Fuck the Tories, Fuck the Royals, Fuck the UK and Fuck you.

I am beginning to hate this country which is a shame because I have always loved the scenery of it. Britain is beautiful in places the countryside is spectacular, the history interesting as fuck, the mythology is ancient as it gets and almost forgotten (schools are only interested in Greek and Roman mythology.) I don’t even mind the weather in fact I love the rain so why do I feel this hate growing towards the beautiful place that we live?

I hate the extortion, the high, confusing and numerous taxes and the tax system in general is ridiculous. I hate the laws, the police and justice system, they do not work in fact they protect psychopaths, peadophiles and rapists.  The government are a joke EVERY decision they make is based on money the system feeds the rich and oppresses and extorts the poor. I hate the media they could not tell the truth if the truth was to walk in a room with a sign on its head saying I AM THE TRUTH and a truth stick and proceeded to beat them while shouting I AM THE TRUTH. All they do is propagate and tell people what they should think. Love the Monarchs, respect the rich, obey, conform fuck that.

Do you know what I hate the most though, the masses! Man they are stupid. We fall for every lie they print, we react to every bit of shit they stir and (some) even get upset when they are confronted with facts!

UK are war mongers that is a fact, they kill women, children and men (because men are important as well) abroad for money and then tell us its for good reason and even claim to attempting to free the people we attack! And we (the vast majority of us at least) believe them because the Sun said it was true. I don’t believe a word they say it takes a special kind of STUPID to continue to believe proven liars that are only interested in representing their corporate and rich masters. The reason we believe them is because we are distracted, we are too busy watching the TV, working for fuck all and acting like their little meat puppets.

Thats why I am going to finish this posts like this FUCK the Tories, Fuck the Royals, Fuck the UK and fuck the willing ignorant. Free Palestine, Syria, Iraq and Libya from the hypocritical fascists that claim to be helping them. If you don’t like this post FUCK YOU TOO. Offended? Good.


The problem is and the problem is not….

Many people in the United Kingdom seem confused. They seem confused about what is going on and they seem confused who should be held responsible for things like tax extortion, the huge rise in poverty and homelessness and the cost of living.

Many people are so confused about this they somehow have managed to come to the conclusion that the problem is the poorer classes. They call them things like lazy, scroungers and scum! The poorer classes, benefit claimants and even the sick are regularly accused of costing too much to look after. Because of the cost of looking after these people the Conservative government have decided that Benefit Sanctions should be distributed on a national scale to all that do not obey their demands. These sanctions actually cost BOTH the benefit claimants that are sanctioned money as well as the government (tax payers money of course) who actually lose over £100 million per years to employ these sanctions! To hand out a sanction the government have to pay to monitor claimants, hardship payments plus the cost of appeals, staff and so on.

They have also decided that the NHS is too expensive to fund properly as they push for privatization of the NHS.

I hate to burst your bubble (if this is the way that you think) but the cost of looking after the poor is not the problem! The problem is the cost of looking after the rich!

Facebook pay a £5000 tax bill for a whole year despite making billions and being one of the richest companies in the world. Thats why Facebook can afford to take over things like Whats app, Instagram and the Oculus rift BECAUSE THEY PAY NO TAX. Facebook are far from the only offenders of this scam and corporate greed in fact they’re all the same.

Royal Weddings, Nuclear weapon programs, wars in the Middle East, corporate and super rich tax evasion, MPs high wages and expenses all cost a fortune but only benefit a very small amount of rich people, governments and huge businesses.

How can people blame the poorer and working classes? They are the people working their asses off (for not a lot) and the people from the poorer classes that do not work their asses off don’t have shit! Its surely time to begin to ignore rich people and the media and TV that they own and just open your eyes.


I know to some people the world seems like a lovely place and this may sound unbelievable but the world has a dark side and that dark side is poverty, oppression and even starvation on a mass scale. Why do some people have so much when others do not even have essentials or even close to decent living conditions? Even in the West the “civilized” world where most people can afford to eat we still see high suicide rates, depression, much mental illness and poverty.

Why is this the case? How is it this huge planet that grows food all over it can not sustain us? The answer is it can! The problem is not a shortage in the supply of food the problem is a fault in the distribution of food. As far as a business is concerned why would they want to distribute food to a location that the food is not valuable or unfordable? This is the price of the ultra capitalistic world they are creating. They literally care more about profit than they care about people.

Africa is a perfect example (as always) it suffers from huge poverty and starvation yet running through Africa is second largest rainforest in the world. A place that grows more unspoiled food than we could possibly consume. In most cases travel restrictions are to blame for both the shortage of incoming food and the for the deaths of people seeking food as travel restriction prevent them from moving.

