The problem is and the problem is not….

Many people in the United Kingdom seem confused. They seem confused about what is going on and they seem confused who should be held responsible for things like tax extortion, the huge rise in poverty and homelessness and the cost of living.

Many people are so confused about this they somehow have managed to come to the conclusion that the problem is the poorer classes. They call them things like lazy, scroungers and scum! The poorer classes, benefit claimants and even the sick are regularly accused of costing too much to look after. Because of the cost of looking after these people the Conservative government have decided that Benefit Sanctions should be distributed on a national scale to all that do not obey their demands. These sanctions actually cost BOTH the benefit claimants that are sanctioned money as well as the government (tax payers money of course) who actually lose over £100 million per years to employ these sanctions! To hand out a sanction the government have to pay to monitor claimants, hardship payments plus the cost of appeals, staff and so on.

They have also decided that the NHS is too expensive to fund properly as they push for privatization of the NHS.

I hate to burst your bubble (if this is the way that you think) but the cost of looking after the poor is not the problem! The problem is the cost of looking after the rich!

Facebook pay a £5000 tax bill for a whole year despite making billions and being one of the richest companies in the world. Thats why Facebook can afford to take over things like Whats app, Instagram and the Oculus rift BECAUSE THEY PAY NO TAX. Facebook are far from the only offenders of this scam and corporate greed in fact they’re all the same.

Royal Weddings, Nuclear weapon programs, wars in the Middle East, corporate and super rich tax evasion, MPs high wages and expenses all cost a fortune but only benefit a very small amount of rich people, governments and huge businesses.

How can people blame the poorer and working classes? They are the people working their asses off (for not a lot) and the people from the poorer classes that do not work their asses off don’t have shit! Its surely time to begin to ignore rich people and the media and TV that they own and just open your eyes.

A couple of inches of FUCKING snow and the whole of Britain comes to a stand still!

No schools, no post, public transport fucked it makes you wonder what would happen if Britain faced a real crises. My council tax bill is over £400 per year (for a bedsit) with four apartments (each one has the same council tax rate.) Despite this HIGH council tax I have seen NOT ONE single gritter meaning that the roads are lethal especially the lesser used roads. What the fuck are we paying it for? They empty our bins (every fortnight) and provide street lights and thats about it.

Also take a minute to think about the homeless in this cold weather, they are still receiving no help, no support and now they have freezing temperatures to contend with as well. How many will freeze to death alone this Christmas? What the fuck is the point of the government? Who the fuck are they helping? Where the fuck are the taxes they thieve going? What the fuck are they doing?

The British government collect HUGE amounts of taxes weekly. VAT, Council tax, Income Tax, Tax on alcohol, fuel and tobacco but the money that they collect does not benefit anybody other than the government and the corporations (who pay not even close to a fair rate themselves.) If they did collect taxes from multinational corporations maybe they would have enough funding to sort out some of these problems.

The truth is the reason they do not grit the roads or help the homeless is simple they are too busy and spending too much money on allowing corporations (like Facebook, Amazon, Google, Tesco and so on) to avoid paying tax.

As far as the government are concerned corporations and the super rich are the only people worth helping the rest of us are just an inconvenience. So they will carry on helping the corporations and moving the homeless out of the consumers sight.


The British government are parasites. The British people need to wake up and get rid of them.

Britain is polluted, the air is dirty and somebody must pay, who are the government going to tax to help fight the pollution problem we face? Maybe they might tax the energy companies. They charge a fortune and make a fortune from polluting the environment. Perhaps they may go after the corporate superstores, Amazon and other companies that indirectly have a negative impact on the environment. Of course instead of the above the government are considering introducing a tax on takeaway food containers!

It sounds reasonable to some but I don’t believe it is. It’s penny pinching and parasitic they are doing it from all angles. Your cigarettes are heavily taxed as is your alcohol, food, petrol, gas, electric and now food packaging. And you can be guaranteed that it will impact small businesses more so than McDonalds, KFC and so on.

This is what the British government seem to do and even consider to be governing. They are not solving the problem, a tax on take away food containers will not even come close to solving the problem but it will make money and it can be easily justified to people under the pretense that they are actually acting in interest of the environment.

I believe there should only be ONE tax. All taxes should be rolled in to one income tax and nothing else. These small taxes left, right and center are making the system complicated, creating paper work and having no benefit on anything other than the governments pockets.


