The Internet is cracking down on free speech.

I have noticed some pretty crazy shit lately on the Internet. Facebook removing posts because “they look like spam,” video files that I was distributing as free downloads have been removed from my website, this week I have lost about 20 subscribers on YouTube and even a whole post was removed from my website. WTF is going on? It seems to me that the government or somebody is blatantly and desperately manipulating the Internet and the truthers is who they are after. They have lost the argument so now they will silence it.

YouTube are literally silencing me as at least eight of my old videos that have been on YouTube for years undisturbed have this year been muted due to a copyright claim on the background music. Even music that is in the public domain and in one case was literally hundreds of years old (George Handel) has lead to Sony and WMG claiming ownership of the music and therefore my whole video.

They first chose to profit from it and then simply remove it after all they can’t be seen profiting from “extremism.” I think the Internet is in desperate need for a decentralized video platform that uses blockchain technology. Google seem desperate to destroy an idea with YouTube and Youtubers that have dedicated years of their lives to their work are being driven away (intentionally.) The trouble is for them (me included) is we don’t really have anywhere to go and when we find something that looks like it could be promising (TruTube, Blip TV, Megavideo, Videoweed, Dailymotion) they either turn out to be shit or stop working.

They are literally attacking us from all angles in an attempt to financially starve the truth.


We harshly punish drug users and addicts and softly punish violent offenders and rapists.

The government of the UK hate cannabis and they hate freedom so they especially hate the freedom to take, possess or grow cannabis. Why do cannabis users get such of a hard time from our government and police force? We are trying to protect the children from drugs and drug pushers the government and the do gooders that believe the bullshit the government talk will insist. But the children are not being protected in fact in many cases parents of children have ended up in prison for simply possessing drugs.

The law in Britain is a strange and frightful load of nonsense. Somehow possession of drugs can now lead to a harsher punishment and longer sentence than violence. In fact one man I know got two years in prison for pouring petrol all over somebody and setting him on fire! A few years later he stabbed another man for that he got five years!

Meanwhile a friend of mine is caught with about a ounce of cocaine that he had brought purely for himself and his friends he received five years in prison. The judge did not consider the fact that he had a young child that was born after his arrest due to the fact that the case taken nearly a year to get to court.

How do we as a society and a nation end up punishing possession of drugs more so than we punish the intent to harm or even kill somebody?

We seem to have lost sight of what is important and the difference between the governments thirst for control and a thirst for justice cannot be told by many. The war on drugs is not a war on drugs but actually a war on freedom, a war on people and it’s prime objective is to gain control of the lucrative drug industry. They brainwash us at school when it comes to the subject of drugs, they fill us with fear and tell us constant horror stories about them and bad experiences.

But the truth is we can choke to death on peanuts or end up crippled for life just by crossing the road but we don’t punish people for eating peanuts or crossing the road because that would be ridiculous just like the war on drugs is ridiculous.

Some claim that “the system” protects us from criminals and drug pushers yet I believe the system categorizes us as criminals and the system systematically promotes the use of drugs and violence through the music and entertainment industry.

By producing a violent and selfish mentality within our youth the government are creating more need for a government and for the police. Instead of educating people and attempting to minimize frustration the government try to fill people with fear and maximize frustration. By doing this they are creating a state dependent society.

The war on drugs is a doorway into our lives and in my opinion at least it has nothing to do with people in Parliament or the White House how people chose to spend their time and money.

Why is the world like this?

I believe in God and I believe that for God to be real it must be more than we could ever understand or comprehend so to us God works in mysterious ways. One of the most common arguments against the belief of God or religion is why are there so many innocent people suffering in the world? My answer for this is we have free choice, (as suggested in the story of Adam and Eve) I believe somewhere in our history we chose the devils way! In other words we made this world the way that it is.

We only have to look at the ridiculously high wastage in the food industry to see that there is plenty of food for all. The trouble is that food would not be worth anything if it was freely available and distributed because of this it is more profitable for corporations/supermarkets and food retailers to throw the food away instead of giving it away.

I find the food donations to food banks and other charities in supermarkets a bit of an insult to the intelligence of the customer, Asking us to donate food in a giant building full of food. Owned by a corporation that is literally worth billions of pound and staffed by minimum waged or zero hours staff sometimes on schemes like workfare that mean the government paying the employee to employ!

A society that puts money ahead of people need to eat and that depends on the exploitation of people from foreign nations to function as a society can not claim to be influenced by god.

The western world and the lifestyles we live are destroying the world for other nations and even our own youth in order to save the world for corporations and the establishment.

