Child Abuse and Cover up in the UK education system exposed by Kathleen Simpson

Having really enjoyed my work for the previous 5 years working with pupils in a Local Authority EBD (Emotional & Behavioural difficulties) School, I never would have imagined that morning what would later transpire and how it would change my life irreversibly.

I worked with pupils on a one to one basis to help them catch up, as many had either truanted, been excluded or had been unable to keep up in the classroom.

Just before it began, I felt as happy in my work as anyone could. Believing that I worked among honest, trustworthy and professional colleagues. Some I would have considered to be friends that I trusted.

I was soon to find out that this was far from the case.

I had noticed one boy, ….. had been out of class a lot. So when he came in to do his work with me I raised this with him. It went something like this..

Me: “What the heck are you doing being sent out of class, when we are working for you to catch up?”

Him: “I only get sent out of English”

Me: “English Matters!”

Him: “If I stay in English, I’ll be gay”

Me: “How will English make you gay?”

Him: “Mr ………. is a child molester, so I throw a chair as soon as I go in so I get sent out then he can’t touch me.

Me: “Do you want to tell me about it?”

Him: “He makes me, …. and …. sit at the back of the class on 3 separate desks, he sits on the chair next to us, pretends to look at our work and touches us under the desk”

Me: “Don’t worry, you’ve done the right thing. I do have to pass this on though”

I advised him to just finish his work, told him that I’d be back in a few moments because I had to inform the Child Protection Officer who was also the DH (Deputy Head). I reported this disclosure to DH who said he would inform H (Headteacher) and that H could go back to my work, which I did.

I had no sooner re-seated myself at my desk when H burst into the room, pointed at me and angrily directed me “You, My room. Now!” Following him to his room, I was thinking, Somehow he’d gotten the wromg end of the stick, that he thought the allegation was about me. So I was not too bothered at that point.

Into his room we go and I’m starting to explain “The allegation isn’t about me!” He pointed at me and spoke in a threatening tone “Shut up and forget about it if you value your job”  I was shocked beyond shocked. the ground had just disappeared. I tried reasoning that my contract of employment clearly stated that I must comply with the Child Protection Policy and ensure any disclosure is reported and recorded. He said “So you’re snowballing this and putting yourself outside of my team?” I told him I couldn’t just forget it, I needed it to be recorded. As I left work that day, I felt in an impossible position. I didn’t know quite what to do. It troubled me greatly throughout the whole night. I decided to take the day off (the day after the disclosure) I felt quite ill actually and called in sick. I took myself off to the UNISON office as I was a member of the union. I spoke to a man there who was very helpful, he advised me to write the account down, to give it to them, they would then stamp it with the union stamp and send it on so it could not be ignored. I did as he advised, thinking that the union involvement would help resolve all this. As I left the union office, the man I had been dealing with told me to keep him informed and to let him know should anything happen as a result of the letter.

The next day I went into work, H took me into his office stating “This is not a punishment but you are not needed in that job anymore” He was smirking “You will just go wherever you are needed or photocopying” telling me that another member of staff would do my job from now on.  Bear in mind that I was the only person who held that position in the school.

What a difference a day makes. I now found myself going into a workplace where suddenly my friendly colleagues wouldn’t even look at me, let alone speak to me. I would be sent to a classroom to be told by the teacher “I don’t need you in here” emphasis being on the word ‘you’.

I also contacted Social Services (the pupil that had made the initial disclosure was in Local Authority care), the Police, who told me to leave it in the hands of the school and called the NSPCC, they also said to leave it in the hands of the school. I had applied to be a foster carer and had just completed the vetting process successfully. The process had involved interviewing my colleagues, line managers and employers. I was told I had received glowing references. Now, only weeks later H was claiming that I had an attitude problem, that I was hostile and aggressive with staff, pupils and parents. H stated he did not like my attitude. In fact H and DH took me into my room to tell me this, they later stated that this was a disciplinary.