How have I survived for three months without no money at all and moved house at the same time?

In mid February HMRC stopped my claim for working tax credits stopping all my payments but allowing me to appeal so I did, I moved house half way through the process which obviously starts the process back at the beginning. I was than advised to see the Jobcentre about starting a claim for Universal credit just in case my working tax credit appeal is lost..So I do. My claim started on the 5th May today is the 13th June and I am still to receive a payment from Universal Credit or Working Tax Credit.

How have I survived? I spent every penny my business made through revenue it the matter of a few weeks. I am fortunate enough to have a good family that helped me through people have bought me shopping and borrowed me money. The Jobcentre informed me on Friday that my payment would come through early this week today is Tuesday still nothing. I genuinely wonder how people that are not as fortunate as me are coping with these harsh benefit cuts.

To us those that demand me to “get a job” explain this to me; What difference does it make if they were to give out one thousand a week to claimants? Nothing because money is not even real! Your wages go up with it! Because only then are you are not a slave if the threat of financial worry and surviving are the only reasons you work then you are a slave. So the “I’m a slave you should be a slave” mentality does not help anybody.

Another thing these people should consider is; if I struggle for benefits and go through a process that begins to feel like I am trying to get blood out of a stone then you will suffer the same treatment if you ever lose your job.

The governments new benefits Universal credit is a bad idea that forces people in to shit temporary jobs with not much of a future if any “experience” the Jobcentre will say but “I spent seven months working at Tesco on a zero hour contract” is not the sort of experience that most well paid or even mid range job offerings are interested in.

People have to spot pointing fingers at benefits claimants both white, British and immigrants and look at what is actually happening. Money is not a force of nature or an actual living requirement. The reason it is hard to find a well paid job and work your way out of poverty is because if it was easy we would all be doing it. Unfortunately most of us are struggling through working or not and paying some rich landlords mortgage for them at the same time.

HM Revenue and Customs continue to piss me off!

The other day I write a blog explaining that HM Revenue and Customs move at a snail pace when it comes to sorting out money that they owe, at the same time they hand out extortionate fines when we are late with our tax returns, even one day late can lead to a fine of one hundred pound.

Today I had the pleasure and by pleasure I mean painful, irritating experience of having to deal with these parasites again. This time they wanted all of my documents to prove that I am indeed a self employed blogger/video maker, so that I can prove that I am entitled to working tax credits (about £60 per week.) They wanted bank statements, Paypal information, sales Information and much more, I keep all my information on my computer so I did not believe that this was going to be a problem, I was wrong of course.

I agree to send all the information via email immediately, this is obviously quicker and easier than post and my printer is all out of ink so waiting for new ink to come could take days. I am informed that HM Revenue and Customs do not accept emails!! Why the fuck not, it’s 2017 FFS? It’s just too easy and they seem to like to make life as awkward as possible for people.

In April I will have to do this all over again for my tax returns, when I inform them that I am recording the conversation she informs me that she will have to terminate the call! They can record conversations, spy on us with Internet surveillance and monitor every single payment that we receive but they don’t like it when we do it back.

This means that sorting out my working tax credits could literally take weeks, the letter they sent out to me contained no free post envelope and last time I posted information to them they claimed they did not receive it, I did not believe them. They literally think they own the place.

In the last twelve months they have claimed that I owed them thousands of pounds which I did not, I recorded that conversation and put it on my YouTube channel a couple of weeks later they send me a letter out admitting they was wrong and I owed them NOTHING, like I knew I did not.

I genuinely believe they do not wish to pay me this mainly due to the nature of my blogs/videos. They make up the rules but they hate it when we take advantage of them.

I have sent them what I could without using a printer but I am sure it will not be good enough for them and they wonder why we say FUCK THE SYSTEM, FUCK HM REVENUE and CUSTOMS and most of all FUCK THE GOVERNMENT.

Do our politicians face this kind of scrutiny when claiming for second homes, £80 breakfasts, duck houses and gardening on their expenses of course not.

Fast World.

We live in a fast world, a world of fast food, fast cars, fast money, fast women, fast deliveries, fast broadband, fast diet plans everything seems to be so fast. One thing that does not work so fast is the British government! I claim working tax credit and I have for about two years recently I have been forced to change my circumstances something I first attempted to do online but the fact that they do not have the necessary forms in PDF and downloadable form online and it would have taken “up to two weeks to come through by post” I was forced to phone them in hope of speeding up the process. When I called them I expected the switch to be quick and simple after all the change is not a massive change, I am still claiming working tax credit just as a single individual as a opposed to a couple (the way I was claiming before.)

