Google removing views and likes from my videos.

My website and YouTube channel is again being unfairly attacked by Google. Google have already refused to pay me royalties to most of my videos instead they pay Sony, BBC, News Corporation anybody but me. When they cannot hit me with a copyright claim they decide my videos are “not advertiser friendly.”

Recently I have noticed that many of my video are even losing likes and views. I have noticed one video lose at least ten likes over a month even considering closed accounts and the possibility that somebody has come back to the video and removed likes its unlikely that ten people would either close accounts or remove a like.

Google’s stats are false, they are rip off merchant, control freaks that constantly put profit and control over human rights and freedom. I don’t see myself as a special case or think that Google hate me. I think they hate freedom. I have been saying for years that pop videos and corporate chat show clips and shit are having their views over counted non corporate small channels are being under counted, under paid, ripped off and extorted.

I know of at least ten channels that have been removed and there are thousands more, I consider myself lucky I even still have my original channel and my website.

The question people should be asking is why the BULLSHIT Google? Facebook are just as bad. Why the false stats, hiding peoples videos and shutting down channels? Who are Google trying to protect? What are they trying to hide?



Massive protests in London today as people fight to save the NHS from the Conservative party and privatization. Unfortunately BBC seem to have decided that this is NOT news. Lady Gaga canceling tour dates IS news according to the BBC. This is just yet another example of how the BBC and mainstream media in the UK select suitable government friendly stories to report. The BBC (who famously ignored and even funded Jimmy Savile and is funded by people that pay a TV license not the government) DO NOT represent the vast majority of its customers, they represent Theresa May.

I found the image and story from a friend that shared it on social media and after 10 minutes of searching through the BBC website for more information and images on the huge protests it soon became apparent that the BBC would rather talk about Liam Gallagher, Lady Gaga and coronation fucking street.

THE BBC IS FAKE NEWS, a distraction from reality.



Not a mention of NHS protests anywhere on the BBC’s propaganda filled shitty website.

YouTube no longer paying small channels and creators

I recieved this email from YouTube today

Today we are announcing changes to the YouTube Partner Program (YPP). While our goal remains to keep the YPP open to as many channels as possible, we recognize we need more safeguards in place to protect creator revenue across the YouTube ecosystem.

What’s Changing

Under the new eligibility requirements announced today, your YouTube channel, WOLVOMAN80, is no longer eligible for monetization because it doesn’t meet the new threshold of 4,000 hours of watchtime within the past 12 months and 1,000 subscribers. As a result, your channel will lose access to all monetization tools and features associated with the YouTube Partner Program on February 20, 2018 unless you surpass this threshold in the next 30 days. Accordingly, this email serves as 30 days notice that your YouTube Partner Program terms are terminated.

One of YouTube’s core values is to provide anyone the opportunity to earn money from a thriving channel. Creators who haven’t yet reached this new threshold can continue to benefit from our Creator Academy, our Help Center, and all the resources on the Creator Site to grow their channels. Once your channel reaches the new threshold, it will be reviewed to make sure it adheres to our policies and guidelines, and if so, monetization will be re-enabled.

The YouTube Team

I believe this is yet another attempt by Google to make YouTube as useless as possible to anybody that is non corporate and despite the fact YouTube claim “Under the new eligibility requirements announced today, your YouTube channel, WOLVOMAN80, is no longer eligible for monetization because it doesn’t meet the new threshold of 4,000 hours of watchtime within the past 12 months” My videos are receiving MUCH more watch time than 4,000 hours within 12 months.

Google’s disgusting human rights hating corporate advertisers have suddenly developed a ridiculously high morale standpoint

Google, the US and UK governments, the deep state and many corporations (especially the corporate media) have been looking for a reason and a method that allows them to control the information that is accessible online for many years. This is obviously because the internet is exposing them. I was not surprised with how many mainstream media outlets attacked YouTubers, truthers and the internet, after all the Internet exposed them as liars countless times.

Google’s answer to this “problem” is simply silencing and censoring the web but the web is people and that is who they are after and that is who they are silencing. Google and their disgusting, parasitic corporate partners that thieve and extort mankind just to survive have decided they cannot be seen advertising on videos that are controversial (unless it is a corporate channel the rules do NOT apply to them.)

These corporate partners of Google including News Corporation, the Guardian Newspaper and many others along with the British and American government have NO morales… The reason they are attacking freedom of speech and taking away the ability to make money on YouTube is NOTHING to do with concerns of putting their products names on extreme material. They have already put child labour, slavery, extortion, tax evasion and thievery to their products names so adding extremism surely would not hurt as long as it makes money.

For corporations and Google to present this kind of censorship as the morally right thing to do or about morales at all is a piss take, do they think people are that stupid? It’s blatant censorship and oppression.

Before the Internet come along they had control or at least influence of the vast majority of media and information, I guess they are trying to keep it that way but I believe they are fighting a losing battle.

Who the fuck buys or reads newspapers now? Who the fuck believes a word the mainstream media or government says?

They can censor the Internet now but it will take decades before they could recover from the way the Internet has exposed them and by censoring the Internet they are simply admitting they have lost the argument and exposing themselves again.

My MOBILE PHONE NETWORK are thieves…. EE, T mobile and Orange.

I have been meaning to write this blog for a while but the subject is so boring I keep putting it off! I use EE on pay as you go for my mobile phone, at first glance the tariffs on EE seem reasonable 500 minutes, unlimited texts and 2gb for £15 a month is not bad for pay as you go thats what prompted me to choose EE over other networks. Unfortunately as with most things these big businesses do things are not always as they appear. Today for example I put five pound on my phone and buy “unlimited minutes and texts” for a week, as shown below the reason they offered me this cheap deal is because I have topped up three times this month!

Brilliant I thought, I have some important calls to make tomorrow and now I don’t have to worry about being put on hold for hours at a time as the Department of Work and Pensions always do. I make two short calls half way through the last call I make my phone begins to blip and my “unlimited minutes” disappear! As shown below.

This sort of shit happens all the time on EE yet when I try to call their customer services I can not get through due to a 25 pence charge they have on it! I know what you are thinking just add 25 pence to your credit unfortunately the minimum top up on EE is £5, which means I have to put on five pound to make a 25 pence call! The point I am trying to subtly make is EE (who also own T MOBILE and ORANGE) are thieving, extorting scum!


Today I moved in to my new house, what a nightmare of an experience. I’m broke and was pretty close to being made homeless, this is due to HMRC refusing to pay me working tax credits despite the fact they forced me on working tax credits after I informed them I was making a small amount of money on YouTube while signed on, they insist “you cannot upload to YouTube and be paid when signed on” now they insist I “can’t claim Working Tax Credits because YouTube don’t pay you enough” WTF???

This obviously means I either have to start making some brilliant money from YouTube, hard to do with harsh censorship and strict advertising policies a lot of what I do is NOT advertiser friendly and even when it is YouTube don’t put ads on them, I should probably consider doing nursery rhymes and fairy tales because that stuff is ALWAYS advertiser friendly I am not.

Due to me having no money and having to find the cheapest place I can find, my new place is “not the Ritz” as described by my letting agent but it is cheap and pretty big. Despite the low cost the PAPERWORK and procedures were ridiculous. They wanted and forced me to get a guarantor, I.D, Bank Statements, fill in tons of paperwork and pay one thousand pounds (£300 deposit the rest were for credit checks, first months rent £300 and whatever they charge you for.)

Me and my guarantor were forced to sign tons of documents and forms and the guarantor was also forced to hand in copious I.D, bank statements and all the rest of it (they even had her birth certificate.) The company (who I’m not going to name for now due to the fact I have only just moved in and do not want to be evicted in my first week) seemed very official and done everything above board and by the book but did not even bother to quickly clean up the place or the hallways of the flats (because that is not required) they don’t work to protect us they work to protect themselves.

The hassle, paperwork and effort required to move house is ridiculous, it’s no wonder people end up homeless. I believe this problem runs through nearly all British society. We have become a nation obsessed with paperwork and procedure, they literally want to know everything at the same time they spend so much time covering themselves and passing responsibility on to the customer but can’t even be bothered to clean up the property. If they spent one quarter of the time helping people that they spend legally protecting and covering themselves we would surely all be better off.

Britain has a housing crises, anybody that lives in a City or a large town will tell you the amount of homeless people has skyrocketed in recent years. Landlords are making money out of peoples situations while the tenants are paying for their houses for them, its another British scam that is overlooked and ignored by the government and the media but something should be done and the housing system, it needs to be altered.


The Great big British rip off.

Great Britain is a country that brags, we brag because of our NHS, free education system, benefits system, democracy, freedom and high living standards. We are constantly told at school about our freedoms and how fortunate we are compared to the rest of the world to have such freedoms. I don’t see Great Britain like that I see Great Britain and particularly the Great British establishment as overgrown parasites.

Our MPs are overpaid puppets that claim more on their expenses per year than most people earn per year, they cover up their actions through Internet censorship, infiltrating the police and media control and they rip people off through the ridiculous HM Revenue and Customs.