My job had been taken from me, a job that I’d earned praise from OFSTED shortly beforehand. So I went back to the union after work to see the rep who was dealing with my case. Surprisingly I was told he didn’t work there any more, he had moved. The day before he had told me to go back to see him if anything happened but now he wasn’t there. I had a new union rep appointed who arranged a meeting in the council offices with a member of staff from the Department of Education. My doctor had declared me unfit for work due to work related stress due to the various symptoms I was suffering.

As I waited in the meeting room I overheard some talking outside the door, the LEA (Local Education Authority) representative was a woman whom I heard speaking quietly to the rep “We can’t sack her while she’s on the sick, you need to get her back to work” They came into the room and after the initial niceties the rep advised me to go back to work. I left the meeting and rang the GMB union desperate for advice, who kindly offered to take on the case. The GMB area rep arranged a meeting with H at the school.At this meeting one of the issues the rep attempted to resolve was that H had stated that I had been in school the day after the disclosure when an investigation had taken place. I had in fact taken that day off sick and visited UNISON. The rep and I were both shocked to hear H brazenly laugh as he told us “I am the boss of this school and the staff here will say whatever I tell them to say”

As we left the meeting the rep advised me to resign, this was a clear case of constructive dismissal he believed. I followed his advice and resigned. It was impossible to continue working there anyway. The list of things that my colleagues did to make my life unpleasant I will leave out to shorten this rather lengthy story. Colleagues who had appeared to be compassionate and caring people now telling me (in secret) that they had mortgages so they couldn’t do what I was doing, they didn’t want what was happening to me to happen to them. I did remind them that I was a single parent who also had a mortgage but that failed to sway them to tell the truth.

The GMB union appointed a solicitor to take the case to tribunal. The case took two days during which time I believed the case would be easily won. The contradictions were obvious, one example, DH was asked whether I had been in work the day after the disclosure. He said that I had. It was then pointed out to him that in his written statement he had stated that I had not been in work the day after the disclosure. He was asked why he had written that I had not been in work if he was now saying that I had, his reply was “Because I felt like it at the time”. These contradictions happened repeatedly throughout the two days hence I believed that justice would prevail. How wrong I was.

The verdict was that I had decided to leave.

Basically that I had tried to damage a colleague’s career and take a tidy sum with me. As we left the court the union rep, who had always been very supportive was astonished at the verdict saying “We should have had the press in there, they would have had field day”. I was advised to appeal but my application for an appeal was refused.

I had done nothing wrong, I was now jobless, could not pay my mortgage, could no longer afford a car. The prospect of getting another job after taking your employer to tribunal and losing is not good.

Worst of all, I fear I left a clear playing field, it was now obvious that no other staff member would speak up. The boy told me he wished he had never told me, because now they would get rid of me. Now I feared that none of the pupils would dare speak up again.

The story has been compacted because it is so long.

A whistleblower’s life is not a happy one. They do shoot the messenger.

Other points.

I believe the school closed for around 18 months afterwards for ‘refurb’. And that I have to date reported the disclosure 4 times  to the police. The last time was around 2 years ago and followed my repeated online reporting.  Two officers came and took a statement and nothing since.
There was also a strange ‘leaving’ of the teacher who preceded the teacher named by pupils.  She was a very professional older  Scottish woman who was really good with the kids, strict but fair.  She stopped coming in to work, when I asked if she was ill, she was rarely off work.  I was told never to mention her again as she wouldn’t be coming back.  I was told to empty her desk into a box and to put the box outside the main doors.  I wondered what the heck she could have done, I couldn’t imagine her doing anything wrong at all.  My stuff was put outside in a box outside also, and I wasn’t allowed through the doors either.
By Kathleen Simpson

Kids from my home town making me proud!

