Amnesia Haze from Next Generation on Dream Market

I have reviewed Amnesia Haze in the past and though I can not remember my exact thoughts on it at the time I remember it made me tired and sometimes gave me a headache. I also remember it being one of my least favorite strains. Some people did not like my review for Amnesia Haze and some informed me it is one of the better strains.

Since I write that review I have smoked Amnesia Haze numerous times and I have to admit that every time I have smoked it it has been better than the first amnesia Haze I have smoked.

Upon speaking to a grower about this he informed me that the chemicals used as fertilizers can cause headaches and this is especially true when the plant has not been “washed out” properly. By washed out they mean watered a few times towards the end with no added fertilizers.

Amnesia Haze from Next Generation on Dream Market is much better than the Amnesia Haze I reviewed a few months ago. In fact it is a very nice smooth tasting strain and loaded with THC crystals that can help you sleep without knocking you spark out. And this time I have had no headaches or insane tiredness at all.

Amnesia Haze is a very popular strain and it shows all over the dark net in a huge variety of prices. In fact I once seen it for $130 an oz on Silk Road (insanely cheap) and ordered it from an “highly rated” but pretty new vendor based in Poland. The order never shown up, I lost my money and have not used Silk Road since.

Highly rated, established, trusted vendors like NextGeneration is the safest way of ordering cannabis online, in my experience it always shows up. “Bargains” can sometimes be legit but they do come with a risk as I paid $130 to discover.

NextGeneration is highly established and a safe bet they also have a wicked selection of high quality cannabis. I highly recommend this vendor.   

NextGeneration is a very trustworthy and established vendor as shown below.

NextGeneration (17000) (4.94    )

Agora: 1000 deals, Ratings: 5/5
Nucleus: 831 Deals, Rating 4.91/5
11/04/2018 (today)

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Cannabis Strain review Gorilla Glue from NextGeneration on Dream Market

This week I have been smoking a strain of Cannabis called Gorilla Glue purchased from a vendor called NextGeneration on Dream Market. As usual with Dream Market the product is high quality, well grown and properly dried.

Gorilla Glue is an interesting strain of cannabis, not as strong smelling as some yet its loaded with crystals and is very potent. This strain is another strain that has the potential to help people that suffer from sleep disorders such as insomnia, its strong and makes you sleepy. It also helps your appetite and therefore it could be beneficial to people that suffer from certain eating disorders.

Gorilla Glue is potent but what makes Gorilla Glue stand out for me is its unique taste, its lovely. Gorilla Glue tastes savory, a little earthy, cool and smooth on the throat and very natural. Because of its potency it is not really a strain for beginners but seasoned smokers will most likely love it.

NextGeneration is a very trustworthy and established vendor as shown below.

NextGeneration (17000) (4.94    )

Agora: 1000 deals, Ratings: 5/5
Nucleus: 831 Deals, Rating 4.91/5
11/04/2018 (today)

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Trusted and highly rated vendor with HIGH quality cannabis on DREAM MARKET. Radarbreeder.

radarbreeder (1350) (4.97    )


24/01/2018 (today)
This week I have been smoking cannabis from Radarbreeder. I have had Amnesia Haze (a super strong and tiring strain of skunk great for people that suffer from sleep disorders, I guarantee you smoke a bit of good quality Amnesia Haze and you will sleep in fact staying awake becomes the problem.)
I also had Stardawg and Fromage Blue both are lovely smokes. This is a high quality vendor with very high quality weed and a very good rating of 4.97 (anything over 4.85 is good 4.97 is among the best I have seen. Lots of satisfied customers, I strongly recommend this vendor. All his products are high quality so what you purchase is a question of taste.


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SOUR DIESEL from Mr Cronk on Dream Market Cannabis REVIEW

This week I have been smoking Sour diesel from a Dream Market vendor called Mr Cronk. Mr Cronk is a highly rated established and trusted vendor with a good selection of Cannabis.

The Sour diesel from Mr Cronk is nicely grown and dried. It is very dense and therefore grinds up nicely. It smells earthy and fresh. I love the effects of sour diesel it is literally numbing, relaxing and does not cause as much tiredness and fatigue as other cannabis strains do.

Sour Diesel is highly used by medical patients due to its ability to numb pain it is also sometimes used against things like depression and insomnia. Like the Lemon Sour Diesel, Sour Diesel is a nice smoke with calming effects. It is definitely among my favorites for its unique taste and its numbing effects.

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CANNABISPARK recommended and TRUSTED vendor on Dream Market.

