I love Mike Tyson!

Mike Tyson is a man perceived by many to be a thug. He is a convicted rapist and he once famously bit off a chunk of Evander Holyfield’s ear (Holyfield was also a legend but that is another story) so at first glance Mike Tyson appears to be a man that does not deserves to be loved by anybody. However lets be honest his rape conviction was questionable to say the least (as pointed out by Donald Trump at the time) and Mike Tyson was bought up in the oppressed ghettos of New York. On rare cases the disadvantages that the oppressed and the poor face turn out to be an advantage!

The reason that I love Mike Tyson is because (like many boxers) Mike Tyson was never meant to get where he got. I would say that to this day Mike Tyson is among the most famous people in the world and in his youth was in my opinion at least one of the greatest heavyweights that ever lived. He had speed, power, a granite chin and in his youth a positive mentality and attitude. His career was short after Buster Dougles Mike Tyson was never the same fighter again and eventually of his career become a joke but I still believe that 21 year old Mike Tyson would have destroyed the likes of Lennox Lewis, Anthony Joshua and even another boxing hero of mine Evander Holyfield but like many things in boxing we will never know.

Mike Tyson was not a thug the people that surrounded him and controlled boxing were thugs people like Don King. Mike Tyson was not born violent and angry the oppression he suffered from made him violent and angry. Its like that old saying tells us; you can take a man from ghetto but you will never take the ghetto from the man.

What I love most about Mike Tyson is his realness, there is no act with Mike Tyson what you see is what you get. He is one of the most straight talking celebrities I have ever listened to. He is deemed as uneducated and even stupid but Mike Tyson was exposing the system all the way back to the early 90s. Mike Tyson is not uneducated he like (most people that live in ghettos and oppression) is street and self educated and that kind of education is real education.

For those that have never took the time I recommend that you listen to Mike Tyson, he is funny, real, sometimes over the top but always interesting and almost as fascinating to listen to as he was to watch fight.

He is a hero of mine and that says a lot because I do not have many hero’s especially celebrity hero’s but I love Mike Tyson.


England are out of the UEFA cup after being humiliated against Iceland (well done Iceland, if I had to listen to the first verse of God save the Queen again I might have gone insane.) I don’t usually blog Football as I do not follow it anymore and therefore my Football knowledge is not ever going to get the job as England manager. I spent much of my youth following England passionately and the story never really changes England expects England fails. England have not played well in a major competition since 1996 yet deluded England fans and TV “experts” are blaming Roy Hodgson the 68 year old man that is paid to take the blame.

Fabio Capello (proven world class manager), Sven Goran Erikson (proven world class manager), Glen Hoddle, Steve McClaren, Kevin Keegan and others have tried and failed to bring success to England. Has anybody ever considered maybe our players are just not good enough! Ian Wright insisted money was not responsible for England and their recent shameful displays, I think he is wrong.


“We got some of the best players in the world” the desperate England fans keep telling me, I don’t believe them. If our players are so good how come they managed just one win in four games? Its not like they were in a “group of death” Russia, Slovakia, Wales and Iceland are not exactly football giants.

Ian Wright and Peter Crouch insisted that the English players do care about the game and for the few weeks before the competition and during the competitions they do care and I believe they do give it 100%, the trouble is life is too easy for these people most are millionaires before being established proven players. An easy life will make you soft, they can now all go on a lovely vaccination with their lovely WAGS. Have you seen Dele Alli’s girlfriend? who would give a fuck about football if she was at home waiting for you? NOT ME! If she was my girlfriend you would probably never see or hear of me again, my YouTube channel and website would slowly fade into the dead part of YouTube and Google and my (already not the most commercially successful business) would be dead.


The huge blow of losing to Iceland will be cushioned by the fact the England players will now get a couple of weeks extra holidays doing whatever they want and going anywhere they want.

The easy living standards of our youth has also contributed, half them are overweight and technology has turned us in to a nation of weaklings. If there was a FIFA world cup on the PS4 or Xbox one we would win that hands down, but unfortunately for England playing computer games, smart phones, tablets and watching TV will not make a nation of sporting greats, it creates a nation of spoilt couch potatoes.


The “TV experts” claim if Roy Hodgson took this player or that player it would have been different, if he played this system, that system, wingers, holding midfielders, sweepers it would have been different. The truth is if England were anywhere near as good as we genuinely believe we are it would have been different, unfortunately for England fans and much to the amusement of me they are shit. Overpaid, over hyped and average at best and they will not improve until we admit there is a fundamental flaw in the English game and that flaw is money and greed. How many advertisements show England players cashing in on ads for corporations? Maybe if they spent less time acting like little corporate puppets, trying to sell shit to us as if they need the money and more time playing football they would improve.

FUCK FOOTBALL here’s Dele Alli’s girlfriend!




Recently Tyson Fury shocked the boxing world by beating Wladimir Klitschko on points in Germany, usually the media would be jumping on the new British champion band wagon in Tyson Fury’s case they are not! In fact Tyson Fury is being attacked on a daily basis, Tyson Fury should remember he’s a role model when he opens his mouth demands Verbal sewage poured out of Fury’s big mouth claims Colin Hart of the worst sewage in Britain, the Sun. Attacks also come from the disgusting warmongering and racist Daily Telegraph, Daily Mail and the Daily Mirror called him a heavyweight idiot. These attacks are as usual when it comes to mainstream media childish and disrespectful, the attacks are being aimed at Tyson Fury because of his religious and political views. As usual anybody that does not think the way that the media help to program us to think is a lunatic and an idiot.

I actually like Tyson Fury and FUCK the mainstream media, I’m not saying that I agree with everything he says but I do believe he is free to say whatever he wants, whether he is heavyweight champion or not! Does Alice Arnold from the Guardian demand that certain pop musicians should remember they are role models before sexing up and dumbing down their music? As always these misguided do gooders like Alice Arnold completely miss the point, Tyson Fury is a born fighter with gypsy blood, of coarse he ain’t going to be 100% politically correct to well off, middle class snobs like you! That don’t mean he is anymore hate filled than you, in fact in my experience the middle classes can be the most hate filled, closet racists out there.

The mainstream media is among the most hypercritical, judgmental, psychopathic, racist, hate spewed garbage in the country. They are highly hate filled and racist yet they spend much of their time accusing people of being hate filled and racist. Tyson Fury is a bully and a bigot who even lacks the courage of his convictions… there can be no excuses for his malicious views claims OLIVER HOLT FOR THE DAILY MAIL (Sunday Edition.)

The Daily Mail like all mainstream media in Britain hate and fear everything and everyone that is slightly different to them, they promote hate, racism and fear and they have the nerve to suggest Tyson Fury should remember he is a role model?