Willenhall E-ACT Academy
pupils on roll
1 in 3 persistently absent in Y7 to Y11
70% of teachers left during 2015 and 2016 but this has improved
80% of staff felt behaviour was “not good”
Source: Ofsted

Willenhall E-ACT Academy
pupils on roll
1 in 3 persistently absent in Y7 to Y11
70% of teachers left during 2015 and 2016 but this has improved
80% of staff felt behaviour was “not good”
Source: Ofsted

The BBC recently reported this story

Inspectors pelted with food, sixth formers intimidated by younger pupils and almost a third of children regularly absent. This was just some of the behaviour uncovered by Ofsted inspectors who rated Willenhall E-ACT Academy “inadequate” in every category. Here, one former teacher describes what it was like to work at the West Midlands school.

In the days leading up to one of the worst examples of behaviour I saw at Willenhall, tensions had been brewing for a few days because the weather hadn’t been great.

Pupils had been repeatedly trying to sneak into the building during lunch time and were becoming more brazen.
Eventually it became more about winding staff up and exulting in defiance than actually entering the building. They were running from entrance to entrance trying to force their way in, while teams of staff manned doorways, physically barricading them – sometimes while the pupils pushed them.

Full story @

These little posh shits from nice posh rural England would be shitting themselves in this school. Well done kids carry on your non conformism and carry on making me proud of my roots.


I have a problem with the education system in the UK, not only is the education system weak and producing repeaters instead of thinkers its also stressful, meaningless, not important, demoralizing and degrading. The education system rules people out and categorizes people as stupid and sometimes these people probably are stupid, but these people are 16 years old FFS! How can they have failed already? And what makes us a success according to our “education system” anyway?

Repeating, obeying, respecting authority and everything else that makes you boring and blend in to the rest of society.

What is failing in life? Not getting rich, owning your own house and a few cars?

I believe failing in life is when you stop caring about the big picture (the world and people) the education system programs us to be more concerned with money. Money is not even real people are!

I believe parents with good intentions encourage their children to “get a education” but they do not consider what an “education?” Its mind control not designed to suit the masses but designed to help the establishment keep us in line.

It also helps filter out the disobedient and creates a certain type of person. These people are very good at remembering and repeating, they tend not to question authority and without even realizing what they are doing they end up pushing agendas instead of educating.

I see it throughout all society, look at teachers, most people would not willingly demoralize, degrade and rule out much of our youth but these people are misguided enough to believe “the system” has the child’s interest at heart. The system does not they do not need geniuses to work at a Amazon warehouse, to teach and by teach I mean indoctrinate the youth, to tell us “the news” or to sell their drugs and vaccines, they need repeaters.

If these types of people were not repeaters the establishment would not have control, it would be much harder to sell drugs or vaccines if we had a large amount of doctors advising against the drugs or vaccines.


Take control of your life or let others control it for you???

In life we are given many options or at least we believe we are, we believe in freedom and freedom of choice but are we really free and do we have freedom of choice?

From birth to three years old we cannot do much and we rely on our parents to help us through. After that we go to school most of us have very little “choice” about this. From 4 to 16 we are told work hard in school and to go to college so some do work hard, when we are in college or even better university we are told to work hard for a better job so again some do.

We start our job we are told to work hard to get a better paid job within the company or even end up with a new bigger company for better money. So we work hard to be comfortable for when we retire and maybe if we are lucky leave our families something behind.

Meanwhile the system that “taught” you is taxing you, constantly harassing you and profiting from your will to do what you believe is the right thing. Much of the money they collect from you in taxes is spent on simply looking after themselves and their puppet masters and fighting unjust wars around the world.

Parents that claim to work hard for their families yet they spend more time at work than they do with their families! Children are raised by the system instead of by their parents and the system destroys their individuality and promotes a self adsorbed ignorant mentality.

The parents would justify this by claiming “we have no choice” but you do have a choice and that choice is let the system and money control your life or control your own life.

I have worked many jobs and its funny how when we work we worry about shit that should not bother us one bit. “Will I hit my targets? Will I finish the house in time for the painter? Are my team under-performing? Will I get the promotion?” It’s all bullshit and the only thing that is important is your children but you are far to stressed to spend time with them. I wonder how many people lay on their death beds and say “I wish I worked harder.”