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Amnesia Haze X Lemon Skunk is highly recommended.



Cannabis Review; Afghan Kush

This week I have been smoking Afghan Kush! Afghan Kush’s roots trace back to the Hindu Kush mountain range near the Afghanistan-Pakistan border. First thing I noticed about Afghan Kush is the smell or lack of it, it has hardly any smell at all which is surprising because it is also high in THC. Even when smoking the smell is minimal.

Afghan Kush tastes sweet to smoke and despite its lack of smell it does hit you. The effects are relaxation, happiness, laziness and hunger, man this shit makes you eat. Sweets and chocolate taste like kebab does to a piss-head. Its not a deep lost in thought effect that super silver haze or G13 offer its just a sit down and watch a documentary type effect.

The more I smoke this strain the more I like it. I was unimpressed with the first couple of joints I smoked but that was due to a lack of understanding of it. Again like many strains good for suffers of insomnia and people with eating disorders (not fat people shit keep it away from fat people.)

Afghan Kush is a lovely sweet tasting strain that I would definitely buy again, make sure that your house is full of junk food to save you a visit to the shop because you will eat. I might go to Afghanistan’s Hindu Kush mountain range in pursuit of more actually seconds thoughts I’m going to grab a packet of crisps, and a few chocolate bars and watch a documentary about String Theory.

Afghan Kush 8.1

Best so far…

G13 HAZE 9.4

Super Silver Haze 9.1


Critical Kush 8.4

Lemon Sour Diesel 8.2

The Ultimate 8.2

Afghan Kush 8.1

Moroccan Pollen Hash 8.1

Amnesia Haze 7.9

White Widow 7.7

Jack Herer  7.5

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Buy Weed! Why I recommend Dream Market and a few trusted vendors.

Its no secret I smoke weed! I hope I don’t end up being arrested and left to rot in a jail cell because of this blog because it may be slightly incriminating! But if they are willing to throw me in to jail because I used to buy tiny amounts of weed on-line (3 grams usually and that would last me a week) after destroying my growing equipment then surely they could never deny being absolute fascist control freaks. For me this is about freedom and taking control from the insanely greed pharmaceutical corporations and establishment and handing it back to the people. And about weed! DUH.

I was recently arrested for growing weed and this led to my equipment and weed being taken from me and destroyed (which nearly led to the death of my lemon tree that also thrived in the same conditions but it survived!) I have only recently moved to where I live and I know very few people around here which made getting weed pretty difficult. Determined to find a way of getting weed without traveling back to my home city I discover Silk Road. I began to use Silk Road and I was satisfied until the recent hack because of the hack I moved to Dream Market.

When I started using Dream Market I was impressed with the cheapness and service it offered that was until my postman got wise and began tampering and not delivering my mail. This caused problems and without problems you do not really find out how good or trustworthy a service is because everything is great when its all running smoothly.

After losing one in the mail I informed the vendor that I purchased my weed from, I expected no reply he already had my Bitcoin and I did not get a reply until the next day. I was surprised when he offered to reship for free of charge. Whats more is I ordered some THC chocolate from a different vendor the order took a few days to come through so I assumed it was “lost” in the post and by lost in the post I mean in some happy postman’s gut. I informed the vendor and he also offered a reship if it did not show within the next couple of days! It showed so there was no need for him to do so but like the other vendor he already had my money and therefore he could have ignored me and my complaints but he also acted fairly and helpfully.

These people are dismissed as “dodgy” drug dealers by our society but these people are just trying to make a living like the rest of us. They are also offering a good service and genuinely care about the service they offer which for my money makes them trusted vendors.



Offered reship I don’t want to say too much about the product because I might review it later.



Reshipped free of charge after my parcel was lost in post!

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Cannabis review; SUPER SILVER HAZE.

Wow lucky me I got my hands on some Super Silver Haze exciting times. I love the smell of super silver when its fresh its fruity, hazey and just smells fresh, super silver is a lovely smelling skunk. It also smokes lovely and is VERY strong. Effects include intense paranoia, questioning of reality and maybe a little bit of over thinking! This kind of skunk is why many people hate marijuana its the kind that makes you reminisce all the bad things that you have done in your life and it refreshes the guilt, not everybody’s idea of a good time really, but I still love it in fact it is among my favorites.

The taste when smoking is very clean and smooth its almost cool and gentle on the throat no harshness at all. Not at all one for beginners but hardcore smokers (like me) will love this strain.

Super Silver Haze Scores; 9.1


Alcohol, Drugs and Corporate Junk food WTF is the point?

