People say I have the wrong attitude towards work!

I am technically jobless, I was self employed but I am still going through an appeal to keep the right to be self employed. This forced me on to Britain’s new benefit system; Universal credit.

Universal credit on its own does not sound like a bad idea, it makes it much easier to switch between working and not working payments. In the old days people did not like to take temporary jobs due to the fear of losing benefits when that job had finished with Universal Credit that problem is gone, sounds good doesn’t it? My commitment with Universal Credit is that I will look for work at least 35 hours per week! And I will except any job that is plausible (whether it be temporary or permanent) within a 90 minute traveling time from my house.

Universal Credit is not designed to help people its designed to help big business because nearly one million people in Great Britain are now on zero hour contracts. A zero hour contract removes nearly all work rights and allows the business to employ depending on demand sometimes a percentage of the employers wage will even be paid by the government in grants to the business for “helping” people gain “vital work experience.” WHAT A SCAM.

With knowledge like this; how can you have the right attitude towards work? I spent the first fifteen years of my life after school on building sites, plastering and labouring. I plastered massive houses that I would never be able to afford on a plasterers wage for rich people to live in and corporations to make money from. People will always say “plastering pays well” and it does (though site work pays less it is more consistent) but plastering is hard work.

A plasterer is lucky to get to fifty, sixty years old and still be physically capable of doing his job effectively. Then what? Most are self employed therefore no redundancy, no pension (unless they paid in to one themselves) and no other work experience. I have seen and known plasterers finished due to injury at early as their twenties.

To make it worse nowadays they make it hard to get on site, a plasterer I know (a good one) struggles to read and write so when he comes to do the health and safety CSCS test he fails numerous times before passing all at a cost (obviously.) Yet college kids that have bought a book will pass these tests with flying colours and end up on paper at least looking more qualified for the job. So they want us to work but we have to pay for the privilege to work.

My attitude to work has changed in recent years I don’t believe anybody ever lay on their death beds and said “I wish I worked more” but many have said the opposite. We work for money yet the only thing that makes our money real is our belief in it. People that moan about other people claiming benefits and this and that are so shortsighted and brainwashed by our media they do not even realize that they are merely oppressing their own wages and lifestyles as well as everybody elses.

So yes I have a bad attitude towards existing for the sake of being a slave to a business that makes billions, pays no tax, exploits people around the world systematically and only cares for profit. I have a bad attitude towards working my whole life to pay my landlords mortgage.



Recently the British media and government seem to be obsessed with extremism and radicalization, I am getting sick of hearing the subject on the news. I believe extremism and radicalization is being used as an accuse to censor the web of information and even ideas. The government seem to be completely missing the point of freedom of speech, too much information does not create extremism and radicalization, it is a lack of information that real extremism and radicalization feeds on. The idea of freedom of speech is everybody gets listened to and given a chance to explain their ideas or information, people then decide who they agree with and what they believe considering all the information in front of them. It is a fact that some ideas and some information could be racist, biased, lies or even all three but I believe that if people are given the full story before deciding, from genuinely different angles (instead of newspapers that are all owned by a tiny group of rich people) most of the time people would come to the morally right decision.



In other words a fully educated and informed society are much less lightly to fall for the rants of simple minded racists! When we start hiding Ku Klux Klan opinions and comments we hide how stupid and idiotic those comments and opinions are. I know these opinions are sometimes offensive but they do not come with much logic. Take slavery and the slave trade, not all white people that used black people as slaves were evil, even if their actions were. The people were ill informed and told from birth that they are superior and sometimes even told that black people are not even people, information and knowledge is what stopped the evilness and cruelty of the slave trade and information and knowledge is what threatens to stop the evil gangsters that call themselves “the government” “the Royals” or “the elite”.

What is extremism and radicalization? Prince Charles said he was also concerned with the youth of Britain being radicalized, does he mean radicalized or does he mean awoken? How can a man that has never even come close to stepping foot in the real world be so judgmental on peoples beliefs?

Talking of radicalization in children Prince George is currently being told he was chosen by God to rule over us, if that is not radicalization what is?





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