According to the Metro (that dumb propaganda, simpleton shit they give away on buses and trains because nobody in there right mind would buy it) A Muslim man has built an 85ft Christmas tree in Baghdad to show Christians they are welcome. Read the mind numbing article from the mind numbing Metro here:

Trouble is Catholics nor Christmas have any thing to do with Christianity or Jesus Christ who’s real name was Yeshua!

Catholicity is a form of Paganism! It hides behind Christianity and Jesus. The Pope recently even spoke of the “God of money” Capitalism is “Terrorism Against All of Humanity” he also claimed! For once I agree with him only trouble is the Pope and the Vatican Bank has about $8 billion in assets! According to Georgetown University, the average weekly donation of an American Catholic to the church is $10. There are 85 million in North America, meaning each week the Catholic Church pulls in $850m through donations from individual Catholics in North America alone. So the Pope claiming he hates money is like Willy Wonka claiming to hate chocolate.

What do they do with this money? Do they sell everything and give it to the poor as Yeshua AKA Jesus Christ requested? Or do they buy solid gold chairs to give speeches about poverty in?

Not very Christian of them. The Catholic religion was started by Pagans and still follows many Pagan rituals and events including Christmas and Easter. Whats more these Rituals and events are the exact opposite to what Yeshua preached.

I believe all mainstream religions are full of truth but also corrupted by Paganism and maybe Paganism has been corrupted by Satanism. Some people believe Human sacrifice is a thing of the past yet stats show that more than 20000 children die everyday through lack of food or basic medication! Could that be apart of human sacrifice?

To dismiss facts like these as unpreventable is not only wrong but also ignorant, of coarse its preventable. If we can spend billions of tax payers building up and funding ISIS, ISIL, Al qaeda and others and then spend billions more fighting them, than I we could easily help and feed people that need food.

Christianity is not perfect as a religion but in the defense of Christianity most of the massacres and wars they are blamed for (not all) were committed by Catholics! And Catholics are as Pagan as Constantine.

I went to a Catholic school and I was brainwashed by these religious extremists systematically. I live in a nice posh town (in a council house) I walk through town today and the town is full of people singing songs about Jesus, I can not help but think most these people are hypocritical, deluded snobs! If you really believe in God and Jesus than prove it, live life as he instructed you to live it. Don’t sing about him every weekend and throw your spare change at the church and trick yourself into believing you are Christian. Poor people don’t need your spare change they need real change!

I believe that we as a species have choose the Devils way of life and now we live in the Devils world. On Google News (the real news btw) Santa Claus is a top story today!

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New shit… I do when I’m bored, pissed off etc

When you were waiting for Father Christmas to come and bring you lots of presents for you to have lots of fun
Somewhere else in world the children had none, somewhere in world the children’s hope had gone somewhere in the world another war begun somewhere in the world your government drops another bomb
When you were waiting for Father Christmas to fly and leave you your presents as he flies by, you leave him his drink and his mince pie meanwhile your government choose that some people that should die and bombs not presents will fall from their sky
They’re telling us we shouldn’t care and that we shouldn’t sigh they’re just terrorists they say but they constantly lie, the truth they are people too just like you and I and they still cry when their family die

But even worse than that is it will create real terrorists and real hate for the British government this would great it will start another war and seal many peoples fate but they don’t give a fuck they got money to make.

I can’t stand their hypocrisy their violence and mentality their double standards and lies as they attempt to justify mass murder for profit they talk nothing but bullshit, the argument they lost it so they begin censorship and hope you won’t notice.
The way I see this is we expect this from greedy governments; they’ve always been same twisted evil slit eyed serpents. They have never gave a fuck about anything but power and money, read a history book if you don’t believe me.
But you the people are a fucking disgrace, you feed from their lies well stuff your fat face. Your hypnotized in a fucking rat race, you only look at what’s right in front of your face.
People are dying all over the place, but you only notice when they’re the same race, because your racist pricks and you don’t give a shit, cocky white dicks I hope you hate this shit.
I don’t do this shit for you, well in a way I do but not please but to annoy and tease, because your hate and ignorance is like fuckin disease.
That you infested upon earth you are the poor people’s curse but you just shrug your shoulders and say Islam is worse.
Is it fuck wake the fuck up looks at the stats research the facts instead of believing lying fat cats.
Keep in mind that lies are flexible they can be designed to make you feel comfortable, the truth is the truth only one truth is real and unlike lies the truth is tougher than steel.
It can’t be bent no matter how it makes you feel it can’t be changed and it will be revealed.




