Recently I have been forced to depend on the Royal Mail a lot. Letters from courts, gifts from friends and other reasons have made me unwillingly give my custom to the Royal Mail (its not like there is much choice.)

A few weeks ago I noticed that one of my letters had been opened a little, I didn’t really think much of it. A couple of weeks later somebody sent me a gift, chocolate I believe it was but I would never know because that gift never made it to me. Then I lose another package to the post this prompted me to go and find out what is going on.

I walk in to the main depot of the Royal Mail (in Shrewsbury) and ask where is my post. The woman answered “it has probably been damaged and is now probably in Chester!” I was angry but what can you do shit happens right? It happened again a few weeks later in fact to my knowledge over the last month at least three or four parcels have gone missing and never shown up at my house and when they do get to me they have blatantly been tampered and messed with!

I send a complaint to the Royal Mail using their website they reply;

Thank you for contacting Royal Mail.

I was very sorry to learn of the problems you have experienced with your mail deliveries and with several items of mail going astray. I can understand your concerns and the disappointment that this may have caused. Of the huge volumes of letters and packets we handle, very few encounter a problem along their way – but we take every single failure seriously.

My investigations into your enquiry have included checking all available service information and I cannot identify any reason why these problems have occurred. Additionally, due to the millions of pieces of mail that pass through our massive postal pipeline each day, we cannot trace items unless a trackable service is used.

I have, however, been able to take the following action:

• Logged and reported the full details of your complaint

The details of all reported losses are also automatically forwarded to our security team once they have been entered on to our computer system. This team works continually towards identifying the root cause of losses and, of course, eliminating risk.

With the above in mind, may I respectfully suggest that you or the senders submit a P58 Lost, Damaged or Delayed Mail form, together with any supporting documents, for each item of missing mail. These forms can be submitted online at:

Upon receipt of your P58 forms, we will register the details of each loss and then respond to you or the senders accordingly, once our enquiries are complete. We will also be able to consider any claim for compensation you or the senders may wish to make, in accordance with the terms and conditions of the service used.

Please accept my apologies on behalf of Royal Mail for the problems you’ve had, and our thanks for taking the time to make us aware of this. Please be assured that we take letting our customers down seriously and will use this information to make further improvements.

I’m afraid there are no further investigations I can make at this time, so I hope that the action and explanation above resolves your enquiry and concludes this matter. However if you are unhappy with the action I have taken or with my response you can contact the Escalated Customer Resolution Team who will re-investigate your complaint. They can be contacted by emailing: Alternatively you can write to: Escalated Customer Resolution Team, Royal Mail, PO Box 466, Plymouth, PL9 7HJ. If you do contact the team please can I ask you to quote your reference number 170805-001142.


Susan Foster
Customer Service Advisor

Unfortunately all the apologies in the world does not compensate for lost items in the mail (especially when it keeps happening over and over again.) I am beginning to hate the Royal Mail, there claims of Next Day Delivery are BULLSHIT and they seem to have a problem they have nosey thieves working for them. How hard can it be to post a letter to the address on the envelope? Apparently very hard.