I give all the necessary information like my earnings, my address, National Insurance number and so on and change the information quickly and swiftly. Just before the end of the conversation I am informed that the changes take up to five weeks to process during this time I will receive no payments of working tax credits!

I find this amazing considering all the forms for declaring tax to them are easily accessible online in PDF form and when we want too (or need to because nobody wants too) pay tax it is done with one simple click of a button and taken out the same day.

Isn’t that convenient for them, it takes them up to five weeks to pay us yet we can pay them in five minutes.

As a last resort I decide to apply for a emergency loan I go on to there website and answer all the questions that are asked, they ask how much I need and I request £300. After filling in the questionnaire I am informed that a decision takes up to ten working days, not very fast considering it’s an “emergency loan.”

I am 99% sure I will not get it anyway so the whole procedure is probably all a massive waste of time like our government.

The Great big British rip off.

Great Britain is a country that brags, we brag because of our NHS, free education system, benefits system, democracy, freedom and high living standards. We are constantly told at school about our freedoms and how fortunate we are compared to the rest of the world to have such freedoms. I don’t see Great Britain like that I see Great Britain and particularly the Great British establishment as overgrown parasites.

Our MPs are overpaid puppets that claim more on their expenses per year than most people earn per year, they cover up their actions through Internet censorship, infiltrating the police and media control and they rip people off through the ridiculous HM Revenue and Customs.

Great Britain extorts the working classes with high tax rates and a complicated tax system, we pay income tax, VAT, National Insurance, Council tax and an endless list of other taxes yet our NHS is understaffed, underfunded and a poor service. Our cities are full of homeless people these people are not helped but are in fact harassed by the police. What is the point of a “system” that extorts its public if the system completely fails to help the people that need it the most?

Our education system creates empty minded, self obsessed people that are indoctrinated not taught. Considering the high tax rates we pay our services are nearly always underfunded and dated, why? Maybe because instead of spending our taxes on public services they choose to spend them on expensive, cruel and pointless wars.

Or maybe its because we allow our politicians that have been known to spend thousands of pounds on their expenses on house repairs and maintenance and expensive meals (Iain Duncan Smith claimed £79 for a breakfast yet he claimed he could have lived on the £53 per week or £7.53 per day the benefit system offers, he ignored a petition that was signed by nearly 500000 people to prove it.) One politician even claimed for a fucking duck house in his garden FFS.

We allow our politicians and police to arrest and even imprison cannabis users, sellers, growers and other so called petty criminals but our politicians, Lords and aristocrats are allowed to get away with robbery, organized paedophile rings, blatant lying and even murder.

We preach the importance of freedom while oppressing and censoring the inconvenient truth, the British media is a joke we read biased, government approved propaganda that completely fails to keep the British people up to date with real issues and fills its pages with celebrity gossip to do so.

The British mentality disturbs me we are nation of snobs that have been brainwashed into believing we are morally superior to the rest of the world, I’m starting to believe the exact opposite.


Today I wake up to two letters, one from the parasitic Inland Revenue demanding £1300 due to a late tax return. They fail to take in to consideration the reason my Tax Return was late was due to me not being able to access their useless and shit website, no matter how many operators I spoke to NOBODY could help me. This led to me having to do my returns by post, the first time I sent them they didn’t receive them, the second time I sent them they sent them back because I forgot to write a zero in a box. I wouldn’t mind but that Zero was a total amount on six other questions that I answered Zero pretty simple maths really.

As if the HM revenue and Customs is not bad enough I also have Severn Trent Water demanding over One thousand pound from me. The reason I owe Severn Trent this money is;

Back in about 2012 I was living in a horrible house on a busy road in Wolverhampton, Willenhall Road. I lived about 6 or 7 doors away from a pub at the time I had three children living with me. The house was damp and there was trouble outside regularly, most the time I didn’t need a TV watching the people fighting and arguing was more entertaining.