Great Britain extorts the working classes with high tax rates and a complicated tax system, we pay income tax, VAT, National Insurance, Council tax and an endless list of other taxes yet our NHS is understaffed, underfunded and a poor service. Our cities are full of homeless people these people are not helped but are in fact harassed by the police. What is the point of a “system” that extorts its public if the system completely fails to help the people that need it the most?

Our education system creates empty minded, self obsessed people that are indoctrinated not taught. Considering the high tax rates we pay our services are nearly always underfunded and dated, why? Maybe because instead of spending our taxes on public services they choose to spend them on expensive, cruel and pointless wars.

Or maybe its because we allow our politicians that have been known to spend thousands of pounds on their expenses on house repairs and maintenance and expensive meals (Iain Duncan Smith claimed £79 for a breakfast yet he claimed he could have lived on the £53 per week or £7.53 per day the benefit system offers, he ignored a petition that was signed by nearly 500000 people to prove it.) One politician even claimed for a fucking duck house in his garden FFS.

We allow our politicians and police to arrest and even imprison cannabis users, sellers, growers and other so called petty criminals but our politicians, Lords and aristocrats are allowed to get away with robbery, organized paedophile rings, blatant lying and even murder.

We preach the importance of freedom while oppressing and censoring the inconvenient truth, the British media is a joke we read biased, government approved propaganda that completely fails to keep the British people up to date with real issues and fills its pages with celebrity gossip to do so.

The British mentality disturbs me we are nation of snobs that have been brainwashed into believing we are morally superior to the rest of the world, I’m starting to believe the exact opposite.

Another Young Farmers blog!!! NFYFC RIP OFF “CHARITY.”

Recently I have had the brilliant pleasure of learning about Young Farmers a parasitic rip off that uses the word charity to justify ripping off middle class kids and idiots mainly.

The age to join Young Farmers is 12 to 26, yes young farmers take out dickheads that are stupid enough to hand other their parents money in most cases aged up to 26 years old on day trips. What’s wrong with that I hear you ask again? As explained in previous blogs youth schemes in cities and surrounding areas are shut down yet these in most cases middle class kids are given discounts, free trips and other luxuries in the name of charity.

I know some people that are stupid enough to throw their money at these parasites and these people inform me that Craven Arms young farmers are taking under 18s to pubs! It’s all good and legal for over 18s but what about the under 18s that are also allowed to follow, WTF? What kind of idiotic mentality do Young Farmers think they are passing? If you are going to accept members as young as 12 then cater for that and avoid pubs.  I don’t grass or tell tales on anyone but these parasites reported me to the police and threatened me with guns so I will report these parasites to the people.

This “charity” and by charity I mean corporate sponsored rip off that does nothing charitable at all to what I can see (other than a nude charity calender) are charging £20 membership and then taking kids to pubs with no permission from parents.

This sort of a charity is a piss take in my humble opinion, its a mockery of the word charity.

This charity is also charging £22 per head for a Christmas dinner, I suppose it’s worth if you’re eating a famous turkey or pheasant or whatever these toff’s eat.

Charity is now just another word for business nowadays, this “charity” was started by Alfred Charles William Harmsworth, 1st Viscount Northcliffe (15 July 1865 – 14 August 1922) he was a British newspaper and publishing magnate he was the owner of the Daily Mail and the Daily Mirror! Need I say anymore.

Started by an over privileged snob for over privileged snobs and idiots with more money than sense.

They’re are also multiple instances reported by the media of drunken young farmers causing trouble, thats why young people should not be encouraged to drink ridiculous amounts of alcohol. It makes them stupid. If kids in the city were to commit some of the crimes committed by Young farmers they would be looking at prison unfortunately our society has different rules and standards for different classes of people.

This charity known as NFYFC is shocking at times below are pictures from Bedfordshire’s Young Farmers “Charity” calendar. You know you can keep your clothes on when raising money for “charity” you parasitic WEIRDOS.



When I started designing my first website a few years ago I received a helping hand from an Australian Hosting Company, they allowed free hosting and advice because the owner of the hosting company liked what I do, I was advised to drop a few ads on the site and make some money. The website was cyber attacked and taken down by a Department of work and pensions office.

When I started my own site I placed a few ads in there, it will at least cover the cost of running the site I thought. After trying tons of advertising companies I decide the only real option is Google Adsense, other companies have ads that slow down the site, take to much space or just generally pissed me off, I hate adverts, I hate Google but unfortunately after searching for days I come to the conclusion its Google Adsense or nothing.

I don’t care much for money but I have kids and I am pressured in to making money out of this shit, so I place the ads from Adsense on my site. At least it will cover the cost of my hosting company I think to myself. Except Adsense is a fucking rip off, the only people that seem to get paid is Google, I was picking up crumbs that fall from their fat mouth.

Thats why I thought FUCK GOOGLE (again) they rip me off on YouTube, I am not going to let me rip me off on here. Now the only link Google have to this site is a long list of blogs exposing, insulting and ridiculing them.

Google, Facebook, Twitter (who the fuck still uses twitter) are just diseases the Internet suffers from, we need something that kills parasites on contact without hurting the rest of us. FUCK GOOGLE ADSENSE and everything Google do.


Today I have been informed that I have been reported to the police by the National Federation of Young Farmers’ Clubs also known as NFYFC or my favorite simply OVER PRIVILEGED TOSSERS. The reason? I written three blogs explaining that I do not believe that over privileged rich kids should be receiving charity/youth schemes in a country/world full of poverty.  This charity caters for people from 12 to 26! Twenty FUCKIN six years olds rich boys and girls being taken on day trips? Grow up man.

First thing I would like to say to young farmers is GOOD, I’m glad I pissed you off that much that you felt the need to report it, what did you say to them? Did you explain that since writing these blogs I have been threatened with GUNS? I didn’t think so, I should report you to the police but that ain’t my thing!

Second thing I would like to say is, How come you rich white boys and girls are so sensitive? Our media attack immigrants, people on welfare and the poor on a daily basis, Why don’t your money making, corporate sponsored rich charity address real issues like these? Oh yeah thats right because it don’t affect people like you. Have you read the Daily Mail? They hate and attack everyone that is not rich, if they can compare desperate immigrants fleeing war torn countries to rats than surely I can say anything I fucking like and I still wouldn’t go that low.

Bring the police, bring your guns, do what you want but notice as soon as somebody dare question your ignorant, fake lifestyles this is your reaction, to cry and tell the police. FUCKING PATHETIC, you deserve no respect so thats what you will get.

Now carry on ripping off kids and stupid people going up to 26 years old in the name of charity and STFU please. I got other things to do, other rich conservatives to piss off.

They shared this on Facebook I doubt they will be sharing anything I have write….




Usually I don’t bother to check Google analytics due to the fact I have plugin view counters on my site and therefore I don’t need too. Today however my website has been particularly busy, I have received well over 100 new sign ups in less than 24 hours and out of interest I thought I would check out Google analytics. Much to my surprise Google analytics show that I have barely had and single person on my website in the last week…As shown below.


In the last 24 hours (I have received over 100 sign ups) yet Google analytics are showing I have had 0 sessions from 0 users!


Either the inbreed elitist pigs  at Google can’t count or they are manipulating stats again like they do on YouTube (my plugin stats are showing between 300 and 2000 hits per day)..

Google analytics = BULLSHIT of course.



Today I wake up to two letters, one from the parasitic Inland Revenue demanding £1300 due to a late tax return. They fail to take in to consideration the reason my Tax Return was late was due to me not being able to access their useless and shit website, no matter how many operators I spoke to NOBODY could help me. This led to me having to do my returns by post, the first time I sent them they didn’t receive them, the second time I sent them they sent them back because I forgot to write a zero in a box. I wouldn’t mind but that Zero was a total amount on six other questions that I answered Zero pretty simple maths really.

As if the HM revenue and Customs is not bad enough I also have Severn Trent Water demanding over One thousand pound from me. The reason I owe Severn Trent this money is;

Back in about 2012 I was living in a horrible house on a busy road in Wolverhampton, Willenhall Road. I lived about 6 or 7 doors away from a pub at the time I had three children living with me. The house was damp and there was trouble outside regularly, most the time I didn’t need a TV watching the people fighting and arguing was more entertaining.

This shit little house had a shit little garden and the waste from the pub run passed my house. One morning I woke up and my Garden was full of the waste from the pub. I phone the council they inform me that Severn Trent are responsible for it, so I contact them. In all fairness they send people out pretty quick and they clean up well. Trouble is a few weeks later it happens again, this time it was a Sunday and I have no credit on my phone, I rush out to a phone box to call them (I think it was a free call from a phone box.) The whole house and most the street now stinks and there is waste all over the garden again, they clean it up again but they never actually solve the problem. It’s only a matter of time before it happens again, I inform them that I am not paying for this service but as I was on benefits at the time the Jobcentre paid them directly from my benefits, against my will.

