Social media is DEAD and ZUCKERBERG knows it.

Zuckerberg’s expression on the featured image (he looks like a little boy that has just dropped his double coned hundreds and thousands covered ice cream all other a dog shit covered floor)  tells you all you need to know about Facebook’s last few months. Their share price has dropped I wouldn’t say plummeted but maybe this is the start of a bad time for Facebook and other social media. Snapchat has also suffered from falling usage and a bad share price, they should have sold to Facebook when they had the chance.


What has led to this fall? Maybe it’s the political censorship of their own customers and users or maybe it’s the fact that Facebook users have become aware of how Facebook operate. Data misuses and abuses manipulation of Facebook feeds and the closure of political pages, movements and groups could also have contributed significantly. Whatever it is may the fall of Facebook be slow and painful and may Google and Apple be next.       

Theresa May wants new legislation to deal with the online abuse of politicians.

Poor Theresa May, poor Conservatives, poor politicians. Theresa May and many politicians are now fed up of being “abused” by people on social media. So much so that Theresa May is now desperate to sort the problem out once and for all with new legislation. Theresa May like David Cameron before her has already made it clear that she hates the internet, social media and freedom of speech in general. Her plans of a government controlled internet as spoke about before her FAILED general election were border lining psychopathic.

What Theresa May and the Conservative party fail to recognize is the mainstream media is just as abusive as people on social media and the abusive ignorance of many of our politicians is causing poverty, homelessness and desperation.

Surely a benefit sanction is a form of abuse especially when the people being sanctioned are already poor in some cases ill and literally are left without enough money to eat or pay rent. Most of the time the abuse comes as a direct consequence to MPs abusing power its called democracy.

The government love democracy when people are silent unfortunately (for the government) the internet has given people a voice. The mainstream media has exposed itself as being nothing but a mouthpiece and many people have taken to social media to express their hatred of the government. Many politicians have received abuse online but so have many celebrities, pop stars, youtubers and ordinary people. The fact Theresa May believes the political elite are the only ones that need protecting from online abuse shows her ignorance and exposes paranoia and fear in her.

She is weak. The internet is scaring her. They have lost the argument so now they wish to censor the argument (even more than what they already do.)

The abuse she suffers from is a retaliation for the hatred and coldness she has shown, it comes from the people the Conservatives attack. Like the riots between the 6th and 11th of August 2011, this is people venting their frustrations and like the government did with the rioters (using ridiculously harsh prison punishments) the government are now looking for a way to scare people in to submission, fear is their weapon of choice.

When the weird and strange become the norm.

It is a funny, strange world that we live in. I think the world has been normalized to most through the education system, media and just the fact that the weird becomes normal when we live through it everyday of our lives. If we were born in to a tribe of cannibals cannibalism would be a normal part of our lives but it does not mean it is actually normal or acceptable, it just means that our minds have been programmed to accept it as normal. A lot of things that are now considered to be normal would have been considered to be strange and alien to us as little as ten or twenty years ago.

For example it is now perfectly “acceptable” and “normal” for kids as young as ten (or even younger) to be on social media sharing pictures of themselves with the world. The trouble is (call me old fashioned if you will) its not normal its fucking disturbing actually (at least to me it is.)

It makes me ask what could be considered “normal” in another ten or twenty years time? As technology and the world moves towards virtual reality are we going to forget about actual reality? We shouldn’t because what happens in the virtual world of the internet can still have a huge impact on people in the actual real world and real reality.

In the days of the Victorians it was considered to be perfectly “normal” to hold on to the dead for months or years sometimes and even put them in to poses for photographs. Obviously this was mainly due to the high cost and rarity of having photographs taken at the time and peoples desperation to have something to remember their loved ones by but it is still very strange, scary, disturbing and dark to our modern day society. But ask yourself this; Is it anymore strange, disturbing and dark then children crying out for attention on Facebook? Is it any more strange, scary, disturbing and dark then clothing companies (like Primark) adding pad to make it look like young girls have breasts? I don’t believe it is. Why?

Because the Victorians were mourning their loses by doing this, this was done out of sadness and desperation not simply an attempt of gaining attention.



I have just started a brand new Facebook page! CLICK HERE TO VIEW NEW FACEBOOK PAGE or to Friend me click here  

This is at least the forth time I have started a Facebook page due to my other pages being highly censored, removed or access is denied to me (they ask for photo I.D I don’t have any, I even sent Facebook bank statements and utility bills but apparently that does not prove my identity.) The page still actually exists but I can not access it.

I was on Instagram but Instagram which is of course owned by Facebook have decided I am not allowed to use that service anymore either! Apparently I failed to obey their terms and conditions, I still have no idea how.

Facebook have obviously decided they are sick of me and they are sick of the truth. Facebook should be used for sharing sellfies and saying happy birthday not sharing ideas! Facebook is no place for the truth.

I don’t particularly give a fuck about Facebook, Instagram or any of the others but the fact they go through so much effort to keep me from using it makes me want to be a inconvenience to them and use  it more. CLICK HERE TO VIEW AND LIKE MY BRAND NEW FACEBOOK PAGE AND PLEASE SHARE 

How long before they ban me again???

