openly and passionately hates freedom should be a scary thought to anybody.

Lucky for us Theresa May is not very likable, in fact shes horrible, she looks ill, stressed and baffled and everything she does seems to go completely wrong.

Heavily armed troops on UK streets to make sure you feel “safe” and “protected.”

Up to 5,000 soldiers will be deployed on the streets amid fears that the 
Manchester suicide bomber had accomplices preparing further attacks, Theresa May has announced.

For the first time in 10 years, the Prime Minister said the terror threat had been raised to the highest possible level, from 
severe to critical, meaning an attack 
is “expected imminently.”

Mrs May described the bombing as “one of the worst terrorist incidents we have ever experienced in the United Kingdom” and said it “stands out for its appalling, sickening cowardice – deliberately targeting innocent, defenseless children and young people who should have been enjoying one 
of the most memorable nights of 
their lives”.

I hate to agree with her on anything but this time she is right, this is appalling and sickening, only very sick and twisted people are capable of anything like this. And if other people are involved they should also be imprisoned, I can’t imagine what the parents of these children are going through, the innocent always pay for political agenda’s. It wasn’t long ago we had the people protesting to “not bomb Syria” if we did not bomb Syria would this have even happened?

Armed troops in the streets seems a bit of an over reaction but they are here to protect us I guess, I’m not sure how many of us they will be protecting while standing outside Downing Street and Buckingham Palace if I’m honest though.

A leading human rights campaigner and Labour peer Shadow Attorney General Shami Chakrabarti  has warned people on the BBC that “this is not the moment for conspiracy theories” amid public concern over a possible clampdown on democracy following a hike in the security level. Is this the BBC’s way of telling people to shut up?

Her comments came after a Labour Party activist referred to the terrorist attack as “wonderful timing for [Prime Minister] Theresa May.”

“What has happened in Manchester is awful and my thoughts are with the families. However I can’t help thinking this is wonderful timing for Theresa May,” the vice-chairman of Stroud’s Constituency Labour Party, Debbie Hicks, wrote on Facebook.

Facebook is full of “speculation” and though the BBC would like you to think “crazy, conspiracy theorists” are letting their imaginations run away with them, its not the case. These are people attempting to make sense out of events that don’t make sense.

Why would (UK and USA funded) ISIS attack concerts full of women and young girls half way through a disaster of a Conservative election campaign? Why the armed troops patrolling cities? To protect us? The only thing I believe we need protecting from at this time is our government for starting these wars in the first place.

I find it disturbing that we have armed troops on the streets and looking at other places our soldiers have been deployed in recent years (Iraq, Libya, Syria, Afghanistan) it does not exactly fill me with confidence…

Manchester Arena bombing: Theresa May raises threat level, and troops to be deployed on Britain’s streets

Scary times are here this seems extreme to me, troops on the streets? Coming half way through her so far disastrous election campaign. On the 22/06/2017 at 22:33 killing 22 people!

Theresa May said speaking of the Manchester attack:

“I do not want the public to feel unduly alarmed. We have faced a serious terror threat in our country for many years and the operational response I have just outlined is a proportionate and sensible response to the threat that our security experts judge we face. I ask everybody to be vigilant and to co-operate with and support the police as they go about their important work.

“I want to end by repeating the important message I gave in my statement earlier today. We will take every measure available to us and provide every additional resource we can to the police and the security services as they work to protect the public.

“And while we mourn the victims of last night’s appalling attack, we stand defiant. The spirit of Manchester and the spirit of Britain is far mightier than the sick plots of depraved terrorists, that is why the terrorists will never win and we will prevail.”

Given that a “further attack may be imminent”, as Theresa May told the nation tonight, the threat level has been raised to critical. That allows military personnel to be deployed on the streets of Britain to free up armed police resources to hunt down suspects.

In this statement Theresa May has said she would give ” additional resource we can to the police and the security services” Meaning more new powers to the police and security services?

The timing of the “ISIS” attack seems pretty strange to me our government was under pressure and this attack has surely made the government stronger.

Troops are now being deployed on British streets to prevent other attacks, we’re in trouble and (USA and UK funded) ISIS is not our only problem.