I come off benefits and they are now paid everything we owe them for the house I am in but I am still refusing to pay them for Willenhall road. They can send their bailiff company (THE CREDIT PROTECTION ASSOCIATION) I actually thrive from pissing them off.

These tactics may scare old women and even most ordinary people but they will not get NOTHING MORE from me. I moved house and lost a deposit because of this shit (LITERALLY.)


Google, Facebook, Tesco, Walmart, Vodafone, Amazon, Apple and many other huge multinational corporations are getting away with a lot more than me! Why don’t you go after them? Its surely a lot better way to invest your time and money.






I hate the Inland Revenue, how can a country that claims to be free allow these corrupt thieving gangsters to operate the way they do? I was a self-employed plasterer for years and I always relied on an accountant to do my tax return, nowadays however I do not earn the kind of money that allows me to pay an accountant, so I thought this time I will do my own tax return.

All I can say about it is fucking hell what a nightmare, all of a sudden paying an accountant £400 for one day’s work begins to feel like the bargain of a fuckin lifetime.

HERE The Inland revenues website is confusing, unclear, slow, unhelpful and generally shit. I end up having to phone them, when phoning the Inland revenue we are forced to listen to a machine for five minutes before being ask security questions by the machine, national insurance number, date of birth, tax ref and so on, we answer these questions that are asked in order to speed up the process so they tell us. Yet when the operator finally gets on the phone to us usually about 15 minutes after we dialed the number, the operator asks us the same questions again! How the fuck is that speeding up the fucking process?

After speaking to 4 different operators I still cannot sign in to their useless website, apparently they sent me a code in two parts about seven years ago and I lost the second part of the code! To retrieve this code I need a marriage certificate, that’s pretty hard considering I am not married, I may be stupid but not that fucking stupid. After literally weeks of fucking about I decide fuck it I will do it by post, I went to the library and printed all the forms I needed, I fill them in accurately and post them. I also post an appeal against a penalty for being late with my return.

Thank god that’s over I thought, weeks later more threats of extortionate fines, penalties and even prison are posted to my house. Apparently they did not receive the form by post.

Well fuck the Inland Revenue, fuck her majesties service in fact fuck her majesty and his royal highness, fuck the monarchs, the aristocracy, the elite, the establishment and the ignorant and by the ignorant I mean the idiots that cannot even see or comprehend how fucked up the United Kingdom and its inbreed, reptilian overlords are.

I am pretty sure they have no idea what is going on, I believe the Inland Revenue post threats, fines and extortionately high tax bills to everyone in the hope that they just pay the bill and STFU.

 If people were strong they would fight, fuck your tax returns. Google, Facebook, Tesco, McDonalds, Coco Cola and many other corporate giants earn more money in an hour then our whole street makes in a lifetime, make these parasites pay.

These corporations supply us with a low quality yet expensive service made even more expensive when we consider factors like huge tax evasion, exploitation, cruelty and a huge lack of respect for human rights and freedom.

People should stand up and fight, if not for themselves for the poor the truly oppressed. Donating money to children in need is not only not enough it’s fucking ridiculous. The whole system needs to change; debt is an illusion as is wealth but our programmed minds except such illusions without question.

People are too weak and programmed to fight back, non-conformism is hated by the well programmed. Yet our history books prove that some of the most respected and loved people were not Kings and Queens, presidents, governments, prime ministers or authority figures but were in fact people that fought against Kings and Queens, presidents, governments prime ministers and authority figures.

Rosa Parkes, was a non-conformist, we remember her and forget the millions of conformists that were obeying. Ghandi, Martin Luther, Malcom X are all remembered as legends when Margret Thatcher, Richard Nixon, Edward Heath and other oppressive politicians are remembered as leeches, liars, witches and corrupt parasites.

Muhammed Ali was a man that was universally hated by white America and most Americans due to the fact his beliefs did not line up to rest of white America, they go on like they love him now but they hated him big time. What they fail to see is Muhammed Ali was more of a man than any of the useless little puppets in the white house or Downing Street at the time because he fought for what he believed in with bravery, determination and honesty.

Our politicians fight for what corporations and businesses believe in with fear, hate and lies.

History proves that conformism is cowardly and conformists are forgotten whereas as non-conformism takes balls, so take the flags from your front lawns and windows STOP WITH THE BULLSHIT PATRONISM. You might as well put a sign outside with the words “mentally enslaved zombie lives here” 

Our media present non conformism as dangerous and lunacy, but is non conformism really dangerous. Reinhold Hanning is a 94 year old Nazi death camp guard due to his conformism he has recently been jailed for 5 years for his part in Auschwitz. Oskar Groening, was also convicted of being an accessory to the murder of 300,000 Jews a year before. Watch out British soldiers one day in 50 years’ time you might also be standing trail for following orders.

In 1986 Israel made Holocaust denial a criminal offence other countries have followed 1995 Belguim 2014 Greece, 2010 Hungary, 2007 Italy In Poland, Holocaust denial and the denial of communist crimes is punishable by law. Other countries also imply similar laws In May 2014, Russia’s President Vladimir Putin signed a law making the denial of Nazi crimes and “wittingly spreading false information about the activity of the USSR during the years of World War Two” or portraying Nazis as heroes a criminal offence.

UK and USA have considered but rejected similar laws. The government has decided that if you are going to ignore or deny genocide you had better make sure that you deny or ignore the right genocide. 


Lots of people make a decent living on YouTube, I do not make nothing! In fact 25000 subs, 18 million views over a four years has paid me less than £200. Why? I believe if I were making videos of me playing and promoting computer games, spewing anti Islamic and anti Christian bullshit or make up tutorials I would have been paid the $13000 YouTube’s own stats showed me I earned two years ago.

Why should you give a fuck that Google are ripping off people like me? Simple answer really.

Google refusing to pay me simply because they dislike the political messages in my videos shows that Google are against freedom of speech, freedom of expression and freedom in general. I don’t care how big Google are they should still have no right in financially starving bloggers, video makers and vloggers.

As well as financial attacks Google are also hiding videos in the dark depths of YouTube, I have had many subscribers from different locations informing me that videos are not working in their countries despite YouTube showing me the videos are available worldwide or just blocked in Germany.

YouTube is also removing views from view counts for example I have seen videos that have seen my videos have 600 views one day the next they have had 550. YouTube view counts are blatantly manipulated in fact they are complete BULLSHIT. They do not even bother to clean up the mess it leaves on your stats which means your stats show complete nonsense, my one video had more views from one single link than Google counted for all views.






Over the last week I have noticed my video view counts going up and down on YouTube! How does a video get less views than it had twenty minutes earlier? Obvious answer is manipulation of viewing figures on YouTube by the greedy, parasitic, corporate giant Google. Today I hit 25150 subscribers, or at least I thought I did because upon refreshing the page I lost four subs (it fell to 25146!) I believe that Google are manipulating all stats for numerous reasons.

Those reasons are money low view counts mean less money they pay on adverts but where do these views go? I personally believe they add views to Vevo, I mean how else do boring talentless corporate guided shit like Justin Bieber and Adele get over one billion views?

Control Google pretty much chose what becomes a “success” they hide “controversial and political videos” away from mass consumption as well as promoting and making easily accessible mainstream SHIT made by their corporate sponsors.

So that’s corporate tax evasion, lobbying, covering up information from the masses, selling information on the masses, ripping off non corporate YouTube partners, biased media coverage, promoting absolute junk, filling YouTube with irritating ads, ripping people off on Google Adsense, Adword and Blogger and Google fucking plus. No wonder we hate Google.

My most affected videos are now FREE TO DOWNLOAD on my website, fuck Google, FUCK THE SYSTEM!



I recently have began uploading new full documentaries on to YouTube (after a 12 month ban from YouTube.) Google are blatantly attacking my channel, they have refused to pay me what they owe, they removed videos based on false claims, in fact if someone makes a claim Google do not bother to check out the facts they simply remove the video. I made the videos which means I own the rights to the videos so the videos do usual end up back on YouTube but the procedure can take weeks, recently I have noticed with my latest vids the view count goes up and down! How does that happen? Are people watching my videos and then time traveling to before they watch my videos only to not watch my video confusing YouTube’s view count? Or are Google manipulating the view counts? They are also removing subscribers from my channel, they have obviously decided that this material is extremist material and you (the public) may not be mentally stable enough to watch this shit.

 Google have decided what is true, no thinking or investigation is required or necessary!


Recently while looking on Amazon I notice somebody selling an iPod case described as “iPad Mini 2 case PoverfyInIndla Extreme Poverty Around The World Wolvoman80.” I just want to clarify this product has nothing to with me! I am not selling the product and I have no idea who is, other than the sellers name on which is “karenring.” At $20 I am pretty sure most people would never buy it anyway in fact looking at the product I wouldn’t buy it for 20 pence.