In life you do what YOU want to do.. Make your own decisions because you are the one that lives with the decisions that you make…

If you allow other people to control your life you cannot blame other people when things go wrong or you end up unhappy and unfulfilled you still have to blame yourself because you choose to be controlled.

We are living in a world in which many people have nice houses, nice cars, lots of gadgets, toys and money but they are still not happy! The reason they are not happy is usually because the more we have the more we need! The bigger the house the bigger the mortgage, the more money we make the more we spend. Its like a trap and the only way to escape is not play the game…

Live within your means and destroy the materialistic fake world, rat race that has been planted in your brain.


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WOLVOMAN80 on Internet censorship, Trip advisor, YouTube, Google, payment, food, preservatives, sweeteners, HEK CELLS, Alton Towers, Review, Internet surveillance, Doctors, Scientists, Qualifications, Boiling Frogs, Science, Salt, Good for heart, RSPCA, Murder animals, racism, racist media, Illuminati sacrifice, the Vigilant Christian, Prince, Robin Williams, Paul Walker, celebrity deaths, school, indoctrination, brainwashing, brainwashed masses and more.






Liveleak (a website that freely distributes horrific accidents, injuries and violence) has rejected my latest video, no explanation given however the terms and conditions “might” tell me why the video is rejected. The video is on YouTube but since uploading the video my view count has plummeted as it does EVERY time I upload a video.


WOLVOMAN80 on racism, racist media, Illuminati sacrifice, the Vigilant Christian, Prince, Robin Williams, Paul Walker, celebrity deaths, school, indoctrination, brainwashing, brainwashed masses and more.



The vast majority of people seem to have very little or no opinions at all, like dead fish they go with the flow, I don’t mind that at all. The fact they have no mind is no concern of mine. But people that have no opinions at all tend to get irritated when people with opinions express opinions, especially when the opinions expressed force them to think outside the tiny little box in their minds.

Opinions that contradict the world they have been presented with really upset them. Sometimes their heads look like they may explode, me brainwashed not a chance they insist, just because I support England, love my queen, hate Muslims and immigrants and don’t give a fuck about wars paid for by my taxes does not mean I am brainwashed. Yes it does. These people get offended when facts are presented to them,

 The definition for brainwashed described by an online dictionary is pressurize (someone) into adopting radically different beliefs by using systematic and often forcible means.

 What the fuck is more systematic and forceful than school? Five days a week from the ages of 3 to 16 they brainwashed you and now they are brainwashing your kids, think what we tell you to think. Queen’s Birthday celebrations, Jubilee celebrations, Royal Weddings, Royal Babies, Princes, Princesses are all pushed on to your children.

 They forget to mention Royal murder, slavery, exploitation, greed, wars and incest. Press the dislike button if you wish but be aware it’s the facts that you don’t like.

 Soldiers are sent around schools and presented to children as heroes! They are not heroes they are pawns in a rich man’s war, there are two reasons someone might join the army the first one being they genuinely and falsely believe they are helping people by joining the army or they just want to kill people. If after all these years and wars you still believe the British army are trying to help anybody other than the establishment you must be stupid and if you feel the urge to kill people you must be psychotic. That must mean soldiers are either elitist, stupid or psychotic not a person children should be forced to look up to.

This indoctrination of the nation makes having a politically discussion with the average Brit as fun as banging your head against a brick wall.

 Immigrants are fucking us over, taking our jobs, benefits, houses and women they insist as they are wearing their Man Utd, Chelsea or Arsenal tops. Foreign players, foreign managers, foreign owners.

Immigrants and foreigners fucking us over? How do you work that out? Your government and hierarchies have been murdering, thieving and exploiting foreign nations all over the world for hundreds of years and your corporations have added to the problem. Your whole lifestyle depends upon the exploitation of foreigners so what right do you having bitching because they have been given the same chances and benefits you have? I’m fucking English they insist like that means they are or should be more important than everyone else is.