This shit little house had a shit little garden and the waste from the pub run passed my house. One morning I woke up and my Garden was full of the waste from the pub. I phone the council they inform me that Severn Trent are responsible for it, so I contact them. In all fairness they send people out pretty quick and they clean up well. Trouble is a few weeks later it happens again, this time it was a Sunday and I have no credit on my phone, I rush out to a phone box to call them (I think it was a free call from a phone box.) The whole house and most the street now stinks and there is waste all over the garden again, they clean it up again but they never actually solve the problem. It’s only a matter of time before it happens again, I inform them that I am not paying for this service but as I was on benefits at the time the Jobcentre paid them directly from my benefits, against my will.

I come off benefits and they are now paid everything we owe them for the house I am in but I am still refusing to pay them for Willenhall road. They can send their bailiff company (THE CREDIT PROTECTION ASSOCIATION) I actually thrive from pissing them off.

These tactics may scare old women and even most ordinary people but they will not get NOTHING MORE from me. I moved house and lost a deposit because of this shit (LITERALLY.)


Google, Facebook, Tesco, Walmart, Vodafone, Amazon, Apple and many other huge multinational corporations are getting away with a lot more than me! Why don’t you go after them? Its surely a lot better way to invest your time and money.






I hate the Inland Revenue, how can a country that claims to be free allow these corrupt thieving gangsters to operate the way they do? I was a self-employed plasterer for years and I always relied on an accountant to do my tax return, nowadays however I do not earn the kind of money that allows me to pay an accountant, so I thought this time I will do my own tax return.

All I can say about it is fucking hell what a nightmare, all of a sudden paying an accountant £400 for one day’s work begins to feel like the bargain of a fuckin lifetime.

HERE The Inland revenues website is confusing, unclear, slow, unhelpful and generally shit. I end up having to phone them, when phoning the Inland revenue we are forced to listen to a machine for five minutes before being ask security questions by the machine, national insurance number, date of birth, tax ref and so on, we answer these questions that are asked in order to speed up the process so they tell us. Yet when the operator finally gets on the phone to us usually about 15 minutes after we dialed the number, the operator asks us the same questions again! How the fuck is that speeding up the fucking process?

After speaking to 4 different operators I still cannot sign in to their useless website, apparently they sent me a code in two parts about seven years ago and I lost the second part of the code! To retrieve this code I need a marriage certificate, that’s pretty hard considering I am not married, I may be stupid but not that fucking stupid. After literally weeks of fucking about I decide fuck it I will do it by post, I went to the library and printed all the forms I needed, I fill them in accurately and post them. I also post an appeal against a penalty for being late with my return.

Thank god that’s over I thought, weeks later more threats of extortionate fines, penalties and even prison are posted to my house. Apparently they did not receive the form by post.

Well fuck the Inland Revenue, fuck her majesties service in fact fuck her majesty and his royal highness, fuck the monarchs, the aristocracy, the elite, the establishment and the ignorant and by the ignorant I mean the idiots that cannot even see or comprehend how fucked up the United Kingdom and its inbreed, reptilian overlords are.

I am pretty sure they have no idea what is going on, I believe the Inland Revenue post threats, fines and extortionately high tax bills to everyone in the hope that they just pay the bill and STFU.

 If people were strong they would fight, fuck your tax returns. Google, Facebook, Tesco, McDonalds, Coco Cola and many other corporate giants earn more money in an hour then our whole street makes in a lifetime, make these parasites pay.

These corporations supply us with a low quality yet expensive service made even more expensive when we consider factors like huge tax evasion, exploitation, cruelty and a huge lack of respect for human rights and freedom.

People should stand up and fight, if not for themselves for the poor the truly oppressed. Donating money to children in need is not only not enough it’s fucking ridiculous. The whole system needs to change; debt is an illusion as is wealth but our programmed minds except such illusions without question.

People are too weak and programmed to fight back, non-conformism is hated by the well programmed. Yet our history books prove that some of the most respected and loved people were not Kings and Queens, presidents, governments, prime ministers or authority figures but were in fact people that fought against Kings and Queens, presidents, governments prime ministers and authority figures.

Rosa Parkes, was a non-conformist, we remember her and forget the millions of conformists that were obeying. Ghandi, Martin Luther, Malcom X are all remembered as legends when Margret Thatcher, Richard Nixon, Edward Heath and other oppressive politicians are remembered as leeches, liars, witches and corrupt parasites.

Muhammed Ali was a man that was universally hated by white America and most Americans due to the fact his beliefs did not line up to rest of white America, they go on like they love him now but they hated him big time. What they fail to see is Muhammed Ali was more of a man than any of the useless little puppets in the white house or Downing Street at the time because he fought for what he believed in with bravery, determination and honesty.