Available from these sellers.
  • Printed the image on the clean cover
  • Compatible with iPad Mini 2
  • Strong and durable case with high quality picture printing technology
  • Light weight but durable with great protection!
  • Easy access to all phone functions
 1 new from $20.77


Corporations are notoriously greedy and a lack of respect for human rights is something that many corporations lacks. Walmart, Google, Facebook, Tesco, News Corporation and many other corporations act with shocking greed. They sell mass made, low quality products at high prices, they use child labour, pay no tax, exploit, extort, manipulate and lie, Amazon are among the worst offenders. Whats more is they have more control over information then most people realize.

Amazon own over 40 subsidiaries including Zappos,, Kiva Systems, Goodreads, Teachstreet, Alexa and IMDb. They have a huge monopoly in eBooks and online shopping. In fact a few months ago, I ordered a product from an alternative website costing me about £7.00 more than it would from Amazon just to avoid using the money loving, parasites, but when the product arrived it come from Amazon!

Alexa rank is a data website that keeps stats on website usage, my website was climbing “the rankings” fast, it leap from 11th millionth to about 3 millionth (the last time I checked) within just a couple of months! A few weeks later the data completely cleared and I was back down at the very bottom. Lucky for me I don’t particularly give a FUCK where parasites like Amazon rank my site, but if they are manipulating data like that on Alexa rank what is going on with other sites they own.

IMDb for example, I have believed for a long time that IMDb is manipulated. Especially with mainstream movies and TV, Walt Disney’s Inside out rated better than Raging bull? Firefly rated better than Vikings, Narcos and House of Cards? Arrested Development better than Only Fools and Horses? Pretty Little Liars has more than one out ten? Are people stupid or are Amazon paid, my guess is both!

Tax evasion, exploitation, lack of workers rights, manipulation of statistics and media, lobbying and absolute parasitic greed make AMAZON one of the most corrupt and disgusting corporations that exist.


Amazon, Acquisitions and investments




  • Alexa Internet a database company;[40]
  • a financial services company;[41]
  • 40% investment in 1999,[42] increased stake in 2000,[43] sold stake to Walgreens in 2011 for a 90% loss;[44]
  • GeoWorks, a wireless communications company, acquisition of a minority interest;[45]
  •, purchased a 54 percent stake;[46]
  •, which produced Internet-based auction software;[47]
  • e-Niche Incorporated, comprising:[48][49], (hard-to-find book titles), and (hard to find music titles)
  •, a 35 percent stake in the online grocer;[50]
  •, 49 percent stake[51] (the company was purchased by in 2000)
  • Tool Crib of the North, acquired the online and catalog sales division of the company in October 1999, selling a very wide variety of tools and home improvement items;[52]
  • Convergence Corporation, software to connect wireless devices to the Internet;[53]
  • MindCorps Incorporated, applications for web sites including online chats to web based databases;[54]
  •, gift registry, expert advice, and personalized gift suggestions, Amazon purchased a 20% stake[55] (in April 2000, the company merged with[56])
  • Back to Basics Toys, catalog toy store[57] (sold to Scholastic in 2003[58])
  •, retailer of luxury products, Amazon acquired a 16.6 percent ownership;[59]
  • Leep Technology Inc., developer of on-line database query tools and CRM software.[60]


  • Online music retailer CDNow.[61] By 2011, the website was defunct and in use by a different company.





  •, a digital photography review website based in London; Brilliance Audio, the largest independent publisher of audiobooks in the United States.[69]











  • 2004:, a company focused on researching and building innovative technology.[104]
  • 2004: Lab126, developers of integrated consumer electronics such as the Kindle.
  • 2007:, an e-commerce brand focusing on shoes.[105]
  • 2007: Brilliance Audio, the largest independent audiobook producer in the US.[106]

Amazon owns over 40 subsidiaries, including Zappos,, Kiva Systems, Goodreads, Teachstreet, and IMDb.




I have suspected manipulation of stats on YouTube and Google plus for quite a while now, my followers on Google plus has been stuck on 436 for months. To be honest this does not really bother me at all as I cannot stand Google plus, I find it to be a complete waste of time in fact I would not even have an account if it were not for Google forcing all YouTubers to either have a Google plus account or close their YouTube account!

This morning however as I was about to share a link on Google plus I noticed that Google plus insights had counted 441 new followers in one day, I also noticed that I’m receiving no messages on YouTube, Google plus or anywhere (it is not very often I do not get at least a few emails.) The 441 new followers were never actually added or counted as new Google+ followers, in fact I still have 436 just like the day before as Google+ own stats show.

Note I still have 436 followers despite 441 new followers!

Whatever the reason is for this technical problems or censorship Google+ stats like YouTube stats (I have had similar problems on YouTube stats) are clearly inaccurate and therefore pretty useless.

 I closed my Facebook and Twitter accounts due to the political censorship being employed by them but closing my YouTube account due to the same censorship policies and Google’s refusal to pay me what they owe me for my video views, would eradicate all the hard work put in to building my channel to level it is at. Unfortunately all I can do for now is sit tight and wait for Google to be forced to follow some regulations that would prevent them from acting with such greed, the problem is Google are among the biggest lobbyists in USA and Europe. In other words the government are under Google’s control so the chances of Google facing any real opposition is slim.



I have been blogging since 2011, I started with Google’s before starting my own website under the domain only to have the website cyber attacked (luckily most of my blogs were backed up, though I lost a few) the cyber attack forced me back on to the plain and very basic, until I started this site in January 2015. Buying and owning your own domain name is a much better way of blogging if you plan to blog regularly, it allows multiple ads which means it pays better and the website can be made more attractive with many more features than allows.

After starting my own website (again) I was glad to be away from the the shit and basic and I planned not to ever use google adsense again (adsense is the only way to advertise on I began looking for alternatives which is both time consuming and boring to say the least, after hours of looking I had still not found a real alternative to Adsense. The alternatives that I tried which was at five were either complicated to use, plain text ads or unvaried and hard to fit on to the website. I hate to sound like I am praising Google but there is no real alternatives when it comes to online advertising, Google have a huge variety of sizes and options and lots of customers.

Having spent way to much time and getting absolutely nowhere with finding an alternative I decide I have to use Adsense, my website allows me to look at stats from multiple sources by using different plugins, these stats always show I am getting hundreds sometimes even thousands of hits per day, they even count how many hits each blog has separately. Stats from different sources do for some reason vary to one another but Google Adsense stats always show the lowest! How shocking the only company that pays for ads show the lowest hits EVERYTIME. I have multiple plugins and programs that are showing a much higher click rate than Adsense, I am aware that crawlers and Electronic spammers can cause false readings and results but one of my programs even detects humans, crawlers and Electronic spammers, the plugins also counts a much higher human rate that Google Adsense does, in fact it sometimes counts thousands more than Adsense counts.

It seems to me that everything that Google touches instantly turns in to a untrustworthy giant corporate piece of shit! YouTube,, Adsense, Adwords and the worst one of all the useless Google plus are all rip offs. Google plus is probably the worst site on the whole of the fucking internet so bad that Google needed force YouTube users on to the site just to make people use it.

I sometimes struggle to believe the stats that they show especially when they pay for views, if Google have proven one thing over the years they have proven that they feel no way in ripping people off, with tax evasion and refusal to pay many YouTube partners for ads, I believe that Adsense is also most likely (unless plugins I am using on my website are inaccurate) and once again ripping off their customers.




Scottish Power Ltd. is a vertically integrated energy company with its headquarters in Glasgow, Scotland. It was once a constituent of the FTSE 100 Index but in 2006 it became a subsidiary of the Spanish utility Iberdrola.

Iberdrola (Spanish pronunciation: [iβerˈðɾola]) is a Spanish public multinational electric utility company based in Bilbao, Basque Country. Iberdrola has a workforce of around 31,330 employees in dozens of countries on four continents serving around 31,67 million customers. Subsidiaries include Scottish Power (Scotland), Iberdrola USA (United States) and Elektro (Brazil), amongst others. The largest shareholder of the company was, in 2013, Qatar Investment Holding; other significant shareholders are ACS, Kutxabank and Bankia.

Iberdrola made over €2.5 billion profit in 2013 and have total assets worth €92 billion according to Wikipedia, despite this huge profit Iberdrola rip people off on a daily basis, Scottish Power is a disgrace, they put meters in council houses and then charge people that live in council houses a fortune, in some cases three or four times as much as those that pay quarterly bills! A friend informed me on how bad Scottish power are after telling me of his families experience of them and when we Google “Scottish power rip off” and we discover that he is not the only person that feels ripped off by Scottish Power.

There are 503 reviews for Scottish power on trust pilot, Scottish power have a score of 0.2 out of ten! Read first page of reviews below. As far as I can see EVERY REVIEW IS ONE STAR ON EVERY PAGE IS ONE STAR, WITH ANGRY RANTS EVERYWHERE. Scottish Power seem to be ripping off a lot of people, a strong government would act on important issues like these, if you have 503 star reviews and angry rants as a business and not one (as far as I can see definitely not above 10) positive comment or reviews you are obviously either useless, extortionists or both.