2+2=5, Two plus two equals five. (MUST WATCH.)

During a school lesson in Persia the pupils learn that two plus two equals five. No that the lie has been turned into a truth, it becomes a crime to say otherwise. Epic theatre or a simple fable — the short scene in the classroom tells us about the mechanisms of dictatorship and tyranny. Babak Anvari tackles a very heavy subject with a distinguished light touch. –Oldenburg Film Festival

I do not own the copyrights for this video.

I found it online and just wanted everyone to have the opportunity to watch it and make their own thoughts and conclusions.


WOLVOMAN80 on racism, racist media, Illuminati sacrifice, the Vigilant Christian, Prince, Robin Williams, Paul Walker, celebrity deaths, school, indoctrination, brainwashing, brainwashed masses and more.


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I have already uploaded this video once but a non moving view count after only a couple of hours and my YouTube view count plummeting since uploading it (GOOGLE HATE FREEDOM OF SPEECH) has made me decide to upload again.

Can the inbreed looking puppets that own Google please FUCK OFF.




The Scary TRUTH About School (illuminati Public School Exposed Full Documentary: Indoctrination)

Make No Mistake!
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I Will Not Give Up.
I Will Not Surrender!
I Will Stand For Truth.
I Will Protect The Innocent.
I Will Sacrifice So That Others May Live Free.
I Will Defend My Family To The Death.
I Love Peace, But I Am A Fierce Enemy.
I Will Fight For Christ
I Will Die For Christ
I Live By A Special Code
I AM A SoulJa Of GOD!!
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Jesus Christ is the only truth, in this world of lies.
Find him today, your not promised tomorrow.

The Scary TRUTH About School (illuminati Public School Exposed Full Documentary: Indoctrination)
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We in Great Britain are told that we have the right to free education no matter how poor we are, but is that true? I do not believe it is, school uniforms cost a fortune for a start, another point is does the “free” education system actually provide the children of the United Kingdom with the skills and knowledge that they need to start work and independent life? For me schools in the United Kingdom spend more time programming our youth and marketing their products to our youth and not enough time actually teaching our youth. Children are now more likely to leave school with a date (prom nights are becoming a regular part of school life in the UK nowadays) than a decent education or qualifications. Schools completely fail to inform children about world issues such as poverty, corporate exploitation, British politics and current affairs, they also fail to promote and reward creativity and independent thinking instead of this schools now reward repeating, doing as you are told and respecting authority.

I have no faith in the education system (or anything else that is run by our government) as for education being free below is a list of “educational school trips and events” that the school have attempted to sell to my children in the last six weeks.

Trip to Snowdonia £11.50

Watch England vs Wales Rugby World Cup £3.50 chili at half time.

London Art Museum £160.

Tickets to Worcester Warriors vs Northampton Saints £20.

Trip to Belgium £350 approx (I cannot find the exact price.)

Sports trip to Amsterdam £365 (price based on all 44 tickets sold, if all 44 tickets are not sold price will rise accordingly.)

Young voices 20th anniversary celebrations £20.

Other trips have included Italy £500 (approx) and foreign exchange trip to Germany £500 (approx)

If I were to pay for every school trip it would cost me nearly £2000 this comes after the cost of uniform, school bags, shoes, trainers, football boots, internet for homework and whatever other shit we are forced to buy for our children’s “free” education.

I believe that schools spend too much time trying to teach GCSE papers to children, the schools are more worried about low pass rates than teaching, this effects the children’s learning negatively because instead of learning a vast array of knowledge and information they are instead forced to repeat small sections of subjects over and over until it sinks in well enough for them to repeat it on their GCSE papers, is that education?




This blog is my attempt of satisfying the curiosity of the nosey school that “teach” and by “teach” I mean thought control my children, this school is evidently very interested in what I do, so much so that my children are actually taken out of class and asked personal questions that have nothing to do with their education. Questions like “what parents do for a living?” and “are they financially secure?” are questions that should not be questions asked by teachers.