They ask me stupid questions like the ones below.



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The Truth is Funnier than Fiction. FUNNY SHIT BY WOLVOMAN80

Wolvoman80 on David Cameron, Theresa May, Tablets, Smartphones, Positive thinkers, positive thinking, Stupidity, Mainstream media, Kim Kardashian, Facebook, Google, Social Media, Football, Schools, the News, Opening Kinder Eggs, Following Orders, Sheep, Prank, Idiot Planet, Brits, Donald Trump, Women, Cannabis laws, Police state, Britain, America, Stupidity, Politics, McDonalds, Coca Cola, Global Elite, ILLUMINATI.



The Truth is funnier than fiction. Firing David Cameron, Smartphones and Tablets


I actually believe that when I die I might discover this life was merely a huge prank, played on me. This prank consists of me being dumped in the middle of Idiot Planet, is this just a test to determine how long I can cope with living on the same planet as 7 billion idiots?

 Idiot politicians, Idiot teachers, Idiot celebrities, Idiot media, Idiot Judges, Idiot people and idiotic laws. The news we watch is usually about as enlightening as watching Idiots open kinder eggs on YouTube.

 I am not saying everyone in the world is an idiot but I am saying that nearly everyone I know is. If everyone in the world was an idiot the world would probably be better off. Because intelligent people that own huge businesses and make a lot of money manipulating and controlling the thoughts and therefore the actions of idiots is the real problem.


The simpleton masses are like “I love One Direction” or “I like football” Really? Well you’re just a fuckin product then. We only like and follow this shit because of the sick marketing tactics of huge multinational corporations and of course schools. Anything to keep our tiny little minds as far away from reality and important issues as possible, political corruption, corporate greed, bank bail outs, starvation, aristocracy, and hypocritical, oppressive system, shut up and watch the overpaid lame brains chasing balls.    

 People are like sheep they like to be among as many sheep as possible and they love to follow trends and people, they follow people on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google +, Pinterest, for fuck sake stop fucking following people that don’t even know or care that you exist and if they do know you exist it’s probably because creepy cyber stalking. They then follow the fashion trends set by the people that they follow on social media while following fake friends that they don’t even like to restaurants, clubs and pubs. Most of all they follow orders.

 Orders from governments, television, radio, military leaders, managers, managing directors, jobcentres, team leaders, teachers, courts, media, bosses, banks, bankers, judges, councils, universities, colleges, bailiffs, police, we follow orders from people that are following orders from richer people following orders all the orders essentially come from the same place, the fucking owners, your owners and my owners.

The Truth is funnier than fiction. Idiot Planet and the News.

WOLVOMAN80 on Facebook, Google, Social Media, Football, Schools, the News, Opening Kinder Eggs, Following Orders, Sheep, Prank, Idiot Planet and more.

The Truth is Funnier than Fiction. Idiot Planet and the News.


The Truth is Funnier than Fiction. Idiot Planet and the News BY WOLVOMAN80.

WOLVOMAN80 on Facebook, Google, Social Media, Football, Schools, the News, Opening Kinder Eggs, Following Orders, Sheep, Prank, Idiot Planet and more.

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There was a time that I had thousands of followers on Facebook, a post of mine would reach literally thousands if not tens of thousands of people and this allowed me to share and spread my videos freely, making Facebook an important tool for helping to spread my videos and message, I always had a problem with much of what Facebook was doing (tax evasion, political censorship and obscene greed) but for me Facebook was worth it due to the fact it helped introduce much of my audience. I used Facebook for four or five years in this time it allowed me to reach hundreds of thousands of people and gain thousands of followers from all over the world. Slowly but surely I began to notice my reach on Facebook was falling, it fell from tens of thousands to thousands, from thousands to hundreds and then from hundreds to sometimes struggling 20 people, from my perceptive what the fuck is the use in that? I tried Twitter but never really liked it or gained the same following as Facebook on it.

I shared many posts with falling reach for a while, by this time a Facebook post of mine was reaching 12 people at a time despite the fact I had thousands of followers on Facebook. I know that many other pages were suffering from the same problems, political messages, videos, blogs and posts are being hidden away from people followers of these pages.

I could reach more people by writing political messages on my fucking forehead or shouting them out of my window than I can reach on Facebook, it made Facebook a useless tool, it literally is not worth the tiny amount of effort it takes to sign in to the site.

This censorship and oppression of the truth is being practiced on nearly all social media at the moment including YouTube and the pathetic GOOGLE PLUS. I would close my GOOGLE PLUS account but as far as I know you cannot actually close your Google plus account without closing your YouTube channel (although I once read that Google were planning on changing it.)



Reverend Stephen Sizer was banned from social media for sharing so called anti-Semitic conspiracy theories on social media, his banned started in February 2015. His views on Israel being responsible for the 911 attacks in New York and Washington were deemed as racist and led to the ban on social media. The first question that comes to my mind is, how come accusing Islamic countries of the terror attacks is not anti Islamic, in fact it is encouraged and accepted. The Zionist controlled mainstream media are our only real source and guilty of much more racism and hate spreading than any “conspiracy theorist” I have ever watched.