Theresa May’s manifesto is quite psychotic.

Theresa May’s manifesto is quite psychotic, in parts its in line with people like Joseph Stalin. As well as planning to continue extorting the working classes and the poor it also plans to take Winters Fuel allowance. The so called Dementia tax is another disaster even Conservative councillor John Lamb hit out at the policy in an interview with a local paper the Southend Standard: “These people have worked all their lives to build up their assets. They are now saying ‘we won’t take your home while you’re alive but we’ll take it from you when you are dead’.”

He added: “Adult social care is going to be a big burden and we need more money but not by hitting pensioners’ families, especially when we are sending aid to other countries to help fund their space and arms programmes.” He also said “They are saying ‘turn your heating off and you’ll die quicker then we can take your home. It’s totally wrong and I will be making very strong representations to my own group and lobbying MPs. I am against any reduction in the winter fuel allowance unless someone is earning more than £80,000 to £90,000 gross a year.

Other proposals would mean that tens of thousands of people who receive care at home could face costly bills as – for the first time – the value of a person’s home will be included in their assets, with only the last £100,000 protected.

The plan sounds like a MAJOR fuck up to me. It’s caused outrage but this time with Conservative voters, there will be no leaving your house to your kids it will be left to the state! You will effectively be forced to pay for being ill.

As well as Theresa May’s psychotic attacks on the ill and elderly the manifesto has an even darker message! “Some people say that it is not for government to regulate when it comes to technology and the internet,” it states. “We disagree.”

The plans will allow Britain to become “the global leader in the regulation of the use of personal data and the internet”, the manifesto claims.

It comes just soon after the Investigatory Powers Act came into law. That legislation allowed the government to force internet companies to keep records on their customers’ browsing histories, as well as giving ministers the power to break apps like WhatsApp so that messages can be read.

Pretty fucked up stuff really as well as constant surveillance they also want complete control of the internet.

“We will put a responsibility on industry not to direct users – even unintentionally – to hate speech, pornography, or other sources of harm,” the Conservatives write. That is considerate of them they will “protect” from reading nasty things., I wonder if the Daily Mail falls under the hate speech category, Probably not, I do though and so do you if you say the “wrong” things.

Universal Credit is about getting people on to zero hour contracts which means you lose workers rights from businesses that pay no tax and receive huge grants. Businesses love zero hour contracts and now with universal credit “we can all work on a zero hour contract whenever we or they want.”

This is effectively slavery and if continued they will grow and grow until zero hour contracts effect much more people, many of whom may think them safe from it.

She might as well just come out and say “corporate controlled police state and slavery suckers” and the would probably somehow be ahead in the polls. There is no talk of regulating banks or tackling corporate tax evasion obviously not, its all about extorting normal people as usual.


Vote Conservative??? errrr no thanks (THIS VIDEO WILL BE HIDDEN) FREE DOWNLOAD

It’s time to fight the time has come to riot fuck being calm and fuck being quite, we are under attack from terrorists we got to fight back, these terrorists are not from North Korea, Syria or Iraq it’s time to look closer to home than that.

These terrorists are in our media at the Sun and the BBC these terrorists are all over our newspapers and portrayed as hero’s on TV, these terrorists call people extremists because they have the nerve to disagree, they extort their own population while corporation’s go tax free.

Unlikable smug parasites, disgusting and greedy, money driven, hypocrites, corrupt and sleazy.

Jeremy Hunt is a murderer just like Iain Duncan Smith, David Cameron was puppet and Boris Johnsons a rambling prick, this country has an illness it’s seriously fuckin sick, I find it to believe that people fuckin voted for this.

NHS cuts, MPs expenses and stopping peoples benefits, people ending up dead after they were declared fit to work while billionaires making millions without doing shit. Biased media is an understatement they are blatantly working with, the corrupt, parasites the greedy and the rich, the aristocracy, monarchy and the Conservatives at the same they’re time pushing for internet censorship.

Theresa May disses the appearance of Jeremy Corbyn, she probably has a mirror that she don’t ever look in because if she fuckin did she wouldn’t do that, she walks around like disgusting cheap, old slag.