This review has been reported to our Compliance Team by Trustpilot
for coarse language.

Our Compliance Team is in the process of investigating this review.

Following this investigation, it will either be deleted or returned to Trustpilot.

See our review guidelines here.

Published 3 days ago

Absolutely appalling

I was with this company in my new build property and quickly changed to EDF, Scottish power took so long to send me my final bill and still send me bills now. I was with them over the summer months but they charged me over £150 for such a short period. When they sent me my final bill I still received two more bills after that, I think they definitely ripped me off
Published 4 days ago

don’t use Scottish power

If I listed my complaints I would have a novel longer than the Lord of the rings,
and it spans almost as long in its saga. Please don’t use them as your supplier you will regret it. The bills are wrong, they misinform you and you normally wait an hour to talk to someone who then can’t help and their email addresses bounce back . They have been fined by trading standards in previous years I hope the company is investigated again, because I believe they will be fined again. I have had to resort to 3Rd parties to help resolve my Issues. I do not believe I will get adequate compensation for the hours which amounts to days I have lost dealing with them.
Published 4 days ago


My husband and I purchased a flat to renovate in March with a view to renting it out and the outgoing tenant used a pre-payment key with Scottish Power. I rang Scottish Power to arrange for a meter to be installed, but as this takes 3 weeks I asked for a pre-payment key so we could commence renovations. We live in Essex and it was totally impossible to purchase a pre-payment key so they sent us one by post. This wasted a week and we had builders, plumbers etc. lined up to go in but no work could undertaken as we had no electricity. We finally received the pre-payment key and it was then a challenge to find anywhere to use it! We finally found a local newsagent to load up the key and were able to start work. As the flat is going to the rented out I decided to stay with Scottish Power and applied for a normal electricity meter with quarterly billing. I waited at the flat for 5 hours on the 30 March 2015 (appointment confirmed in writing) for an engineer to change the pre-payment system to a normal meter, nobody turned up, nobody rang to explain why. I telephoned Scottish Power and was given another date of 23 April 2015, I complained very strongly about this and was promised a telephone call on the Tuesday after Easter to try and bring this forward. Needless to say I never received a follow up call on the Tuesday and felt so uneasy about being let down again that I rang Scottish Power again to check whether somebody would be coming on the 23 April (this new appointment had been confirmed in writing). I telephoned Scottish Power again and was told that the two previous Call Centre operatives had filled in the WRONG form on-line and that NOBODY was ever going to come out to fit the meter as the flat has Economy 7 and the forms did not state that a 2 rate credit meter was required, so Eastern Electricity apparently ignored the two requests, so I am told by Scottish Power if that is to be believed. I was very angry but the call centre operator told me to stop going around in circles! I work for myself so have already suffered loss of earnings. I have had incredible amounts of my time wasted on the telephone. A new date was agreed for the meter to be installed on Tuesday 5 May, and I awaited confirmation by letter. No confirmation was received but a message was left on my answerphone stating that the appointment was confirmed but I was required to be there ALL DAY. I work for myself, have school runs to do, care for my elderly disabled mother, and I was expected to wait all day for this new meter. I would have had to wait outside the flat as the tenants have moved in. Today, Friday 1 May 2015 I returned home to a message on my answerphone from Scottish Power stating that the installation of the meter has been cancelled due to no engineers being available. I rang Scottish Power who gave me the usual rubbish and that my complaint would be emailed through to another department. My tenants moved in yesterday Thursday 30 April and have no electric meter. It took my husband and I 4 weeks to totally renovate this flat and it is now three months and I still have no electricity meter for my new tenants, a meter which I paid for in March.Scottish Power are beyond useless. In this day and age how can it be so difficult to obtain a simple electricity meter, it is off the scale incompetence. The only other company who are worse are British Telecom.Take note executives of Scottish Power, failure to heed poor reviews will be your downfall and Scottish Power will be consigned to history.I will be continuing my review.

Published 5 days ago

If i could give 0 stars I would!

Over a relatively short period time…6 months….so many mistakes on my account. They set up direct debits without my permission, one of which was for a pre payment meter!! The online complaints service just resulted in me having to repeat information over and over again…as with the phone service. Customer services obviously very poorly trained. No one there seems to know what they are doing and some are just plain rude. 6 weeks after raising a complaint and numerous promises of call backs that never materialised I have moved to a different company.
Published 6 days ago


I have been emailing Scottish Power since Dec 14 in an attempt to get my meter changed but so far all I have had is their standard email saying they looking into my complaint. Nothing else has happened and am now referring them to the Ombudsman. No point telephoning because you are constantly put on hold.
This is the worst energy supplier and I would not recommend using them.
We will definitely be cancelling our contract at the end of the contract period. I would rather pay more and get a decent service.
Published 7 days ago


Internet account access is rubbish! Mine us still showing my old closed accounts from years ago and they cant get my current accounts to show on it. At least 20 mins wait on telephone every time I call in.
Get your act together Scottish Power!!
 Kirk Sherwood


ive had 5 bills in 3 weeks all of them which are wrong, when you try to call them its a thirty minute wait while they talk to their manager to ammend what are quite clearly incorrect bills! 300 pound for 2 weeks of gas and electric when i turned them off the day i got the keys to the house seemed a bit steep to say there wasnt even a supply to the house! cut me off after half an hour on the phone earlier and im now on hold again and have been past through 3 departments in the last 67 minutes and still no closer to correcting my issue and refuse to call me back!
James Bellis found this review useful
Published 28 April 2015

Avoid Scottish Power

I have been with Scottish Power since moving house last summer. It was fitted with prepayment meters for gas and electricity both with Scottish Power. It has been one problem after another starting with delays sending out the new card and key and then sending duplicates. Due to their extortionate charges to switch my account to direct debit meters I decided to switch to British Gas. I now have an outstanding bill for fifty pounds, which Scottish Power says I owe them because I didn’t give meter readings when I switched. I don’t see how I can owe them money as I was prepaying and now I can’t backdate the meter reading. I’m disgusted with their customer service. The staff are polite on the phone however nothing gets resolved and next time I phone none of the details have been logged.
Nick Taube
Published 27 April 2015

Appalling Company

I have a house which was vacant for nearly a year before I decided to let it. When I went to read the meters, the electricity meter was blank. I then went back over my bills and noticed that they had read my gas meter but estimated my electricity since Sept 2014. I asked them is there any way they would only read one meter and they said no, so my only possible assumption is that my electricity meter failed ages ago, the reader knew, but did nothing about it. I noticed my bill drop from over 200 pounds per month to 69 pounds per month and assumed they were reading is, but actually they were clearly only reading the gas.I contacted them about it, got lots of run around and errors on their, but finally, the gist is, they say I can’t prove the house was vacant. I said look at the change in gas usage, they said these things can happen. It seems that I can’t prove to their satisfaction that I had an empty house and didn’t use the electricity. What seems amazing to me, is that I would have thought that without a meter, they can’t prove I had anything. My errors were:i) I was quite happy to be largely in credit and sort the situation out with a final reading
ii) I assumed I would have a working meter to read!They even mocked me on the phone for not having bothered to check during the year, I would have thought not minding them having my money for a year was a pretty relaxed way to be.


You will not get satisfaction on the phone from them, they promised to review, but actually that’s just stalling. Once they have your money they won’t give it back.

I called British Gas, they said, if they can’t read a meter because it’s faulty how can they bill you.

I would have accepted that they would make a sensible calculation based on the obvious vast change in gas usage, but they regard their estimates as fixed unless you can prove otherwise.

How on earth can I do that when THEIR meter has failed?!?

Published 25 April 2015


Do not go near this company, totally incapable of even managing to send out correct bills, appalling customer service and actually incompetent at anything. I have never experienced anything like it and am shocked they are even allowed to trade !!!!!
Published 23 April 2015

The worst experience I’ve ever had.

If you have any kind of a problem, you will not be able to reach a customer support representative. They put you through some questioners and other useless stuff, and at the end you will be given a phone number. Then you call them, they don’t reply in 30 minutes, then someone answers the phone, and puts you through to another person, then the same thing happens. At the end, after spending an hour of bothering to call them, you will be contacted via noreply email notifying you that the issue is not sorted. The only thing you can do, is call them again, and go through the same procedure. Your phone bill will be higher then you electricity bill. They don’t do research of your account before emailing you, the don’t have accounts on you. Maybe like a team of one person is working there to reply all customers that they have. Completely annoying.
Tatiana Leontieva
Published 21 April 2015


The most poor customer service amongst all the companies I’ve dealt with. They owe me £300 in credit, and I’ve been waiting for the refund for over 7 months now. They give some rubbish replies, which don’t make any sense and never get back to you! Lack of management, no professionalism. I wonder how they still keep their place in the market. They should really be ashamed for deceiving their customers!
Kate Norris
Published 17 April 2015

terrible – believe the reviews

Below is a message I just sent to Scottish Power which sums up how we feel…. We have been with them for only 4 weeks and are now leaving.You have the worst customer service policy I have ever experienced. As a new customer we took a day off today to wait in for an engineer to change our economy 7 meter to a normal one only to be told a variety of stories including that the engineer may be replacing a gas main(!) when we asked what time the engineer may be with us. Apparently they work until 8pm according to one of your customer service assistants whereas another told us that if they weren’t there by 4pm then they wont be there. When asked if we could talk to a manager we were told the equivalent of ‘computer says no’ – we were told that a manager does not want to talk to us, even when we said we were leaving. We have never felt so fobbed off, discarded and generally ingorned. And we have dealt with BT!!!I don’t know if you know David Brent but even he has better sales and customer sevice manners than you.We will never be a SP customer on the basis of this experience and intend to let everyone we know (and via social media everyone we don’t) about this experience and your general lack of interest.