Reverend Stephen Sizer is not the only man to fall victim to having his own mind, teachers have been fired for daring to tell our youth that maybe does not meet the eye when it comes to the 911 attacks.

Social media is now full blown censoring the truth and anybody that dare think for themselves. We are classed as racist, dangerous, hate filled, conspiracy theorists for accusing Israel of any involvement at all to the 911 attacks. Yet the racist, dangerous, hate filled mainstream media are attacking Islam and the middle east on a daily basis and that is acceptable!

Calling rich Zionists terrorists due to the murder, war and oppression of Palestine and the middle east is not acceptable to the pro Zionist and pro Israel controlled social media, yet calling Muslims that are in some cases desperately fighting for freedom, their lives and their children’s lives against human rights hating governments such as USA, UK and Israel is acceptable and will not be censored from Facebook, Twitter or YouTube. A famous quote that is apparently misattributed to Voltaire (as so many quotes seem to be) says “”To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize” the quote was actually made by an American white nationalist, neo-nazi, Holocaust denier, white separatist Kevin Alfred Strom! But no matter who made the quote, it is true.

The new Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn done what most Labour leaders have failed to do recently and that is defend freedom of speech. Corbyn said that Sizer was ‘under attack’ by a pro-Israeli smear campaign because he had ‘dared to speak out over Zionism!

I believe that Jeremy Corbyn has made a good start to his campaign for leadership of the Labour party, he speaks more like Tony Benn and less like Tony Blair and that is good but I fear he has an impossible mission. The mainstream media has a grip on peoples minds and they are not going to like Jeremy Corbyn (the Daily Mail have already made their hate for him clear) if the media don’t like him the people will soon follow, at least Jeremy Corbyn is not a Tory unlike Tony Blair and at least he seems clear on what he believes in unlike Ed Miliband.




I have been making and sharing YouTube videos for over 5 years and blogging since 2012 in that time I have used nearly every social media website that I can think of to help spread my videos and blogs, Facebook, Twitter, Pin it, YouTube, Google plus, live leak and many others. Recently I have closed my Twitter and Facebook accounts due to high levels censorship that these businesses now enforce, I believe internet giant corporations that now have a huge monopoly on the web are now ALL censoring the internet of information and slowing the spread of certain subjects on social media and the internet.

The media try to present internet censorship as important for national security like internet censorship is being implied to protect the people, they claim they are protecting us from extremism and radicalization, corrupt former MPs like Tony Blair (a man whose extremism and loyalty to corrupt mass media corporations is responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands innocent Iraqi’s) is now telling us that our lack of trust for his masters is dangerous, is it as dangerous as carrying on letting “the establishment” do what ever they want? I doubt it.

Their are some truly shocking and disturbing images and videos that can be found on the internet (none more shocking or as disturbing as Nicki Minaj) and obviously SOMETIMES these images should be removed in order to protect the innocent (children especially,) but censorship of political ideas and philosophies is not to protect us from poison ideologies, radicalization and extremism, if anything it will be a huge step to enslaving us and protect the establishment.

Extremism is according to our government anyone that disagrees or see through our government/establishment, if we think David Cameron is a Zionist, Bankers, corporate, hierarchy puppet, does that make us an extremist? Yes it does even if it is true, our government is built on lies they do not care so much for the truth. Nowadays we are extremists for thinking imperialistic wars are a bad thing or for believing Jewish billionaires have an unfair monopoly of our media, banks, internet and businesses. If we believe Israel actions in Palestine are war crimes that the Israeli government should be held accountable for we are paranoid nutters yet if we believe Islam is dangerous or if we believe in the Islamification of Britain, we are good, that seems to be in line with they way they want us to think.

When Facebook, Google, YouTube, Twitter or any of the other shitty social media is searching for “extremist material” to hide or remove from their shitty websites, who decides if it is extremist and worthy of censorship or the truth? How do Social media websites decide on what we can and cannot say? There seems to be no guidelines set out or explained by anyone and at the moment they just remove/hide whatever they want when they want with very little or no regards for our rights.


Mark Zuckerberg

Makes billions by spying on people and helps protect corrupt rich people.




The unfair, unjustified and illegal censorship tactics being employed by Facebook are actually much of the reason that I have decided to make this website. Mainstream social media is under government and corporate control. And people like Mark Zuckerberberg, Larry Page and Sergey Brin are among the puppets/bitches being used to control and slow the spread of information. The Elite are obviously scared and panicking because we know what they are, they are weak. Some people say they control everything, that is B.S! The truth is they control everything that is fake, fake music, fake websites in what people post fake statuses, to fake friends. They control fake music, TV and fake puppet politicians, that have no power but they have money and the illusion of power.

That is why it will take more than a few ugly computers geeks to hide the truth, in fact nothing will hide the truth and there is no point in censoring what we already know.