Is there a worse feeling than waking up after a night out of drinking in which you over did it? For me it has to be one of the worst feelings I have ever experienced. Headaches, feeling sick, cold sweats and a feeling of worthlessness and emptiness. Alcohol was never good enough for me I didn’t like the way it made me feel, the merry stage is nice but once we get past that stage we tend to end up on the making a complete fool out of yourself stage. Then we have the room spinning stage and being violently sick stage. I remember one time in my youth on standing at a sink that I had just about manged to get to knowing I was going to puke, I was looking at the taps thinking to myself “what the fuck is happening to the taps? Why are they moving?” as they quickly moved away from me. Next thing I remember is waking up on my back next to the sink with my own vomit all over me!

Experiences like that is exactly why I do not like alcohol, I hardly ever drink. People like drink because they believe alcohol gives you confidence and courage but the truth is it does not give you confidence nor courage it gives you a dysfunctional, unconscious brain. It makes you temporarily stupid, so stupid that you can not even comprehend your own stupidity, you can’t be self conscious when you are unconscious.

Weed is different to alcohol and though some people do not believe weed has the same social benefits as alcohol its not actually true. Weed comes in huge variety there are “skunks” out there that actually make you talkative as well as others that can make you laugh. Obviously there are also skunks out there that can make you over think and too much of some will make you paranoid but the right skunk can definitely be used sociable.

If you want to test the difference between alcohol and skunk on your brain try playing a computer games while drunk, its literally impossible. Yet Cannabis and computer games, puzzles, music, art and all sorts of creative ideas go hand in hand.

I always find ironic yet pretty typical that the drug (herb) that makes you think and conscious is made illegal and the drug that makes you stupid and dysfunctional is not only accepted and fully legal but freely marketed to the youth by corporations everywhere.

Why do tobacco companies get hit with all kinds of regulations and taxes when alcohol companies seem to carry on freely distributing and marketing their products? I know alcohol companies have been hit with higher taxes but the cost of cigarettes is ridiculous and the new packets and warnings are patronizing and stupid. I hear the non smokers now “smoking kills” as they eat themselves to death with a selection of chemically enhanced corporate junk.

I am a nicotine addict but lucky for me cannabis controls the amount of nicotine I consume. I tend to smoke four or five joints a day and that may sound bad to some people but without cannabis I would easily smoke 35, 40 cigarettes per day maybe more. Somebody that smokes as much as me and earns as little is obviously not going to buy cigarettes at over ten pound for twenty. So I buy rolling tobacco which is also much more expensive than it used to be but still more affordable. And though some rolling tobaccos are disgusting and strong some are quite nice.

I would like to know how you could justify the price of cigarettes at the moment “it goes to the NHS” they say but heres a question; How much do Coco Cola, McDonalds, Pepsi and all the over providers of corporate junk food that statistically cost the NHS at least as much as illnesses from tobacco products pay?


Living in the UK I have smoked a fair amount of cheese at one time everybody had cheese it was everywhere. The first thing you will notice with Cheese is its very strong sour smell hence its name. Cheese also stinks when you smoke it its a very strong smell that travels for miles and lingers.

As explained in previous blogs haze is usually my favourite smoke but I don’t mind cheese. Cheese is strong but also uplifting and has the tendency to make people happy, despite its very strong smell and taste I have always noticed it is sometimes not as strong as the smell suggests. Like many skunks Cheese is expensive and in the UK it is massively popular despite its very high price (it will usually cost at least ten pound for sometimes as little as 0.7 of a gram though it can be found cheaper depending on location and source.)

Cheese is defiantly worth a try if you have never tried it if only for its strong taste and smell. But I find it too pricey its a good solid skunk and is just plainly over priced.

CHEESE scores 8.7

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I love weed and I love blogging so I have decided that I am going to begin reviewing strains of weed that I get access to. The first being Jack Herer.

Jack Herer was created in the Netherlands in the mid-1990s, where it was later distributed by Dutch pharmacies as a recognized medical-grade strain. I first tried Jack Herer in Amsterdam when I was in my early twenties and I remember it starting ridiculous giggling fits so when I got my hands on it again years later I was pretty excited.

When I first light it I taste a bit of haziness crossed with traditional skunk its a nice tasting smoke. In strength it is not the strongest and does not make you feel tired in fact you can almost fully function when you are smoking Jack Herer.

In effects of Jack Herer are good it makes you ridiculously happy, giggly and calm and their is no paranoia from it as there is with some of the very strong skunks. Jack Herer defiantly has a creative feel to it. Jack Herer tends to be expensive.