I think of the world like this; extreme poverty exists to fund the super rich and the greedy. Every time we see a person that has too much and lives ridiculous lives of greed and extravagance somewhere in the world their are people paying for that.

A world that has individual families that own more than the other 99% of us has a problem.



Quit your jobs and stop claiming so much benefits.

I don’t work (unless you count blogging as work which I was claiming working tax credits for before HMRC stopped all my working tax credit claims leaving me with nothing other than the money I had made from YouTube over the last year.)

They forced me in to claiming the new universal credit which involved me having to attend the Jobcentre EVERYDAY for a month.

When they stopped my benefits they left me without a single payment of anything for over three months. I have written multiple blogs about it in the past and even uploaded videos on to YouTube and Live Leak about the issue. Some people demand “stop scrounging and get a fucking job” well this blog is for you.

Unemployment benefit only actually costs the tax payer 2.4 billion pound per year! That may sound a lot until we consider that working tax and child tax benefits cost 29 billion pound and Housing benefit 26 billion.

So statistically we “lazy lay abouts” actually cost less to look after than you do! And despite the fact that you work all the hours under the sun you are still forced to claim benefits and therefore no better nor no more independent than people claiming unemployment benefit!

So quit your jobs you scrounging parasites and do the honorable thing. Claim unemployment and scrounge a little less.



The graph below shows what age group voted who in the 2017 general election according to a YouGov survey. Does this poll show that the Conservative Party are slowly dying and finding votes for them in future elections is going to be very hard work?

Or does this poll show that as we age we are more lightly to change our vote to a Conservative vote? Why would we do this?

I hope it show the Conservatives are a dying Party and an old fashioned group of war mongers that the world is better off without.


Sexism is a weird thing some people argue sexism is just as bad as racism and maybe they are right but like racism sexism is everywhere in the modern world. Women often believe that they are the worse victims of sexism (typical women always got it worse than everybody else) and in some cases they are right. Women get paid less for doing the same job, sport exposes sexism why can’t women play in a national team? Is it because women are not good enough to play against men? Is what I just said sexist? If a female footballer was good enough to play for say the England football team (women probably wouldn’t do much worse) would she be allowed in the team? If not that is surely that is terribly sexist.

Sporting events that do involve women (though not usually against men) show that men are usually stronger and faster than their women counterparts. Are men better entertainers? Or better musicians? There are thousands of women in the music industry but how many of them can even play an instrument? In the modern day music industry women have been reduced to selling sex. Is this because their product wouldn’t sell without adding raunchy videos that are not really suitable for its young and impressionable audience that are in many cases young women. I am not arguing that women are less musically talented then men but if they are equally as talented or even more potentially talented then men are then the music industry does not allow them to show it most cases.

So there is a point women are victims of sexism and a sexist society but not everything works against women!

Wars obviously have usually been fought by men and not always willing men but sometimes men that terrified men that really didn’t want to fight. And women tend to get automatic rights when it comes to custody of children which is a unfair. The benefits system also exposes a lot of sexism according to claims “more than 65% percent of male claims get referred compared to less than 50% of women. In the end around 33% of all male claims get sanctioned compared to a little over 20% of female claims. More simply put by the Tussell Trust 71% of sanctions are aimed squarely at men.”

The prison system also exposes massive sexism in our societies. People can argue that men are much more likely to commit a crime but is that true? I see as many women drunk than as I do men, I see as many women doing drugs as men. According to the Office for National Statistics men are twice as likely to die from a drug other dose (including legal and illegal drugs) yet they seem to much more likely to be punished for possession of drugs with a prison sentence (I don’t believe anybody should be punished with a prison sentence for possession of drugs unless that person was attempting to force drugs on somebody.)

When women or men are moaning about sexism and the negative impact it can have on their lives maybe they should consider this; Sexism does not just impact one gender it impacts both in a very negative way but it will always exist. If women want real equality and men want to stop being treated as slaves to their jobs and money instead of their family than both women and men should recognize that sexism works both ways.

Black people are so racist!

Are black people actually more racist than white people? It is undeniable that black people are racist and many white people do take offense to the racism of black people. In fact white people sometimes justify their own racism with arguments like “black people are racists too” and like I said its the truth, black people are racists, I have seen and experienced that racism and in my youth I was sometimes offended by that racism as I have grown I now understand their racism, in fact I ask myself; How could a black person not be racist?

History exposes the slave trade, thousands of black people literally stolen from their homes to be enslaved to rich white people.  Than we have the European invasion and colonization of Africa, something that schools do not really explain with any detail.