She covers up corruption and protects rich paedophiles, a war mongering financial fascist, she hides behind fake smiles but when confronted by real people she runs for fuckin miles, shut your fuckin legs old bitch because that smell is fuckin vile.

Its corporate spunk, she is corporate spunk dump propaganda and junk seeping out in yellow and red gunk you might not like what I say but you can’t debunk.


What is the point in voting when they are all self servicing corporate puppets?

Anybody that has watched my videos or regularly read my blogs will know that I have spent much of the last few years attacking Britain’s voting system. I have regularly explained and blogged that voting does not and can not change anything yet this year and this general election I am telling people to vote, why? Two words JEREMY CORBYN.

I have been interested in politics since my teenage years and I remember believing Tony Blair was going to come along and change British politics for the better, could it get any worse than Margret Thatcher and John Major? Unfortunately Tony Blair turned out to be just as bad maybe worse, we all knew what Margret Thatcher and John Major was, Tony Blair on the other hand offered us hope but gave us more wars, he used propaganda and the corporate media to get where he got and the fact the corporate media was backing him should have been enough to convince us that he was just another puppet, but at the time I was 16 and didn’t understand how politics really works. I blame our weak performing education system for this in later years the Internet enlightened me!

In 2010 Nick Clegg and the Liberal Democrats shocked the nation by collecting over eight million votes, they based their campaign around scrapping tuition fees and getting rid of corruption in politics, Nick Clegg had pledged that he would never join the Conservatives. This surprise result lead to a hung parliament and Nick Clegg was faced with a choice, create a collision with the Conservatives or with Labour. To the surprise of the nation and many of his voters he choose to form a collision with the Conservatives! After forming his collision he did not challenge them on any of their policies, tuition fees and fairer politics were forgot about. The Liberal Democrats are still paying for his lies to this day after spending the next five years ignoring the people that were misguided enough to vote for them, Nick Clegg was disgraced and exposed as just another lying puppet to the elite and the Conservatives.

I didn’t vote in 2010 because at this stage I was convinced that all politicians were just lying spin masters that had no idea of the real problems and issues that normal people go through.

In 2015 Ed Miliband was the leader of the Labour party, I voted Ed Miliband not because I had faith in him but I figured it has to be better than another five years of the Conservative Party. For me (at the time) Ed Miliband was torn he wanted the votes of the working and poorer classes but he also wanted to please the corporate media and the establishment, he was undecided and confused.

Now in 2017 Labour have Jeremy Corbyn, he is not undecided and confused and he does not appear to be another puppet of the establishment in fact if he stays true to his words he sees the establishment for what they are, the enemy of freedom and the people. The corporate media can not stand him, they hate him and seem to fear him as they spend most of their time blatantly attacking him and promoting and propagating Theresa May’s corrupt Conservative party.

So after years of making videos and writing blogs that essentially tell people that our democracy is a farce and voting will not change anything, I have changed my mind for this election. I believe that voting Jeremy Corbyn could change the direction of British for the better.

I stand by the fact that British democracy is a farce and I believe the propaganda of the mainstream media make this undeniable but I do believe that voting Jeremy Corbyn could benefit the masses and take power from the establishment and that is surely a good thing.


If the people went as low as the government and media (lyrics)

It’s time to fight the time has come to riot fuck being calm and fuck being quite, we are under attack from terrorists we got to fight back, these terrorists are not from North Korea, Syria or Iraq it’s time to look closer to home than that.

These terrorists are in our media at the Sun and the BBC these terrorists are all over our newspapers and portrayed as hero’s on TV, these terrorists call people extremists because they have the nerve to disagree, they extort their own population while corporation’s go tax free.

Unlikable smug parasites, disgusting and greedy, money driven, hypocrites, corrupt and sleazy.

Jeremy Hunt is a murderer just like Iain Duncan Smith, David Cameron was puppet and Boris Johnsons a rambling prick, this country has an illness it’s seriously fuckin sick, I find it to believe that people fuckin voted for this.

NHS cuts, MPs expenses and stopping peoples benefits, people ending up dead after they were declared fit to work while billionaires making millions without doing shit. Biased media is an understatement they are blatantly working with, the corrupt, parasites the greedy and the rich, the aristocracy, monarchy and the Conservatives at the same they’re time pushing for internet censorship.