Please note that none of this is directed at the individuals at the end of the phone but rather the policies you have in place that they have to follow.

You have a lot of work to do.

Published 16 April 2015

Lax and parochial service by UK standards

Very poor customer service, Scottish Power does not seem to have evolved since the 1980’s when it was commonplace and acceptable to treat customers with contempt. Spent many hours on the phone without actually being able to speak to anybody and sent numerous e-mails to get my issue of a central heating servicing visit resolved. Scottish Power just ignored its own charter for addressing consumer dissatisfaction and complaints. Issue has been going round and round in circles for months. Gained the impression that as a customer, I was very low down on this company’s list of priorities. On the contrary, just small fry not meriting any of the established courtesies between customer and supplier. Anyway, I do have an exit button coming up shortly and will most certainly press it.
Ellis Thompson

Call Centre with no Managers

Have rang Scottish Power four times today and each time when I questioned the information I was given, I asked to put through to a manager. The answer was you will have to email a complaint in first before you can speak to a manager. What a company. The query I have is that Scottish Power are saying that the meter that I wish to be moved is not there problem, has been told it is UK Power Network, Eon and EDF. The cable move is UK Power Network agreed but the Meter well Citizens Advice thinks its Scottish Power and so do I. Or have I making payments to the wrong company. Been told to wait Five days by Citizens Advice then they will take action.


terrible! avoid!
Published 09 April 2015

Absolutely useless!!!!!

After leaving the company over a year ago I recieved an email saying I owed £48.00!!!! Rang to confirm this amount and was told I was in credit for over £200 which they would send via a check, this has now disappeared and I now owe the £9.46 Scotish power are total rubbish customer service doesn’t exist and I wouldn’t touch them the with a barge pole !!!!!!!!!! Go elsewhere !!!!!!!
Published 09 April 2015


I have been trying to get Scottish Power to register my new property since moving in 10 months ago. When the property was handed over to me I was given all the contact details to register my new home and introduce an account for direct debit billing. I have spent hours and hours trying to arrange this and 10 months on I still have no account and haven’t paid a penny to anyone for gas and electricity. I have spoken to dozens of people and I have been passed from pillar to post. On many occasions I have found the phone go dead after I have been on the phone for half an hour at a time.
I desperation I have started emailing as I really cannot afford the time to be on the phone getting nowhere. I have received emails back advising that I will receive responses within 5 working days. Guess what I have never received a response. I emailed the Complaints Dept begging them to sort this out. I received an email back saying that my case had been forwarded to the relevant department and I should receive a replay very soon. That was 3 weeks ago. I give up !
I will now contact the Ombudsman !
Published 08 April 2015

Absolute rubbish

We moved into the new property this February. There were smart meters installed for both gas and electricity. We also found prepayment cards from Utilita. I rang Utilita as we couldn’t find any holes on the meters to insert top up cards into. Utilita told me our supplier is Scottish Power. I rang Scottish Power just to find out they aren’t supplying anything to this address. Then I rang UK Power. They ensured me Scottish Power IS OUR SUPPLIER. I made several phone calls to Scottish Power and after long explanations and several transfers to different advisors they admitted they are our electricity supplier and promised to send us a confirmation letter which they did. It was an account confirmation with account number on it. But it was only for electricity so I rang them up again.
I’ve spent around 4 hours trying to resolve the issue. Spoke to 10 different advisors and each advisor would tell me the different story.
Finally they agreed to change our meters as Smart Meters wouldn’t let us take any proper meter readings. Scottish Power promised that engineer will call me and arrange an appointment and both meters will be changed within one week.
Of course, nobody contacted me and I had to ring them again. Booked an appointment and had to wait for a month. Engineer arrived and changed electricity meter two days ago. I rang Scottish Power to find out what is going on with gas meter just to find out they don’t know and had to start the whole thing again: few hours on hold, 4 different advisors, long explanations and no result so far. They promised their manager will give me a call tomorrow but I do not trust them anymore.
Its been three months since I contacted them first, gas issue is not solved and I’ll have to pay an estimated bill because of their stupidity.STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY AS THEY ARE INCOMPETENT TIME WASTERS.


(Bad language warning, do not read if bad language irritates you more then being ripped off)

I have spent years researching my family history and I have managed to trace my family all the way back to the 15th century so far, the subject of genealogy is fascinating to me, that is why I used Ancestry. The cost of Ancestry varies depending on how we pay for it, 12 months membership costs £119.99 or we can pay £13 per month, despite the fact that Ancestry is an easy to use and an interesting website full of historical information and facts, I still believe it is a rip off, the reason we should have to pay to access our own family history is beyond me.

Most the information on Ancestry should be free to access public information, family trees made public and put together by Ancestry customers are only accessible when we subscribe as are much of the old documents. I don’t believe our ancestors many of them living and dying in wars, to fight for our “freedom” would ever of guessed that their descendants would be ripped off due to their interest in finding out who they are.

Despite my firm belief that Ancestry was indeed a rip off, I am a very curious person and I had to see what information they had, I took a two week trail but two weeks is not long enough searching for relatives is time consuming to say the least, so after my free trail expired I decided to pay for a month and then another. Despite feeling that the service is very expensive especially considering that Ancestry only offers mainly basic information and you may find yourself needing other services for deeper information on World War One and Two, Criminal records and many other different parts of history. It feels like every time you find something interesting somebody wants your credit card number, but still I was a Ancestry customer for two months and despite the high price I was responsibly happy with the service.

Then Ancestry got cyber attacked, I didn’t mind, fuck these greedy internet giant corporations, cyber attack away and destroy the corrupt businesses for all I care. Eventually Ancestry began to working after being down for ten days, in that 10 days I was a paying customer, so when I called the Ancestry “helpline” to ask if it would be possible to be credited with the ten days service that I had already paid for when the site was down, I expected “yes no problem” to be the answer, it was not! “No refunds it written in the terms and conditions” was Ancestry’s answer, my answers is “THIS IS WHY WE FUCKING HATE YOU AND YOU GET CYBER ATTACKED IN THE FUCKING FIRST PLACE, YOUR GREED” to which Ancestry reply “Your swearing is offensive!”

That’s what corporations do, they steal, they thieve, they scrounge and avoid tax, they rip us off and force us to pay for information that should be public domain, but when we swear we “offend them” well sorry you fucking cunts!

Nearly forgot it is indeed written in their terms and conditions, unfortunately it seems to be written in some strange language, a modern form of gibberish  I believe;

5. Liability Disclaimer

No Warranty. We do not extend or express any warranties or representations as to the quality and/or accuracy of the Content, Website or Service, and we expressly disclaim and exclude any implied warranties, conditions and/or representations to the maximum extent permissible under applicable law. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, we offer the Service on an “as is basis” and (i) we do not accept responsibility for any use of or reliance on the Website, Content or Service, or for any disruptions to or delay in the Service; and (ii) we do not make any representations as to the accuracy, comprehensiveness, completeness, quality, currency, error-free nature, compatibility, security or fitness for purpose of the Website, Content or Service. Furthermore, Ancestry does not guarantee the adequacy of the Service or Website or compatibility thereof to your computer equipment or environment. Ancestry does not warrant that this Website, the Service, its servers, or any emails which may be sent from Ancestry are free of viruses or any other harmful components.


We can fuck you hard anytime we want!


Because of the fact Google are refusing me a payment to me, despite videos made by me receiving OVER 15 MILLION VIEWS and my channel gaining 20000 subscribers, I am Council housed, in a poor area and a house that is way too small for for my children. If Google paid me the $80000 USD they owed me I would be buying or at least private renting in an area far away from my current address.

Living in a council house or housing association house is not too bad, the house the easy to warm and comfortable and as long as I pay my rent and don’t turn the place in to a drug den I am housed.

One complaint about council houses is why do they always come with PREPAYMENT METERS? Prepayment meters for Gas and Electric, prepayment meters are ridiculously expensive compared to standard bills, they result in the lower classes, the poor, the disabled and anyone that lives in a council house paying A LOT more money for the same product.

My house has a prepayment meter for both Gas and Electric, meaning that some “business” is making a absolute fortune from my families need to stay warm!