Most white people would argue that that is history and we can’t change history and they would be right! But than we have the continued exploitation of Africa, millions of Africans living in conditions that are described as “extreme poverty” by governments and media when corporations continue to feed off Africa (natural resources, cheap labour) like the Vultures they are. We have the prettiest spots in the Caribbean reserved for rich white people when black people are forced to live in oppressed ghettos. Statistically black people in the UK and USA and far more likely to end up in prison than white people, according to Google the UK’s population looks like this.

Ethnic groups white 87.2%, black/African/Caribbean/black British 3%, Asian/Asian British: Indian 2.3%, Asian/Asian British: Pakistani 1.9%, mixed 2%, other 3.7% (2011 est.)

Only three percent of Britain is black!

Yet according to Google 13.7% of Britain prison population is black! America has a similar story! Approximately 12–13% of the American population is African-American, but they make up 35% of jail inmates, and 37% of prison inmates of the 2.2 million male inmates as of 2014 (U.S. Department of Justice, 2014.)
I know some white people would say things like “thats because black people are more likely to commit a crime and again they are right, black people are more likely to commit crime. But why? Is it because black people are more evil than white people? Or could it be because black people that live in the USA and UK tend to live in the oppressed ghettos whereas many white people do not? I believe it is.
Places in Britain that have a high population of black people or foreign people in general do tend to be the worst places not because of the high population of foreigners but because foreign people including black people do usually find themselves living in the most oppressed areas with the highest amounts of poverty and therefore higher crime rates than the rest of the nation.
White people seem to think that black people should be grateful for the opportunity we give them to fill our prisons, live in our ghettos and work for minimum wage while we exploit and thieve from their home nations.


Do you remember being a kid? All the hopes and dreams that are planted in our heads. I want to be a singer, footballer,  policeman, an actor etc, things were simple back than, policemen were the good guys protecting us from bad guys, footballers, singers, actors and other entertainers were idolized, almost worshiped.

But than real life slowly begins to sink in and chances are you are not going to be a footballer, singer, actor/actress chances are you are going to be a plumber, supermarket assistant, a waiter, cleaner or something just as dull.

Chances are if your mommy and daddy aren’t rich you are like the rest of us, FUCKED! Many people combat this by going for rich men/women but nothing comes for free if you “love” or marry for money you are not only going to end up unfulfilled, disappointed and lonely but you are going to end up owned! Spending your life spending some rich mans/womans money may seem like a great idea but you still have to live with a man/woman that you don’t love.

Schools and the entertainment industry present such a simple life to children, but life is anything but simple and the simpleness of the life presented to our youth creates ignorance. Even worse its comforting whereas the truth can be disturbing because the truth is our cozy lifestyles are not built on hard work, political stability or freedom but they are built on exploitation, thievery, ignorance and lies.

I look at the world like this, the planet provides enough for us all to live pretty comfortably but some people want more. The only way these people can get more is taking from other people. In other words whenever we see people that have too much money living lives of obscene luxury and greed somewhere in the world is somebody that does not have enough.

When we have families and individuals that are worth more than countries there is a definite problem we have become slaves to these people.

When we look at worldwide wealth distribution facts we discover that the bottom 99.9% only own 19% of global wealth yet according to some the top 0.001 own 30 % of all global wealth!


Usually I don’t bother to check Google analytics due to the fact I have plugin view counters on my site and therefore I don’t need too. Today however my website has been particularly busy, I have received well over 100 new sign ups in less than 24 hours and out of interest I thought I would check out Google analytics. Much to my surprise Google analytics show that I have barely had and single person on my website in the last week…As shown below.


In the last 24 hours (I have received over 100 sign ups) yet Google analytics are showing I have had 0 sessions from 0 users!


Either the inbreed elitist pigs  at Google can’t count or they are manipulating stats again like they do on YouTube (my plugin stats are showing between 300 and 2000 hits per day)..

Google analytics = BULLSHIT of course.



I hate to write this blog! I am no closer to receiving payment from YouTube/Google (they owe me for nearly 18 million views). I am almost homeless staying at a place where I should not really be. I have two kids that depend on me and I have seen that Google have profited at least £50000 through my work (Google will not reveal the exact amount which is illegal but Google do not care for the law.

In a nutshell Google have made it pretty clear they have NO INTEREST IN PAYING ME. That is why I am forced to asked YOU my audience to donate any amount you can. These money will be used on DVD printing equipment to help move my videos away from the highly censored and controlled YouTube, this will allow me to sell DVDs at a low price without Amazon (another company I am currently trying to do away with) charging me over 90% of the taking in printing and distribution.

I also plan on buying the rights to videos I have made, in some cases these videos have made thousands of pounds but I can not prove ownership and therefore claim from them until I buy the rights! I also plan to make many more videos and blogs exposing the system, government and media.

