Do you know what pisses me the fuck off, positive thinkers, I am not saying positive thinking is bad because that would be idiotic but there seems to be a movement of so called positive thinkers and they talk nothing but BULLSHIT.

Positive thinking allows us to completely change our destiny they claim and I have no doubt sometimes it does sometimes however positive thinking will make no difference to a life what so ever. For example nearly half of the world lives on less than two dollars per day, a billion people live on less than one dollar per day, is their negativity actually to blame for this? If they smiled when they were starving to death would they be alright? Think about it when was the last time we saw a starving African smiling, they are always depressed.

We have no food or shelter for our children, no medical assistance,  TRY CHEERING THE FUCK UP.

My problem with this positive thinking shit so many people are talking about is it almost blames people that are in bad situations for the bad situations they are in, in some cases it’s true but not all cases you fucking muppets.

 Also it’s a lot easier to have a positive look on life when you are living a life of luxury, with nice cars and lots of cash.




Google’s Chairman Eric Schmidt said £2.5 billion tax avoidance ‘is called capitalism’ as he declared “I’m very proud of our tax avoidance scheme!” Documents filed in December 2012 show that Google generated around £2.5 billion in UK sales last year but paid just £6 million in corporation tax just over 2% tax their massive profit. The worst thing is about this comment that exposes Google for the parasites they are is, its true! Why should Google, Amazon or any other multinational corporation pay more tax than they are legally obligated to pay? It is up to the people to demand that our government, stop the dodgy tax loop holes mostly created by rich lobbyists and stop corporate tax evasion, with simple easy to follow and understand laws that requires EVERY business that earns the profit pay a fair, equal rate of tax, regardless of how much money they have made. Steps like this would not kill off all the parasites but it would prevent them from becoming so fat and greedy.

Freedom of expression, Freedom of speech and Freedom in general is now in the hands of huge multinational, corporations and so far while these corporations like to pretend publicly that they do support freedom of expression, freedom of speech and freedom in general their actions seem to suggest otherwise. Most social media websites including Facebook and Twitter, YouTube and many others are now implementing unfair, political censorship. They do it in the name of extremism, radicalization and even terrorism, yet they are the real extremists, the only freedom they believe in is economic freedom.

Since Google have taken over YouTube they have been responsible for some very good ideas, like longer videos and HD uploads but the have also been responsible for some very bad ones like Google plus, I hate it! Its like like Facebook but even more lame. Google have also destroyed YouTube with their greed, adverts everywhere but they don’t pay out at least not to me anyway (Still to receive a penny for 17 million views and it is not looking like I will anytime soon.) In fact they have put extra adverts in my videos, with no permission and no payment to me.

Google and Facebook have the power choose who they pay, who they promote and who they make easily accessible, it is a power that Google and Facebook abuse. They allow their rich corporate friends to spread their message without censorship but anybody that says anything they don’t like are silenced and labelled as extremists and lunatics. Facebook and Google do indeed allow full freedom of speech to corporations and people that pay, everyone can STFU!


Last month I claimed that the general election is boring and meaningless, I believe now the politicians I have STFU and its the peoples turn to talk it may get interesting. Pro Conservative newspapers are throwing last ditch and desperate propaganda at us, they believe we are stupid enough to swallow their shit and some of us are, but what this election has blatantly shown is people are desperate for real change. The rise of UKIP and the Scottish National Party are signs that a growing amount of people in Britain feel let down by previous governments, there is a genuine huge lack of trust in politics and politicians. This lack of trust is a problem bought on by the politicians actions, the MPs expenses scandal exposed, the greed and the high life many of our MPs live and they live it on taxpayers money but they still have the nerve to point fingers at “benefit scroungers and broken Britain”. The cash for access scandal and the Leveson inquiry exposed embarrassing information including a pact between News Corporation (owners of BSKYB, The Sun, The Times, Fox and way too many more media outlets.) The Leveson inquiry may have exposed secret deals between the media and the government but this election has clearly shown the Leveson inquiry has not prevented it from happening again because guess what? Its happening again!

The propaganda being used is low and sometimes petty, it is also desperate, the Conservatives look worried and even shocked by what is happening and they are desperately resorting to the media to help them out. Ed Miliband was attacked by a lot of media for talking to Russell Brand on his YouTube channel, David Cameron called Russell Brand “comic with a beard who thinks terrorism is funny” well if Russell Brand “thinks terrorism is funny” he must think David Cameron is hilarious!

David Cameron is not so quick to mention is hero and political mother Margaret Thatcher associated with Jimmy Savile, how would David Cameron describe him? “comic with gold chains and friends in high places that fucks corpses?”

I believe the Green Party are the only party real alternative but anything that wipes that smug smile of David Cameron smug face would be great. Also there were lots of rumours of vote rigging in the Scottish Independence vote, key constituencies should be monitored closely, I would not put anything past these lot.

David Cameron is to busy hanging out with One Direction to hang out with Russell Brand!

Cameron and One Direction for Comic Relief