Google save the Queen. Lyrics.

Google save our lizard Queen
Long live our paedo Queen
Google save the Queen
Send her victorious
Happy and glorious
Long to reign over us
Google save the Queen

Big Brother Google arise
Censor her enemies
Make their view counts fall
Confound their politics
Frustrate their knavish tricks
Refuse to pay the pricks
God save us all

Thy choicest gifts in store
On her be pleased to pour
Long may she reign
May she break all our laws
And not pay tax of coarse
To sing with heart and voice
Google save the Queen

Not in this land alone
But be important information not known
From shore to shore
Lord make the nations see
That men should brothers be
And form one family
The wide world over

From every latent foe
From the assassins blow
Google save the Queen
O’er her thine arm extend
For paedos sake defend
Our opressers and their friends
Google save the Queen


Google save the Queen.

Google and Facebook is protecting the British establishment with their unfair censorship of British civilians. This undermines British democracy (as if it ever really existed anyway). I would compare these people and their overlords to Nazi’s but these people are worse than Nazi’s calling them Nazi’s would just be an insult……to Nazi’s, obviously. They HATE your freedom of speech, they HATE and oppress the potential power that the Internet has given to people.

Strange stories of Satanism, Reptilians, Demonic possession and the Occult (PART 2) – WOLVOMAN80

Strange stories of Satanism, Reptilians, Demonic possession and the Occult (PART 2) – WOLVOMAN80

Looking at Princess Diana Murder, Spencer bloodline, trauma based mind control,, Jack the Ripper and more…

Spitting Image: Royal Family lose fortune in recession & move to council flat

Queen Elizabeth’s nightmare that her family lose all their money and move into a high-rise council block, where they have to resort to crime to survive. Prince Charles later becomes a cabbie. Also stars Princes Philip, Edward & Andrew, Sarah Ferguson & late Queen Mother. Cameo from EastEnders’ Dot Cotton. (Series 10, 1991).


Its not often that Dennis gets to be on the BBC……. I do not own the content of this video, it is uploaded for educational Purposes, reference and for those of us who Love Denn. Come join us on facebook for regular Dennis updates.…

found this footage from 1994. Its a little bit out of sync pics and film wise but its clear and easy to hear, it is hysterical!!!!!!!!! a must see!!! if you love Dennis please join my fan page for him on facebook… and if ya not keen on the torys my anti tory page……… Ive got quite a few Dennis vids if you search my page!! Im quite the fan!

Just found this wonderful clip of Dennis Skinner telling a great story and giving his opinions, right at the end of a timed debate…….. Its brilliant, Dennis at his finest. I am posting this video for educational purposes and reference only. I do not own the content.But I’m sure Dennis wouldn’t mind me posting it!!. ((( as with all my videos, I do not have likes/dislikes, and i check comments, Anything rude or arrogant will not be posted, so save yourself and your fingers the bother of typing any nastiness. Thanks for watching!



Has anybody ever wondered why Queen Elizabeth II has her own category on Google news in the UK? Why do Google seem to believe that Queen Elizabeth II is so much more important than the other 70 million people that live in Great Britain. This “news” section never actually puts negative or questioning articles on it, it just talks absolute meaningless gobbledygook for example a few of today’s  headlines on Queen Elizabeth II are;

Queen Elizabeth II: Symbol and Style

JSTOR Daily  – ‎9 hours ago‎
In celebration of the 90th birthday of Queen Elizabeth II, more than 150 different outfits are on display in an exhibition entitled “Fashioning a Reign.


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Danny Dyer related to Queen Elizabeth II

The List  – ‎Jul 13, 2016‎
Danny Dyer is to appear on a new series of ‘Who Do You Think You Are?’ where he finds out he is related to the British royal family.


Couple celebrate 70th anniversary with blessings from Queen Elizabeth II

Exeter Express and Echo  – ‎Jul 14, 2016‎
A TIVERTON couple have received congratulations from the Queen after celebrating their 70th wedding anniversary. Wilfred and Phyllis Dunno who are both 91, will celebrate the anniversary on Wednesday, July 20, after getting married in 1946.


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Take a Peek Inside Queen Elizabeth II’s Closet at Buckingham Palace Your chance to see 90 years of HM’s best looks.

artnet News  – ‎Jul 22, 2016‎
Throughout her record-breaking 63-year reign, Queen Elizabeth II has been an international style icon. In honor of Her Majest’s 90th birthday, which the Queen celebrated in April, the Royal Collection Trust is showing off a lifetime’s worth of fashion

The section of stories Google have decided to push on us is such blatant, royalist propaganda not to mention mind numbing. Realistically who cares if that Danny Dyer is related to the Queen? Who cares if the Queen blessed, cursed or trashed a wedding? How is that news? Thousands of children starved today and Google choose to show us corny, attempts of heart warming stories on some over privileged parasite?

My latest short video TRUTH IS FUNNIER THAN FICTION. GOD SAVE THE QUEEN? I HATE THE HM REVENUE asked questions about the Monarchy, Zionism and HM Revenue and customs, it seems the more subscribers I get the less people watch my videos in their early days and since adding the video I have lost subscribers despite my stats showing much improved growth in subscribers. Google obviously love Queen Elizabeth II and that’s nice but don’t try to push her oppressive, greedy, parasite family on us. Maybe Google love her so much because they are the same strange breed of ugly disgusting parasite because like the Royals Google are also oppressive, greedy parasites. Birds of a feather and all that shit.