I would say Jack Herer is a good skunk for a beginner, a writer or somebody attempting something creative. Full blown weed heads (like me) might want something a touch stronger for the night but this skunk is uplifting and can be smoked anytime of the day without ruining your day.

Jack Herer Scores 7.5/10

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Dad reveals son cut off his own penis while high on skunk!

Click here to listen to the full shocking interview!

Teenage rugby player cut off penis while high on skunk, says father who wants drug made Class A

A teenage rugby player cut off his own penis and stabbed his mother while high on skunk, his father has revealed, as he called for the drug to be reclassified.

The father, named only as Nick because he wants to remain anonymous as his son is rebuilding his life, is backing Lord Nicholas Monson’s campaign to have skunk reclassified from a class B to a class A drug and for the traditional weaker form of cannabis to be decriminalised.

Lord Monson launched his call following the suicide of his 21-year-old son Rupert, who was addicted to skunk.

Nick, speaking for the first time in an interview with Radio Five Live, said his son, a county rugby player, started smoking “weed” when he was around sixteen and a half before switching to skunk because of “boredom”.

That was the beginning of what Nick said his son would describe as “two and a half years of hell” which culminated in a psychotic episode.

His son went from a “very bright, bubbly lad” to a “waste of space”. The teenager became delusional and paranoid, including sleeping “with a tennis racket in his bed because he thought people were living in the walls”.

The first thing I think when I read this story is, this explains why so many people hate and fear cannabis. Absolute fear mongering propaganda and far from accurate. I doubt very much that skunk would make you cut your own penis off. I would like that know if this “anonymous source” was on any other drugs at the time.

The story of the skunk somehow causing somebody to cut off his own penis is not only story on Cannabis this week. I have noticed in recent years how the media try to present skunk as a much more dangerous drug than normal weed but as usual these claims are not scientifically backed up.

The Guardian decide a more sensible and believable approach in their attempts of demonizing Cannabis (again imparticularly skunk.)

I fear skunk has claimed our son – but his siblings come to the rescue

Our house is filled with tattooed and pierced twentysomethings. Guitars are propped against walls. There is loud piano-playing. But none of the children is living the rock’n’roll lifestyle. Megan is teetotal, preferring herbal tea to vodka, and when Lily isn’t at a gig, she likes an early night with a good book. They are all past their teenage rebellions, but close enough to remember the details, and that’s what I’m clinging to because I’m worried about Zac, our youngest.

We rarely get more than a grunt out of him. He has taken to leaving the house without telling me where he is going. Sometimes he stays out all night, depriving his father and me of sleep as we check our mobiles and worry. Zac’s behaviour is ringing alarm bells, so it is a relief to have three interpreters who still speak fluent “teenager”, one of them an ex-stoner. Zac reminds me of his older brother, Jake, when he began to smoke skunk, a drug that I hadn’t heard of before it transformed my smiling child into a red-eyed stranger scowling from under his hoodie.

By the time he was 16, Jake was virtually feral, running with a crowd of teenagers at night, disappearing into dark London parks, refusing to listen to me. I could cry, plead, shout, persuade. Nothing worked.

It wasn’t until Jake left school with no plan, becoming a bike courier, that he realised that he didn’t want this to be his life. He stopped smoking, retook his exams, went on to get a first-class degree and is now doing an MSc. He is the person he was supposed to be before he got derailed by a habit shared by so many of his contemporaries.

Jake sits me down and explains that skunk is about bonding over something dangerous, and that boys are more prone to smoking, especially outsiders, because the drug erases social anxiety, makes people confident and relaxed; all I can think is, of course that would appeal to Zac, why wouldn’t it?

With Jake I was unprepared for his insidious slide into being a stoner, not recognising the signs, such as his tendency to hide in his room and avoid all contact with his family. I mustn’t make that mistake twice.

Ed and I ask Zac outright if he is using skunk. He shrugs. “No.”

I’m not convinced, and when I am putting his T-shirts away, I have a quick look through his other drawers, remembering that that is how I first found the stash of grass in Jake’s room. There is nothing that shouldn’t be there, except a pale, gritty substance that I eventually work out is the calcium he dips wax worms in before he feeds them to his leopard gecko.

“He’s not smoking at home,” Jake says. “I’d know. We’d be able to smell it. And he doesn’t turn up for meals high.”

“What?” I stare at him aghast. “Did you?”

“Yeah,” he admits.

“How did we not know that?”