Our politicians fight for what corporations and businesses believe in with fear, hate and lies.

History proves that conformism is cowardly and conformists are forgotten whereas as non-conformism takes balls, so take the flags from your front lawns and windows STOP WITH THE BULLSHIT PATRONISM. You might as well put a sign outside with the words “mentally enslaved zombie lives here” 

Our media present non conformism as dangerous and lunacy, but is non conformism really dangerous. Reinhold Hanning is a 94 year old Nazi death camp guard due to his conformism he has recently been jailed for 5 years for his part in Auschwitz. Oskar Groening, was also convicted of being an accessory to the murder of 300,000 Jews a year before. Watch out British soldiers one day in 50 years’ time you might also be standing trail for following orders.

In 1986 Israel made Holocaust denial a criminal offence other countries have followed 1995 Belguim 2014 Greece, 2010 Hungary, 2007 Italy In Poland, Holocaust denial and the denial of communist crimes is punishable by law. Other countries also imply similar laws In May 2014, Russia’s President Vladimir Putin signed a law making the denial of Nazi crimes and “wittingly spreading false information about the activity of the USSR during the years of World War Two” or portraying Nazis as heroes a criminal offence.

UK and USA have considered but rejected similar laws. The government has decided that if you are going to ignore or deny genocide you had better make sure that you deny or ignore the right genocide. 


Recently the British government has begun a sugar tax! Sweeteners received no such tax, have the government decided instead of dying of diabetes or obesity they would rather you die of Cancer or Alzheimer disease.

 People have been eating sugar since Adam and Eve, not chemicals, sweeteners, preservatives, colours and flavor enhancers they are probably a million times more dangerous than sugar. Have you read some of the ingredients to this corporate junk some people call food?

 And that is just what they tell you about the word flavorings on your ingredients could add 5, 10, 15 unlisted ingredients, those ingredients could include anything from MSG, Potassium sorbate, Soduim Sorbate, Calcium Sorbate, Sulphur Dioxide, Sodium Sulphite,  Potassium Acetate, Aspartame, Propane, Magnesium salts of fatty acids, Mono- and diglycerides of fatty acids, Potassium phosphate,  human embryo kidney cells and an endless list of cancer causing chemicals and of course bodily fluids of the underpaid, bored staff.

 The side effects of the chemicals added to food range from short term side effects like headaches, acne, constipation, eczema, hyperactivity, body odor to long term and more serve effects like Crohns Disease, Asthma, high blood pressure, Alzheimers and of course cancer. And we still eat the shit and we and would probably still eat the shit if it were to slowly turn us inside out as long as they market well enough to us. But sugar must be taxed to protect us just so happens that the government will make a lot of money from protecting us.

 Protection comes from education instead advertising absolute chemical filled junk at kids and spreading hype why not try spreading awareness? Tobacco companies are forced to hide their products behind counters yet sweets, chocolate and pop are displayed all over the fucking shop, colorful cartoon images on the outside cancer on the inside. Adults are protected from themselves where as children are allowed to roam freely, consume you future morbidly obese little wanker.





YouTube are still refusing to pay WOLVOMAN80 for the 17 million views that my channel has now received. Thank you to the literally thousands of people that have and still do send me messages of support, I cannot reply to all messages (most are quite old by the time I read them due to Google fucking up the comment section on YouTube) but I do see them, thank you it is well appreciated and it is probably the only reason that I still do this.

This video is a small clip from Fuck the System (Below) Volume 2 By WOLVOMAN80. This video is blocked in two countries and hidden in to the deep dark corner of YouTube.





Beware WHAT YOU POST….. there is a twisted, perverted lunatic taking Facebook and Whats App images that normal people like you and me have posted, he sells these images to anybody that has the money and cares enough to pay for them. These images could have been posted on your wall or privately and even deleted shortly after, once posted he has access to them.

This perverted person has access to every Facebook and Whats App account, even if you close your account. And he care’s not one bit about you. He seems to hate Freedom of speech, Freedom of expression and Freedom in general.

He works with corrupt, right winged governments (like the murdering Israeli government and the useless Conservative government in Britain) and billionaire, greedy corporations.   He loves money and has more money than some countries, he is a real sick bastard!




