A thousand charity shops and yet the homeless are still everywhere!

I come from a poverty stricken (for the most part) city called Wolverhampton. I spent most of my life living around poverty lucky for me my family was not really affected by the poverty that surrounded us. A few years ago for the sake of my family (my kids at least) I decided that the time has come to get out of Wolverhampton. We moved to a lovely posh area of natural beauty called Church Stretton. Church Stretton is a place of high wealth and low intelligence high ignorance but low compassion and so on. Most of the people that live in Church Stretton have a Country Bumpkin mentality, the place is under the Ludlow constituency and is a Tory safe seat.

The youth in Church Stretton have lots of money but they would shit bricks if faced with the average city or even town. I hated it! Nowadays I live in Shrewsbury, Shrewsbury is known to be posh (at least compared to where I come from.)

Yet if you were to walk around Shrewsbury you would still witness much homelessness and shocking levels of poverty. Not as bad as Wolverhampton or Birmingham but still pretty bad considering the money that many people in Shrewsbury have.

Shrewsbury also has a HUGE selection of “charity shops.” Despite these many Charity shops the homeless in and around Shrewsbury are still offered no support or help whatsoever. Why is this the case? I believe its pretty simple. Charity shops are a fucking rip off! They are ripping off the naive that donate. These Charity shops are collecting for Hope House, Cancer Research, British Heart Foundation, British red cross, Oxfam, Shropshire Cat rescue (literally a crazy old woman that has loads of cats in her house and collects charity for them and STILL sells the cats at a profit as well) and many others.

So in a town that is full of homelessness and poverty (in places) these “charities” are collecting for animals that can survive without charity. I can not think of a single charity shop in Shrewsbury that actually collects for the homeless. I do not believe these people should have to rely on charity but we live in Tory Britain so they do.

The charity shops in Shrewsbury are usually overpriced (considering they live off donations) and NOT working at all (at least not for the people that need charity.)

This is what the corporate takeover of charity has caused, these people/shops do not care one little bit for the homeless all they care about is money. I find it disgraceful that animals and corporations like Cancer research (oppressors of natural remedies and sales people for corporate made drugs that are usually equally as dangerous as cancer) are prioritized and the poor are still ignored.

That is why I believe a full blown boycott of these “charities” is required instead of giving your old clothes to these PARASITES you would probably be better off giving them straight to the homeless or at least find a small charity that has not yet lost their soul.



A night in custody, I was arrested and cautioned!

A couple of nights ago I was arrested for assault by beating! I spat at somebody and behaved like a true dick and I am truly ashamed of my actions. I am a dick sometimes and I can be a horrible person, I reacted badly to something that somebody said to me and I am sorry, I deserved to be arrested. I have actually done it to somebody else in the past which was also bought up so was cautioned for them both, I deserved what I got and I am truly ashamed.

Upon entering the house the police found four cannabis plants, again I was arrested and cautioned and the plants taken from me. I can’t say I deserved that its only weed but the police follow the law and them coming to my house in the first place was MY fault and therefore them taking the plants is MY fault.

I was in Shrewsbury police station and being in Custody was shit, it was horrible there no clock so I never had any idea of the time, all I could think about was my kids, I was desperate for a shower as I was just getting ready to have one before they come (I stunk) and it was one of the worst experiences of my life, I was in for about 16 hours.

As horrible as the experience was I have to give credit to Shrewsbury’s police officers. I was treated with respect and fairly. I mention this because my blogs are always attacking the police force in Britain but my experience reminded me that most policemen and policewomen are just honest people doing their jobs in very shit circumstances, I would be the first to complain if I was unfairly treated so I will be fair and balanced say this time I was impressed with the professionalism of all the police that were involved and I genuinely believe there would be far fewer complaints if all police nationwide were the same, thank you.