The Left wing vs the Right wing, who is right?

Recently the UK had what the not very impartial newspaper the Express today called a “narrow escape.” That narrow escape was avoiding the hard left policies of Labour and Jeremy Corbyn! The report fails to explain the cost of the escape which is unfortunately and potentially another five years of an hard right Conservative government propped up by the even more hard right Democratic Unionist Party.

The right wing are ultra capitalistic as the left wing lean towards socialism some of the British media even describe it as communism. The Left wing are perceived and presented as dreamers usually unemployed, drug taking lay abouts and the right wing cannot get rid of the image of being racists, simply minded drunks.

The truth is in most cases they are both the left wing and the right wing are missing the point, capitalism, socialism and even communism could all be effective systems and they could all potentially work. They can also all be potentially oppressive and led us directly in to slavery.

I don’t believe the ideology politics to be that important and though most people that read my blogs and watch my videos probably think that I hate capitalism its not true. It’s unregulated corporate anarchy that we live in today that I have a problem with.

Our politicians fight for the rights of banks and corporations while taking the rights of their own citizens whom they seem to think they own. As long as we have a distribution of wealth and property as unbalanced and unfair as we do we are destined to fail as a society. As long as we have rich aristocratic, bankers and individuals worth more than certain nations but still children starve and go hungry we deserve to fail as a society. A society that feeds and helps the rich extort while failing to feed the poor has already failed.

Regulated capitalism with massively increased tax commitments to high earners and corporations could potentially work as well as socialism and communism as long as the government chose the regulate the businesses instead of regulating the individual. The problem with capitalism is money talks and maybe capitalism by its nature will always be easily exploited by the money holders.

Socialism and Communism will not just change everything instantly because the rich are already rich and powerful. Socialism and Communism will either be fought hard by the establishment or they will attempt to control and manipulate it like they do with capitalism.

For me political ideology is not everything or even that important what is important is distribution of wealth and land. Arguing for communism or socialism is pointless without removing the already obscenely rich it would just led to us being in the same position we are now, slaves to the wealthy.



Great Britain and the USA are governed by right winged governments because of this the youth of our nations are indoctrinated to think with a right winged mentality. Our newspapers are right winged as are our T.V channels and nearly all media. Useless, lanky, racist pricks like Jeremy Clarkson spew pure racism at their audiences, but what happens when we disagree with these right winged extremists that only care about money and control? What happens is we are called extremists! This is pretty typical of the right wing as the right wing are intolerant of anything, everything and anyone that does not think the same way they think.

Another thing that I do not understand about right wingers is the fact that left wingers are called sissy’s, pussy’s, wimps or anything that they can call people to make them feel inferior to themselves. The truth is left wingers are not the people that want to give extra power to the police, the government and the establishment, for me that makes the right wingers the real sissy’s, just because right wingers are so stupid, sissy like and weak that they can not look after themselves does not mean that all people in the country should have to pay the price. Right wingers are leading us into a police state and maybe even a UKIP and Tory coalition, this is mainly because right wingers do not seem to have the intelligence or the political awareness to see that their small, hate filled, tiny little minds are being used as psychological weapons by the establishment to hand themselves more power.

In my experience of right winged minded people they are usually more violent and sometimes even thuggish, EDL, National Front, KKK and the worst of them all UKIP and Conservatives. Right wingers use the right winged media to attack minorities and control who ever is stupid enough to allow themselves and their minds to be controlled. UKIP and Conservatives and even Labour and Lib Dems nowadays are all right winged, interfering, control freaks, they claim not to be racist but they actually depend on our subliminal and indoctrinated racism. Without this subliminal and indoctrinated racism right winged governments are doomed to fail, because without this subliminal and indoctrinated racism, how could  governments and political parties justify wars, exploitation and murder around the world?

So next time you see a small minded, skin headed idiot wearing the St Georges flag angrily raving on about the fact that Britain is full of dangerous, Islamic, extremists that have no right to be here, remember that these people are stupid, sissy’s that can not fight their own battles, (and no, I would not say it to their faces, I would probably end up with a fractured skull if I did!)  so instead of fighting their own battles they want the government and police to fight them for them.

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