In June 2011 I set up a Facebook account for WOLVOMAN80, I set the account up due to the unexpected success of a video that I made with clips I had taken from old news reports and documentaries in order to prove to members of my friends and family that I am not mental and there is something not right with our government and media.

Most family members either thought or still think I am a conspiracy obsessed lunatic and that’s O.K with me, that is what I thought when I first heard of the Illuminati, “these people are mad” and you would be PRETTY STUPID for not thinking that. But my advice is move away from the propaganda and one sided stories written by our racist, corporate controlled mainstream media and read what “the people” are saying “but you could be reading the opinion of lunatics, extremists or even terrorists” the government will say.

My answer to that is the mainstream are lunatics, extremists and arguable even terrorists! It was lies printed by the mainstream media that allowed the British and American government to attack Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya. The lies printed by the British media about Hillsborough, the 2011 riots, 911 and many other issues, and the fact that our media ignore issues like government corruption, poverty around the world and in our own country, corporate tax evasion and corporate slavery has made SOME people realize that the mainstream media are actually keeping the masses in the dark in order to protect millionaires/billionaires.

Why would the media do that? The simple minded ask, the answer is obvious! The media is controlled by millionaires/billionaires and believe or not millionaires/billionaires are in a war to keep themselves and their families rich and for that we can not blame them. However millionaires/billionaires are now paying no tax in some cases when the rest of us and our families are paying as little 20% and as much as 45% tax in some cases, that is unfair and this is the reason that alternative media is SO IMPORTANT.

Unfortunately the silence and cooperation of the mainstream media is no longer enough, the elite are now censoring social media like Facebook and YouTube! Why do they feel the need to censor opinions of people that live in “free countries” we call ourselves “civilized, democratic nations” and we claim to care about freedom, yet the minute anybody disagrees with what they do or disbelieves what they say, they are labelled as an extremist and silenced by corporations that have way to much power online.

The reason the government and social media censor these arguments is simply because they do not know how to respond to them, so instead attempting to think of a clever argument back, they just hide the information and hope that it goes away.

Posting on Facebook nowadays is useless to me, I have evidently been categorized as a “dangerous non-conformist, extremist, mental case” and Facebook believe I am not suitable for mass consumption. Facebook went months without counting a single new like, then one day I get hundreds of new likes, but since that day they have not counted any new likes counted by Facebook.




Cameron Newspapers


Watching BBC report the Paris terrorist attack was shocking to me, I know that the attack was terrible, terrorism is always terrible, no matter who causes it and no matter where it is. Terrorism is terrible in France, terrible in Palestine, terrible in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya. Barrack Obama claimed the attack was cowardly, was it as cowardly as sending drones?

David Cameron claimed that he stands for freedom of speech, freedom of expression and democracy, really? Because last time I checked David Cameron was fighting for Internet censorship and actually attacking our freedom of speech, he used his speech at the United Nations to attack political activism, political activism that he claims can cause terrorism, he accuses political activists, journalists and anybody that disagrees with him of being an extremist. Last time I checked David Cameron fought for lobbyists, he used corporate propaganda and lies to win an election and still did not win out right.

I am not supporting ISIS (who are by the way funded for and armed by the US, John McCain told me) I am simply pointing out the fact that Obama and David Cameron have caused more war and terror then ISIS. 12 people died in France and BBC news reported it was “probably the worst terrorist attack ever committed in France!” Where as Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan suffer attacks that kill hundreds on a much more regular basis. David Cameron and Barrack Obama who both claim to be against terrorism have not only supported terrorism in Palestine but have also committed terrorism acts in Libya, like Blair and Bush committed terrorism in Iraq and Afghanistan. Cameron and Obama are suddenly talking like they are freedom fighters again, fighting a war for our freedom against these evil terrorists that have no respect for Human Rights, despite the fact that they also have no respect for human rights.

Our government will use this attack as an excuse for more power to the police, heightened security and more control. It taken Nigel Farage less than 24 hours to blame the immigrants and immigration policy of France for the attack and people will be outraged by Nigel Farage using this as a way to popularize himself and it is disgraceful, but lets be honest we know that every high ranking politician from the big four political parties are going to attempt to use this attack as either a way for them to push new legislation and laws or another way to pass blame on to immigrants and Muslim people, because that what politics is, politics is a battle for control, money and interference.



First Published 8/1/2015


David Cameron laughing 2