It takes only three slightly personal questions before Mr Overton refuses to answer anymore of my questions to him yet he feels no way in asking my children personal information on me!

So to the teachers of Church Stretton school, this is what I do for a living! Now you know, happy? This website and my YouTube Channel is my living and hobby, criticizing interfering, old, busy bodies like you, so FUCK YOU.



Recently schools have began imposing fines for lost time at school, the fines are aimed at parents that take their children on holiday during school terms, a time that the holidays cost half the price as they would in holiday seasons! “You’re child should be fully focused on their education” the schools claim, holidays and time with family are considered distractions to the children’s “education.” However considering the state of the education system at the moment and baring in mind that Mr Men, Percy Jackson and Superheros are all studied at high schools in Britain while History, Politics and the truth is forgotten and not mentioned and creativity, originality and freethinking are frowned upon, I believe that the schools have quite a nerve imposing such fines. My daughters have lost school time for polling days, teachers strikes and building work on the school in the past, do I have the right to hand the school a fine?

My child could not point out England on a map despite years of “geography” at school, does that deserve a fine? Every child that goes to school is taught French and German at school yet hardly anybody (that is English) can speak French or German! Children are not familiar or taught about important parts of history, how the system actually works and politics is almost exclusively taught and public schools, its how they keep the poorer classes out of politics.

If a parent can be held responsible for holding children back by interfering with their education and therefore holding the child back, should they same rules not also apply for schools? If a school is responsible for a child’s lack of education and therefore opportunity in later life should the school be fined by the effected families?

Schools in Britain hugely favour the upper classes, the rest of us are left with an education system that is inadequate to say the least, in my opinion its more like a mind control program than an actual education, children are ridiculed, shouted at and punished for disobedience and sometimes even freethinking and rewarded for repeating and following orders.


When we are in school there is always one child that will answer the teacher back, misbehaves, disobeys and is a general pain in the ass. Teachers and schools in Great Britain and many other nations try different ideas on “reaching these kids.” Recently a school local to me has even been caught locking “naughty” children in cupboards for three hour periods, just for having the nerve to disobey or not pay 100% attention to their masters, a member of staff said the regime was brutal and threatening .

Up to 20 parents claim that their children were disciplined by being shut away in a stationery cupboard for periods of up to three hours at Woodthorne Primary School, Tettenhall, in 2012.

An investigation was launched by Wolverhampton City Council, but the investigation found no evidence of wrongdoing. Now a member of staff, who asked not to be named, has accused the authority of deliberately covering up the mistreatment of children which she said went on with the full blessing of senior leaders at the school.

How naughty does a child have to be to deserve being locked up in cupboards for as long as three hours? What would government run services like Social Services do if they were to discover parents locking their children up in cupboards for hours at a time? I am pretty sure that immediate action would be taken and that the children could even be taken from the guilty parents in order to “protect the children” from such cruel treatment. I wonder what action services like Social Services or other government run services will do to protect children from this. David Cameron claims that internet censorship is a step taken to “protect children” so what steps will be taken to protect the victims of Woodthorne Primary School? Theresa May has already ruled out a public inquiry to a comprehensive school not far away from Woodthorne Primary School, despite allegations of sexual abuse dating back to 1945 at Tettenhall College (Tettenhall College is actually an high school not a college like the name suggests.) Theresa May and the government obviously think that children do NOT need protecting from teachers and their failing school system.

We as parents usually tell our children things like “respect and listen to your teachers and elders” yet as parents we should be telling them to “respect people that actually earn our respect and show us respect.” Children at school are constantly monitored for “behavior disorders” and attacked, humiliated and ridiculed by staff for disobedience, nonconformity and even freethinking. As if that is not bad enough they are also attacked, humiliated and ridiculed by fellow pupils for not following trends, wearing the wrong branded clothes and standing out in general. No wonder Great Britain is a nation of sheep herded and controlled by Wolves, that is how we are programmed to be.