Please donate

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First they refuse payment for videos that have received millions of views (with ads) then they stop notifying subscribers of my latest videos. How does an account with 26000 subs struggle to reach 100 views? CENSORSHIP




Google plus is the ONLY social media I am actually still allowed to use (after my Facebook account was first made useless I eventually taken it down myself due to my reach falling to single figures at a time when I had thousands of followers.)

Google will not actually even allow me to close my Google Plus account without closing my whole YouTube channel. Despite the fact Google are so desperate to cling to its users they don’t attempt to offer a useful service at all! In fact WHAT THE FUCK is Google Plus? Its just a giant waste of internet space. Google Plus has counted 12 new followers to me this month, but the number of followers I have on Google plus has not changed for years. I have literally been stuck on 440 followers since Google plus first began.

Unlike when Google attack my YouTube channel when they attack my Google plus it does not bother me one bit! Why? Because Google Plus is shit! Google have never actually made, created or produced anything original or useful they just take over successful online businesses and ideas and then destroy them with greed, censorship and fake stats.

These internet giants are now the elites most effective tools, censorship, surveillance, controlling the flow of information and huge profits is how it benefits the establishment and government. That is why websites and YouTube like mine depend on people sharing our videos, blogs and ideas that the political elite are so desperate to hide. YouTube, Google, Facebook, Twitter or any mainstream social media are not going to allow us to spread our message freely so if you read something and like it or agree with be sure to share it.


Last night I upload a video called “They’re all JEREMY HUNT’S they only care about Bugs Bunny” as usual (lately) the view count is slow despite the fact I have more subs than ever before. Than the view count stops on 94 for hours, than it falls to 83! Meanwhile my computer stops letting me upload to my own website! I contact my provider they are as baffled as me, out of curiosity I check if I can upload on to YouTube, it fails. I change from Google Chrome to Mozilla still fails. I install Internet explorer same problem. I remove and reinstall Google chrome suddenly everything is working again. I inform the hosting service that the problem is solved.

A couple of hours later I try to upload another to my website, I get the same shit! I try YouTube again and although this time it appears to be uploading the time remaining slowly moves up instead of down. At the same time as all this shit is happening I notice a comment on a video page asking me a question, I write a reply and suddenly the comment vanishes along with my reply!

Am I being cyber attacked or something? Am I pissing somebody off? I really hope so.


Over the last week I have noticed my video view counts going up and down on YouTube! How does a video get less views than it had twenty minutes earlier? Obvious answer is manipulation of viewing figures on YouTube by the greedy, parasitic, corporate giant Google. Today I hit 25150 subscribers, or at least I thought I did because upon refreshing the page I lost four subs (it fell to 25146!) I believe that Google are manipulating all stats for numerous reasons.

Those reasons are money low view counts mean less money they pay on adverts but where do these views go? I personally believe they add views to Vevo, I mean how else do boring talentless corporate guided shit like Justin Bieber and Adele get over one billion views?

Control Google pretty much chose what becomes a “success” they hide “controversial and political videos” away from mass consumption as well as promoting and making easily accessible mainstream SHIT made by their corporate sponsors.

So that’s corporate tax evasion, lobbying, covering up information from the masses, selling information on the masses, ripping off non corporate YouTube partners, biased media coverage, promoting absolute junk, filling YouTube with irritating ads, ripping people off on Google Adsense, Adword and Blogger and Google fucking plus. No wonder we hate Google.

My most affected videos are now FREE TO DOWNLOAD on my website, fuck Google, FUCK THE SYSTEM!



I recently have began uploading new full documentaries on to YouTube (after a 12 month ban from YouTube.) Google are blatantly attacking my channel, they have refused to pay me what they owe, they removed videos based on false claims, in fact if someone makes a claim Google do not bother to check out the facts they simply remove the video. I made the videos which means I own the rights to the videos so the videos do usual end up back on YouTube but the procedure can take weeks, recently I have noticed with my latest vids the view count goes up and down! How does that happen? Are people watching my videos and then time traveling to before they watch my videos only to not watch my video confusing YouTube’s view count? Or are Google manipulating the view counts? They are also removing subscribers from my channel, they have obviously decided that this material is extremist material and you (the public) may not be mentally stable enough to watch this shit.

 Google have decided what is true, no thinking or investigation is required or necessary!


Corporations are notoriously greedy and a lack of respect for human rights is something that many corporations lacks. Walmart, Google, Facebook, Tesco, News Corporation and many other corporations act with shocking greed. They sell mass made, low quality products at high prices, they use child labour, pay no tax, exploit, extort, manipulate and lie, Amazon are among the worst offenders. Whats more is they have more control over information then most people realize.