Theresa May disses the appearance of Jeremy Corbyn, she probably has a mirror that she don’t ever look in because if she fuckin did she wouldn’t do that, she walks around like disgusting cheap, old slag.

She covers up corruption and protects rich paedophiles, a war mongering financial fascist, she hides behind fake smiles but when confronted by real people she runs for fuckin miles, shut your fuckin legs old bitch because that smell is fuckin vile.

Its corporate spunk, she is corporate spunk dump propaganda and junk seeping out in yellow and red gunk you might not like what I say but you can’t debunk.


With the elections coming up in June Theresa May has started campaigning and by campaigning I mean hiding from local people and local media in Cornwall, denying money laundering accusations, shouting catchphrases like “strong and stable,” trying to get of TV debates and making a general fool out of herself. I have to be honest I did not believe Jeremy Corbyn had a chance of ever winning an election but I am starting to change my mind. Polls are showing the Tories are losing votes and despite the Internet Censorship they enforce and the pro Conservative media they appear to be in trouble.

Why are they in trouble? I think Jeremy Corbyn is brilliant and I hope he wins and does what he says he is going to do, but I don’t believe that is the only reason for his rising popularity so far. Theresa May can not even pretend to be nice, she is just horrible, she comes across of being horrible she is so unlikable. I have honestly seen more likable creatures crawling on dog faeces at my local park. Than we have Boris Johnson rambling on calling names in the background like a lunatic with his hair all over the place, like he has just been let out of a mental asylum and heavily drugged for his own safety and the safety of the people around him.

Then we have Jeremy Hunt and his smug face as he talks of privatizing the NHS, between them the Conservative Party really are a bunch of unlikable, war mongering, snobs and corporate whores. Their corruption and regardlessness to law should not be underestimated, there were many claims of election rigging circulating during the last election and it will be the case in this one. The Corporate media will continue to do all it can to cover up the truth (only Russia Today have reported the money laundering so far) because the corporate media (like any corporation) does not want to see their tax bills rise steeply.

Despite Internet censorship and Conservative biasedness online and the corporate media attacking him daily I now believe Jeremy could win. How can somebody vote for a person that is unwilling to argue her point on TV debates? If Theresa May’s argument is so weak that she is unwilling to defend or explain it, then how can you justify a vote for her?

I am of the opinion that Theresa May is not only unelectable but she should be in prison along with half of her party, war crimes, a copious amounts of corruption, a genuine hate for human rights and freedom should result in her losing her freedom. If Jeremy Corbyn can win an election maybe we might be able to hold these people accountable (including Tony Blair and David Cameron) for their crimes against their own people as well as the people abroad that they massacred (in Syria, Libya, Afganistan and Iraq.)

REASONS to vote Conservative..

Here is a list of reasons that people should run to the polling booths  and vote Conservatives on the 8th June 2017…

The most obvious reason to vote Conservatives is…… you’re rich… If you’re loaded and do not wish to contribute a fair percentage of tax than the Conservatives is the political party for you.

Another obvious reason you may wish to consider voting for the Conservative is you own a huge business or corporation, the Conservatives and previous Labour governments have kept the cost of corporation tax down very low while extorting the working classes, don’t let Jeremy Corbyn force you in to paying your staff a fair wage and a fair tax rate.

Other reasons range massively maybe you own or control a huge paedophile ring? The Conservatives have been actively working against the police and victims day after day to stop these businesses from being exposed! Maybe you hate Foxes, the poor, Immigrants and love war if so vote Conservatives we are the party for.

Maybe you’re stupid and not capable of Independent or critical thinking? If thats the case read the mainstream medias propaganda and do what they tell you to do, which is…VOTE CONSERVATIVE!

But the best reason of all that may make you want to reconsider your vote is maybe you just hate people, maybe you want to see people oppressed, degraded, enslaved and skint. Maybe you want to see more wars, murder for profit, corruption and pure ignorance maybe you just want to piss people off, if so VOTE CONSERVATIVES and don’t forget to tell a friend.