On average my family of six costs £5 per day in electric alone, if we use the tumble dryer or a boil wash the money drops quicker than Nick Clegg’s popularity has dropped, you would I am trying to power a mansion and a family of 20 if you were to watch the meter.

These Prepayment meters are being used by energy businesses as another way to rip off the poor, why should poor people pay so much more for the same product? The answer is they shouldn’t. Prepayment meters should either be scrapped completely or properly regulated and capped.

Advantages of prepayment meters include:


  • helping customers to manage their debt and energy usage;
  • preventing large, unexpected bills,

Disadvantages of prepayment meters include:

  • above average costs for your gas and electricity;
  • the best energy deals on the market aren’t available to prepayment meter customers;
  • they can be inconvenient because you have to go out to ‘top up’ keys and smartcards;
  • if you can’t reach a shop to top up your meter your energy can be switched off;
  • older meters need to have their prices updated manually after price rises or falls, which can take months. This means you could be left paying old rates and owing a lump sum or paying too much.


Five years ago I lived in a private rented bungalow in Wolverhampton. This Bungalow had an electric meter, this meter would cut off whenever the money on it went to 0.00 but it would allow “emergency credit” of £5.00. You would think that would mean that you can not get in to then £5.00 debt with them, well that’s what I thought anyway, I was WRONG.

NPOWER are insisting that I owe them £250 in unpaid electric at that address! Not only are they insisting I owe them £250 they have gone to the trouble of passing the debt on to a bailiff company, this bailiff company harass constantly with letters and threats. I explain to NPOWER that the place they are billing me for had a prepayment meter with money on in when I left but still the letters and threats of repossession come.

It seems to me like everything in Britain is a rip off as I am having a similar problem with Severn Trent Water but Severn Trent have been clever about it and contacted the Job center, Severn Trent now take the money directly from my benefits!


First Published 19/10/2014


I am now a part of the YouTube team, an online friend told me once your account gets over 15000 subs we are given a special method of contact to our team leaders, YouTube. They gives loads to read about how valued we are and they call you a partner!

I decide to contact my new team leaders and ask them about payment, after all social blade estimates they owe me up to £60000 and last year YouTube own stats showed they owed me $13000 before clearing and going back down to 0.00! I have already sent two written letters to YouTube’s head office only to be ignored, twice, they must mean silent partner, I stay silent and I am a valued partner. CLICK HERE TO SEE SOCIAL BLADE STATS 

I am keeping record of all my conversations with these people at YouTube, so far they have explained nothing and ignored a request from me (acting on the advice of a solicitor) for records of how much money YouTube/GOOGLE have made from my videos.

So far my new partners seem to think that I should make the videos and they and their friends should make the money!

I don’t want to be a part of you’re shitty, censoring, lying, greedy “youtube family” and I don’t give a flying fuck if you hate me, my videos or anything else, I just want the money that I am owed and my legal right to freedom of speech and freedom of expression.

So far my partners have answered shortly, unhelpfully and they are now just ignoring my emails. I am going to send my partners a link to this blog and inform them that everything that the email conversation between me and my new partners will be documented on my next blog.

After a online friend informed me that partners with over 15000 subs can contact YouTube, I decided to contact them regarding the non payment of advertising revenue on my most popular videos. The conversation went like this.

WOLVOMAN80 SENT;  An issue of non payment effects nearly every video I have. Google  are not allowing me to collect any payment on my most popular videos, I  understand that SOME of these videos do contain music that is copyright  protected therefore I understand that Google might collect royalties for  third parties, but I am still entitled to some payment at the moment Google  are paying me at the rate of 0.0000053 cents per view despite ads. Social  Blade estimates my top 30 vids have earned £60000. Need payment plz.

YOUTUBE SEND AUTOMATED MESSAGE; Thanks for contacting YouTube! We’ve received your support request, and a member of our team will respond to you shortly. In the meantime, for additional YouTube Support options, please visit


The YouTube Support Team.


Hello Michael,

Advertising revenue is based on a number of factors and may not be directly correlated to video views. These factors include advertiser bidding, advertising availability and advertiser demand for your videos.

As YouTube continues to welcome more monetized videos into the mix, we want to be as transparent as possible and help you understand that there will be fluctuation in the revenue earned by those videos.

* Advertising is both seasonal and flighted. This means, for example, that the Holiday season (November and December) are times of the year when there is tremendous investment in advertising and January and February tend to be lighter months. We’ve also noticed that when times are lean, businesses often cut their marketing budgets, and fewer ads are available.

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* Your net revenue is dependent on several things, including which ad format appears, what the advertiser paid, and the amount of times your video was viewed. In addition, the geographic location of your viewers/audience will impact your net revenue. We’re steadily expanding the InVideo ad format internationally, and this format generates the most revenue for you.

It will be a little tricky in the beginning to gauge what your payment will be each month. You have to keep in mind that on the other side there has to be an advertiser with interest in advertising on your content and it’ll take a little time to build the interest. If you are curious about how we present the opportunities, you can check out to see how the Google sales team approaches selling.

Keep creating the content and we’ll keep at it from our side.



The YouTube Team

WOLVOMAN80 SENT; That does not even come close to helping me.

WOLVOMAN80 SENT; YouTube owe me over £60000 (according to social blade) why are YouTube not allowing me to advertise on videos that I have made? Even worse, they ARE allowing other businesses to advertise and not paying me a penny! HELP.

YOUTUBE REPLY; Please only refer to your YouTube Analytics for estimated earnings report. For more information about this, please visit:

WOLVOMAN80 SENDS; Last year just before Christmas my stats on YouTube showed that you owed me $13000 only to go down to zero a couple of days later!

I DECIDE TO TRY BEGINNING THE WHOLE PROCEDURE AGAIN, AND START A NEW COMPLAINT, IS SEND;   Last year (2013) just before Christmas my stats on YouTube showed that YouTube owed me $13000 only to go down to zero a couple of days later! Nearly 16 million views with ads! How much have YouTube/Google made from my videos?

YOUTUBE SEND AUTOMATED MESSAGE; Thanks for contacting YouTube! We’ve received your support request, and a member of our team will respond to you shortly. In the meantime, for additional YouTube Support options, please visit


Your original query has been dealt with by the Partner Support team. Please refer back to our previous emails (case # 5-3531000005549), and carefully follow the instructions provided.

Should you have any additional queries regarding this matter, we encourage you to explore the available resources in the YouTube Help Center at: which contain related articles in a variety of topics.


The YouTube Team


WOLVOMAN80 SENDS; It will be dealt with when I am paid.

WOLVOMAN80 SENDS; BTW These conversations are being kept and (maybe) used in a video on YouTube to show/expose how useful/helpful YOUTUBE support team ARE!

WOLVOMAN80 SENDS; I am owed at least £50000. And my solicitor has advised me to request a list of YouTube‘s full earnings from my videos, so I am making that request now. Send me a breakdown please.

I also send YouTube a picture of my videos earning stats, the image clearly shows that YouTube paid me NOTHING for the first two years despite my channel peaking at 30000 views per day. The image also shows that despite millions of views my most viewed videos have paid me nothing, despite ads on every one of them!

YOUTUBE REPLY; Again, your YouTube Analytics shows you estimated earnings.

WOLVOMAN80 SENDS; Again, and as illustrated in the image I sent you, your silly and completely inaccurate stats are not counting any profit for any of my top videos. Again last year they showed $13000 only to go back down to zero the next day and again can I have a breakdown of the earnings that YOUTUBE (NOT ME) have made from advertising on my videos please?

WOLVOMAN80 SENDS; This video will explain. I have others if you are still confused. (The link is a video describing how I am being ripped off and profited from by Google.)

Next day WOLVOMAN80 SENDS; Why am I being ignored? Is this how you treat all YouTube partners? Why do Google think they have the right to make thousands and pay me nothing for my work?

3 days later WOLVOMAN80 SENDS;

Have a butchers at that. (The link is a blog about my delightful experience of talking to YouTube)

3 days later WOLVOMAN80 SENDS;  Is that all the assistance that you are going to offer me? And do you stand by your conclusion that the video views and the estimated earning are correct?

I am again ignored by my “partners” at YouTube.


To say that England is expensive is a bit of a understatement, its like saying hell is warm, living in England is not expensive, its a fucking RIP OFF, Income tax, VAT, National insurance, high petrol prices, high food prices, even our water is expensive and sold to us by corporations. Is it just me or is anyone else sick of being ripped off?

My family were ripped off by millionaire corporations when we were in business, corporations like Persimmon home and Taylor Woodrow, my parents were then taken ill and then ripped off by the health insurance they purchased from Lloyds TSB, they thought they were protected, unfortunately for them they were not! as if that is not enough they were then ripped off again by the bank costing them nearly £80000. By know they are both ill and my mom was blind but that does not stop Mortgages PLC from giving them ridiculous advice and later charging them £64000 of which £54000 was interest in 18 months.

