To the average, simple person my ideas seem alien, strange and sometimes even offensive. These people react in many different ways but essentially they all dismiss without thinking or even attempting to open their minds.

Sometimes I talk about things that I do not expect them to 100% agree with or even believe but sometimes I talk facts! In other words I don’t expect “normal” people to jump on board when I talk about string theory, the Mandela effect, Demonology or reality but when I talk of poverty, oppression and government corruption I’m talking facts! Facts that can be backed with very little effort or research. Heres an idea get off Instagram, Facebook or whatever you use to advertise yourself and your perfect fake life to the world with and look at the news for a change.

I admit that some of these facts are scary, terrible and dark but that does not mean that “conspiracy theorists” are fear mongering and just because something scares you does not mean it should be ignored. The mainstream is full of false security most peoples only version of “reality” is whatever the corporate news tells you but the corporate news is just propaganda. I really don’t see why so many people have a problem understanding or believing this, propaganda is pretty primitive and simple, I’m not talking about electromagnetic mind control its not a conspiracy theory its the truth and blatant!

Just because some people see the world at a level your tiny mind would not or could not begin to comprehend does not mean we are stupid, mental, insane or fear mongering. I don’t know who said it but its like that famous quote “the thing is about intelligent people is they sound like crazy people to stupid people.”

I (like many others) have dedicated hours of my life researching and at least trying to learn the truth, I’m not saying I’m right and your wrong but if you look for the truth you are much more likely to get close to it than somebody that only uses the Internet to share sellfies and lame stories with their fweinds!

You are free to carry on sharing your sellfies and lame stories with your fweinds on social media but do not accuse me of wasting my life when the only thing it takes to fulfill you is social media likes and money!

“The opposite for courage is not cowardice, it is conformity” Rollo May. Is that why so many people have a problem with the truth?

Just in case you struggle to understand what I am trying to say I’m going to speak to you in your favorite language, sellfie language!



Do you understand?


I was bought up in the middle of Wolverhampton and Walsall in a once prosperous and famous town called Willenhall (famous for locks and keys) before moving to Wolverhampton about ten years ago. Walsall, Willenhall and Wolverhampton have a huge variety of ethnic groups and minorities this meant I was bought up around many races Indians, Pakistanis, Jamaicans, Chinese and even a few English kids (like me), and for this I am glad because this has helped me understand people better. I feel no racism or hate towards any people but I am ashamed to say I notice that too many white people do feel racism and hate towards people, this is a fact I used to deny, I used to believe it was black peoples/Muslim peoples paranoia making them think like this, I was wrong. I always knew that some people were racist I just always believed it was a tiny minority of people. I did not believe that police discriminate almost systematically, I did not believe that being black or Muslim made it harder to find work or opportunity, I did not believe that our society was racist, ignorant and oppressive, but then I woke up and smelt the propaganda and the fears and hate it spreads!

Why are so many white people so small minded and racist in the first place? One word; FEAR! It seems to me that white English people fear everything and everyone that is different to them, especially black and Muslim people. Its surely about time that these over privileged, cowardly white boys take note of what is actually really happening. It is not Muslims, black people or ethnic minorities that should be feared, the only thing that should be feared is your fear of everyone and everything that is different to you and what it may lead too!


Over privileged rich white boys like you are responsible for more murder, hate and war than any other race, they may wear nice suits and talk in a proper fashion but they are as evil, greedy, corrupt and as twisted than the devil himself, like they say; the devil wears Prada! So many white people live cozy lives in willing ignorance of the truth, they call people terrorists and extremists but the taxes they pay are financing wars all over they world. Our media first tell us “be afraid” and then we are afraid, they then tell us “let us kill them” we watch them on the news kill them and realize we were wrong to kill them but now we got to be even more afraid of the extremists and terrorists we funded to help us kill the first people we were afraid of and these are even more dangerous because we funded them!

We ignore extreme poverty and the unjust wars our government fight and support in Libya, Iraq, Palestine and Syria but on the very rare occasions that white people are attacked “we stand shoulder to shoulder against terrorism” its time for a reality check.