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Watching BBC report the Paris terrorist attack was shocking to me, I know that the attack was terrible, terrorism is always terrible, no matter who causes it and no matter where it is. Terrorism is terrible in France, terrible in Palestine, terrible in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya. Barrack Obama claimed the attack was cowardly, was it as cowardly as sending drones?

David Cameron claimed that he stands for freedom of speech, freedom of expression and democracy, really? Because last time I checked David Cameron was fighting for Internet censorship and actually attacking our freedom of speech, he used his speech at the United Nations to attack political activism, political activism that he claims can cause terrorism, he accuses political activists, journalists and anybody that disagrees with him of being an extremist. Last time I checked David Cameron fought for lobbyists, he used corporate propaganda and lies to win an election and still did not win out right.

I am not supporting ISIS (who are by the way funded for and armed by the US, John McCain told me) I am simply pointing out the fact that Obama and David Cameron have caused more war and terror then ISIS. 12 people died in France and BBC news reported it was “probably the worst terrorist attack ever committed in France!” Where as Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan suffer attacks that kill hundreds on a much more regular basis. David Cameron and Barrack Obama who both claim to be against terrorism have not only supported terrorism in Palestine but have also committed terrorism acts in Libya, like Blair and Bush committed terrorism in Iraq and Afghanistan. Cameron and Obama are suddenly talking like they are freedom fighters again, fighting a war for our freedom against these evil terrorists that have no respect for Human Rights, despite the fact that they also have no respect for human rights.

Our government will use this attack as an excuse for more power to the police, heightened security and more control. It taken Nigel Farage less than 24 hours to blame the immigrants and immigration policy of France for the attack and people will be outraged by Nigel Farage using this as a way to popularize himself and it is disgraceful, but lets be honest we know that every high ranking politician from the big four political parties are going to attempt to use this attack as either a way for them to push new legislation and laws or another way to pass blame on to immigrants and Muslim people, because that what politics is, politics is a battle for control, money and interference.



First Published 8/1/2015


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Mark Zuckerberg

Money definitely can not buy good looks! The owner of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg is so ugly you kind of expect to see a bit of dribble on his cheek or a few baked beans on his face, I bet his shirt is covered with his last meal.


GENERAL ELECTION 2015 COMING SOON. Which Israeli supporting, corporate puppet Zionist are you going to vote for?

GENERAL ELECTION 2015 COMING SOON. David Cameron should be aware that it will take more then low petrol prices and a slight improvement in the economy to make people forget that he is a corrupt, untrustworthy, war mongering, snobbish, greedy, lying, PONCE.

Our idiotic, delusional world leaders walk through France holding hands to show unity against terrorism yet about 20000 children die everyday through hunger related illnesses, due to the greed and ignorance of our world leaders and their bosses (BANKERS, CORPS ANYONE WITH RIDICULOUS AMOUNTS OF MONEY)

Ed Miliband and the Labour party have promised not to spend the election build up bashing Tory policies, I would advise against this, because NOBODY in Britain who votes for Ed Miliband will vote for him because they like Ed Miliband, they will vote for him because they hate David Cameron.