Then we have bank charges of up to £200 per week and phone bills, recently I was charged 50 pence per minute by my mobile phone company for phoning a “free number, 0800”. When I first had broadband connected in 2007 it was costing me £10 per month now its £30 per month, granted the connection is faster but all that does is allow adverts on every page, in 2007 we did not need super fast broadband because internet pages had less adverts, therefore there was less information for the computer to load.

Recently I have been ripped off by YouTube, they first show that they owe me $12000 the week before they are due to pay they clear my estimated earnings to 34 cents, that’s for 14 million YouTube views along with adverts before the video, at the bottom of the screen and on the side bar, due to false claims by companies like BBC, News corp and others.

Gas and energy are ridiculously high, there is one thing in Britain that does not go up as fast as our food and petrol prices do, and that is our wages. No wonder they call Britain rip off Britain, the most concerning thing is they do all this for ONE SIMPLE REASON.

That reason is to protect the super rich and the corporations they own! they allow corporations and the super rich to carry on making huge profit, avoid paying tax, receive cheaper or even free labor and effectively slave us! Its time to stop this sick government before they are literally charging us to breathe and cutting off peoples air supply for not keeping up with payments.

The Bromford living RIP OFF.

In December last year me and my family moved in to a Bromford living house, after private renting for 10 years, we moved because our old house was damp and on a busy road, and with the building trade nearly dead we could no longer afford the rent the landlord wanted. They handed us the keys in November but we were already contracted to our old place until December, “not a problem” a Bromford living adviser told us, “back date the housing benefit and they will cover you on two houses for the month you move”, this turned out to be bad advice as back dating the housing benefit was not allowed, meaning we are in £450 debt before we even move in.

We was happy with the new house and we had no complaints about Bromford living at all, we agreed to pay back the £450 that the benefits would not cover, there were no problems at all, other than dodgy plumbing left before we moved in caused a leak, ruining a new carpet that we had just paid £200 for.

We kept up payments for a few months until the week my girlfriend was in hospital having a baby, that week we did not pay, we had not even got home when the phone rang, it someone from Bromford living chasing a £30 payment, they can hear the baby screaming in the back of the car, my girlfriend is to polite but they insist on talking right there and then, I snatch the phone from my girlfriend and say “Stop harassing us” and hang up.

Two days later we get a letter threatening extra charges of £150 or eviction if they do not receive the payment, and all this over £30! they still received their rent. They come around our house every 3 months ticking boxes and looking around, they give us a red warning if we residents are very naughty and they want us out, amber if we residents are sometimes naughty but sometimes good and a green if we are really good, what next? Well done stickers and naughty corners? For the record we are on amber due to the £450 arrears that was added before we moved in.

Since moving in to our Bromford living house we have had nothing but problems with them so many problems I made a list.

1. Poor plumbing done before we moved in caused a huge leak ruining a brand new floor.

2. Bromford living advisers do not want to talk about replacing the floor or paying us damages, instead they would rather talk about useless work programs.

3. Bad advice from a Bromford living representative lead to us being in debt before we even moved in.

4. They threaten court action and eviction because we owed the £30

5. They tell us to contact them but their 0330 costs ridiculous amounts to ring on my mobile phone, in fact one call to a “free” number (not Bromford) cost me £15 pound!

So I give Bromford a red warning, threatening to make families homeless over £30 shows the greed of Bromford living and other housing associations around the UK.


Yesterday I received a bill from Severn Trent Water, I was shocked to see my bill was £800, so I phoned them. Little did I know when I signed for my last property that the whole street waste and sewage run through our back garden, and I did not even notice until one day when I step outside and our garden it full of waste, waste from the street and from the pub that was 5 doors away from me. It was a mess, the garden stank all the time and I had three children at the time, Severn Trent did clean it up but It was not long before the smell began to come back, because of this we decided to move house and I refused to pay the bill for the water.

I hear nothing from Severn Trent until yesterday the 25th November, I receive a bill for a shocking £800, I ask for a break down of my bill, how is my bill £800? they want £400 for my old property despite flooding my garden with sewage from the whole street, they also wanted £400 for the last 7 months! How do Severn Trent water justify charging that, what about people that can not afford it? Are they not allowed to drink or wash?

I tell the I am not paying that for my disgusting tap water, the water is wrank and water supply is an essential and therefore should be free and covered in the ridiculously high taxes we pay. What next? They will be charging us to breathe.

Who are Severn Trent to charge such extortionate prices for water? Its another example of rip off conformist Britain. The government come on TV tell us Severn Trent now own Britain’s water supply and no one even questions it, everyone’s OK with that.

Britain’s water supply was never owned by the government for the government to sell it in the first place, what kind of stupid government sell their water supply? The same kind of government that only care about one thing, money. I believe the time has come to stop paying Severn Trent, I believe that our taxes could easily cover the cost of maintaining Britain’s water supply and sewage systems, after all our taxes cover David Cameron’s and other politicians second homes and the ridiculous monarchy, surely free water to the masses is a bigger priority.


Are you having trouble with your banks? Have your bank unfairly charged you for unauthorized overdrafts or missed direct debit payments, leaving you with no money for electric, gas or even food for your kids? or have your bank gone into your account and illegally taken a large sum of money from your bank account? Lloyds TSB have taken over £80000 from one account, after a retiring (from business) couple sold 1 of their 2 houses!  Never fear we are protected, by the Financial Ombudsman, the banks must be shitting their selves!

Back in about 2009,  after my girlfriends bank illegally taken money from her bank account (over £3500 in a 5 year span, sometimes taking as much as £140 per day and other occasions £200 per week) I contacted the Financial Ombudsman, and explained the situation, i was confident that I was going to get the money back after all the charges were undeniably ridiculous especially when you think she was a single mother with 2 children at the time and on benefits, they had left her with no money for gas and electric at times so when I speaking to the Financial Ombudsman service they agreed the charges were ridiculous and illegal and they were also confident that she would have it back.

The Financial Ombudsman told us to get a copy of all our bank statements over the last 5 years and highlight all the charges and post the statements with the overdraft and missed direct debit charges on them, they added up to £3500, we waited over a month to receive the bank statements from Nationwide Building Society, I posted the statements to the Financial Ombudsman,  i waited over a month for a reply, i than get a letter telling me they have warned Nationwide Building Society about these charges and I should hear something from them soon.

Three weeks later we get a letter from the Nationwide Building Society offering us £400, we rejected the offer and called the Financial Ombudsman again, “take it” they said “we can get the rest later” so we take the £400, mean while the corrupt blatantly paid off supreme court over turned earlier court rulings that would have allowed the Office of fair trading to investigate bank charges, effectively legalizing bank charges of up to £300 per week, the Office of fair trading said they will fight on but there as been no sign of any change yet.

After the ruling, the Financial Ombudsman still insisted on we could still get it back, I had just lost my job, we were falling behind on rent and the Ombudsman said we could claim financial hardship, a few weeks later we get a letter back from the bank refusing to pay out, I inform the Ombudsman and he informs me there is nothing else they can do because of the change in law! So after months of long phone calls, massive phone bills, waiting on hold to speak to both the Financial Ombudsman service and Nationwide Building Society, posting letters, waiting for replies  I got back £400 from the £3500 they had illegally taken over the years and I should not be surprised, after all who funds the Financial Ombudsman service? the answer is of coarse the banks! the Financial Ombudsman service WORK FOR THE BANKS NOT FOR THE PEOPLE, they make everything as slow possible and in my experience the Financial Ombudsman service seem to be completely powerless and absolutely useless at doing there jobs, that is unless their job is to waste your time in that case 5 stars for the Financial Ombudsman service, well done lads.


Recently I have made a new video called There were giants on the Earth in those days, for this video I used the music The Grande Messe des morts, Op. 5 (or Requiem) by Hector Berlioz it was composed in 1837 making it PUBLIC DOMAIN music meaning multinational parasites like Sony DO NOT OWN the music, that will not stop Sony from trying to claim rights to the music forcing my video to be blocked in certain countries. They do this for multiple reasons, reasons like they can claim advertising money made by video views that the video may get, Sony and YouTube make the profit from the adverts that are now taking over YouTube and the video maker does not make SHIT! Sony own and control over 80 record labels, they control nearly all modern day music and many different aspects of the entertainment industry but this is not enough for them. Sony insist on making profits on YouTube when they have no legal right to do so and from other people work. The greed of these huge multinational corporations is killing the internet, because of this greed people viewing videos on YouTube are now being forced to sit through adverts on nearly every video added and usually the video makers are paid nothing as these parasites claim the rights and Google do not question them, they simply remove the videos. Sony are not the only company to do this, I have also had videos removed due to false copyright claims by the BBC, News Corporation and Hearst Corporation, these companies either do not fully understand copyright laws like fair use and public domain laws or they simply choose not to follow these laws and cash in on videos that they have not legal right to, knowing that most people would not understand the laws and would not question the copyright claims made these by greedy Vultures.