“I kept my head down to hide my eyes, and I never said anything.”

“Zac doesn’t say anything!” I wail – getting back to the original problem.

Jake shrugs. “It’s different. He’s never talked much.”

Both girls remember Jake’s lost years, too. Megan points out that, in contrast, Zac’s grades are holding up OK. He is not failing at school. He is even doing some revision. He can be found with his textbooks at breakfast, dropping bits of porridge on the pages while he eats. “And if we do discover that he has a skunk problem,” Jake says, “you stop any cash. No money at all. That way he has nothing to buy it with.”

“But he doesn’t, Mum,” Lily says.

“We’ll tell you if we think he’s smoking,” Megan says. “We’re on his case.”

I sit with my head in my hands, all those awful memories coming back: Jake punching a hole in the wall, screaming at me to leave him alone, gaming in a darkened room for hours. “I failed you, didn’t I?” I ask Jake. “I had no idea how to help.”

“How could you have known?” he says kindly. “You did your best, Mum.”

I do blame myself though, for those years when my elder son took the wrong turn and let his future slip through his fingers. We were lucky that he was able to turn it around. I can’t let the same thing happen to my younger son. But it’s different now, I remind myself, it’s not just me and Ed parenting Zac, it’s the whole village.



I love weed! It’s my favourite “drug” in the world, I don’t even see it as a drug and I believe it has health benefits. Cannabis is a hangover free miracle drug as for as I am concerned but despite cannabis being loved and used daily by many people it is also hated and viewed as dangerous by many others. Many people have a strange perceptive of Cannabis but where does this perception come from? I believe cannabis could be too good for its own good better and safer than anything a pharmaceutical business can conjure up so they fear the competition it brings. A pharmaceutical corporation is still a corporation their primary goal is to make money by creating profitable products if a corporation does want to oppress certain drugs that could be threat to their profit lobbying gives them a chance of doing it.

I am quite surprised Britain has not legalized cannabis yet because the potential for them to tax it and make huge amounts of money from it is undoubtedly there. You could argue that everybody would simply grow but growing takes huge amounts of time and effort plus a large electric bill so their will always be a good demand for Cannabis for medicinal and recreational use.

There has been calls for the legalisation of the cultivation, sale and use of cannabis in recent years but the government have ignored demands and smokers, growers, buyers and sellers are still victimized by the police and face unfair treatment as well as a potential prison sentence.

In 2011, the Global Commission on Drug Policy backed by Richard Branson and Judi Dench called for a review. The Home Office response on behalf of the Prime Minister was: “We have no intention of liberalising our drugs laws. Drugs (sic) are illegal because they are harmful — they destroy lives and cause untold misery to families and communities.”

In 2012, a panel of MPs, as well as deputy prime-minister Nick Clegg, recommended that drug policy be reformed, as the current policy does not adequately deal with the problem. David Cameron rejected the idea, conflicting with comments he made in 2005 while competing for Conservative Party Leadership.

In 2015, James Richard Owen, an economics student at Aberystwyth University, started a petition on the UK Government’s official petitions website calling for the legalisation of the cultivation, sale and use of cannabis; As of 28 September 2015 it had gathered 218,995 signatures, far in excess of the 100,000 needed for it to be considered for debate in Parliament. Parliament debated this petition on the 12th October 2015.

In March 2016, the Liberal Democrats became the first major political party in the UK to support the legalisation of cannabis.

This is about freedom of choice in my opinion a government should have no right in being involved in such trivia bullshit and people should definitely not be in prison for ANY offense that involves Cannabis or any other drug unless people are forcing the drugs on to other people or selling to kids.

When the government say “they (drugs) destroy lives and cause untold misery to families and communities” they are right but in most cases the government make it that way. How fathers have ended up in prison over a petty drug crime? Drug addicts should be helped not punished if punishing people that take drugs “to protect people from drugs” worked there would be no drug addicts.

By punishing drug users and therefore addicts the government are not only not helping people that need help but they are attacking people that in some cases need help.

But as usual instead of solving the problem or working around it (because not all drug use is a problem) the government decide to create a larger problem and the media create misconceptions and too many people fall for the false information they tell us. These people than somehow in their mind justify imposing their will on to everybody with a “my addiction is better than your addiction”mentality



I believe a 20 year study of the Daily Mail would demolish claims that reading it is harmless.