Amazon own over 40 subsidiaries including Zappos,, Kiva Systems, Goodreads, Teachstreet, Alexa and IMDb. They have a huge monopoly in eBooks and online shopping. In fact a few months ago, I ordered a product from an alternative website costing me about £7.00 more than it would from Amazon just to avoid using the money loving, parasites, but when the product arrived it come from Amazon!

Alexa rank is a data website that keeps stats on website usage, my website was climbing “the rankings” fast, it leap from 11th millionth to about 3 millionth (the last time I checked) within just a couple of months! A few weeks later the data completely cleared and I was back down at the very bottom. Lucky for me I don’t particularly give a FUCK where parasites like Amazon rank my site, but if they are manipulating data like that on Alexa rank what is going on with other sites they own.

IMDb for example, I have believed for a long time that IMDb is manipulated. Especially with mainstream movies and TV, Walt Disney’s Inside out rated better than Raging bull? Firefly rated better than Vikings, Narcos and House of Cards? Arrested Development better than Only Fools and Horses? Pretty Little Liars has more than one out ten? Are people stupid or are Amazon paid, my guess is both!

Tax evasion, exploitation, lack of workers rights, manipulation of statistics and media, lobbying and absolute parasitic greed make AMAZON one of the most corrupt and disgusting corporations that exist.


Amazon, Acquisitions and investments




  • Alexa Internet a database company;[40]
  • a financial services company;[41]
  • 40% investment in 1999,[42] increased stake in 2000,[43] sold stake to Walgreens in 2011 for a 90% loss;[44]
  • GeoWorks, a wireless communications company, acquisition of a minority interest;[45]
  •, purchased a 54 percent stake;[46]
  •, which produced Internet-based auction software;[47]
  • e-Niche Incorporated, comprising:[48][49], (hard-to-find book titles), and (hard to find music titles)
  •, a 35 percent stake in the online grocer;[50]
  •, 49 percent stake[51] (the company was purchased by in 2000)
  • Tool Crib of the North, acquired the online and catalog sales division of the company in October 1999, selling a very wide variety of tools and home improvement items;[52]
  • Convergence Corporation, software to connect wireless devices to the Internet;[53]
  • MindCorps Incorporated, applications for web sites including online chats to web based databases;[54]
  •, gift registry, expert advice, and personalized gift suggestions, Amazon purchased a 20% stake[55] (in April 2000, the company merged with[56])
  • Back to Basics Toys, catalog toy store[57] (sold to Scholastic in 2003[58])
  •, retailer of luxury products, Amazon acquired a 16.6 percent ownership;[59]
  • Leep Technology Inc., developer of on-line database query tools and CRM software.[60]


  • Online music retailer CDNow.[61] By 2011, the website was defunct and in use by a different company.





  •, a digital photography review website based in London; Brilliance Audio, the largest independent publisher of audiobooks in the United States.[69]











  • 2004:, a company focused on researching and building innovative technology.[104]
  • 2004: Lab126, developers of integrated consumer electronics such as the Kindle.
  • 2007:, an e-commerce brand focusing on shoes.[105]
  • 2007: Brilliance Audio, the largest independent audiobook producer in the US.[106]

Amazon owns over 40 subsidiaries, including Zappos,, Kiva Systems, Goodreads, Teachstreet, and IMDb.




Shark finning refers to the removal of shark fins, while the remains of the shark is discarded back into the ocean; while often still alive,  because it has no fin the Shark can not swim effectively so it will either sink to the bottom of the ocean and die of suffocation or eaten by predators. Shark finning at sea enables fishing vessels to increase profit and can increase the numbers of sharks that are harvested for their fins, as they only have to transport the fin, which is the most profitable part of the shark; but this means that they kill more sharks, because their vessels can then transport more because they don’t have the full weight of a Shark to carry. Some countries have banned this and require that the whole shark should be transported and be brought back to a port before being de-finned. But the fact that this is allowed is a disgrace; for most species of shark are endangered or vulnerable according to their conservation statuses.


Shark finning has increased since 1997 largely due to the increasing demand for Shark fins for things such as shark fin soup and traditional cures.The International Union for Conservation of Nature’s shark specialist group has said that shark finning is one of the most serious threats to shark populations. The estimates of shark fin trading businesses are between US$540 million to US$1.2 billion (2007). In the US Shark finning is prohibited, some regard the whale shark and basking shark as trophy species and are $10,000 to $20,000 for a fin.

Shark specialists have estimated that 100 million sharks die annually for their fins, so that those who like to collect parts of animals can say they own a shark fin that cost a shark its life, for know good reason.