Reading the public’s reaction in the comments section of the Queen’s speech is BRILLIANT, we all know Lizzie is a Lizard and the mainstream media can not cover up the fact that Lizzie the Lizard is about as popular with the average Brit as Ebola is.


To all the people that have waited for weeks ready for their new PS4 only to discover that the PlayStation is down, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Carry on waiting! And thank God that your life is comfortable enough for this issue to matter so much because some people have real problems.


After hearing months of hype about the movie Frozen and hearing how “adults love it as well as children” I finally watched some of it today and to be honest I thought it was a load of over rated, over hyped shit, surely the only adults watching this shit are mentally impaired adults. A talking snow man, lame songs and music, no real story or plot and just sometimes absolute meaningless randomness, grow the fuck up and realize the only thing good about Frozen is the marketing, you simple minded idiots.


If Santa tried losing some weight and staying sober maybe children all over the world would “know it is Christmas” instead of Santa dropping off thousands of pounds of shit to some kids and nothing to more needing kids houses. To me Santa seems like a racist, half soaked drunk, does Santa think that, all rich white children are good or something? Or is he not doing his job properly. In fact, fuck all this talking and no action I am going to capture him and kill him! Sorry folks.


Lets all use Facebook to tell ZUCKERBERG OUR OPINION OF HIM. Lets turn Facebook into Zuckerbergs MONSTER and allow his monster to eat him and rid the world of him and his corruption, greed and lack of respect for our rights and FREEDOM.


Can people please stop wearing these STUPID V for Vendetta masks, you can’t be calling people sheep and criticizing corporate misbehavior while dressed in a costume made by a corporation, promoting a corporate made movie, dressed the same as everyone else!


I bet Pat Condell’s racist, hatred videos do not get censored from YouTube, he calls Sweden antisemitic because they recognize Palestine, at the same time he constantly attacks Islam. Watching him on my screen makes me want to punch my monitor, right in his old, arrogant face.


Do we need another war? The government want us to be scared of Islam, terrorists, extremists, conspiracy theories and bloggers but the only thing that seems dangerous to me is OUR GOVERNMENT.


David Cameron claims world ideologies by non violent extremists can lead to violence!!!!! Yet British government ideologies lead to the deaths and enslavement of millions of people all over the world. And they ain’t finished yet.


David Cameron claims he is going to “hunt down the monsters” responsible for the recent beheading. What he means is that he is going to spend OUR taxes and send OUR troops and watch what follows on the TV in his nice comfortable mansion.


People in Great Britain are always attacking Islam with stupid comments like “they are taking over the country!” To this I say “what are they taking over? Our government? Our media? Our entertainment industry? Our businesses? You must be getting Islam confused with Zionism.




I get offended by this censorship of my opinions, what part of my beliefs make the government believe I am an extremist that should be censored? Is it my anti war, anti greed, anti poverty views or my anti child labour posts or maybe my dangerous view that we should live and let live and there are two sides to every story?




Facebook or the government or somebody that thinks they are important has decided that this Facebook page is run by a lunatic and it is not safe for you to listen to the rants of this lunatic! That’s why Facebook have taken the liberty of hiding the posts from this page. Now go back to reading how Muslims and benefit scroungers are taking all of our money.




I am sometimes accused of being lazy and a benefits scrounger due to me not having a job for 3 years!

My answer to these people is, if I am lazy, how do I get people watching my videos from all over the world? From the Antarctic to Africa, Japan and India. In my laziness I have still managed to have a bigger impact on the world then most hard working, law abiding, conformist citizens, so fuck you and your lame paid jobs!




Instead of throwing buckets of ice water over yourselves why don’t we throw Hydrofluoric acid instead?

There are children in the world that do not even have access to clean water, what must they think of us when they see lame brained, do gooders doing shit like this? Especially when some of the people doing this lame brained, attention seeking publicity stunt have millions or even billions in the bank.




Freemantle (the makers of Xfactor and lots of other shit) have released ownership of my video meaning my YouTube channel is fully working again. 

WOLVOMAN80 would like to thank Freemantle for removing their disgusting, talent-less, greedy, slimy reptilian, lying, corporate hands off my videos and my YouTube channel. Thanks.