The terrible truth about cannabis: Expert’s devastating 20-year study finally demolishes claims that smoking pot is harmless

  • One in six teenagers who regularly smoke the drug become dependent
  • It doubles risk of developing psychotic disorders, including schizophrenia 
  • Heavy use in adolescence appears to impair intellectual development
  • Driving after smoking cannabis doubles risk of having a car crash 
  • Study’s author said: ‘If cannabis is not addictive then neither is heroin’ 

Pot lovers light up as Washington legalizes marijuana

Crooks growing cannabis are caught after neighbours notice all the snow had melted from their roof

  • House in Haarlem, Netherlands had snow free roof despite heavy snowfall
  • Police officers were suspicious as to why the snow had melted so quickly 
  • They raided house and discovered it was being used as a cannabis farm 
  • Dutch police are increasingly looking at snow-free roofs as possible evidence of a building being secretly used as a marijuana factory 
  • Locals are unhappy however, raising concerns that innocent families with a sauna in their loft conversion may also find themselves raided

Cannabis ‘kills 30,000 a year’

by JENNY HOPE, Daily Mail


Hyperactivity and aggression? Obviously who ever wrote this has never smoked Cannabis.

Smoking cannabis can lead to manic behaviour: Hyperactivity, aggression and delusion are all strongly linked with the drug, researchers warn

  • Scientists found a ‘significant link’ between marijuana and manic episodes
  • Mania includes symptoms such as depression, anger and aggression
  • Also includes hyperactivity, less need for sleep and feelings of elation 
  • In extremes, can cause people to become delusional and hear voices
  • Cannabis can make mania worse in people with bipolar disorder, they said


Reading the Daily Mail is known to have similar effects!

Smoking cannabis every day ‘warps your brain and shrinks grey matter’, scientists warn

  • Scientists at the universities of Texas and New Mexico found the drug does warp key structures in the brain
  • Regular use shrank ‘grey matter’ – the cells that process information
  • ‘White matter’ that connects different parts of the brain, grows to compensate but also breaks down impairing ability to react to information

Cannabis users ‘have lungs of 80-year-olds’: Doctors warn people are turning up at A&E with new form of emphysema after using drug for less than ten years

  • Many, who are just in their 30s, are in need of long-term oxygen therapy
  • One patient in Bangor, north Wales, is now awaiting a lung transplant
  • Cannabis-tobacco mix damaging because often smoked without filter
  • Emphysema normally caused by tobacco and usually occurs late in life

Teenagers who smoke cannabis daily are 60% less likely to finish school – and are more likely to commit suicide, experts warn

  • Study by University of New South Wales, Australia found that regular teenage cannabis users are seven times more likely to attempt suicide
  • They are eight times much more likely to use other drugs later on
  • Experts hope their research will be taken into account when considering whether it is a good idea to legalise the drug

Is this what would happen if cannabis was legal in Britain? Suicides, killings and toddlers in hospital with overdoses – TOM LEONARD visits Colorado, where marijuana has just been legalised

  • Peter Williams says he can make $1billion in three years growing the drug
  • Drug baron is trying to make his business into ‘McDonald’s of marijuana’
  • Since January 1, more than 200 dispensaries have been set up in Denver

The man killed by cannabis: 53-year-old died after four joint-a-day habit triggered fatal heart condition

  • John O’Brien, 53, died in September 2014 from ‘cannabis cardiotoxicity’
  • Coroner ruled marijuana caused a deadly drop in blood pressure
  • He had been smoking £25 worth of cannabis a week for 10 years 
  • Smoked to cope with the loss of job and relationship after a car crash
  • His grieving family are now warning of the dangers of the drug 

Abused, imprisoned Vietnamese slave away in UK’s cannabis farms – TRFN

Smoking skunk was scarier than war, says Jon Snow: News host explains how he felt ‘utterly bereft’ after taking drug as part of experiment to show effects on the brain

  • Channel 4 News host smoked strong cannabis for a scientific experiment
  • It was part of a programme to show effect of ‘skunk’ on the human brain
  • But he said taking the drug left him more terrified than any war zone 
  • Study also saw former MP Matthew Parris and BBC royal correspondent Jennie Bond take part  

Both would mean people would be having too much fun!

Florida might have to choose between casino and marijuana

Marijuana is ‘significantly’ SAFER than thought: Cannabis is 114 times LESS deadly than alcohol, claims study

  • Results were based on estimating the typical human intake of each drug
  • Scientists then combined that figure with what constitutes a lethal dose
  • Alcohol was the deadliest drug, followed by heroin, cocaine and tobacco
  • Researchers had previously said it is almost impossible for people who smoke large amounts of cannabis to overdose on the drug