This is yet another example of how governments cause much more problems than they solve, even worse is they sometimes even create problems intentionally, why would they do this? Because the solution usually leads to governments being given extra funding in taxes and/or extra powers and more control.

Despite such high rates of poverty around the world and in their own nations and the huge sums of money collected in tax and evaded in tax by corporations and billionaires every years the government are not so fast to address poverty as a problem. This is because unlike terrorism there is no profit to be made in fighting poverty unless you are talking about charities because charities have found a way to make a profit from “fighting” poverty. They use and collect for poverty to make themselves rich.

We are in a class war and the rich are literally acting like parasites taking everything for themselves and leaving the poorer classes short. Thats not to say we can blame everything on the rich because we don’t fight them, we let them carry on extorting us and pass the blame and take our anger out on immigrants.

Africa is also rich in natural resources unfortunately for the African people that wealth does not flow through the African economy and help the African people in fact it helps corporations and businesses who exploit the situation and use Africa and other poor nations for cheap labour, metals, food, oil and huge profit.

Over privileged rich white kids everywhere!!!

The world seems to struggle with balance, global wealth distribution is ridiculous and unfair and lifestyles of people usually depend on where that person was born. Many children have hard lives, they are exploited by corporations who like parasites feed on their desperation and basic needs. These children work and live in conditions that most people in our country could not image, some children are not even fortunate enough for that.

Some children (thousands everyday) literally starve to death or die of lack of clean drinking water.

That is why I find it hard to sympathize with the average British youngster, I know their are children in Britain that are unfortunate but some are not! I believe that we are creating a generation of mollycoddled, spoiled brats that don’t even know they are born.

We believe that this is helping our children but I don’t think it is, in fact we are turning them in to selfish individuals with very little or no morals. We are also making them weak minded and codependent.

The strange thing is the parents attempts to make their kids happy by spoiling them is eventually and inevitable going to lead to sadness and loneliness as well as a feeling of self importance and expected privilege.

Thats why when you look at these posh kids being chauffeured to school in their parents BMW, wearing their £100 Nike trainers and posh school bag holding their new i phone don’t get pissed off or bitter because these things usually come with a price in this case that price is your character, strength of mind and personalty. They have been transformed into a spoiled, over privileged, weak minded WhiteBoy or WhiteGirl and nobody likes a spoiled, over privileged, weak minded WhiteBoy or WhiteGirl.




I live in a posh nice Tory Constituency called Church Stretton (under Ludlow Constituency)! After spending 35 years of my life in oppressed Wolverhampton I believed that moving my family away from the city was the best thing I could do for them, so I did, and I was wrong!

Church Stretton is a place of CONSERVATIVE, IGNORANT, SNOBS that seem to believe that their wealth makes them more important than the rest of the country. For example Church Stretton library was kept open after locals protested to keep it open, Church Stretton Swimming baths also now looks to be spared from the Conservative cuts that these people voted for. Obviously Wolverhampton (a city that voted against the cuts and the Conservatives) and lots of other cities and surrounding towns lose their libraries, swimming baths and youth clubs/schemes but they are not Conservative constituencies.

As if this is not bad enough rich kids also have Young Farmers, a charity dedicated to keeping little rich white boys busy, they take them Bowling, Cinemas, Ice skating and all sorts, I know what your thinking, whats wrong with that? Monday I was in Birmingham City Center, I seen people sleeping in shop windows even kids and teenagers! Yet these spoiled little RICH KIDS are being given charity and youth schemes?

What about charity for those that actually need charity? the homeless, the poor and the oppressed? What about youth schemes for poor kids that live in oppressed areas and often turn to drugs?


Church Stretton’s pubs have kids working in them to allow the kids to earn extra cash and save the pub a fortune on wages, holiday and sick pay despite the fact the pubs charge nearly £20 for steak and chips!. It would not happen Birmingham and Wolverhampton pubs and with good reason but the law should apply nationwide nobody anywhere should be above it. Drink driving is also overlooked around here, in fact I have hardly seen a police car or a policemen the whole time I have lived here!

These people from Church Stretton and similar rich rural towns vote police state, oppression and robbery but do not live in the police state, oppression and robbery they voted for.

One thing will always be the same these rich white boys will have more money than the average city person but no balls, we scare the shit out of these rich white boys, with their idiot ticks on their trainers and country mansions. One day city people will be so hungry the only thing left to eat will be these flabby bellied rich country boys.