When you are a “conspiracy theorist” like some people would say I am, although I prefer the term freethinker but you can call me a conspiracy theorist, you can call me a bullshitting prick if you like, I really do not give a fuck what you call me, but as I was saying when you are a “conspiracy theorist” or someone that thinks outside the box, some people get offended when they are subjected to listening alternative beliefs. One thing I have noticed many British people getvery offended by is criticism of the Royal family! Even some so called “anti-royalists” and some “conspiracy theorists” get offended when real criticism of the Royal Family begins.

How have this scrounging, corrupt, greedy family managed to convince so many people in the United Kingdom that they are so worthy of the privileges and riches that they inherit? I do not hate the Royals as people, but a system that allows such greed and extravagance in the name of “tradition,” and “tourism” is a very strange system but its what we have in the United Kingdom. Despite the greed and ridiculous luxury the Royals live in at the expense of the taxpayer, the majority of the British public over look them and call people on disability allowance “scroungers.”


When discussing my beliefs in the past, I have on many occasions been shocked by the reaction I get when I say what I believe about the Royal Family. I am not saying they are Reptilian Shapeshifters, Satanists or given a divine right to rule (like pro Royalists believe) all I am saying is, one family should not be given the power or the money that this family have, especially when there are people in the world starving and over one million food bank users in the UK, but most of those people are benefit scroungers of course.

Why do so many British people (young and old) get so upset and even angry when confronted with criticism of the Royal family? I believe there is one reason for this and that is……….they must be brainwashed, the years of thought control at school and the one sided propaganda we call the news have actually turned a huge amount of people in to brain dead, unthinking Zombies! These brain dead zombies hate the poor, the sick and immigrants and as for poor sick immigrants well they can fuck off but the Royals are worshiped as God like beings.




‘Unlawful Killing’ Princess Diana Banned Documentary 2011 (FULL)

This is the film that the royal family have had blocked from release.

Unlawful Killing is a 2011 British documentary film, directed by Keith Allen, about the deaths of Diana, Princess of Wales and Dodi Fayed on 31 August 1997. It was financed by Mohamed Al-Fayed and Associated-Rediffusion and shown in Cannes while the 2011 Cannes Film Festival was in progress.

Please enjoy, and share with everyone.

I do not own this film. Copyright belongs with Keith Allen and the films producers.


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Recently Theresa May has said the Great Britain needs to stamp out Antisemitism and she is right, people should not hate on Jewish people just because they are Jewish people, Hating all Jewish people based on the greed and vicious actions of a few Jewish people is not the answer to anything as most Jewish people are just normal people that want a normal peaceful life. However, I did not hear Theresa May say anything about British people, media and the government constantly attacking Muslim people, why is that? Does Theresa May think that if people are going to be small minded, racist, hate filled, idiots, they should aim it exclusively at the worlds Islamic population? Racism is terrible and wrong no matter who it is aimed at.

Also people in Great Britain and USA seem convinced that Islam is violent and dangerous. Islam is often accused of breeding hate and extremism. People in Great Britain and USA calling Muslims violent and extreme? Most people in Great Britain and USA are way to ignorant to spot the irony in that.

Are the KKK Muslim? Pretty extreme, violent and dangerous sometimes I hear. Did Muslim people massacre hundreds of millions of Native Americans? Or the Australian Aborigines? Were Muslims responsible for the Slave trade? On the coast of what is now the country of Brazil, Over 80 indigenous tribes disappeared between 1900 and 1957, and of a population of over one million during this period 80% had been killed through deculturalization, disease, or murder, was that the work of dangerous Muslims? Has any Muslim Nation ever actually used a Nuclear bomb? NO, As of 2015, only two nuclear weapons have been used in the course of warfare, both times by the United States near the end of World War II. Did a Muslim nation declare World War One? What about World War two? What Nation killed of thousands in Vietnam? Do Muslim Nation use drones to attack people? Is it Corporations ruled by Muslim people that is slaving and exploiting people in so called third world nations? How many people have been killed by Islamic extremists since 911? Is it anywhere near the same amount that the American and British armies killed in Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya? Not even close.

I am not saying that all Muslim leaders are Brilliant, I think Saudi Arabia and their Royal Family are known to be extreme and violent but wait………. Saudi Arabia are the “Good” Muslims, they are our allies, their extremism must be tolerated.

The British and American government claiming that Muslim nations are dangerous is not only hypocritical it is delusional. The American and British government/establishment are huge supporters of Israel despite the extremism, violence and a general lack of respect for human life and human rights that the Israeli government show in Palestine, not all extremism is not to be tolerated, Israel are allowed to use extremism and violence not to mention cutting edge weaponry, and a sophisticated air defense funded for by USA, used on people that have nothing other than a few rocket launchers. Instead of seeking the individuals responsible for rocket attacks and bringing them to justice Israel attack schools, hospitals, women and children, that is extreme.


Western Australian Aboriginals 1906 6